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What is it like to visit heaven and Jesus and then what’s it like to leave it all
again? Hi, I’m your host Lee Witting for this week’s exploration of the
near-death experience on IANDS NDE radio. This week I’m
traveling to Sedona, Arizona for a few days so the show was pre-recorded at the International
Association for near-death studies conference last Labor Day weekend in Washington, DC. I’m speaking with Yvonne Sneeden who told
me about her amazing meeting with Jesus. Okay, well we’re recording this for the IANDS website and perhaps for
Youtube in order to publicize the fact that
we’re doing an NDE radio show through IANDS and through Talkzone radio and as part of that were doing an interview with Yvonne Sneeden? That’s right. Okay and I’m going to ask you about your
near-death experience I guess that’s where we should start but before that tell us a little
about what you do and where you’re from and so forth. Yes I am actually my
name is Yvonne Sneeden as you said and I’m french from Europe and I grew up in Belgian, lived a few years in France and when I was over there I worked as far as my career goes in diplomacy in a consulate in an embassy and later on a lobbyists for the European Union and then I moved to the US about eleven
years ago. In parallel to my professional career I devoted most of my time to Christianity to a church actually I
was very active prior to that yes. What denomination of church was it? It
was a nondenominational church which means that they try to not
be categorized in one category of denomination. At the end it becomes a denomination as well a
non-denominational church ( laughs ) Yeah, that has become a denomination. And was this in Belgium? Yes at first in Belgian and then I
went to France for seminary I took some sabbatical years at work
at the embassy and then I went for a solid year to just
learn more about theology and then I came back to Belgium and that was it. How old were you when you
had your near-death experience? We’ll, it was in 2008 ( laughs ) That’s all you need say we won’t ask you more than that. Thank you! ( laughter ) And a about five years ago and actually it was here in the US. And tell us about it, tell us what happened. Okay, as I said I was very involved in
church and a very strong believer in God already but my life shifting from Europe and here I had many emotionally traumatic events in my life and they were adding one after the
other and in 2008 It’s actually probably all I could bear maybe emotionally in
my life I wouldn’t go here through the video they were some traumatic events that you have in
one lifetime I had 4 or 5 for 4 or 5 different
people so it was quite heavy even if it doesn’t look like
that and so my life I felt at some point in my
life that I was reaching… I was not suicidal but I felt I was in reaching the end of my energy of life and it’s very difficult to explain
that to somebody because they think “Well, you were suicidal you were
depressed.” No. it was really the energy we
have to live thats actually implanted in us.. that was completely depleted and I called my
sister a week before the event and I said to my sister, “I think I’m
dying, I can feel I am dying, I can feel it’s gonna happen
soon.” and a week later I was in my house laying on the sofa not feeling well
and all of a sudden I started to feel every organ of my body shutting down and one by one and while it was doing that I was getting out of my body so I didn’t
feel the physical pain of it. One moment
I was on the sofa I was there the other moment I was in heaven. I
didn’t go through a tunnel I didn’t go through a light from a
distance. I was immediately transplanted in the light as you can see and it’s like when you’re driving in the fog in a very foggy morning and you cannot see anything around you and you feel that fog all around you
that’s how the light was. There was no end or beginning but it was
all made a light instead of fog. So that’s how I was translated in that. Did you see any other people or
spirits or were you by yourself? I was completely
by myself and that light actually I was in a state of evervesance, I felt
myself in a pure joy, happiness, worry-free
completely and just in that state of well-being.. Imagine all the negative I have in me was completely gone and it was just
a fullness of peace and joy and I was on my own when suddenly from a distance I saw
something. And what did you see? Do you want me to
tell you? Of course So, I am in that light and suddenly coming towards me I see an energy coming towards me. Just imagine a
flame of fire. That’s how I explain it in
general. Imagine a flame of a fire that actually moves around like that but instead of fire its energy of
light imagine that energy and on top of the
energy there was a type of face but I knew it was Jesus and some
people ask me, “Well, how did you know? Maybe it was your
mind you were thinking.” The beautiful thing in heaven is
that there’s no space for doubts which is kind of a stressful emotion and there is no
stressful emotion in heaven. It was downloaded to me. I knew it was in knowing this is Jesus and he came towards me whirling like that around and then he just engulfed me with his body which was made up of
energy and he just totally engulfed me and at
the same time I felt him in me and at that moment I felt the love of a father and the mother blended in one. It was not a he, it was not a she, it was one and it makes me think that on earth love has been kind of
divided into the male type of love and a female type of love. So, maybe we can experience those two
different loves but in heaven and it seems like
Jesus had blended in both so he wasn’t a he or she had the both
together like the ideal parents. Like the love you have for… the idea parents the ones that have
not hurt you or traumatize you. Really the perfect ideal parents and when he engulfed me like that…. Oh yes and he kissed my face like a mother would kiss her newborn baby. You know you have so much love for your newborn baby that you kiss the whole face and you go and he kissed my whole
face and I don’t want to sacrilegious but he even kissed my lips in a very pure
way like a mother kisses the whole face of a baby everywhere like that and I think I experience that because I
didn’t grow up with my parents so maybe he wanted to make sure I got
the love of the parents the ideal parents and that
was beautiful and I felt loved I felt for the first time in my life I felt I was with my parents and they were loving me and they were caring for me and like a child who is four
years old and you are on your parents lap and you feel like nothing can happen to
you because they’re holding you. No one can harm you because you are
theirs and that’s what they felt with Jesus I was his not in a possessive way but in a way like a protective loving protectively way I am here for you. Did you sense that he was speaking or
communicating any thoughts to you? Yes and I’m glad you bringing that up Lee because in heaven or on the other side I like to say some people say on the other side when
you’re dead I like to say heaven because its generally what people use so it will define everyone can relate to it when we see heaven even people that have never experienced
an NDE. If we say heaven they can just
project a location and its easier and so in heaven and it gives a good
feeling when you think of heaven more than on the other side and so in heaven we are not communicating with the mouth
its from thought to thought and I would say more then thought to thought. Its from knowing to knowing, its from heart to heart. its an impression and the emotion that is actually
imprinted in you from the other person and you understand
immediately 100 percent what the person means so that’s how we were communicating. You
would say that the word that we can relate to is telepathy. We were
communicating telepathically. So what did you learn? What I learned about when I was there …I just was …. all this…. how it was to be heaven. What is my heaven I know that heaven is so vast that there are many many locations and there is one scripture where Jesus says
“There are many mention in my father’s house” So, there are
many places where I went it made me realize that when we are not here the life we have after the place we actually call home with a capital H is a place of tremendous love, tremendous
compassion, tremendous understanding and forgiveness…not even forgiveness
because the forgiveness is implied that you have done something
wrong. Its just an unconditional love. I felt that and
because I experienced it myself in the
sense that when I arrived there I was completely
exhausted emotionally, psychologically and physically
from the life I was leading here and at
some point I said to Jesus That I was very tired and exhausted of my life on Earth because the majority of people will see the way I felt that it’s a world. I will say that it’s a world where
many people are mean, selfish, self-centered and I said to Jesus I
don’t wanna go back to that world where people are mean selfish and
self-centered I wanna stay here because what I was learning there was that there’s another dimension an
awakening where actually love can be lived and can be experienced and that was
one of the learning of my experience there at that moment
with Jesus. Was that something that he
communicated to you or was it something that you observed
while you were there? I observed while I was there Lee because I mean Jesus the fact that he touched me ….. as soon as I was in the light it’s not
even when Jesus was with me as soon as I was in the light the light permeated love. Thats actually the ingredient of heaven there is every single thing is love and Jesus is even more love and maybe
there are other beings over that are full of love that actually
eminated from the creator of all. That’s how I call him
because I don’t wanna give a name. It’s a creator of all that’s how I call it and I met angels and I saw some angels. Yes, I was asking if you had actually seen other beings and perhaps an environment you know sometimes we hear ofl fields or
beautiful gardens or a city or as you said many mansions was it something along those lines that you witnessed? Yes, some of them I was walking with Jesus. He was taking me after I said I’m tired of this world he
actually filled me he said “I will fill you with the energy of life.” and he filled me with a tremendous energy like when you see on the medical documentary when you see a skeleton
and then liquid which is instilled to explain how that product
works better than the other that’s how I felt I felt that energy flowing into me into the extreme gene of my being. The proton everything I was was completely filled with that energy
of life it was amazing and at that point Jesus just took me towards a city. He was walking to my left he was about 5’10 walking up to my left. The Jesus we portrait he had his robe and I’m saying that for the
listeners that were wondering and we were walking towards a magnificent city and I saw from
a distance a lot of buildings but they were made of
crystal. They were so brilliant they were so
shining and so glowing that they looked like they were made of crystal and the sky was extremely blue but there were no sun. It was just permeating light because in heaven everything is
light. There’s no darkness there is no night. Imagine a world where everything is
always brilliant and glowing of light and that’s what I saw and I was walking with Jesus towards a direction and suddenly I feel like somebody’s
coming to my right and I turn around and I saw a dozen children angels and they were dressed in white robes. They
had silverish type of hair, wavy hair and the color was bronze. Its like a mix of all the races color and race we have here on earth.
It was like it was a mix of everything and that was their color. It was amazingly beautiful and they were walking too towards that city. We were all going there and one of them looked at me and it was
like it was very normal I was there and then he turns and looks at Jesus and
his face shawn and all the other little you angels
ran into his arms and he took them all like that in his
arms with a tremendous love and telepathically he
said to them, “It’s Yvonne’s Time.” like he was taking
care of me right at that moment but a lot of love and no rejection feeling but with a lot of love he said “It’s Yvonne’s time.: and he said “Go back to your
teachers.” and then so the angels left and
I turned around to look at where they were going and there were and I will say that was my experience They were the most beautiful women
angels waiting there with long white robes and I knew they were angels I could see the feature of what you
think of an angel with tiny wings and they were magnificent, glowing
of lights. Imagine a body which is the skin and instead of muscles and blood inside
the nerves it’s all pure white lights and they were
glowing like that and looking it’s me with love, acceptance, unity, respect, dignity veneration not in putting me on a high pedestal but I think it
that was more how we treat one another in heaven we treat each other with
respect with consideration and they were
smiling and loving me and saying your one of us and it was the feeling I got is they will never harm me. They would never for one single moment hurt
me. That’s the love that they were
reflecting on me the pure love and it was amazing and we were
all going towards that amazing city and… Did you get to the city? Well, we were walking there and was entering it and then its you know that’s another thing about
NDE’s NDE experiencer’s sometimes some of your experience the memory is
blocked because of the fact that sometimes you cannot no the experience you had in heaven
otherwise upi will not come back to earth or on earth you will not want to live you’ll want to go back. So he knew I didn’t want to come
back. Jesus knew that I didn’t want to come back so I have a feeling I experience some things
there but I cannot remember and right after that that’s when Jesus told me he loves
humanity, he loves every one of us he said “Yvonne I love everybody.” so this seemed it’s difficult
to explain in human words because when you’re in that other dimension time it’s not the
same as here. You can live one minute here and the
same amount and when you’re on the other side or in
heaven you can live three months and it’s one minute here
because it’s a different notion of time and some time the sequence are not necessarily a croniligical continuation. Its all what’s important for you to learn that’s actually popping in like at some point
Jesus show me something about my personal life and a screen appeared and he explained to
me things about that so it’s imagine holograms but solid
ones appearing and that’s how it felt and
when Jesus said and I don’t want to emphasize and I know that
other people have not seen Jesus they have seen a being of light but Jesus is the being of light it’s the same thing he’s the light of the
creator to me according to my experience and he said to me “Yvonne I love my babies” and when he meant my babies and he said after he said “I love
humanity I love humanity I love my babys.” and it means everyone of us regardless
of where we come from our life our gender
our race anything that happened in our life he/she loves everybody completely and perfectly and I said oh
yeah I know were Jesus you came on earth to
teach love that’s what I kind of was thinking and then he said to me. ” I’ll
show you how.” and when he said that and he took the my heart and he put my heart in his heart and we
became one and it was a complete oneness a complete it actually a merge we merged together as one and for a few minutes I could
actually feel each emotion Jesus had for humanity and Lee that’s the moment where I cannot express that with human words. Its way beyond any vocabulary we have Imagine billions and billions of waves
of compassion and love and forgiveness and kindness and goodness and light and purity waves just going towards us and carrying us through lifting us through it was just it’s
difficult to explain that that one experience it’s difficult to explain
but that one experience it was just beyond this world You know there’s one other scripture that says there’s a prayer Jesus said when he
was on earth he said “God let us be one like you and I are one” and you know they wanted to be like you and I and that is exactly what I felt and experienced. Wow, what a gift and then how did you come to be back in
your body? Right after that incredibly
magnificent experience which is life transforming right after that I had a knowing that that
was it it was time to come back and that all that Jesus wanted to communicate with me and when I had that realization it’s time to go back I just came
back as naturally.. and you know sometimes I can
imagine for people who have never had a near-death experience how sometimes they wonder how that’s
possible but there is no pain to me there
was no pain it was like you re enter your body and suddenly you’re back in your body and here you are and its like you were home and suddenly your in another home it was just
amazing and the message I have its love its compassion that’s what
I learned it’s the dimension the degree of love that we can achieve even on earth that if
we let ourselves go and if I know that since childhood we have all been trained on earth to believe in certain
patterns of life and we are all following that
pattern that we had decided is the reality and I feel Lee that we went from trauma to trauma because everyone of us started with a
purity of heaven that pure love that pure light that I
experienced in heaven and we all started with it but as life goes on everyone has been heard everyone has been
rejected everyone has hurt so with the years that go on we have
kinda built from strongholds around us and we have decided to just kind of
leave to give love to a certain measure and having a near death experience is
actually breaking those strongholds and letting the flow of love like a spring just flow out again and if I have a message is that
it’s possible it’s possible to live that and to open up again for anyone who listened or has
been hurt in life that’s who we really are we all love we are beings of love. Well thank you so much for sharing this sharing your experience with me and with
everyone out there who’s watching and this is the message that I think that we want to concentrate on NDE Radioo and so you’ve given us a great gift by telling
us about the gift that was given to you so thank you. Thank you so much Lee thanks again to Yvonne Sneeden and to all our listening audience we’ll be back next Monday 11 a.m. East
Coast time on NDE radio .org in the meantime check
out the IANDS website at iandsorg thanks for
listening to NDE radio

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  1. just want you all to know that after seeing this beautiful testimony, I opened my Bible trying to find another verse and opened right up to (without planning to)  this verse:  …."But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He is kind to the ungrateful and the selfish.   Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful." 

  2.  starting a little over 20 years ago many complete strangers would tell me i looked like george clooney. i basically ignored it, but there it was and still happens occasionally to this day. now i was married to my wife Elizabeth who passed away just over 6 years ago.  Elizabeth was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and never started treatment. Elizabeth was on life support for approximately 6 weeks before we chose to set her free.
    i would visit her every day and read to her from the Bible
    always the same chapter : John 14
    … Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my fathers house are MANY MANSIONS.
    14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    fast forward 5 years and George Clooney has released a film titled The Descendants. if you are not familiar with the film it starts out where george and his family make a decision to terminate his wife who is on life support in a coma and her name is Elizabeth. one of the themes of the movie revolves around a massive estate in Hawaii.

  3. Love the video I can't wait to go to heaven to see the Lord and I know that is soon with the mark of the beast already here (RFID Chip) and the blood moon happened on the 15th of April I know we are now in the last days. God bless

  4. Beautiful account. I'm really starting to think that each account whether people see Jesus, the Light Being, Buddha, the Hindu deities, the Egyptian Hall of Judgment, essentially what's being encountered is likely the soul personality, higher self, or master within which is the individual super-conscious guiding the objective self back up through the layers of individual subconscious, shared subconscious, etc.. As a Christian she saw Jesus and in such wisdom she was given a reciprocal truth – that Christ was the light being and the light being was Christ, as is the master within each of us the 'true vine' into which we can be born again in the spirit if we follow closely enough. 

  5. I cannot take seriuously a woman who claims to have had a profound experience with the Lord that when she is asked how old she was when she had her experience, she failed to answer that and she simply said it was in 2008.

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  7. There's a few things people that use NDEs as evidence that there is a God, afterlife, etc. don't want you to know.  Not only have some of the people that experienced NDEs reported seeing departed loved ones, some have also reported seeing people that haven't yet even died.

    The phenomenon of NDEs can be simulated in those centrifuge machines used to test the G-force threshold of pilots.

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    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a spiritual cultivation practice for mind and body that is widely spreading in the world and saving sentient beings, it is based on the principles of the Universe:
    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance
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  11. The beauty of Falun Dafa and it's persecution in China

    Greetings friends, please take a moment to read this important message:
    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a spiritual cultivation practice for mind and body that is widely spreading in the world and saving sentient beings, it is based on the principles of the Universe:
    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance
    It includes gentle exercises and meditation. It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfilment. Since 1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in Mainland China. People are being killed, tortured, put into labor camps and have organs harvested from live people, simply because of their belief. Millions Falun Gong practitioners have died from torture at the hands of CCP in the past 15 years. More than 100 million people around the world practice Falun Gong.
    To learn more about the persecution of Falun Dafa, please visit:
    www.faluninfo.net, en.minghui.org
    To download free materials: www.falundafa.org
    People ask how can they help; Just spreading awareness is a big help. Let your family and friends know about the persecution. Many people invest money in China without being aware what it is used for. Many products that are coming from China are made by prisoners in the most pitiable conditions. If you want to help in other ways, please visit:

    EU Parliament Passes Resolution Condemning Forced Organ Harvesting in China
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  15. As i listened to Yvonne testimony i felt inspired. There was a point where she was comparing life on earth with the experience of heaven, she was saying to Jesus here is no nice and on earth is not so. At that time an image came to mind of clouds in the sky. I recognized the sight i saw today afternoon remembering also the recognition of that moment which then was insignificant to me, and it was a feeling that this already is heaven, imcould not tell the difference wether i am alive on earth or born in heaven.. it felt as if i died and now in heaven. But of course it was just a moment of a feeling. Now as i listened to Yvonne testimony when she went on describing event in heaven parallel to her description my entire day went unfolding in the light of her testimony. I mean, this is heaven already.. just like heaven, how i feel and experience life on earth. Right now as i write i still can't tell the difference.. i see people through the gentle eyes.. no matter what is happening the truth is i only see them how i feel about them.. and if i don't feel nice about them, i just don't feel anything when i look at them.. this is how Yvonne's testimony inspired me..

  16. It is interesting how many people seem to confuse the encounter with Christ with religion. Religion is man's way of trying to get to God through works and ritual and is a failed representation of the relationship our Creator desires to have with us. In Christ, the Creator is the initiator and He has provided all that is necessary for man to enter into a love relationship with God. In religion, man must set the table and try to please the gods. In Christ, God has set the table for man and invites all to come and feast with Him in Spirit and in Truth by the way provided through the death and resurrection of the Son. Jesus experienced the punishment and separation caused by our sin so that we can experience the acceptance and union with the Father due to Christ for His obedience and holiness.

  17. Hi
    Can you please remove this video and keep it for yourself because not all people can't understand your feelings! actually no one can. you are not doing any good for God, opposite you are doing confusion and harm. trust me, this no good for you.

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  20. I just got pulled out of my body into darkness after the police tased me with a stun gun. all I could hear was my body on the ground screaming in tremendous pain ani was lifted o it and my eyes blocked from the scene. then I fell back in my body and was laying under policemen and hearing demons. lots of horror. I was posessed. that night. worst day ever. a voice told me th visual of that moment was blocked from my eyes for my protection. I almost went to hell perhaps.

  21. Yvonne, I too have been blessed by this video and wished to that I could see Jesus and feel his pure love. There is a portion of Jesus life that has not been revealed to us the time of when he was a young boy until he started his ministry that christians don't know about. I know that God is love and that his last commitment to us was to love one another love God with all of your heart soul mind and strength and love one another love your neighbor as yourself. Yvonne was there something that you remember where the Jesus shared with you that you were not able to share in this video?

  22. Religion is not a bad thing if you really practice God's doctrine and laws and it should not feel as a burden because when we love someone on this earth we do everything to make that person happy. Well, to love God we should do the same and go behing because he loves us all unconditional. Why can't we give back just a little. Furhtermore, we should love one another just like he sad before he died on the cross. It is a shame that takes a person with a NDE to make us think about God's love. WE talk about this at church all the time and who is listening who follows what he teaches us? God is love and I heard this first in church always have always will. So, I found the love of God in the church we may not be save only by church but how much we love on this earth. So, stop being mean towards one another and try to be kind, patience, compassionate towards everybody not just your immediate family and friends. EVERYBODY.

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  26. My experience was very different
    I was so depress wanted to kill my self so much I remember the feeling up to one day early morning I saw my body going up
    In from on me it was this white wings flip up and down
    My body move with the rhythm of the wings until they stop I
    Fall. Acknowledged in bed and s voice ask me to read Romans 8-28

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  28. Yvonne the reason u felt the love of a Mother and Father is because we do have a mother in haeaven
    And just like parents in an ideal situation should be, they function as one, so can be experienced as such.
    So many don't believe this , but God has fashioned our world to be just like the one we left at birth, the only
    And most important one being the absence of God. It really is True, and not just wishful thinking!

  29. Amazing testimony. I was actually translated into this ambered colored (which color signify the presence of God) tunnel staring out at an awesome white light but I felt terrified just like the prophets of old did when coming into God's presence. I actually saw God's eyes in this light and He smiled at me. This is when I came out of it.

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  31. has anyone experienced seeing a deceased pet..I love my pets I hate to think they do not go on even just as energy

  32. Since theres no such thing as Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha,  toa or Confusious….Your being deceived…

  33. Please notice one thing. Yvonne says that that pre-existence is the truth. The problem is that Roman Catolic church says that enyone who teaches that pre-existence is the truth should be damned. I am not saing who is telling the truth because i think it is not possible to recongise truth in this matter but i think that we should recognise that trere is contradiction between this two statements.

  34. Well in my opinion this lady is on the level!!! no question of a afterlife, ive known that since i was 11years old—time to wake up and smell the coffee and crack on!!!!

  35. Did I miss something when I listened to this? She had some stress issues. She feels her life energy is draining. She's on the couch. She has a…dream? She wakes up…I'm wondering why is this an NDE? I would have about 20-49 of these over my life time. When I listen to Pam Reynold, Betty Eadie, Dr, Jeffrey Long…who are all verifiable NDE's! I don't want to seem insensitive but come on "NDEaccounts"…what were you thinking?
    PS: My ex-wife doesn't even think I'm insensitive. Other things…Yes. -Just saying.

  36. Oh my God. I was having a really weird day and having a pity party and then I heard this leaving me teary eyed. I know what she is talking about with the life energy leaving her body. I felt that and it was a panic attack but I felt my spirit separating from my body and while I was standing I also felt my body was going horizontal at the same time and I was on phone with my Mom and was like I’m gonna die in front of my kids. I never saw it as an NDE at first but now I think it was but it saved my life in a way bc then I really started living and connecting with God; no middle man and my life has never been the same since. It corrected my course and now I’m truly alive finally.
    I started meditating and had to make hard decisions but it has made me stronger and braver. Her story is so amazing.

  37. Yvonne has the most beautiful voice with the beautiful accent. Only listening to her, speaking is so calming. I could listen to her all day

  38. I love your theme music especially at night when I'm lying in bed it makes me feel like I'm being transported to an enchanted place. Dont ever change it.

  39. Amazing to hear other people who have experienced him and what he promises us. No words! Funny when she said "if people knew how good it was they would'nt want to be here". Haha…..Oh how I get that. Live for him! Love.

  40. I don't know but there is something weird about this testimony… male, female love from Jesus, Energy? Communicating telepathically? First time I hear this.

  41. Her experience makes perfect sense, as Jesus Christ took, past tense, away the sin of the world. What we call "unforgiveness" is holding on to the illusion of sin

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