Youth Theology Institute (2018)

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Something that’s really exciting about
the Shenandoah University youth theology Institute is that it’s credit-bearing
that means that students that complete the whole intensive Institute and the
put the post work afterward which we call the justice project actually get
three college credits from Shenandoah the class is entitled Christian vocation
for the 21st century and it’s a fully integrated curricular co-curricular
intensive meaning they have academic instruction every day for two hours but
actually all of the experiences they have from shared meals to immersive
experiences in the afternoon to camping out over the weekend all go toward the
same goal which is this holistic understanding of educating and
empowering our high school participants pre-institute assignment was
basically a three to four page essay double-spaced that we had to answer five
questions kind of about ourself and about like how we see ourselves in the
world and it was it was good because then I got to see kind of I got to like
reimburse my ideas of who I am the reason I wanted to come here was so I
could gain some new experiences and learn different things and experience
the world in a different light and so forth so if I had to describe what SUYTI is to somebody else I would definitely say that it is a lot of fun
fun with like a good base of Christian education where you can learn different
opinions and go through some pretty awesome classes with great professors
class time is really enjoyable that’s probably one of my favorite parts of it
because it’s not your typical classroom setting everyone’s around the table and
you’re not being taught as much as you’re being spoken with and that is
something I really enjoy because I feel more like a a person that way as opposed
to a student and when we’re in that setting everyone seems to be more
comfortable so we can really talk about our issues openly and we really come up
with some good solutions and I enjoy that a lot
class time in the Institute is a really good time where I can just learn where
my classmates can debate and have good conversations about God the college
professors they are just wonderful they just teach us they listen to us they
show us God in a way I never thought I could have seen him before in the
afternoons we usually go places and do immersive experiences so we’ve been to a
farm to do some work in their community garden
we’ve been on a tour around Winchester and I really enjoy getting to know the
other people here well after lunch we usually have course prep time for an
hour and then past few days we’ve been traveling we went to a farm and went to
a Civil War tour around Winchester and really enjoyed that the justice project
is an important aspect of our Institute it’s something that is presented right
at the beginning of the Institute and that students work on throughout the
duration of the 14 days and then after they return home I personally would like
to incorporate something with the younger people in my church elementary
schoolers and see how I could maybe get them more involved and more active I want
to start a Bible study at my church for youth with mental illness for my justice
project if you’re thinking about applying you should do it just
automatically do it then it’s an amazing thing to do and this place is so great
and if you didn’t do it I think you would regret that more than applying if
you’re considering applying for the Youth Institute this summer you
definitely should we need students just like you who are curious who are
passionate and who are engaged in your local community you can and will change
the world and we want to help you do it see this summer

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