You're Uncomfortable?  So What?

six police officers were asked to leave a Starbucks in Tempe Arizona why because a customer said that seeing the cops made them feel uncomfortable really the barista was polite and Starbucks has apologized but the reason this incident is worth mentioning goes to the state of mind of that Starbucks employee how do we get to a place where a young person would risk offending six public servants in order to coddle a single customer after all the six police officers were customers – in a healthy society that barista would have said you're uncomfortable I'm sorry to hear that but the doors right there and then get back to making double ristretto venti half so nonfat decaf organic chocolate frappuccinos or whatever people order at that kind of place we have so allowed a victim mentality to take hold in our society that the Starbucks employee probably never even thought about it this person feels uncomfortable so these police officers have to go the sort of pandering to weakness as a contagion spreading through society like a virus in a poorly written b-movie people are not only getting weaker by the minute but now normal people are rushing to enable them we're actively training people to search for reasons to be offended Colin Kaepernick arbitrarily decided that the same flag Barack Obama waved at his inauguration is suddenly a symbol of slavery and a giant sportswear corporation caved immediately a mural in San Francisco was painted over because it showed a historical scene with black workers loading a wagon presumably the workers were slaves and therefore the artwork must never be seen again lest somebody be made uncomfortable Amazon removed a book from its virtual bookshelves because it offers a non-coercive therapy that some say can convert a gay person to normal sexuality there are examples of this nonsense happening every day now you do realize that Amazon is happy to sell mouths little red book and they're okay with selling karl marx's communist manifesto and they have no issue with selling Hitler's Mein Kampf the blueprint for the Holocaust but a book by an obscure psychologist must be struck from the platform because some a person might get offended well whatever happened to letting people just be offended why do the rest of us have to spring into action why are their feelings the responsibility of everyone else but themselves the supposedly uncomfortable customer in tempo was just pulling the victim card in order to embarrass those cops that person is just a cry bully looking to score some cheap points remember the last time Starbucks had an incident with the police in one of their stores the two black guys in Philadelphia who refused to buy something and then refused to leave the police were called and the men still refused to leave and they were eventually taken out in handcuffs the city paid those men off for having been made to feel uncomfortable with the result of their own actions Starbucks closed 8,000 stores for a day in order to have a special training was the training about how to get rid of people who try to use the store without buying anything no it was to instruct employees to let people squat for as long as they like but I bet after this recent incident they don't close down stores to teach baristas to respect the police who are there to serve and protect I'm guessing that no training will be given about how to ignore a crybaby customer either a few people will demand that Starbucks or Amazon or the San Francisco school board stand up to people who try to bully others with a display of anxiety or outrage last week we saw salute to our armed forces the president took us on a historical journey through the challenges of our past nowhere did we hear about how US soldiers cowered and fear or ran away or just too upset to do their duty we would literally not be here if the people who built this country hadn't sucked it up and gone forward when they had every reason to be frightened and I'm afraid that if we keep disrupting everyday activities in order to coddle the weak will eventually lose the very thing that has made this country so great and that's the simple truth thanks for watching if you like this video subscribe to our channel and if you want to become a supporting member of blue collar logic click on the link in the description and give what you can you