Yasir Qadhi Doubts in Islam

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Yasir Qadhi has doubts in Islam regarding
the preservation of the Quran and regarding evolution. Yasir Qadhi always struck me as a rational
individual, a person of academic integrity. I always suspected that he may end up agnostic
one day. He has come out and said his faith has taken
a major blow. That he has come close to a crisis of faith. This is an important development
because it shows that even the most strong believers, ones who studied the religion in
depth, are not immune to the problems in the faith. The narrative of Islam we have been taught
is false, and it falls apart under scrutiny. In emails that Sheikh Yasir sent to a private
list that were leaked August 2016 he admits that he has doubts regarding the preservation
of the Quran. Yasir Qadhi states: “I am personally aware of around a dozen muslims
in academia who had major crises of faith (and perhaps one who has left the faith) because
of this issue, and i have also confessed on this list that my own personal crisis of knowledge
(I wouldnt really call it a faith crisis, although perhaps it came close) was when I
entered into this realm, during my first year at Yale, and felt my world come crashing down
in front of me. I didn’t know what to believe about the hifdh [preservation] of the Quran
anymore, because there was no alternative. You either had non-Muslim views, or these
simplistic, standardized triumphalistic claims that a rational mind simply cannot acknowledge
as true.” So he’s saying that because of what he learned,
his world had come crashing down, that dozens of Muslims in academia had major crises of
faith by studying this content. That he doesn’t know how to make sense of the preservation
of the Quran anymore. This mirrors what Noman Ali Khan said about
his friend: for example I have a friend who’s in Harvard
at the Islamic Studies program and I met him in he was getting his
master’s then he was gonna get into his ph.d in Islamic studies he’s not even done with
his master’s I just I went to Boston and I was hanging out
with him and what does he tell me he says man after the two semesters I lost my faith
and the only way I can actually continue my studies is that I I stopped thinking about
it because if I think about it I can’t I can’t keep my mind anymore
it’s gone Why is it that studying Islam in western universities
makes Muslims lose faith? Because Islam cannot survive scrutiny. These are believers who
have no desire to become disbelievers, but end up either doing so or coming close to
it, despite their best efforts not to. I was one of the first people that was doing
a PhD from an Ivy League. Now I have 10 years at
Madinah. I still dont know anybody who’s done
something like this I mean and I’m being honest with you you’re all tulab al Ilm (students
of knowledge) Wallahi (By God) I’ll be
honest with you the shubuhat (doubts) that I was exposed to
at Yale some of them I still don’t have answers to. This is a man who studied at Madinah University
for over 10 years. Being exposed to the academic analysis on Islam has created doubts in his
mind he cannot answer. Do you think students in Madina are exposed to academic arguments?
No, of course not. Madinah University’s entire purpose is to pump out more Muslims sheikhs
who will propogate Islam further. They only present one narrative, the dominant one, without
question. He also says “: the ‘preservation’ of the
Quran cannot, then, be a ‘letter for letter, tashkil for tashkil’ narrative that later
scholars verbalized and the Muslim Ummah is taught” He is saying that the letter for letter dot
for dot preservation cannot be true. That is the conclusion of this topic. But
there’s another topic that Yasir Qadhi discussed that blew me away. It is on the topic of evolution. Science tells us that the story of Adam & Eve
is unscientific. It goes against what we know about common ancestry of humans. Adam and
Eve is a myth that was created to explain our origins but it is not true. I was so impressed that Yasir Qadhi made this
following statement because it goes against the narrative of Islam. In the video “Theological
debate on evolution” Yasir Qadhi says about Adam & Eve: “It is clear that the theory of evolution
is considered to be a scientific fact among large segments of the world. Indeed, some
have argued there is almost consensus amongst the scientific community all life as we know
it, including human life, originated from a universal common ancestor. The primary opposition
from this theory is coming exclusively from religious circles who view their scriptures
as providing an alternative explanation of the origin of life. However in the case of the story of Genesis,
the story of Adam, we have such an explicit narrative, one that is deeply rooted in countless
passages of Quran and Sunnah that there is no choice other to accept that this is what
Allah and his Prophet intended for us to believe. The sheer quantity and diversity of nouns,
adjectives, and verbs used simply makes any linguistic reinterpretation or ta’weel so
imaginative and so fanciful that renders such an endeavor mere mental gymnastics. Frankly there is no logical way for a Muslim
to contradict this entire account A-Z, verse by verse, hadith by hadith, except by claiming
that the whole story is a fable, its allegorical, and not meant to be understood at face value. Such a claim might actually make more sense
logically, but its leads to disastrous and blasphemous implications about Allah and his
truthfulness and the function of the Prophet and role of the Quran.” This is a shocking statement to hear from
a Muslim preacher. He’s saying that it’s only “believers” who contradict science because
of what their holy books say. He’s saying it would make more sense if the entire account
of Adam and Eve was a fable. Again, he is saying it would be more logical,
that it makes more sense to believe that what Islam tells us is a fable, but this has blasphemous
and disastrous implications for Islam, in his own words. In conclusion, Islam has major problems. This
is why Yasir Qadhi’s faith was shaken when studying at Yale. Because when it is put under
the light of scrutiny, Islam falls apart.

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  1. For those searching for truth….. watch professor Walter veith on YouTube titled""JESUS:: imposter or MESSIAH""….''"the Islamic connection"". evolution versus creation""… amongst many other great seminars… cheers

  2. Its pretty obvious to an average person that islam is not divine and is actually a book of fables. Even the quran says so, the pagans confronted muhamed and said its myths and legends of the ancients.

  3. Your video is absolutely not worthy of watching. Why did you take the effort of making this? There is no sense in it. Your voice by the way sucks. Islam is a religion which can be hard sometimes. But you got to have a little faith man. Very disappointed in you @abdullah Sameer
    . What would your parents say if they saw this video?

  4. Is Yasir Qadhi a scholar or student of knowledge we need to establish that first. You can study arabic and go to Madina…I don't hear Yasir Qadhi self proclaim himself as a scholar.

  5. the 'tashkil for tashkil' point is impossible, because tashkil didn't exist at the time of Mouhamed. So saying that the tashkil in the coran was preserved since Mouhamed is a non sense.

  6. I see it coming, he is already fighting with him self what to choose Islam which is a religion and identity of 7th century or the reality of science and enlightenment of 21st century. You can't be educated and believe in nonsense.

  7. I always liked Yasir even when I was Muslim. But I wasn’t aware of this. Hopefully he sees the light. Good to see he is aware and is questioning Islam.

  8. I never thought so many retards on this thread assuming Islam will collapse because of some scholar, you fools shaytaan is very smart so you and the likes of these blinds can never understand Islam if you have no clear and sincere hearts

  9. We don't need proof that the Quran has been preserved. We need proof that Abdullah Sameer was even a Muslim to begin with. That's the only matter on which I have serious doubts: who is this guy who claims he was once a Muslim?

  10. People are paid, offered with white ladies for sex, living places, security etc to propagate against Islam.
    Abdullah Sameer, you are one of them.

  11. I pray to almighty Allah for the whole mankind & especially for you Abdullah Sameen to revert to Islam. Think clear man.

  12. I have now listened to Yasir Qadhi's description of his "doubts". What a disappointment!
    Whatever Islamic education he had before going to Yale, it was clearly inadequate.
    Apparently they had not trained him in any sort of critical thinking, (such as the logic and philosophy textbooks that used to be a part of Islamic education); they had only taught him to follow orders and to repeat what he had been told. He did not have te confidence to investigate anything for himself, but was content to see what choices others had left for him.
    Western scholars of Islam say some of the silliest things imaginable — it is frankly, idiotic to doubt that Islam originated in Mecca, yet that is a doubt these Orientalists keep peddling — but Dr. Qadhi apparently had no idea how to deal with such matters. He had neither the training, nor the mentality, nor the zeal for independent investigation to deal with some very stupid ideas from the Orientalists
    Dr, Qadhi's response to his doubts was very disappointing. In his place, Imam Ghazali, may Allah be pleased with him, would have said "I want knowledge of the reality of things; hence, I must first seek to grasp what knowledge is." You can read about Imam Ghazali's journey from that point on in "Deliverance from Error". https://www.aub.edu.lb/fas/cvsp/Documents/Al-ghazaliMcCarthytr.pdf
    Instead of undertaking his own journey to certainty, as Imam Ghazali did, Dr. Qadhi has made himself — along with other Muslims — a target for attacks from mediocre frauds like Abdullah Sameer, who nobody can even prove was ever a Muslim to begin with. He just assures us he was — in his effeminate-sounding high-pitched voice — yet nobody can testify to seeing him in a mosque on a Friday. I'm not even convinced that woman who appears with him was ever his wife — she always manages to smirk on camera as if she was having fun with some secret.

  13. Thank you abdullah, I'm Muslim myself but we need more people pointing out the mistakes of scholars so we Muslims can understand what they're doing wrong

  14. Just so you know, Islam has a God who protects it. And your negative opinions about Islam will never affect the strong heart of a true believer who has faith in Allah. Every comment I read about your ignorance and idiotic arguements you fling only increases my faith towards Allah and help me unite with my brother Muslims against the true enemies of Islam. And don't you dare give false claims about Sheikh Dr. Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi!

  15. This video just shocks me. This dude was my Imam before I became Ex-muslim. Its so weird to see how confident and articulate is was in the masjid for things he had doubts in.

  16. There would be more Theological rigor and credibility in gaining a PhD in Harry Potter Wizardry than a PhD in Islamic studies.

  17. As long as there are non Arabic Muslims who just pray 5 times a day without knowing what is what and blindly obeying it, Islam will be on top of everything kudos. Example quran 11vs 114, quran 4 vs 24, a complete book to fool people with loads of signs quran 17 vs 59.. Another classical example while doing hajj you can F** an animal and shouldnt cumm inside it as long, but can't F** wife ibn qayyim 603


  19. It left me confused about his stance!! What he wanted to communicate – accept Quaran inspite of its errors or reject it as it cannot be a word of God??!! Fundamentally, i feel it is the early initiation which had kept Islam and its brutality kept alive to this day!! What you are told to believe in your childhood matters!! Reciting Quaran from the day a child start to speak – cannot be erased even if it is plainly idiotic!! Sins become holy Acts and what mind learnt in early age becomes your part of Instinct!! Changing the education at home matters!! Islam and Christianity killed more people in the history of Mankind. This is due to the learned belief system before the Questionable age.

  20. Thing is you are using Islam as if it was the only religion that'd be affected by this. "Islam has a problem". You do realize Judaism and Christianity stem from the same root? If anything, you should have said "Abrahamic religions have a problem". But Islam gives more views, so I understand why you're doing it the way you do.

  21. Abdullah Sameer : Good try, but Islam encourages academia even in the Quran and it is not like what you say. The problem is some people approach academia with a precieved thought of Islam before research and once that thought is destroyed, they leave. But if you approach Islam in a pragmatic manner, your Iman becomes stronger. And Yasir Qhadi has not left Islam, and even if he does, so what ?, he is not my mediator to God. Allah has said he guides those whom he chooses to guide. I can take you ON even with my minimum basic Islamic knowledge Insha'allah..test me if you wish

  22. He is still preaching Islam…one of the most learned and active scholars. Alhamdhulillah.
    Nonetheless, Islam is not all about just one scholar. Its above any scholar.
    By the way, good attempt to damage his image. Fools like those in comments will fall surely though.

  23. That's the reason, in our South Asian countries it's never allowed for ordinary people to read quran with translation.
    Great job brother keep doing it….. 👌👌👌

  24. I my view religion gives us guidance to be a good and caring human. Worrying about hell and following a religion only because you don’t want to go to hell is so. Sad. Religion should be the moral compass. Doing namaz and haj so as to get to heaven is so self serving

  25. My roommate in during my undergrad was a student of Islamic History and he believes that Quran has never been changed for a single words. I saw his notes but I surprisingly found that those were hateful.

  26. It's the messenger of Allah who didn't clarify many issues. Leaving the author of hadiths to write anything and everything

  27. I'm A Hindu, Been A Christian For Years! But When I Look At Islam And Christianity! I Observed That They Are Revelry Faith, With Same Objective And Gold, So I Revert Back To My Ancestral Faith The Dharmic Faith🙏
    When ADAM Was In The Garden! There Was Already Civilization Living In The Land Of Nod! Explained! ADAM WAS NOT THE FIRST MAN!🌹

  28. You title should have been How to take words out of context and make great scholar to look bad! A lot of things may not make sense to human mind but you dont doubt islam because of it and Yasir Qadhi did not say he DOUBTS Islam. I find his lectures most useful and cant thank enough for all his efforts. May Allah reward him for all he has done !

  29. Perhaps a few more billion dollars may help revive the wester universities to the Islamic teachings, biggest scam in the world

  30. Theres no prblem with islam and evoloution itsin ibn khaldun Some of Ibn Khaldun's thoughts, according to some commentators, anticipate the biological theory of evolution.[44] Ibn Khaldun asserted that humans developed from "the world of the monkeys", in a process by which "species become more numerous" in Chapter 1 of theMuqaddimah:[44]

    This world with all the created things in it has a certain order and solid construction. It shows nexuses between causes and things caused, combinations of some parts of creation with others, and transformations of some existent things into others, in a pattern that is both remarkable and endless.

    One should then take a look at the world of creation. It started out from the minerals and progressed, in an ingenious, gradual manner, to plants and animals. The last stage of minerals is connected with the first stage of plants, such as herbs and seedless plants. The last stage of plants, such as palms and vines, is connected with the first stage of animals, such as snails and shellfish which have only the power of touch. The word 'connection' with regard to these created things means that the last stage of each group is fully prepared to become the first stage of the newest group.

    The animal world then widens, its species become numerous, and, in a gradual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and reflect. The higher stage of man is reached from the world of monkeys, in which both sagacity and perception are found, but which has not reached the stage of actual reflection and thinking. At this point we come to the first stage of man. This is as far as our (physical) observation extends.[45]

    Ibn Khaldun believed that humans are the most evolved form of animals, in that they have the ability to reason. The Muqaddimah also states in Chapter 6:

    We explained there that the whole of existence in (all) its simple and composite worlds is arranged in a natural order of ascent and descent, so that everything constitutes an uninterrupted continuum. The essences at the end of each particular stage of the worlds are by nature prepared to be transformed into the essence adjacent to them, either above or below them. This is the case with the simple material elements; it is the case with palms and vines, (which constitute) the last stage of plants, in their relation to snails and shellfish, (which constitute) the (lowest) stage of animals. It is also the case with monkeys, creatures combining in themselves cleverness and perception, in their relation to man, the being who has the ability to think and to reflect. The preparedness (for transformation) that exists on either side, at each stage of the worlds, is meant when (we speak about) their connection.[46]

    Plants do not have the same fineness and power that animals have. Therefore, the sages rarely turned to them. Animals are the last and final stage of the three permutations. Minerals turn into plants, and plants into animals, but animals cannot turn into anything finer than themselves.[47]

    His evolutionary ideas appear to be similar to those found in the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity. Ibn Khaldun was also an adherent ofenvironmental determinism. He explained that black skin was due to the hot climate of sub-Saharan Africa and not due to their lineage, a theory that according to Rosenthal may have been influenced by the Greek geographical ideas expounded by Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos.[48] Ibn Khaldun's environmental determinism thus dispelled the Hamitic theory, where the sons of Ham were cursed by being black, as a myth.[49]

    this is 500 years before darwin


    Basically humans are rhe exeception they were hranted gift by alllah which made them special intellect etc the soul as flesh we are rhe same as amilmals howecer there I somethinhpg we have animals dont and thats a soul from god

  31. The koran mentions their were similar crearure on earth before adam

    Qur'an 2:30 is as follows:

    And [mention, O Muhammad], when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority." They said, "Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?" Allah said, "Indeed, I know that which you do not know."

  32. Humans are special and distinct creation .only backward obscurantists habe aproblem with evolution . Every law sharia everthing about islam makes sense
    You may scoff and slander and find culturlly distatseful but another polemic is young marriage I see nothing wrong with marrying a girl whos reached pubertu in a country where its alowed its far superior to homosexuality or other deviancy .

    You atheists like to use the animal kimgdom to support homosexuality so why dont you do the same when it come to animals reaching sexual maturity as soon as a young lioness has reached estrus the lion picks up the scent and mates why so hypocritical .

    Also with regard evoloution were morimilar to pigs than momkeys . Varied eye colour .skin and hair colour much more compatible organ transplantation
    Makes you womder is this the reason why they areforbidden for us to eat https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/pigs-and-humans-more-closely-related-thought-according-genetic-analysis

  33. "And God has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. God creates what He wills for verily God has power over all things.   (The Noble Quran, 24:45)"

    Its good to debate makes faith stronger

  34. He always struck me as pretty reasonable sounding for a Muslim cleric and I never thought of him as a fanatic. So now it makes sense the cracks in his Muslim faith let out his humanity and common human decency.

  35. Please be smart and go watch the original videos! These are taken out of context, Yasir Qadhi is a whole hearted Muslim and there is not an ounce of doubt in his faith!

  36. Until the late 18th and 19th centuries, science hadn't produced any good explanation of how things began. Why we are living in perfect UNIVERSE? However religion still had an important place in explaining how the world was the way it was. However religion has proven yet this explanation;

    Evolution: We have human fossils from about 10percent of Africa and we have well-investigated archaeological sites from about 20 percent of Africa That means we are making biological and cultural extrapolations for everything, when we know nothing about 75 to 90 percent of the continent.”

    Allah has created every [living] creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four.

    Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent. (Quran 24:45)

    Do we know that cytoplasm; the basic substance of the cell is made up of 80% water, modern research has also revealed that most organisms consist of 50% to 90% water & that every living entity requires water for its existence.

    As the common house mosquito adapted to the environment of the underground railway system in London, it established a subterranean population. Now named the 'London Underground mosquito', it can no longer interbreed with its above ground counterpart and is effectively thought to be a new species-

    He is the One who created the heavens and the earth in six days, while His throne was on water, so that He might test you as to who among you is better in deed. And if you say, “You shall be raised after death,” the disbelievers will surely say, “This is nothing but sheer magic.” (Quran 11:7)

    Abstract Water appears to be one of the most abundant molecules in the Universe. It dominates the environment of the Earth and is a main constituent of numerous planets, moons and comets. On a far greater scale it possibly contributes to the so called "missing mass" of the Universe and may initiate the birth of stars inside the giant molecular clouds.

    There are several worlds thought to possess liquid water beneath their surfaces, and many more that have water in the form of ice or vapor. Water is found in primitive bodies like comets and asteroids, and dwarf planets like Ceres. The atmospheres and interiors of the four giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — are thought to contain enormous quantities of the wet stuff, and their moons and rings have substantial water ice.

    Perhaps the most surprising water worlds are the five icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn that show strong evidence of oceans beneath their surfaces: Ganymede, Europa and Callisto at Jupiter, and Enceladus and Titan at Saturn.

    Scientists using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope recently provided powerful evidence that Ganymede has a saltwater, sub-surface ocean, likely sandwiched between two layers of ice.

    Europa and Enceladus are thought to have an ocean of liquid water beneath their surface in contact with mineral-rich rock, and may have the three ingredients needed for life as we know it: liquid water, essential chemical elements for biological processes, and sources of energy that could be used by living things. NASA's Cassini mission has revealed Enceladus as an active world of icy geysers. Recent research suggests it may have hydrothermal activity on its ocean floor, an environment potentially suitable for living organisms.

    NASA spacecraft have also found signs of water in permanently shadowed craters on Mercury and our moon, which hold a record of icy impacts across the ages like cryogenic keepsakes.

    Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity; We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe? (Quran 21:30)

    And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander. (Qruan 51:47)

    The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with a small singularity, and then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today.

    Because current instruments don't allow astronomers to peer back at the universe's birth, much of what we understand about the Big Bang Theory comes from mathematical formulas and models. Astronomers can, however, see the "echo" of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background. The majority of the astronomical community accepts the theory

    … Do they not see how We come to the land eroding it from its extremities?… (Qur'an,21:44)

    Sea levels may rise much faster than previously predicted, swamping coastal cities such as Shanghai, study finds – By Sareena Dayaram, CNN – Tue May 21, 2019

    Dear EarthTalk: I’ve noticed a lot of beach erosion along the eastern U.S. coast. Beaches are virtually nonexistent in places. Is this a usual cycle that will self-correct, or are these beaches permanently gone from sea level rise or other environmental causes? –Jan Jesse, Morristown, TN.

    Had Allah not repelled a group of people by ˹the might of˺ another, corruption would have dominated the earth, but Allah is Gracious to all. (Quran 2:251)

    1918 is essentially linked to the end of the First World War, the “Great War” that had upended Europe and the world. While some were mourning losses and defeat, 1918 marked the rise of new nations and identities for others. Hopes and visions for a brighter and peaceful future collided with continuing violence in various shapes and forms. Entirely different notions of coexistence, peace and democracy were deliberated both peacefully and with violent or suppressive means. Ambiguities like these are symptomatic not only for the time after the First World War, but for many crossroads of global history.


    Say: Verily, though mankind and the jinn should assemble to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof though they were helpers one of another. (Quran 17:88)

    Indeed, it is We sent down the Qur'an and indeed, We will be its guardian.(Quran 15:9)

    We will show them Our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this (koran) is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things? (Quran 41:53)

    There are many Prophecies by the Prophet Muhammad mentioned in Quran and Hadith:

    The Descendants of the Prophet

    In Surah Kawthar, the Qur’an informs people that the descendants of Prophet will ultimately be numerous, this despite the fact that in his lifetime his enemies were hopeful that he would die without issue, since all the sons of the Prophet had died in infancy, and only one of his daughters survived.

    “To you We have granted abundance. Therefore to Your Lord turn in prayers and sacrifice. For he who hated you, will be cut-off”. (Sura no. 108)

    Today, the descendants of the Prophet (Saadat and Ashraf) can be found everywhere, while the progeny of Abu Jahal and Abu Sufyan, the enemies of Prophet Muhammad (S) have become extinct. Given this, was it possible for any other than God, that eternal reality and fixed pivot of truth, to predict that matters would unfold in a sense completely opposed to existing circumstances.

    Defeat of Persian Empire

    In 615 AD, Khusru Parviz of Persia attacked Byzantium (Roman) empire and gained control of Syria, Palestine and North Africa. He ransacked Jerusalem, set fire to the Holy Sepulcher and destroyed numerous cities. The war ended in clear victory for fire-worshippers of Persia.

    News of the defeat of Byzantine worshippers of God was received with satisfaction by the idolaters of Mecca. This was grievous to the Muslims and caused them much anxiety about the future course of the events. It was then that a revelation came foretelling the renewed triumph of the Byzantine over the Persians within few years.

    These are the relevant verses of Surat Ruum in the Qur’an:

    “The Romans have been defeated in a land nearby. But in the future they will triumph over their enemies, within a period of few years. All affairs, both earlier and later, are in the hands of God. And on the day when the Romans triumph, the believers and the followers of Islam will rejoice. God assists to whomsoever He wills, and He is Powerful and Compassionate. This is the promise of God, a promise which cannot be violated, but most of the people know not”. (30:1-6).

    Within less than 10 years, this Prophecy of the Qur’an was fulfilled in the year 624 A.D. corresponding to year 2 A.H. How can we explain the confident and categorical prediction of the victory of a defeated people over a victorious people, in the absence of any factors pointing to the likelihood of such an event? A realistic approach to the state of society and the course of events would definitely have contradicted this prophesy. The Prophet of Islam foretold a definite military victory at a certain point in the future. How did he know it was going to occur?

    Conquest of Khaybar and Mecca

    The Qur’an has also foretold the conquest of Mecca and the triumph of the Muslims over the polytheists as follows:

    “That which God inspired in his prophet by means of a dream is true and veracious: Without any doubt you will enter the sacred mosque (in Mecca) in safety and security. You will shave your heads and shorten your hairs without any fear or anxiety. God knows what you do not know. And you will win a victory near at hand”. (48:27)

    These predictions were made at a time when no military expert or adviser could have predicted the occurrence, given the difficult circumstances of the Muslims and the unfavorable situation in which they found themselves.

    In the same verse (48:27), the Qur’an also mentions the future occurrence of another historical event, namely the triumph of the Muslim warriors at Khaybar, and their conquest of its formidable fortresses. Hard blows had been inflicted upon the Muslims from Khaybar, but in the end the army of Islam triumphed over the Jews, and the predictions of the Qur’an was completely fulfilled. Can we ascribe this precise knowledge of the future to the knowledge and speculation of the Prophet?

    The Final Outcome of Abu Lahab

    The Qur’an also predicts with clarity the final outcome of the life of a given individual, Abu Lahab, the obstinate enemy of Islam. It proclaims categorically that he will refuse the religion of monotheism until the very end of his life, and that for this reason his painful destiny will be to enter the fire of God’s wrath.

    These are the verses of the Qur’an:

    “May Abu Lahab perish, and may his two hands be cut off. The wealth he accumulated to destroy Islam has not availed him or saved him from destruction; he will soon fall into the flaming fire of Hell”. (111:1-3).

    All historians agree that Abu Lahab closed his eyes on this world as an unbeliever, and that he persisted in his obstinate hostility to the prophet of Islam until the final moments of his life. The verses revealed concerning the events mentioned above constitute a further proof that the sacred book of Islam is from God.

    The Return of the Prophet to Mecca

    Likewise, the prediction that the Prophet (S) would return to Mecca, his home, made at a time when he abandoned it for Medina because of the pressures of the polytheists, is also an indication of a higher consciousness:

    “God Who made incumbent on you the recitation of the Qur’an will return you to your birthplace”. (28:85).

    All the afore-mentioned predictions of future events are inexplicable unless they be ascribed to the source of revelation, to the infinite knowledge of Allah (swt).

  38. A muslim scholar I like. Also have much respect and admiration for Shabir Ally. But I'm not convinced that Yasir Khadi is having doubts. I do respect your work Abdullah. I need more evidence. Help me out. Even if he is still preaching Islam he would still be those muslim scholars I would rather listen to than that prick weasel Ali Dawah.

  39. Abdullah Sameer, Islam isn't true, but God IS.

    You are still on the path of knowledge. Perhaps in the Qur'an the literalness of the creation of Adam is overemphasised, but the real miracle of his creation is in the LOVE of the work.

  40. A. Samir, an advice brother; your entire video doesn’t prove a shit about YQ that he’s doubting the faith; rather your falsified information and absurd explanations prove that you’re a dickhead. First CHANGE your NAME & second, visit a graveyard and your mind will be opened- you know that you will be ended up there one day! That day you will realise that you have wasted your life & followed the inclination of the devil. May God be with you!

  41. This is not blasphemous at all…He is presenting general view…you are taking out of context view you are a non muslum…And I know your propogandas…Curse be on you

  42. I know a SIMPLE fact about Islam: It makes me Respect and Honor God al-Mighty, His Messengers, Angles and Books, which I'm Told to FOLLOW.
    In Christianity & Judaism, I'm told to Follow Prophets who were for example Homos and Killers.
    So How do I follow them when they were "sinners"??

  43. Yasir can no longer live with his false teachings of islam …
    Its better for him to leave islam or just silently move away from Islam.
    Peace be to all my brothers and sisters.

  44. Stop slandering people who has a knowledge. Even Umar ibn Khattab may Allah be pleased with him suspected about his own belief in Islam. Comparing Yasir Qadhi to Umar ibn Khattab, who he can be? No worth. Yasir Qadhi has no superiority on Umar. Even Umar suspected whether he has Iman or not. Yasir Qadhi is a righteous person insha Allah

  45. Hey Satan Abdullah Sameer. Yasir Qadhi did not say crisis of faith. But crisis of knowledge. It means the crisis of knowledge emerges the crisis of Iman. He indicated his own knowledge crisis. Not crisis of Islamic belief

  46. Yasir qadhi is a whole level Eurocentric. He recently said that his Yale university teacher didn’t know about a certain subject as much as he did but yet he went fourth and studied with him anyway. Imagine your maths teacher saying I don’t know algebra as well as you, would you seriously continue studying from this individual? Obviously not but yet yasir qadhi did. Why? I suspect this person has a high level of Eurocentric idolising. He even said evolution is a fact when the Charles Darwin himself said it was a theory 🤦🏾‍♂️. Evolution doesn’t hold up to the scientific method. Why? because you need a level of believe that something changed into something over a 1 million years.

    At the end of the day yasir qadhi got his degree from madina unceristy which is a very low level for Islamic University which is know to push institutionalised wahabi outlook on Islam just listing to this guys Islamic history classes gives me a headache to amount of ignorance coming from this person

  47. Muslims do not belong to any country, their citizenship is Islam only , and then that's under the Arabian agenda , their book is Arabic, their dress like Arabic, they marry as many like Arabic , they commit murders as their Arabic scholars dictate .

  48. Islam is how it's.grow?
    Same way Islam go down.
    Because…is real.god of words.!
    Lots of lots canfuse.?
    Why it's.?
    Please answer.to.
    Yourself.? & Judge yourself.!

  49. Hello Sameer..I was curious and wanted to know about Yasir Qadhir. Has he lost faith in islam. Or is he still a practicing muslim….? Very very curious to know. See islam is fear based..as you already know. He will never be able to accept it openly. Not everyone has the courage. Where I live, I am surrounded with muslims, and I see nothing but fear in their eyes, in their tone, in their attitude. I mean they are reeking of fear, and it makes me literally… physically.. sick to just interact with them. I am myself going through my own fears and I want to live without it. I don't want someone else's thoughts and beliefs to bully my mind and my life any more. I have gone through my own spiritual awakening in my own small way and therefore I read a lot about all religion with utter respect and awe. However I cannot seem to develop the same kind of awe and respect for islam…

  50. May Allah guide you to the right path and make you do work on your own character except of doing criticism on other people!!!
    I watched 105 lectures of Yasir Qadhi on Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and I testify that he has no doubt about preservation of Quran or Islam.

  51. I'm a Christian who as most, was once fully indoctrinated into the ideology of Evolution but I'm today a Creationist. Yet do not hate, will not mock nor do I wish to force anyone to believe what I believe as does Islam, and many Evolutionists.


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