World population by Religion  |Religions percentage of different Countries|

Christianity Islam Judaism Hindu and Buddhism a largest and most internationally widespread religions the world population reached seven point six billion and there are 33 percent Christianity of total population 24.1% Islam 16% irreligion Buddhism seven percent and 16 percent Hindu the other hand there are 450 to 500 million positive atheists worldwide China the most largest populations atheists country in the world and today we will know about percentage of religions in different countries USA 78.3 Oh percent Christian population here Muslim 0.9 0.6 so percent Hindu and Buddhist 1.6 so percent Canada Christian 72% irreligion 23.7 no percent Muslim 2.10% Hindu 1.40 percent France 63 percent Christian population irreligion 28 percent Muslim 7.50% Buddhist 0.50% Mexico 90 5.10 percent Christian irreligion 4.70% Buddhist zero point oh seven percent and only 0.01 percent Muslim United Kingdom seventy 1.10 percent Christian religion twenty 1.30 percent Muslim 4.40 percent and 0.4 oppa cent Buddhist population Italy Christian eighty 3.30% 12.4% irreligion Muslim 3.70% and zero point to a percent Buddhist Brazil 95.9 Oh percent Christian 7.90 % e religion buddhist 1.40 percent and 0.2% Muslim Germany Christian sixty eight point seven no % e religion 24.7 no percent Muslim 5.8% Buddhist 0.3 over cent Russia Christian 70 3.30% irreligion 16.2 Oh percent Muslim 12.5 Oh percent and only 0.1 over cent Buddhist China fifty 2.20% irreligion Buddhist 18.2 Oh percent Christian 5.10 percent and 1.80 percent Muslim Japan 57% Japanese people are irreligion that a more than China Buddhist 36.2% Christian 1.6 so percent and 0.2 a percent Muslim Australia Christian sixty 7.30 percent twenty four point two at % e religion Muslim 2.40 percent Buddhist 2.70% India India is the country of the largest Hindu population there are 70 9.50% Hindu Muslim 14.4% Christian 2.50 percent Buddhist 0.8 Oh bang glow – Muslim 90% Hindu 9.10 percent Buddhist 0.50% and 0.2 a percent Christian Pakistan Muslim 96.4 o % Hindu 1.90% Christian 1.6 so percent and 0.01 percent Buddhist Sri Lanka 70.3 o % Buddhist Hindu thirteen point six so percent Muslim 9.80 percent Christian 7.30 percent Saudi Arabia must live 93 percent Christian 4.40 percent Hindu 1.10 percent and 0.3 oppa cent Buddhist Egypt Muslim 88.9 Oh percent Christian 11.2 o % Buddhist a Hindu zero percent Iran 99.5 Oh percent Muslim population here Christian zero point two oh four cent Hindu 0.03 percent and zero percent Buddhist United Arab Emirates Muslim 76.9% Christian 12.6 so percent Hindu 6.60 percent Buddhist 2% there are Muslim 99% Christian 0.8 oppa set Buddhist a Hindu 0% Indonesia Muslim 87 point to a percent Christian nine point nine o % Hindu 1.7 no percent Buddhist 0.7 no percent Philippines eighty-five percent Christian irreligion seven percent Muslim 5.50% and 1.50 percent of Buddhist South Africa eighty one point to a percent Christian irreligion fourteen point nine Oh percent Muslim 1.1 no percent Buddhist 0.2 over cent thanks for watching this video if you want to our regular updates don't forget to subscribe