Women of the Theology Department

Posted By on August 21, 2019

Theology has definitely been a
male-dominated profession for a long time for understandable reasons right it
was mostly priests who who did theology really until the 1960s started to open
things up and that’s when women religious or sisters started coming into
theological education. Now we are working, I restarted something that’s
been on and off throughout the years called Women and Theology we’re
gathering women once a month just to hang out and talk and to so to give us a
space where we can talk about issues that are particular to women in the department. When I was hired at Saint Louis University, the department of Theological Studies
was really working to diversify and to make women’s voices more prevalent in
our department and so I was really happy to come in and join a group of other
women who are valued and who are equal members of the department whose voices
are heard our department has been working really hard to focus on
diversity and to bring in the voices of those who aren’t typically central in
theological studies. I’ve noticed my professors have done has been very
intentional in being aware that women are the minority in the field and
looking for ways to sort of amplify voices women’s voices the female faculty
have been very good about reaching out to us and I really appreciate all my
colleagues here at Saint Louis University is a very respectful and supporting
environment i think diversity is most important because it’s a key component
in the quest for truth the world that our students are inhabiting is so
complicated convoluted debates confusing issues difficult perspectives and I
think we do our students a disservice if we give them a monolithic homogenous
educational experience so this is why we are committed in the department of
theology to recruiting faculty who inhabit different disciplinary cultures
who operate with different sources methods and are accustomed to speaking
to different audiences so that we can provide our
students with that diverse educational experience we think they need to succeed
in the world.

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