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blessed assurance this is one of my favorites blessings are my comfort and safety or life is divine air of salvation and riches and more God wants to bless me this is for sure hi and welcome back to another lesson in the dangers of Kant theology so far we have looked at some of the foundational dangers that come when we focus on ourselves in the Bible too much we've seen that we are constantly looking for ourselves in the Bible and as a result we seek out a feel-good theology we only focus on verses in our Christian value system that make us feel good from there we only apply those lessons that benefit us all of this keeps us going down a slippery slope and it leads us to the fourth danger a winning theology have you ever watched the World Cup although no sports broadcaster would ever put it this way it is a phenomenal display of God's glory through the human body kicking a ball on a field and trying to get it into a goal it is amazing they're running they're jumping their movements how they predict how hard to hit it where to hit it's amazing but what happens at the end of the game the focus is on the winner it's all about the team that won they're not interviewing the losing team they're interviewing the winning team why because we want to relate to the winners we never want to relate to being the losers that is what is happening when we read the scriptures we have a winning theology in other words we only want to relate to the winner the victor the champion in the scriptures when cats read the Bible they relate only to the major character of the Bible they never relate to the minor character of a Bible as a result they conclude life is supposed to be easy happy safe and comfortable we win in the end what do I mean by this well let's go to a Bible lesson and figure out what is commonly taught let's take for example the book of Job what lesson do we learn from job in our Sunday schools or what are we here from the pulpit well it's simple God may test you hey wait a second you say I thought life was supposed to be easy happy safe and comfortable jobs testing was anything but that well yes God did take away all of his possessions and then all of his children but God also gave them all back doubling them looking over job's life in the big picture of things he had a pretty good life though there was a major speed bump in the middle but that is a winner's mentality lesson what if we're not the winner are there any other lessons we can learn from the book of Job I say yes what why don't we ever learn from job's kids what you think learn from job's kids are you crazy why learn from them they all died that's the whole point why not why do we always have to relate to the one who came out winning in the end and not relate to the ones who did not let me ask you this question did God love job more than he loved his children the correct answer would be no God loved them all equally well then why did God take jobs children home and leave job on the earth the answer God's sovereign assignment for each in revealing his glory was far different but just as vital there was equal love but different roles now I'm gonna make an assumption that because jobs kids had a godly father they too followed in his footsteps in made it to heaven and along with that jump I'm also going to assume that his children had a conversation with God and I'm going to assume that that conversation went something like this excuse us Lord couldn't we have a talk with you oh yes I'd love to yeah God you took us all at once oh yes I love you all so much I allowed you to come home early yeah Lord just exactly why did you do that oh I wanted to give your father and opportunity to glorify me by teaching him a lesson what you took us home early to teach our father a lesson yes that's right but God I was gonna win here at my father's business the oldest one might have said yes Florida and I was going to go into the ministry might have said the next in line and Lord my sisters and I were recently married we just we wanted to have children and the last night I said Lord I was just hoping to get married to which I believe God would reply oh I'm sorry it wasn't about you it never was but Lord that just doesn't seem fair oh the way I run my creation is not based on fairness it's always based on revealing my glory and in what I did through your father my glories shone brightly but here I have something for each of you this and he rewards them Oh what we get all this oh yes I love you so much and you played your role so well in being a part of revealing my glory but God we don't deserve all this I know but it's never been based on what you deserve giving you this continues to radiate and reflect my glory and that's what it's been about from the very beginning some I blessed with things some I allow to be persecuted some I bring home early eventually all who love me come into my presence and then I get to show off my mercy and grace for ever and ever it's all a part of a beautifully stained glass window which reveals my glory God did not love any one of job's children any less their role in revealing God's glory was far different yet nonetheless just as vital yet because they do not come out the winner in the end because they aren't the main character we don't normally want to relate to them cats only relate to the winner would you like another lesson that's not related to the winner how about Davidson in first chronicles chapter 21 if you don't know the story David's pride got the better part of him and he numbered his fighting men to see how strong he was as an army this greatly angered the Lord now I want you to see what the text says so the Lord sent a pestilence on Israel seventy thousand men of Israel fell did you read that the Lord sent a pestilence God killed them the text is very clear look at the very next words and God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destroy it but as he was about to destroy it the Lord saw and was sorry over the calamity and said to the destroying angel it is enough now relax your hand God was completely in charge and is credited therefore for killing 70,000 men what is the lesson we learn from this don't take pride in your numbers or God will be mad and act be humble don't worry about how big your churches or your status within your denomination rest in the place God has for you but what if you're not the winner who else could you relate to well if you haven't figured it out by now it's easy the 70,000 men can you imagine the conversation they had with God excuse us Lord could we have a talk with you oh yes I'd love to you took us all home at once you your angel Lord you did it you killed us oh yes I know 70,000 of you but why Davidson David sinned and our lives were taken away yes that's right what did he do he counted all of you all of his fighting men so what was wrong with that he was taking pride in his numbers and he wasn't trusting in me that didn't honor me or bring me glory so let me get this right David sins and doesn't honor you so you take our lives yes that's right why didn't you take David's life and because I had a plan for David what was that plan to lead the nation of Israel but what about our lives I had a plan for you too well what was it to die for David's sin you brought us into the world so that when David sinned we would die for it yes that's basically it now wait I want to get this straight David sins and we get penalized at that point I can only imagine God's face beginning to look a little sad by saying I'm sorry I didn't think that bringing you into my presence was considered a penalty oh no God I'm sorry you're wonderful I really didn't mean that somebody else would jump in but Lord what about our wives and our children I have a plan for them – what is it – reveal my glory by having them live a life fully dependent upon me to take care of their needs and to also have my glory shine by having others chip in and help them with their needs you know I always encourage my people to take care of the widows and the orphans it's always been a high priority on my agenda that brings you glory yes how when they still honored me despite all of their hard times and loneliness that brings me tremendous glory and when others help out they too are revealing my glory but God that just doesn't seem fair my creation has never been based on fairness it's based on revealing my glory so some people are expendable so you can show off more of your glory that's a crude way of saying it but yes that's a basic summary you see some I create for noble purposes and using great ways like David some I create for common purposes and use in common ways you mean like us yes so everything down here on this earth was simply there to reveal your glory yes and guess what what everything here in heaven is to reveal my glory as well everything revolves around you yes and I want to give you something for ever and ever and ever and through that reveal my glory that same glory I want you to share in my inheritance all men and women there is so much we can learn from God's Word if we can get our selves out of the center and start relating to the minor characters rather than always to the major character life it's not about us it is about God does God still do any of this today does he still ask for these kind of sacrifices today to reveal his glory let me tell you a story John and Susan Smith were missionaries sent out from the church our family attended in Arizona to minister in Turkey God used them greatly but when John was still young fathering three precious girls he got cancer now if God was on anyone's side you would have thought he had been on John's side he was fluent in the language he was the only Westerner the new converts trusted his family was a great light to the community into the early fledgling church they loved their family you would think that this would be the last person God would allow to struggle through cancer but God is constantly going outside of our boxes God not only allowed John to wrestle through it he allowed John to die from it leaving his wife and three precious daughters though deep in pain because of the loss of her husband Susan understood that she didn't have to be a winner she realized that God was sovereign and could do whatever he wanted however he wanted when I spoke with her at her husband's funeral she come in it well someone has to show these women what it's like to trust in Christ as a widow Susan went back with her children to Turkey and ministered as a widow to the precious women God brought into her life like a widow of David's fighting men she knew God had a plan for her in her husband's death god never changes he's the same in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament he is still working like that today though there is great pain in it yet his glory will shine tremendously and our rewards will be great all men and women start reading your Bible with a new set of eyes look for the minor character ask yourself what can I learn from this minor character and how can this apply to my life and then once you learn those lessons be open to whatever God may have for you and how those lessons might apply to you in your life do not view life only from a winner's mentality there's a lot more to learn in life if you can begin to relate to the minor character well thank you for being with us in another lesson of the dangers of cat' theology this is my story this is my song I want the Blair sings all the day long this is my story this is my song I want the blessings of the day

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