Why Kids Can and Should Learn Theology

Posted By on August 23, 2019

Theology is a big scary word to
some people and seems super intimidating but really theology
is just the study of God. So theology is ultimately
important for children to understand and when you
understand theology, when you understand God you can see how
the thread of God in the story of salvation runs through all of
the Bible stories and it ties them all together. So often Bible stories are used
to teach moral lessons and to tell kids what not to do or what
to do and it’s important that kids have those lessons. For example Adam and Eve in the
story in the garden can be a great story to teach kids about
temptation and resisting temptation and obeying God and
what happens and we don’t obey God all totally good lessons
that kids need to know. But if you just stick with those
lessons you’re missing the overarching story of salvation
and the story that God came down to Adam and Eve when they had
sinned and made a way for them to be made right and to
ultimately be saved by him and have eternal life. That’s the story that we need to
be teaching our kids and that’s theology. So we start with theology,
teaching them about who God is and how he’s holy and how we are
not and we need him to to be forgiven and have salvation
through Jesus. And when they understand that
then we can add the bible stories to that and we have a
foundation to then teach moral lessons but also ultimately
point them towards Christ for their salvation.

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