Why Islam Is The Only True Religion – Inevitable Proof

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holy mysteries in theaters in September
2009 mecha has been ordered as cut all
direction convention plays with billions of Muslims and as the hell decentral
Islam soon you will witness the scientific
proof of unbelievable mysteries that have remained hidden in the holy city
Mecca for thousands of years the constant superior design number of
mathematics 1.618 The creator has always used the very same number in
numerous events in the universe hard pulses the aspect ratio of DNA spiral
and the special design of the universe which is named as dodecahedron and the
leaf array that rules the plants which is named as filler taxi in the snowflakes
crystals in the spiral structure of numerous galaxies the crater has used
the same number the number of golden mean 1.618. it is observed that
this ratio is applied to the pyramids of Egypt like it was applied to various famous
architectural works famous astronomer Kepler defines this number as a precious
Treasury as the fusion expert dr. Steven markout
has proved as a result of his 25 year long study that human faces and bodies
design pursuant to this ratio accepted as beautiful by every single
person in the world the aspect ratio of any form is 1.618 then this form is convenient to call the mean perfect design so where is the golden mean point of the
earth the proportion of distance between Mecca
and the north pole for the distance between Mecca and the South Pole is
exactly 1.618 moreover the proportion of the distance
between the South Pole and the city of Mecca – to the distance between both poles
is again 1.618 the miracle is not over yet the golden mean point of
the earth according to common location language of mankind graticule map is in
the city of Mecca the proportion of Eastern elongation to the west and
elongation which are determined as sauce this line from Mecca is again 1.618 moreover as shown in the figure the proportion of Western elongation of
Mecca the Solstice line to the perimeter of the earth on this very latitude is
surprisingly the golden mean 1.618 the gold midpoint of the earth for all
mapping systems even though they very few kilometers is always within the city
borders of Mecca within the healthy region that includes Kaaba you can
measure very sensitively the distance between any two points with the help of
Google Earth’s ruler feature if you wish you can verify the correctness of the
given ratios by calculating latitude and longitude with a simple calculator the
fee metrics program is an American program that is used to show golden mean
of pictures and paintings if we accept the graticule map of the earth as an
alive paint gives depth never ends and open it in this program we will find out
that a golden mean point of the earth is the city of Mecca with a respect your positive longitude
and latitude values and being on the lands not the sea the only golden main
point of the earth is Mecca miracles continue the golden mean miracle in the
Mecca verse of the Quran that is one unique verse in the Quran that includes
Mecca word and then expression that tells there are clear evidences within
the city which will give belief to humanity
the relation between the city of Mecca and the golden mean is clearly engraved
in the “Ali ibrahim” surah. 96th verse the total number of all letters of this
verse is 47 calculating the golden mean of letter total we find out that a word
of Mecca is expressed by 47 /

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  1. This literally proves nothing about Islam being true this video only shows that if you take a ratio of a ideal human body you can use a map to find points on a map. Which could have been basically anywhere on the earth depending on how you said ratio or really any ratio. There are also a lot of odd coincidences like the William Shakespeare and the bible one which also proves nothing

  2. Christian just a question I am not fighting if jesus created the universe then why did the the universe exist before jesus was born

  3. Please do not delete this post: There is an overlap between Christianity and Islam. As a Catholic, I call on all Muslims to pray the Rosary every day because it is urgent and because secular Christians will not. Here is the background:
    On May 13, 1981 Mehmet Ali Ağca, shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in St Peter`s Square in Rome. A few months later, the recovering Pope visited Mehmet in prison to forgive him. Mehmet told the Pope the reason he shot him was because Fatima (the daughter of Mohammad) told him to do it in a dream. The Pope told Mehmet that there is another Fatima, – a town in Portugal which was named after an Islamic princess who converted to Christianity hundreds of years ago.
    Near this town of Fatima, a miracle was foretold to three shepherd children in 1917. The miracle was foretold by Mary the mother of Jesus, who came to the children in an apparition. In 1981, what Mehmet Ali Ağca could not have known was the day and the hour of the attempted assassination coincided precisely with the message of the third Fatima secret. This secret was known by only two people, one of whom was the Pope (the other was Sister Lucia, one of the shepherd children.)
    In 2005, Pope John Paul II finally revealed the third Fatima secret to the world. The first part of the secret referred to a bishop in white who will suffer greatly and the number 1700 was mentioned. The Pope is the bishop of Rome. He was wearing white at the time of the attempted assassination which happened just after 1700 in the evening. There are other factors which Mehmet later found out by asking the prison authorities, for example the day he shot the Pope (May, 13) is also the feast day of Our lady of Fatima.
    The second part of the third Fatima secret was revealed three days after the first part. It is much more important because it refers to events that are about to happen in the very near future. I urge everyone (including Muslims) who will listen, to ask Mary the holy mother of Jesus to pray for the souls of all humanity. The events which are foretold pertain to the rise of Communism and I believe within a decade (probably before the year 2020) this Godless ideology will sweep across Europe, the USA and many other countries around the world. The apocalypse will follow. Watch, wait and see if this happens before the end of this decade.
    When Mary the mother of Jesus predicted the miracle of Fatima to the shepherd children, they were scolded and ridiculed by everyone they told. Later, at the appointed time and place, tens of thousands witnessed the miracle, including the press which had been most vocal in ridiculing the children. The miracle was a warning! Muslims have faith so their prayers are needed! I believe our Lady choose the town of Fatima because of her great love of all the Muslim peoples. Even if you wish to remain Muslim, please please please pray the Rosary every day.

  4. Wow this particular video is posted all over youtube. First of all the middle of earth is Ecuador, but as a globe the poles would be the center. 1,618 divided by 47 is 29. In Sura 47 there are 29 letters before the word mecca appears it's a scientific miracle of the quran lmfao! If islam is the one and only true religion why are you and others putting these funny hokey videos up to trick/entrap or convert the gulible? A true religion would not kill apostates either. Certain islamic countries do Stoning over adultery. One of muhammad's wives caught him banging mary the copt news flash that's adultery.

  5. Assalam aleikum brothers and sisters.. Please dont care about the motherfucking atheists.. Allah said that he will burn the living fuck out of these assholes in hell.. Allah said he purposely screwed these people/pigs so they will not believe us pure muslim people.. Here is the verse: “As for the faithless, it is the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not have faith. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and their hearing, and there is a blindfold on their sight and there is a great punishment for them.” Quran. So dont waste your energy on these kafirs. Allah himself fucked them up in the ass by putting seal.

  6. 1.618 is phi the golden ratio and this is mentioned in the holy bible in Exodus 25:10 God commands Moses to build ark of covenant of two and a half cubits long and 1 and a half cubits wide. This just proves to show that Islam is just a copy of the bible and it has brainwashed billions of muslims. Christianity is the truth and the kabba has no relevance to the golden ratio 1.618

  7. so much christians trying to make us renounce our face if your good people then why do you come to islamic vids purely to make us renounce were not terrorist and unlike you we dont force religion down other's throats besides there are christian terrorists aswell and the KKK use the cross as there totem pole also your symbol is the same thing used for torture and death that is a bit immoral and the qua'ran only consists of peace there is nothing violent in it either you need to read it before you judge us you can beleive what you want allah gave you free will also we beleive that if the good out weights the bad you can go to paradise good luck everyone even if you are not muslim

  8. How about this ratio is found in nature because it has some advantages we do not yet know of? And since it is so widely distributed it subliminaly makes us feel it a pleasing thing.

  9. why do people believe that isis is islam theyre not muslims because killing innoecent people is bad and if a muslim does that theyre not a muslim anymore

  10. this video's goal is to obviously attack other abrahamic religions and make its faith look like the ONLY true faith on earth. This is an expected islamic propaganda from a Muslim who follows the koran as we find the koran declaring islam to be the only righteous religion and whoever follows other religion beside it shall burn in hell. koran chapter 3 verse 18 and verse 84 but here is what the video neglected to show and I sure wish the uplouder had the guts to show this fact to his blind auidence as not only it contradicts his scriptures but also puts a full stop to the islamic mission to destroy jews and christians because there is really no point in doing so. We find in the koran it also declares judiasm and christianity to be rightious religions. chapter 2 verse 62. it states that jews and Christians and sabeans before muhammed who believed in god and in the last day and did rightnous shall have their reward by their lord and no fear will there be concerning them nor will they grieve. so basically the koran is saying we Christians are believers in God and we believe in the last day and do righteousness and will be rewarded by our lord (jesus christ) and there is nothing to be afraid of. so based on this criteria honestly there is no point in attacking the judisam and the christianity and say they are corrupt since according to the koran they are right. god bless ye all in jesus name

  11. I feel ashamed with humanity that people can't fucking deal with religion I a just way . There has been many wars and religion is 3% of those wars. Religion above anything else is what contains the laws for us. The holy books are very complicated. You need to go into more context if you want to really understand it.

  12. Islam is terrorism. Pigs in farms in the west eat before these terrorists begging for food in Yemen and Syria and Somalia;they do not not eat because they have no food inshallah.

  13. This is the most stupid film I have ever try to watch (I gave up after 20 seconds). If I take any stone, I can find in it any mathematic proportions that I like. What does it proof?

  14. Only if Christians could have this much dedication to their religion. But instead they mock Islam and eat bacon. Oh, and occupy government buildings but don't like to be classified as terrorists.

  15. Lies, it's not even compatible with history. Plus the Biblical Old Testament warned about cousin marriage and we westerners have finally taken sense to that. You Muslims haven't so I see that God's word is more compatible with reality than the word of the false pedophile prophet Muhamed. If you Muslim are so peaceful, why are you in our countries demanding that we give up our culture, raping our women, looting our towns, and killing our people?

  16. roman catholisism, and islam are both the same! religions from satan to deceive the whole world !

    Jesus the lamb of God! is the only truth, the only way, the life itself!
    non of you will get to the Father, except through Jesus!

    repent from your sins, and from your false religions from satan!

    Jesus will come back soon!

    and won't fight by islam, nor by roman catholisism (false christianism) !
    islam and roman catholic jesus is an antichrist!!!

    the true Jesus said:

    He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.

  17. this is like a war , everyone hates each other , islam means peace, beaause of a few muslims u cant expect all the muslims are like isis, Islam is the only true, right religion. To understand that, u must open ur minds and ask Allah S.A.W for guidance.

  18. personally I believe just about every religion is an affront to humanities attempts of living amongst one another in peace. It seems, unfortunately so, that we as human beings seek sources outside of ourselves to guide us in regards of life's greater issues. The greater of these being of spirituality. Every religion has fundamental flaws within its structure. The reasons why are glaringly evident, I feel. Those being that every religion has been created by a human being, in many cases, many individuals. Every religion claims they are the true religion. Every religion claims to have the one and only way to God. What I find so incredulous that most people will take the word of some ancient text written by another human over their own personal experience. I'm not saying there isn't any value in some of these, in fact many give great advice how one can conduct oneself and great advice on being a decent fellow to our brethren. Yet not one of these religions in my opinion trumps the incredible gift that GOD has given each and every one of us if we were just to become aware of it. There is no need for an intermediator, there's no need for someone, anyone to be your go between you and God. Most believe that God is out there somewhere. That we must reach out to him to communicate with him. The truth is far more incredible, far more precious. God loves us so much that he would not intrust this link of you with him to anyone else. So where is God at any given moment then? Well you should have by now gotten the hint. if not I'll just say it, God is literally in you!!! That's right, you and God are one! Oh my, but that's sacrilegious!! How dare you? Here we go again with this God is in me stuff. Yet we've been told many times throughout the eons in various different ways, like? How about: The kingdom of heaven is within. There are so many verses in so many different religious texts that tell us this great truth. Everything and I mean absolutely everything is God!!! There is nothing that is not, not God. It is impossible. That truth once excepted, once understood brings us to a higher, a clearer understanding how we can have such a great intimate joyous relationship with our Creator. That we need no other to help us find God. or to talk to him. That still quite voice within, listen…. shhhhhhhhhh, just stand still and know that I am God!!! So I find that most if not all religions have been fabricated to a degree to keep humanity in some semblance of order
    To have mankind live civilly towards one another, again not necessarily a bad thing. Yet once those very same reasons came about others, due to human nature intervened and began utilizing the churches, religions to fill their coffers with the money of the faithful!! The rest as they say is history. When I first came to accepting that GOD and I are one, I had many conflicting thoughts. Like if God and I are one and the same why do I have such evil thoughts! Or why do I do such bad things, etc, etc. God created us, he gave us the most precious gift there is, that is the gift of life. After that the rest is up to us, we are blessed with this very same attribute from God. That of being creators. So we are co creators with our Lord. We were made to forget that we came directly, literally from God. That each and everyone of us is a small part, a little light of your will. We have been made to forget this because if we knew, if the veil didn't exist, well then this thing we call life, or better expressed in verb form, living, just wouldn't work. Think about it, if you knew you are a direct part of God, that in essence you are him then it just wouldn't pan out. God created us to live life, to experience to create then to experience and so on and so on. This is how God sees all knows all. Because quite literally he is all of it, every single solitary bit of it all. We have been created to experience, hence God so does too. Surprise!!!!

  19. Nice one Allah! You replace the REAL Jesus with a fake lookalike Jesus, on the cross, and by doing so, you actually start up the biggest religion in the World… CHRISTIANITY! 😂😂😂
    You just can't make this stuff up
    (or can you…)

  20. Hey i have miracles to show you is says Allah in arabic on Africa 81 on your left hand 18 on your right hand Ad-din both = 99 Allah has 99 Names

  21. People say bullshit about our prophet saying that he copied the bible and torah,the thing is how can an illiterate man who cannot read nor write produce a book that have so much scientific proofs in them.christians are obviously dumb and stupid but they will find out on the day of judgement.clearly prophet Muhammad s.a.w has been prophecized in the bible,if they open it and see.

  22. Islam makes the claim it is the religion of peace and at the same time promotes segregation, discrimination, hate, death violence and destruction. Muslims need to abandon their practice of islamic conquest via both stealth and violent jihad and adopt wester society's protection of liberty, freedom, justice, independence and democracy. Muslims must abandon their ambitions of establishing the archaic, draconian and barbaric sharia law that both discriminates and oppresses women. If muslims can make the above reformations to islam, then the world can begin to experience peace, love and prosperity again.

  23. There is no God. Look around you, only war and pain because of what? Religions. I don't care what it used to be, this is what it does. We better let our differences down and try to save this goddamn (sorry) planet! No matter if it is against any of these rules from what religion.

  24. ALLAH is the demon of Mekka/mecca Mohammad was his slave {The koran} book of demons given in a cave by a djinn{devil} Islamic history. 4 groups of muslims and 78 sects of Islam some worship mohammad as god??? he was a merchant Slaves a gangster and a warlord who became king of Mekka /mecca he liked sex zina with girls and boys he was a pig shit pervert Islamic history. live with it he is NOT worthy to kiss my arse.


  26. 600 years after the real Jesus went back up to heaven …. A-G-A-I-N … John 6:62, Prov 30:4

    Islam created a NEW Jesus, NEW heaven, NEW prophet(Arab) & a carry-ver pagan diety named 'god' … ALLAH.

    Can any Muslim prove their God exists?


    In the bible, man saw all three of the holy trinity, ask me for bible verses.

  27. Funny how Muslims come to watch their Islamic videos
    I can swear myself I have never tried exploring any other religion
    But christians,Jews,athiest etc. Come and watch other religions videos and then comment how fake these videos are
    This shows how weak they are in their own religion, they have many questions in their mind, how come they don't find peace in their own religion because they feel they are missing somethings
    All these reasons aside
    These videos are for Muslims
    Stop making it so confined to Muslims by cmenting your swear words every where you can find
    We know you have a very vast vocabulary of swear words to use for degrading other's beliefs and perspectives
    Free world, free choice , this video is not putting a knife at your throat
    But surely your words are

  28. You all bow down to the Black cube of Orion, and replicate the rings of Saturn. Crescent Moon and the star= ancient symbol of the false God baal. The Ka'bah stone may well some day speak….though it will be the voice of Molech….the same being the Elite worship in Bohemian Grove….how they must laugh and mock you behind your backs.
    Do not give your Souls to this interdimensional malevolent force.

  29. Islam is the true religion. Why did Hitler lose WWII? Why was Martin Luther King born? Why was George Washington born? Why is ISIS falling? Humans made those choices, and Allah is trying to fix it.

  30. Do you forget the man who founded your religion? Muhammad. And you islamists believe in playing nice, right? So why did Muhammed have multiple wives and sex slaves (he even had sex with a 9 year old). He brutally murdered people who were against him and stole from them.

    Now you say you don't believe in a certain book. Now are you gonna say you don't believe in the man who founded Islam?

  31. Yeah… no. Here are the ratios for Mecca's location on the earth.

    Mecca's distance to south pole vs north: 7688 mi / 4742 mi = 1.621
    Distance between poles vs distance from mecca to south: 12450 mi / 7688 mi = 1.6194

    You can measure your own body to discover that the supposed "golden mean" proportions of the human body are similarly not accurate, by even larger amounts.

  32. I feel bad for non muslims (no offence) nobody can understand muslims exept who studied it extensively or muslims themselves thats why people say bullshit about islam
    Now look at the storm of hate coming through the comments

  33. okay let me tell me if we die then what happened After death ?, 🚫🚫🚫
    what happened in our soul 🚫🚫🚫
    And if you die non Muslims i mean without Islam after death you see everything and you see that Islam is the true religion they what you do that time just think about it 🚫🚫🚫😭😭😭
    if Angel punished you so hardly in grave or anywhere then what you do in that time 🚫🚫🚫
    If you think Islam is wrong religion then just believe me you will be punished so hardly i don't know how and how much but you will be punished 🚫🚫🚫
    And you say I'm happy as a Muslim ?,🚩🚩
    then lesson I'm so happy because I'm Muslim & I believe in only one God Allah & Muhammad peace be upon him in his messenger 😍😍😍
    now you believe or not 👊👊👊
    you don't know how much i feel relax in 5 times prayers you can't be imagin that 👊👊👊
    but brother this is a true message that i tell you now your wish you believe or not 👍👍
    Everybody if read my comment then just think about it 👊👊👊
    I'm proud to be Muslim I'm so blessed Thank you so much dear Allah 😘😘😘

  34. Brother's & Sister's i respect all humans in the world no matter which religion they are ✌✌✌
    but first we think that why we come to the world 🌍🌎🌏?
    it's difficult for non Muslims that they believe in Islam 🚩🚩🚩
    but infact we cannot changed the reality 👍👍👍
    Just think We didn't say Apple is Orange & we didn't say that Orange is Apple because they are different and reality is reality Apple is Apple & Orange is Orange 👍
    this is example that we can't change reality 🚫
    By the way Muslims believe in 4 Sky books mean The book's of Allah.
    bible is one of them but unfortunately people's changed the verses of bible today it's not like a Allah book because humans changed the verses in this reason but the real is injeel is Allah book mean bible 🚩🚩🚩
    and the last holy book is Quran 👍
    And Allah promise no one's can change the verses of Quran. Quran is totally secure Allah save Quran until the world end 🌍🌍🌏
    And Muslims also believe in Essa Alay salam mean you say (Jesus) . And he is messenger of Allah not the Son of God he come back to world Again is a Simple omati of Muhammad peace be upon him .
    And Jesus is Also a Muslim he believe in only in one God Allah ☝
    This all topic to you that you understand until you are 2 late 😓😓😓
    search in your place hope there are Christine that they accept Islam and tell to him her . that why you accept Islam ?
    what you see in Islam and how do you know Islam is the true religion ?
    hope they give you Answers 🚩🚩🚩
    if you not free then search on YouTube some Christine convert to Islam and see why they accept Islam 👍👍👍
    brother this is our responsibility that we teell the truth to the world 🌍🌎🌏
    In Judgement day Allah ask to Muslims why non Muslims death without Islam you didn't tell the reality to them !!
    in this reason we just complete our responsibility because we didn't want Allah punished Muslim's.
    Hope you understand now your wish what you wanna choose 👍👍👍
    but remember i complete my responsibility everybody non Muslims if they read my comment that mean my Message is sent to them after death they don't have a proved that they don't know about Islam or they didn't about hear the reality of Islam.
    So my responsibility is complete now you choose ???
    Heaven 🌄🏞 or Hell 🌋🌋🌋

  35. Well, the golden ratio thing is really interesting and the video shows some good points why there must be a creator. But your Mekke evidence doesn't convince me because the world map was made by people, not Allah or anyone.

  36. The Golden ratio is just 1 of countless proofs of the Quranic Truth, 41:53 'We will show them Our signs in the universe and within their own beings until it will become manifest to them that it is the truth' those with sound hearts who do their research cannot defy this source of Devine guidance for our ultimate success, forget the example set by majority of so called Muslims who have unfortunately failed to project the real religion, you will only answer for yourselves on that long day. Peace.

  37. .It.i hope those of other faith will see this and this is what had been said in the quran now there are a lot of anti islam block which corrupted our verses to suit their lust they said many undesirables way which humiliates the muslim .It has been proof globally that alquran was the words of allah.It is a miracle indeed in certain sciences discoveries it is the book of signs and it is not sciences and it give you the sciences of the future beyond human discoveries.
    When we talk of surah Aalaq it describe the formation of human embryio,fretilization and the blood clot and the formation of leech or chewed meat which 1400 years ago..At that particular time there is not a microscope to support this theories.

    They are here to destroy the truth by condeming our prophet ,Al quraan described the Pharoah in details and this had allowed a renowned french surgeon as to discovered the Pharoah who were chasing moses.In the Quraan it is mention that the king had instructed Hamman to build the pyramid as he wanted to see the God of moses.To proof that he is the one the body were brought to Paris by plane and were given a red carpet welcome because he is king.On autopsy it was found that there are salts sedimentation in his body the rest of the Pharoah were without salts,

    The christian were stubborn enough as not to belief Alquraan was the word of GOD.There are other signs of the explosion of star in the galaxy in the surah Arahman,which describe nebula and the oily red rose color of the star,these were only recently discovered by Nasa indian scientist recently.How could Muhammad made such an astounding statement 14000 years ago.

    The seperation line between atlantic and the pacific was also described,any way it is very difficult for the other faith even you gave 1000 sign also they refused to submit to god.Well there are no compulsion in religion it up for them to choose our primary job is only to convey the messages.Sometimes I wished god to give blessing to them and look at the American president George Bush the daughter had converted to islam and bush himself is antislam.Islam is for the whole of mankind not for Arabs,Malay,or Chinese,the moment a person recited the Shada tears will drop in their eyes as they had found the truth.

  38. Heaven is Only for Muslim, others will be joint the devil to Hell Fire forever and after Permanently. Please Recite Syahadah before u Die.

  39. It's so stupid and annoying when you talk about how allah will be angry if you disrespect him (the bio of the video for instance). You are giving Allah human characteristics like revenge and grudge. Then how is Allah any better than humans if this is his nature. If there was really an Allah he wouldn't punish you for disrespecting him, the almighty. He'd punish you for disrespecting others. And if you are good to others, he wouldn't punish you even if you kept cursing him your entire life. If there was really such a thing as God/Allah, he'd be an entity far far different than humans can even imagine. But the characteristics you give Allah are just of a filthy, disgusting and selfish human. Read the bio of this stupid video for example.

  40. The comments are really dumb, believing that the earth is flat. If it is flat why is the star, sun and moon spherical? why are the time of different countries different and sometimes opposite? why is the time 24 hours? why is the year has 365 1/4 days? Why is the longest day and night is on the same date (solstice) even though it is flat? are there many suns? why are the constellations have the same form? are there many the same positioning of the stars? SO DUMB! I can't believe that people are so dumb in believing that the earth is flat. They didn't even research, instead they believe in their religion. Why would a god give an unreliable information? because it is not a god. Gods are all knowing, having a mistake in just one word, one phrase or one sentence can make you believe that it is not god who provided that information.

    Religion can only bring destruction. I'm a christian but better not dig too much, because it will only result to comparing. thus, leads to destruction

  41. It's sad to see that when God has given us the knowledge of science to proof of His existence but some people are too arrogant to acknowledge that He is out there.. God has given us knowledge of science for us to get to know Him but yet some still chose to ignore Him.. Name it what ever u want the big bang or what ever u wanna call it but don't u dare try and tell me that the universe which was appeared out of nothing come into existence by itself.. The big bang???? Who are u kidding?? Even the name sounded funny…

  42. Look what the bIble says about war and what to do in a war kill the women and the childrens and take the young girls as slaves hmmm this seems like isis to me and I do believe isis took that from the bible that's why all these Christians and Muslims are being killed by the hands of Isis who I believe has taken these verses from the bible I ppl who claims Islam is a religion of violence show me wer in the Quran that says kill women and children in a war true Muslim's know this u cannot hurt or kill women children the elderly even if the enemy is down and dying do not strike him wen the enemy is already looking at his death do not cut the trees shake or disturb a bees nest this is what our beloved prophet Muhammed pbuh taught the Muslims wen in battles against the oppressors so how can anyone say Islam is the religion of violence oh yh u ppl put ur trust in main stream media propaganda that's why go and look at the bible read it its has horrible verses pornographic verses insest farther having relations with his daughters smh u will find out Islam is the only religion of the one true God the problem is we the Muslims know the bible more then the Christians and it's true use have to open the book to preach to ppl use never memorise anything challenge me if ya want idm use have sooooo many bibles so just pick one I will gladly destroy ur belief in Jesus as God he Isa (pbuh) will be against use so be ready or remove yourself from idol worship and come back to the one true Lord..

  43. If you don’t believe in Islam I want you to look how allah looks like when it is written in Arabic and look at a satellite picture of Africa and look north of Africa you will see allah in Arabic

  44. what asn sapoligetic bull shit,no one say convert top johovahwitness,or budha, but every dumb fucks that havent read the quran ,.of all the hate what they got asfgaing non,muslims, and their action anfdwhat the quran teaches, not accepting christ, but rejecting him,andf following mohamed that demand killings of jews,christians, n non-believers, 4 real, n using takiya, to advance islamic take over,

  45. pesky muslims need to wake up… Christianity is the only true religion. Historical facts and Biblical evidence prove the truth of Christ and the Bible.

    Christianity is the only true religion. Historical facts and Biblical evidence prove Christ and the resurrection.

    "Whoever does not believe is already condemned, because he has not believed in the name of Christ" (Ezekiel 8:12)

    "But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)

    "Remember this, O LORD, that the enemy has reviled, And a foolish people has spurned Your name." (Ezekiel 8:12)

  46. I'm very sorry to say this but Mohammed is a false prophet.

    In your book it says:
    "And if Muhammad had made up about Us some [false] sayings, We would have seized him by the right hand; Then we would have cut from him the aorta." Qur'an 69:44-46, Sahih

    And when he got poisoned by the jewish woman:
    "Umm Bishr, at this very moment I feel my aorta being severed because of the food I ate with your sob at Khaybar." Tabari Volume8, page 124
    Plus the Qur'an was destroyed and rewritten because of contradictions!
    Please don't attack me, I'm just trying to help you.

  47. I love Jesus and I’m proud to say it. He’s my savior, the only true and righteous God, he’s God made in flesh, the invisible God revealed himself through Christ. The God of Almighty. The most highest God. King of kings, Lord of lords, God of gods, The creation of all things. Praise the Lord, hallelujah!

  48. Unfortunately this Video was taken exactly from the video of : Jerusalem is the center of World
    And they Didnot change anything
    Muslims always Copy from what is Before..


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