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We all know how at the time of deepotsav, Yogi Adityanath Govt. was criticized Using fake figures media 300cr or 133 cr has been wasted by Uttar Pradesh Govt. They were showing a pic of poor girl to show how wastage of money was being done when entire state is poor. They failed to show that it benefited potters, Oil manufacturing companies were benfitted or those small merchants who sell oil were also benefitted. Other than this those poor people who sell flowers, crackers etc they were also earning and media wasn’t talking about all these things. They were only showing how poor people in UP are. This is nothing new whenever there are talks with regards to celebration of Hindu festivals they start giving lectures on poor. These are the same people who do not talk about expense done for religion other than Hinduism. Like until 2018 pilgrimage of HAJ by muslims govt used to give subsidy of 700cr to Haj comittee. However after 2018 this subsidy was removed by Modi govt. But still those muslim who plan to go for Haj are given financial aid. Now TRS govt. of Telangana has plans to celebrate Christmas spending crores, and no media wants to talk about this. Since Christmas is round the clock TRS govt in Telangana under K Chndrashekhar Rao will give money to church. Out of 199 constituency every MLA will select 2 church and every corporater will select 1 church TRS govt will give these churches 1 lakh each. Total expense will be 5.97cr Other than this every church will receive 500 gift packets. 19th December Rao will host a christmas feast In which 400 christians from 199 constituency each will be invited. Total of 79,600 people will attend that feast. Other than this officials of TRS govt. and their families will also attend this feast. This is not being done for first time Last year TRS govt had distributed gifts worth 22cr during Christmas to Christians and garments worth 18 crores to church Last year the feast organised by them was attended by 2 lakh people Total expense was 2cr. TRS govt claims they are celebrating Christmas as a ‘Humanitarian Gesture’ They have informed their officials that christmas should be clebrates as an official festival Like Battukama, Bonalu and Eid This Year TRS govt had given 1 lakh each to 832 mosques in Telangana, which meant 8.32 cr was distributed to mosques for Iftar parties. Moreover the govt also distributed gifts to muslims worth 33cr which meant total expense was aound 42cr. Considering this govt thought there should be no difference between christians and muslims so every church shall be givem 1 lakh for christmas celebration. Did TRS govt spend money on Eid and Christmas only ? No — Other than these there were 2 more festivals money was spent for their clebrations. Bathukma celebrated during October at the time of Dushera During this festival females dress up in saris and jewels. So govt distributed Saris worth 313 cr Other than this Binalu a festival to worship Godess Mahakali is celebrated in the moth of July or August For this govt used 15cr for celebration. SInce 2014 Bolnalu is celebrated as official festival in Telangana So what is the political controversy ? People believe Jagan Mohan Redd y govt of Andhra and K Chadrashekhar Rao govt of Telangana are busy competing who can appease Christians and Muslims in best possible manner. Like Andhra govt decided that every year those Muslims who want to go to Mecca or if any christian wants to go to Jerusalem govt will give them financial aid of 60000 But that Muslim or Christian has to prove that their family income is not more than 3 lakh annual Every pastor and Imam was given 5000 monthly Muslims will have a quota of 50% other than Sc ST and OBC in various posts. YSR congress themself agree that they have been voted by these minorities and hence they will give them these benefits. Following same thing Chandrashekhar Rao govt in Telanaga has been appeasing Christians and Muslims by spending money on their festivals. People are also angry over the fact that the media which was going crazy over spending of 1,33 cr for diwali celebration by Yogi Government in UP is silent when it comes to money spent by Andhra and Telangana govt. Reality is, be it Yogi govt, Mamta govt Andhra govt or Telangana govt everyone is spending this money just to appease various communities. In India most appeased are Muslims by giving money for Madarsaa, iftar, imams or mosque authorities. And now most political parties have started to believe that even Christian population can be their vote bank so money appeasement on Christmas is also being done. When it comes to other minority groups where Sikhs, jains , Buddhist Jews etc there is no appeasement policy by any political parties. Because political parties eek no benefits from them as their vote percent will always be less. I have no problem with Christmas celebration or Christians even their festivals should be celebrated like hindu festivals are celebrated I only have problem with those media houses who cry about expenses on hindu festivals while remain silent on expenses done for other religion festival. I call it double standards. I have no problem with Christians until Hindus are not being converted in to Christianity using money or other benefits. And I believe every state has their own ways of celebrating festivals like Durga Pooja in Bengal, Navratri in Gujarat, Ganesh Chathurthi in Maharashtra Holi Diwali and Janmashtmi in Uttar Pradesh. So every state should allot some money equally for these festivals just for celebration but not for appeasing any community. 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