Why I’m Speaking Up About Islam NOW

Posted By on February 21, 2020

I’ve been getting quite a few questions
from people online asking me why I’m speaking up about Islam why I care for ex-Muslims and why I’m defending them. Why do I care? I’m not someone who has any personal experience with Islam I’m not a Muslim I’ve never been a Muslim and I’m
not from an area of the world where Islam is prevalent what gives me the
right to speak about Islam simply put it’s hard for me to hear about these
issues and not speak out I’m an atheist and over the past several months I’ve
been studying the topic and subtopics of Islam from reading books articles
watching debates and speeches just online from various people who have come
from Islam or are still a part of Islam listening to podcasts on the subject etc
the voices of Yasmine Muhammad and Sarah Haider and Muhammad Saeed come to mind
I’m trying to really listen to the people that the doctrines of Islam is
harmed I want to make it clear from the beginning that I have a problem with the
ideas of Islam not Muslim people I know that millions of Muslims around the
world are peaceful and they practice versions of Islam that are hardly
comparable to the dangerous ideas of more fundamental versions of the
religion I also want to clarify that I’m making this video to talk about why I
feel it is important for me to speak out and why I feel like I have the right to
speak out in criticism of Islam I plan to make more videos about these subjects
and this video will serve more as an introduction and justification for
future videos so why speak out against Islam now let me back up
this all started about seven or eight months ago from listening to a podcast I
was listening to Sam Harris’s podcast waking up and I scrolled to some earlier
episodes and I came across one with ayaan Hirsi Ali at the time I had no
idea who she was I remember hearing Sam give a quick
introduction of who I on is and her background and I just thought well I
listened to that episode and I wanted to learn more the first book I read of ions
infidel and I became angry I take that back
first I was shocked and horrified and then I became angry I was angry at what
happened to her as a little girl growing up in the Islamic world and I thought
how can I use this anger for good I wanted to defend her if I could or help
her in any way that I can this led into more reading about Islam
and FGM and honor killings suicide bombings the hijab etc and just trying
to understand this religion and people who follow this ideology and I thought
to myself I should follow other X Muslims and learn from them if I want to
help spread awareness about these issues then be able to tell others about these
people who need support and backup I think X Muslims need more allies
especially from people in the West I can’t hear about female genital
mutilation and not want to do something about it to stop it
I can’t hear about honor killings and just not talk about it back in May of
this year my husband and I visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum and I think
that added more to everything I had been learning about all of a sudden with
everything that I am learning there’s this sense of urgency to help I can
relate this desire to when I came out as an atheist and I just couldn’t hold it
in anymore and I felt like I had to talk about it if there’s anything I can do to
help I want to do it I guess my final thoughts on this is another question
that comes to mind why after seven to eight months of learning about Islam and
I just now being heart open about it I honestly felt uncomfortable doing so for
a few reasons first I wanted to learn more about Islam
before talking about it and especially before criticizing it I don’t see how
that would have helped at all just like babbling about a topic I clearly know
nothing about that’s why I think it’s so important to study those
texts so that you can understand it better also make your points and in my
case against them another reason why I felt uncomfortable speaking about Islam
is the fact that I didn’t feel that I should talk about these issues I didn’t
have the right I guess identity politics came into play here but I felt like I
would be overstepping as someone who is not a Muslim or an ex-muslim speaking on
Islamic issues as a supporter of free speech this is really troubling but
seeing the pushback that some people get from criticizing Islam who don’t come
from their religion was a real concern however in Aion’s books she gave me a
call to action to talk about it and I realized I had to it’s like I needed
permission and I got it the more we speak up the more things
could possibly change some of the ideas of Islam are extremely dangerous and I
think more people should acknowledge that I thought I didn’t have the right
to speak about Islam because it wasn’t my own experience but at this point with
educating myself and listening to people talk about these issues I realized that
X Muslims and Muslims who went out and Muslim reformers they need as much
support as they can get I also understand that where I live
California isn’t threatened with Sharia law because of that people in the West
aren’t very concerned with it but I am and I know some people will see this
video and say why are you concerned with what’s going on in your own area
well it seems obvious but apparently it needs to be pointed out that people can
be concerned with more than just one thing I can care about and anyone else
can care about several issues not just one also I am concerned with many things
that hit geographically closer to home but that is no reason for me not to
speak out about threats in other parts of the world that concerned me social
media has given everyone a voice that can be heard around the world so why not
use mine I’ll leave you with a quote from heretic people like me
some of us apostates most of us dissident Muslims need your support not
your antagonism we must no longer accept limitations on
criticism of Islam we must reject the notion
that only Muslims can speak about Islam and that any critical examination of
Islam is inherently racist

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Please come to asia speak ur words muslim is not the religion of people..

    Speak out for us asia people safe us all asia frm the darkness

    Cz Dr. Zakir is brainwash us asia people more people like korea, japan, Philippine, taiwan and malaysia.. Cz people has walk into darkness mistaken convert into Muslim..

    Dr. Zakir is ruining people life's please gather more ex muslim speak the words of true so tht we as asia people will thank you and god bless u girl…

  2. hello Sarah, I love this particular video of yours, but I will be being hypocritical if I don,t tell you that you are being hypocritical yourself.

    As an atheist, you have no standard for good or evil. Nothing therefore is bad or good, since it all depends on the individual. So my question to you, on what basis do you judge any of the actions of the moslem world bad? everything is relative from your stand point, remember? Who gives you the right to try to spread your view of good and bad above any other person.

    As a christian, I can tell you that all those things that islam teaches, is bad. But, as an atheist, you have no right to do that. You have no right to spread your own world view over to them.

    Or maybe, you could tell us all, from an atheist stand point, who makes or says that what islam teaches, like wife beating and FGM, is bad?

  3. Sarah. Listen to Christian Prince's websites he speaks the truth..u will have a better understanding about the deceits n falsehood of Islam.
    Thanks CP an ex Muslim for giving us insight into the Qur'an.

  4. Great. Wish all western people learn about Islam. Islam is a dangerous ideology. It’s a satanic cult.
    I’m new subscriber on your channel. Looking forward for more videos.
    God bless you ❤️

  5. Really proud of you, fitting reply to the psuedo leftists who will not criticise the evil practices of this evil cult for fear of offending Mohammadans.
    To know more about this cult please see you tube videos of learned Islamic scholars such as Dr David Wood, Dr Nabeel Qureshi, Dr Jay Smith, Apostate Prophet, Christian Prince, Harris Sultan, masked Arab, DCCI ministries, Sameer Abdullah, Brother Rachit and understand the true nature of islam, quran and mohammad.

  6. Islam has been, and still is responsible for so much human suffering. Prophet Muhammad was a brutal, narcissistic, sexually indulgent warlord. Unlike some other ancient religions, it offers no spiritual wisdom. It is simply a rigid system of rules dealing with rewards and punishment.

  7. I am from India and want to contact you . I have an information about cruelty of Islam to other religion people . I hope you understand

  8. I believe ‘liberals’ don’t want to criticize Islam because they don’t want to make problems of Islam and Islamic countries, their’s. But guess what? The problems are already there at their doorsteps and they just choose to turn the other way for reasons ranging from ‘just taking the easy way out’ to ‘political benefits’.

  9. Without religious funds
    from mideast and turk,
    they are nothing.
    Most schlors fr west are
    living on these secret
    All non-muslim countries
    should highly tax these
    bullsh't islamization funds

  10. For truly great info ,check out the videos of an EX MUSLIM, whose youtube videos go under the title APOSTATE PROPHET,he is TURKISH and an ATHEIST

    Also check out the Web sites



  11. I'm an ex muslim and thankfully grew up in England. It was not easy and I don't think I would have managed to leave my parents home alive had we been living in pakistan where my parents are from.

    We need more people to talk about this.

  12. Very well put. Thank you for speaking up for these brave and persecuted individuals. I hope I live to see this toxic religion de-fanged and deflated like the others have been.

  13. I think you will be qualified to speak on matters you relate so little to you once you fully educate yourself. The points you bring up in your video about the experiences of ex-Muslims are not a representation of Islam. I am not invalidating the experiences of those people but to blame an entire, comprehensive religion for those horrific experiences is completely wrong. The religion is practiced differently in different areas of the world due to the pressures of culture and precedent of patriarchy that exists across all societies. Those issues ex-Muslims brings up are not a result of Islam and its ideologies but a result of culture being used to justify religious extremity. There is so much toxic, fake news regarding this religion as it is. Your video's lack of background spreads the same narrative about Islam. Although you say you are not bashing Muslim people, you are indirectly bashing their religion which is a significant part of their identity.

  14. Good god if u r a human being u need to stand up for fellow human beings being suffocated to death with a suffocating ideology. suffering …. y do these fucking westerners have to feel so guilty about pointing out human suffering. What good does it do to be silent about atrocities continuing….. do u have no right to talk about rape if u were not a victim or rapist…. what is this BS choke hold westerners can't seem to get rid of? Do westerners only have balls to criticize religions and ideologies that don't respond to criticism with violence e.g Christian's, Jews, Mormons, Budhists and jains? What the fuck is wrong with u idiots…. NOT speaking is allowing atrocities to continue.

  15. When you are worry about suicide bomber or being called as infidel.. you are effected one way or another, and i guess you have the right to speak about it.

  16. Two thing is the source of all evil, destruction, terrorism in the world.
    1)Abrahamic religion (Islam and Xtianity)
    Get rid of these two and every problem in the world and Humanity will progress like never before.

  17. You pretended to know all about Islam when in fact you didn't.
    Try to dig deeper Islam and you will find that what you say is nonsense. Why don't you try to dig how the Koran and alHadis are codified,? then you will find originality there.
    Note: false information will produce false knowledge. .

    but the people who describe it nowadays are 80-90% spreading hatred..On the other hand Our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) told Muslims never to enforce their opinion on non-Muslims
    I'm a Muslim and I listen to every type of opinion cz Islam teaches us to Listen to Every person then make decision.. so @Sarah_Rocksdale.. u're Wrong in this one cz simply U've not met the right Muslims😊🙂🤗🤗

  19. I am a Muslim. Practising real Islam. I am happy. I am not forced to do what Islam taught me. I never hurt people, i love my family, friends, my brothers and sisters in Islam. I love animals. I never start any unwanted arguments, i live in a normal life. I have many nonmuslim friends, we never have issues regarding religions. I am a normal human. I get hurt, i get angry, i mean i have feelings. Really it's weird when muslims always the ones who got attention for whatever. Lol. Aren't you tired? Chill. Live happily. Don't hate us.


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