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Namaste people. Welcome to Channel Om. I am Uma Maheswarri. In this channel we discuss about our culture and meaning behind it. So you would Have always had that Friend who says today is Monday And so I will not eat chicken or Today is Friday So I won’t eat chicken. Have you ever wondered why? Anyways I’ll be telling you in this video Why people don’t eat meat and also Why you shouldn’t eat meat I’ll be discussing this in 3 perspectives Firstly religious perspective So why do Hindus not eat meat On particular days of the week Secondly spiritual perspective. For people into spirituality. And at last scientific reasons why you shouldn’t eat meat. Let’s begin! So talking about why Hindus don’t eat meat, Hindus have Assigned each day of the week to a particular God Like Monday is for Shiva, Tuesday for Karthikeyan Wednesday for Saraswati, Thursday for Dakshinamurrhy and Sai baba Friday for Goddess Shakti, Saturday for Hanuman and Shani bhagwan Sunday for Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Hence a person who prays the most to a God Will not eat meat on that particular day of the week But a question arises here Many people ask that does it mean that if we pray To Karthikeyan on other days we wouldn’t be benefitted Yes of course you will recieve The benefits on other days but the day dedicated to that God is Suppossed to give you maximum benefit. Everyday is a normal day yes But don’t we celebrate our Birthday every year? That is special right. Similarly hmmm may be you Could say that the God has Birthday every week. 😂 Just for an example Not literally. Also there is this thing where Wed is for Saraswati and she is the Goddess of studies Whereas the God on Thursday Dakshinamurthy Is the God of career and wealth. Now considering these things also people Do not eat meat For example say you are good at studies But you haven’t excelled in your career In this case You can eat meat on Wednesday As it is a very Strong phase of your life On the other hand Thursday is a day For career advancement Hence you shouldn’t eat meat On that day coz You haven’t excelled in your career Or you haven’t got A job yet. So in such a situation It would be beneficial If you stopped eating meat On Thursday And went to the Temple. You could pray to Lord Dakshinamurthy And you are most likely To get a job or excel In your career. But this has to be done for a Continuous period of time To reap the benefits. Also you would’ve seen people Who do not consume Meat on a no moon As well as a full moon. I’ll tell you the reason For that as well. First of all there’s a direct connection between Us and the moon. Our digestive system Is connected to the moon. What happens on a no moon Or a full moon is that our digestion slows down on these days Hence not eating meat is good for us Coz if we did it Would be an overload To the system And thus causing Digestive problems. So those were all the reasons why Hindus don’t eat meat on particular days of the week. Now let’s talk about spirituality In spirituality everything is based on vibration So I’ll explain a bit about it. Consider the rainbow colors – VIBGYOR. So violet has the highest vibration and as you Come down the vibration decreases leaving red With the lowest vibration. Now all the fruits and vegetables Have only the colors that are in the rainbow. There are no colors Beyond them. So when you consume fruits and veg It increases your videos as well You have a seperate vibe And the fruits have a Seperate vibe. Hence consuming them helps to Raise your vibration. On the other hand If you take fish Or any other meat It’s color cannot be Found in the vibrational chart. Let’s call the VIBGYOR As the vibrational chart. Now if you take a fish It is dead And when any living being Is dead it’s vibration Would be negative. If you have seen the film 2.0 you would understand This better. Also the color of a fish is Grey or black And that doesn’t exist in Our chart. So these colors Are the ones with a very negative vibe Or low vibe. Hence when you eat them It’s a negative energy That’s entering your body. This in turn turns your Good energy also Into negative and Lowers your vibe. And that’s the reason why Spiritual people don’t eat meat. Let’s look at the scientific reasons As to why you shouldn’t eat meat Ok now your body takes only 5 hours to digest Veg food whereas it takes 3 days to digest a non – veg meal. And that’s the first reason. Another reason is that Our bodies are basically designed For the consumption of veg food only. So when meat enters the body, your body is like OMG! how do I digest this. And so it starts using your Healthy tissue to digest the meat. Now when you were a kid You must be consuming meat from then on Right? So as a kid Youe body has enough of Healtht tissue and so It uses that for digesting The meat. But as you grow up A lot of your healthy tissue has been used. Thus making it more difficult For the body to digest meat Your healthy tissue deteriorates And hence gifting You with cancer, B. P. etc. Also cholesterol problems are caused. That’s why scientists say not to Eat meat. And even if you do eat meat Eat it in a Certain moderation. So those were all the reasons why people Don’t eat meat as well as Why you shouldn’t eat meat. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did then do Like, share, comment And subscribe. Also hit the bell icon. You can follow me on Social media if you wish to. Links are in the description box. That’s it for today. I’ll see you soon with another video. Until then keep chanting Om. 🙏

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