Why do Hindus offer Milk and Ghee on Shiva Linga?

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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adi shakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome all of you with My love and respects.
I welcome our esteemed special guest for this mornings Satsang I’ll continue to expand on Aadheenam Chalo
series, on nitty gritties of Shaktipata, which I was explaining yesterday, from yesterday
I’ll continue. I’ll give you the essence of yesterday’s satsang. Arithmetic logic is not absolute. Anything,
which is not absolute, you take decisions based on it, becomes your cognition. A damaged
cognition produced by decisions taken on non-absolute logic will develop large blind spots in your
system. I’ll repeat. Listen. Decisions taken based on the logic, which is not absolute,
all those decisions become your cognitions. Those cognitions will have large blind spots.
If you are having this difficulty in your life – I know what I’m doing is wrong,
I don’t know why I am doing. Means, you believe this cockroach girlfriend logic. Cockroach
is afraid of rat, rat is afraid of cat, cat is afraid of dog, dog is afraid of you, you
are afraid of your girlfriend, your girlfriend is again afraid of cockroach. No, it’s a
good joke, but if you apply this logic on your life and take decisions based on this
kind of arithmetic logic, your life will be cruel joke. Good joke should not become cruel
joke. Listen. Many times, logic inserted into your
system through good jokes becomes part of your thinking, thought current. Which becomes
a cruel joke. Cognitions developed based on arithmetic logic, which is not acid washed,
about which you did not do any investigation. You allowed the blind spots to grow, plays
a cruel joke on your life. Listen. Listen deeply. Today, Saturday, wow, all My sannyasis are
beyond time and date. Today is Saturday, the weekend starts today and tomorrow. Let us
do a thorough acid wash of our inner space today and tomorrow. I wanted this to be homework,
today and tomorrow. Where all you have blind spots, means you know morning four o’clock
you should be fresh, alive, doing Shivastambha yoga, Kundalini Rajju yoga, doing Pancha Kriya,
and Pada Puja, Shiva Puja, Kirtan, Satsang, after that literally you should be in Bhava
Samadhi, the space of Advaita. Find out, are you in that space. If not dig out the blind
spots, where you are playing with this arithmetic logic. Understand, every step of your life
need to become conscious if you are interested in Sadāshivatva, the ultimate state, space,
manifestation to exist. Yesterday I was explaining about this self-consoling
thought currents. Understand. All the haunting questions you have about life, Jeeva, Ishvara,
Jagat. All of us have haunting questions – why there is inequality?
Why there is poverty? Why there is wealth?
Why there is health and disease? Why there is good and bad?
Why somebody’s happy and why somebody’s suffering?
Why did I get this woman as wife, why this man in my life? I can give you some of foolproof clear symptoms
to find out somebody’s from India. Even in outside India, when our guys they go to
restaurants they will only see other’s plate and order – never the menu card. Whether
it is a bus or train or flight, they’ll put their handkerchief for the window seat.
We will only look at the others and make the
decision. We do have lot of haunting questions. Why
this to me, why this not to me, why not this to me. All these haunting questions you need
self-consoling answers, especially some of the terrible questions – what happens after
death, where was I before my birth, what is going to happen if I do only good, why should
I not do bad, why should I do this, why should I do that. Whether it is superficial questions
or fundamental questions, there are tons of questions haunting us. A set of answers or
the answer generating-thought current. Listen carefully. Set of answers for these
questions become philosophy, a set of thought currents which generates multiple answers
for these questions becomes Darshana, tattva. Understand, set of thought currents which
generates answers for these questions which can be an amazing self-consoling, which can
just put you to rest, but of course they’re not experience because neither your questions
are from experience, nor the doubts are from experience or the haunting questions are from
experience. Your most of the haunting questions are also entertainment. It really happened. One big guy, a very big
powerful government official came and met Me. He said, “Swamiji I have come all the way
traveling from Delhi to meet you.” It happened few years before. “And just
tell me quickly what is God and how to achieve God.” I looked at him and he was not even
sitting. I told him, “Please, why don’t you settle down.” He said “No, in twenty
minutes I have to go and catch my next flight.” God within twenty minutes? Of course possible,
if you are ready to open your eyes. Understand. He was filled with such hurry,
restlessness. Suddenly I started talking, “Sir, how are
you, what your wife is doing, what your kids are doing and I heard you achieved a lot in
your career.” And he started talking about his career (Swamiji makes sound da da da da…..)
And the meeting went on more than one and half-hours, he forgot about his flight. And after one and half hours of elaborately explaining
all his great achievements and career, awards, rewards, everything, he forgot all about God. Never he repeated that problem or a question
second time in that one and half hours he got with Me, and after he went out to my assistants
he was praising Me, “What an, what an amazing, intelligent, saintly personality Swamiji is.” In that whole one and half hours only two,
three questions I asked. I did not answer a single question,neither he was allowed to
speak. No, I always let people speak. Of course in the house they are not allowed to speak
at least in the ashram. Why do you think many Grihisthas find ashram very happy? Because
almost they don’t need to meet their spouses. They don’t need to meet them for food, and
sometimes they get the great opportunity of deputation outside the campus. I am seeing
a lot of people clapping in Thanjur, and Trishulum and, even Chennai. People love Aadheenam life,
really. Finally the guy did not talk again about this
subject means even many questions we believe haunting questions are not really haunting
questions, because they are imaginary haunting questions the imaginary answers are more than
enough. Understand, each of the Darshanas will connect, resonate based on the depth
of the question or depth of the cognition from which you are operating. Please listen. If you are very shallow Vaisheshika[1]
[ (Sanskrit: वैशेषिक)] is enough, Vaisheshika is the most shallow Darshana in
the six. That is why it is not survived in a larger scale. Of course, I don’t want
to say it is dead, but it does not have a large practitioners, very less. Then comes if you
are next level questioner, then comes Nyayika, Nyaya (न्याय, ny-āyá) suits with
very naughty type of questions, completely twisted, unexpected, naughty type of questions. A mother superior on the convocation day is
addressing all her girls who are leaving the school. Understand, many people
will try to exploit you, be careful, protect yourself. Just for the sake of one-hour pleasure
don’t destroy your whole life, remaining twenty-three hours of life, you need to be
very careful and you need to be very intelligent to protect yourself. Just for the sake of
one hour in the bed don’t destroy your twenty-three hours in the life. One last row girl asked,
Madam, how did you make it to one hour? All right. Very naughty perverted logic. Nyayaika
is apt answer for naughty, perverted logic. Very unexpected attacks. Unexpected logical
attacks can by handled by Nyayaika. Nyaya Next level –
the logic of Yoga. A deeper logic of Uttar Mimamsa. Understand, Jaimini is a great logician, not
just doer, a great logician. The philosophy with most depth Darshana system with most
depth is Sankhya and Vedanta. But listen, I’m putting it on record, even
both of them are only thought currents. Darshana – a system, which gives you self-consoling
answers. Listen carefully. Now I am giving a very important definition. You are consciousness, your extension, mechanism,
intra-organ through which you perceive is Mana, and the gross expression of the Mana
is body, Sharira. Listen carefully. Any idea, which breaks into
all the three, manifests your consciousness through all the three – means state, space,
manifestation. State, an operating space, and manifestation of powers. Any idea if it
makes all these three happen only it can be called as Satya. Your ability to handle naughty surprising shocking, twisted questions does
not mean you have Anubhuti. Only if you manifest those thought currents are Satya. Listen very carefully. What you are following, the Darshana you are
following, the Tattva you are practicing, the philosophical thought current you are
cherishing – a man who does not have any philosophical thought current for his life
is Chandalla. A man who lives
to make all his thought currents more and more luxury and comforts is Vaishya. The man who lives to strengthen his ideological
power-centric understanding through all his thought currents is Kshatriya. The man who entertains and channels all his
thought currents and energies towards the ultimate freedom is Brahmana. Understand. You need to understand this truth.
The thought currents you cherish inside your system, whether they lead you to more and
more restlessness every day, more and more confusion every day, more and more consolation
every day – understand not pride, arrogance, no. Straight truth. I am giving you the tools
and methodology to analyze whether to follow certain system, or a Guru or a methodology
or not. Anything, which does make you, manifest powers, forget about it. It is only consolation
thought currents. Yes, it can give you amazing consolation. Read Vedanta. You have will have
such amazing consolation and many of the haunting questions will be diverted, forgotten, and
missed. As I said, the best lawyers logic is either convince the judge or confuse the
judge. After studying Vedanta for some questions you will be convinced, about some questions
you will be confused so thoroughly you will never want to see those questions again, you
will never want to think about those questions again. All self-consolation thought currents – but
one thing I want to tell you. Hats off to Hindu Gurus. They never used the human beings’
vulnerability, the suffering he goes through with these haunting questions to make him
violent they always made sure that is only attended, healed, he is given consolation
which finally makes him live with the Whole, in tune. Understand, a agitated haunting question
young man can be converted either into a great enlightened being or a powerful terrorist.
Both are possible. The kind of a thought current you give him to cherish and discover his answers. Hats off to Hindu Gurus, great visionaries
of my civilization. I bow down to them. Never one. Never one. They might have had very big
difference of opinions amongst them. It’s not that Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva all the
thought currents of Shaiva, Vaishnava, Vedanta, Shakta did not fight. They were not even decent
– I will say indecent level fights, but never we evolved a system, which can systematically
produce terrorists. No. We were very clear about it. Our Masters were very clear about it. They
always went for Shanti. They always went for consolation. That itself is great. So I should
not underestimate these self-consoling thought currents, but I want you to know, self-consoling
thought currents are not self-realization. They are not Satya. They are only Darshana.
They are only Tattva, not Tat. Understand. Listen carefully. Anything which
penetrates your being, shakes up your consciousness, wakes it and makes the state and space and
manifest through your body – whenever your consciousness manifests through your body
it manifests as powers. Only if this circle is complete the thought
current is Satya. Listen carefully. If it is not, don’t call that as Satya. Only when
you switch it on and the equipment either fan or light or air condition works the circuit
is complete and it empowered with electricity with power. If it does not work, there may
be some problem in the circuit, there maybe some problem in the equipment, there may be
some problem in the switch or there may not even be power. Understand. But the fundamental truth is only
if a thought current makes you have the state and space and powers it is Satya, it is truth.
Awakening of the Shakti is the scale to find out whether the thought current you are cherishing,
is from Sadāshiva. Yes, the great philosophies
may be offering consolation, may be offering amazing convincing answers. Answers are not
powers. Do not follow a system, which stops just with some consoling answers or a state
or a space. Yes, people can teach you. Ooo, practice integrity, be responsible, but if
they’re not able to make you manifest powers through those thought currents there is a
big blind spot somewhere. Understand, blind spot filled teachings given by a blind spot
filled Guru to a blind spot called Disciple is what Upanishad describes ‘blind leading
the blind..’ Listen, blind leading the blind where both
will fall is based on the country you live. Blind leading the blind where both will fall
is based on the country you live. Only if power manifestation happens when the
circle is complete that thought current is worthy to be followed, that process worthy
to be entertained, the Guru worthy of your dedication. Listen carefully.
Any thought current stops with consolation, giving you great answers, you go and ask him, “How can I open my Third Eye?” “For the sake of God don’t open it.” For the sake of GODDEL, Sadāshiva, open it! What kind of a conscious damage to the humanity. Recently I saw one so-called spiritual Guru.
No, he’s telling why do we poor milk, honey, ghee on Shiva Lingas so that they will always
be wet and will not crack. Crack?! Crack is the answer?! No. It is actually a 295A, hurting
the religious sentiments. Understand it is actually hurting the religious sentiments.
No you are pouring milk, honey, ghee, it seems the fat will keep the stone wet so the stone
will not crack, so it only a maintenance. One side straight anti-Hindu forces saying,
“Oh why do you spent twenty rupee on milk and pour on Shiva Linga, better to give it
to a poor child who does not have milk.” Oh God, yes,why should we waste three hundred
rupee on your cinema ticket and better, three hundred rupees you can serve more kids than
twenty rupee. [APPLAUSE] I tell you, one side those anti-Hindu attacks
from outside, external attacks, other side, internal collapse. Somebody telling you pour
milk, ghee and honey on Shiva Linga and keep it wet so that the stone will not crack. God!
Crack! What kind of answer, what kind of logic? There are one thousand sacredness associated
with why we pour milk, ghee and honey, all that on Shiva Linga. I can start giving one
thousand answers, which are in tune with the original sacred sentiment why we are doing
this. Understand. In those days our whole work was taking care of cows. What is the
essence of the whole days work? The milk you get. What is the essence of even the milk
you get? Is the ghee finally you make. And what is the essence of whole day you going
around the forest and trying to collect honey? The honey you get. The essence of all our
day efforts, the whole day efforts essence is our life. Literally we spent our whole
life on this so this is the essence. The result, fruit, essence of our life, we offer it to
the representation of Sadāshivatva towards whom we feel highest sacred sentiment. Most
sacred. First of all, the fundamental – when somebody asks Me, “Why we pour milk, honey,
ghee on the lingas?” I say, No, we don’t pour on Linga, we pour on Sadāshiva. That
is a fundamental shift the questioner is supposed to have. Understand. The fundamental shift
in sacred sentiment is required. If you cannot cause that shift please do not interfere in
our religious matters. Stop with what you are expert. Not on religious matters. Pouring
milk on Linga is the subject of Agama. If you do have respect for Agama, if you have
not read them, if you are not ready to revere them, please do not invade into our sacred. And the questioner is asking, “So is it all about maintenance, Guru?” “Yes, yes, it is all about” You need to pour continuously milk and ghee
to keep a stone without cracking then the temple tower is made of the same stone, no
milk, water, ghee is poured on it whole day and night. Why that is not cracking? If it
only a maintenance issue my Masters are brilliant enough, rich enough, asking us Hey, power
the milk and ghee and honey on the whole temple tower and we will be doing it! They are rich
enough to command and we are obedient enough to do. Understand. If you are master of one thought
current I don’t even question your mastery, please keep it to that. Pouring milk on Linga
is the subject of Agama, not the subject of Yoga. It is the subject of Agama. If you have
reverence for Agama, reverence enough to listen to the sacred sentiments of Agama – Understand,
when you read the scriptures, if you have enough reverence and feeling connection, the
sentiments, layers of sentiments behind those words will resonate in your heart. Once I had that experience. There is a beautiful
book called Sri Sri Ramakrishna Punthi in Bengali. In English it is translated as ‘Portrait
of Sri Ramakrishna’, and I started learning, reading and writing Bengali just to read this
book, and my Sannyas Guru Hamsananda Puri he was staying in place called Tail Ghat in
Calcutta. There was a huge company or Burn Standard Motors, I forgot company name. In
front of that company there is a small Ghat called Tail Ghat where he used to stay. He
is old person who can’t read. He was too old, I think he must be at least above one
hundred. Only above hundred we call old in
India, and he can’t read. He will ask me,
“Hey, read this Ramakrishna Punthi” and I still remember how just in few hours, in
forty eight hours, he just literally blessed Me to read and write Bengali and still I remember
some of the lines… Jai jai ramakrishna vanja kalapatru
Ja jai ramakrishna jagater guru Jai jai ramakrishna shabaya sharana Ishta
gosti gaan It’s a inaugural verse. I bow down to Ramakrishna who is vanja kalapatru.
I bow down to Ramakrishna who is Jagater Guru, means the Universal Guru.
Jai jai ramakrishna Ishta gosti gaan shabaya sharana renu maager-adam Let Me have the feet dust of all who lived,
worshipped, revered, connected with Sri Ramakrishna. Understand, it is not the lines, the way he
will sit while I am reading out those lines,
the reverence he will show for that scripture
made me realize the sacred sentiments loaded in those verses. I will literally feel every
line is loaded with so much of feeling connection. The way he will treat that book, and the way
he will sit, even though being so old, will not even stretch his leg if I’m reading
out this book for him. He literally gave Me the power to read and write Bengali in forty-eight
hours so I can read out this book for him. To understand the scripture, first of all
you need reverence; second, deep feeling connection so the sacred sentiments loaded in that scripture
reveals itself to you. Sacred sentiments are
always Patni with shyness. Understand. A Patni,
Kulastri with shyness will reveal herself to you only in a deep love and feeling connection.
She’s not prostitute. Logic is prostitute. You don’t need anything. It’ll open itself
in front of you, but sacred sentiment of feeling connect is with Patni, Kalastri with shyness.
You need a deep reverence and feeling connection
for her to reveal herself to you. Understand. If you read scriptures, if you
have a reverence for the scriptures, if you
have feeling connection for the scriptures,
declare that first and then talk about the matters of scriptures. The alternative pop
mythologists are not Gurus and Āchāryas of Hinduism. Alternative overrated pop mythologists
– listen to the words I am using. Overrated pop mythologists don’t comment on the subjects
of Agama. It is hurting our religious sentiments.
The fruit of our whole life – understand,
in those days, the best possession you can have is cow. The work you need to do whole
day is taking care of them. So the fruit of
your whole days action, the karma phala is
a milk, and you churn that and get ghee. So it is the essence of essence of your whole
days work. We decide to take part with that essence with Sadāshiva as our gratitude offering,
the offering of the sacred sentiment we carry about Sadāshiva, we carry with Sadāshiva,
we carry towards Sadāshiva This kind of a interpretation is like now I am saying, Pour
the life essence, milk on Sadāshiva. Later on somebody who sees this video and saying,
Yes, yes, he’s in our ashram only, let us
pour on him. Not on that Sadāshiva, I am
talking about this Sadashiva. Bramachari Sadāshiva. [LAUGHS] If somebody later on interprets,
Yes, yes about this boy only. How completely confusing interpretation it is. That is what
exactly these guys are doing here. When we pour it on Sadāshiva, these guys call it
we pour it on Linga. Hey, hey, hey… Where it falls does not matter. On whom it is expected
to fall matters. Where it falls does not matter.
Remembering whom it is poured matters. Where
it falls is mundane. Remembering whom it is poured is sacred. To whom it is whom is Sat.
Where it falls is mundane. Change your name
to Mundane Guru if you are looking only at
where it falls and making comments on it. To whom it poured it is Sat. Where it falls
is mundane. We don’t care about it. We poured it for somebody else. We poured it for somebody
else. To whom we poured matters. Not where
it falls. I’ll continue to help you to discover the
blind spots. Understand. The reverence, sacred sentiments associated with our actions needed
to be understood, with that very strength of that sacred sentiment and feeling connection.
First of all, the logical systems evolved for self-consoling answers should not be applied
on sacred rituals. If you apply, as Mandukya Upanishad says: avidyāyāmantare vartamānāḥ
svayaṁ dhīrāḥ paṇḍitaṁ manyamānāḥ ।
jaṅghanyamānāḥ pariyanti mūḍhā andhenaiva nīyamānā yathāndhāḥ ॥ 1.2.8
॥ Living amidst the ignorance and thinking themselves
with false pride that we are the wise scholars being learned in the scripture as we are – they
don’t even feel that they are learned in the scriptures, but they think they are capable
of solving all problems of the Universe – the foolish non-discriminative people does wander
about lacking the vision of true knowledge
while being wounded and afflicted by the many
incompletions, just like the blind people being led by the blind. andhenaiva nīyamānā yathāndhāḥ | Surely there are tons of sacred reasons why
we pour milk on Sadashiva and why it falls on Shiva Linga. If you look at why we pour
it is Sat. If you look at where it falls it is mundane. The moment it is poured, purpose
is over. It is mundane people who looks at
where it falls. Who looks at why it is poured
catches the sacred. Who looks at where it falls catches the mundane. Essence of today’s satsang: Why we pour
is sacred, where it falls is mundane. Why we pour is Sat, where it falls is mundane.
So many times we don’t even pour on Linga. We just pour in the banks of river, ocean,
not even inside the river, in the banks. We just make the sand heap and pour it on that.
Oh, maybe the sand should not crack? No, I just want to know why we pour on beach sand,
on the banks of Ganga, on the beaches of ocean. We make a heap of sand or just get a stone
in the street and put it, and if we don’t get anything, just the corner milestone. I
do wanted to record, put it on record, My
strong protest. Some Tamil Nadu atheist organizations are
trying to put Yagnopavitam for pigs in a very derogatory, abusive way, and they’re trying
to do this as a protest to disrespect the
tradition of Yagnopavita. First of all I wanted
them to know Yagnopavita is not restricted to one community, Brahmins as you think. It
belongs to all whole Hindus. That is the first
thing. Second thing I want to tell. As practitioner
of Agama, who used Yagnopavita on himself
means I used Yagnopavita on Me, and I promote
thousands of people – I’ve initiated in Yagnopavita, Me and my Sangha strongly protest,
oppose this kind of a disrespectful context act. Third, understand, for us even pig is sacred,
but you are not doing from that sentiment. You are doing this act to abuse and disrespect
us, which can not be accepted, which will not be welcome, and this is not nineteen sixties.
Understand, all these stupid things you can do, not after nineteen seventy-eight. For us even pig is representation of Varaha
and we’ve already Yagnopavita on him and we are worshipping— but we will not equate
that and what you are trying to do. What you are trying to do is from totally abusive context.
Hindus are no more fools to keep quiet and listen to whatever you guys are doing. And with this, today the homework is to discover
the blind spots we leave while we are practicing the principles, highest principles in our
life. Essence of today’s satsang: To whom we pour
is Sat, where it falls is mundane. Seeing to whom we pour is Sat. Seeing where it falls
is mundane. So, actually in Hindu tradition even the deity is Archya Avatar, even that
cannot be called as mundane. Of course, when you don’t even know the concepts of
all this you will only see that as a ordinary
stone and you will think it is oiling. No, in
your life if whole day
you are soaked in Bhava Samadhi, you will
feel it is poured for Sadāshiva. Whole day you are only getting
oil massage, you will only feel, oh that also needs oil massage. No, what is your lifestyle
only based on that you will decide, you will understand things nah. So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all
radiate Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam,
Living Shuddhadvaita Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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