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bismillah r-rahman r-rahim my name is
Jeffrey Ibrahim Gallaher I was born in the city of Michelle in Switzerland it’s
a small city next to the capital of Bern I am of the son of Josef Gallaher a man
of of Irish origin my father was born in London in the United Kingdom and moved
to Switzerland later I was born in the city of Nashik tell my father and have
one sister whose name is Donna and I started school at the city and in the
city of Mischa tell I completed my school level finished my school in 2006
and since then I’ve tried I’ve worked with computers I’ve worked in house
moving in painting and now I’m working as a builder and I converted to Islam in
the year of 2012 when I was 21 years old I always had the good relationship with
my family unfortunately my parents divorced in the year of 2003 but I’ve
been living with both in them both keeping the good contact with my parents
with all the rest of my family and with my sister alhamdulillah and please start
to say the name of the school how long did you then go to your memories yeah
I started the primary school in the year in 1998 in college Deepak it’s Michelle
I was very quite an intelligent kid like this I learned to read and write before
I started the primary school and primary school went all very good with good
marks not much trouble at the school but when good alhamdulillah then I started I
went in the secondary school in sixth year and then unfortunately I had a bit
more problems I was in I wasn’t working very hard at school and I didn’t pass
this I didn’t pass the easiest very well I finished my nine years of secondary
school in congestion my is well in the city of Michelle and after I returned it
to the school I tried to go in the high school but that didn’t go very well I
stopped this and started working in painting house removing working in
construction until I started the computer course that didn’t go very well
wasn’t really a job for me so I stopped this and now I’m working as a builder I
studied at college – my my secondary school in the city of michelle i was
students i had the capacity to do well but i wasn’t working very much I was not
very concentrated on school so that didn’t go so good I did do me Fremont
sateen finish what I only did two months and stopped high school I didn’t do high
school do you according to your friends this kind of students they were in
school some deformations or Smithsonian people and how they were thinking about
you which kind of the Jeff was aha then my school always
in the area we live it wasn’t only Swiss people like woods an area with many
nationalities I had many friends from Turkey as well Kosovar Portugal Africa
and we mixed all together very well but was in my area with a park in neuchâtel region I come from a family whose origin
of Catholic Irish Catholic but my parents were not very practicing the
religion my father used to when he was young my grandfather made him go to
church all the time say the Christian prayers every night before going to
sleep but later when he grew up he turned a bit away from from the religion
well you should go to the crease before sleeping what’s it about that can’t you
can you hope I don’t know what he means no no say the praise say the prayer father mother
we’re going to church I see but they were Christian in the Bible were
studying or reading by someone already okay
did you go to the church I used to go to the church sometimes with more with my
grandparents who still go sometimes to the church I was really looking for the
truth all my life I thought I found things that I didn’t like in the
Christian Church but I was always looking for the truth and I was always
looking to find God so I started going myself to the church even if my family
didn’t go I started reading the Bible myself even if my family didn’t do it
looking for the truth okay why was the church that usually
were going somewhere when I went to the church it was when I went to England to
visit some family that live in London I used to go sometimes to recharge of air so how’s the the bleep primary school
time or secondary school time were for the young people in a service event in
London ha ha what was the move of religion for that in the area where
grown up unfortunately there was not much religion some a lot of people are
Muslims but not really praying don’t pray namaz sometimes some of them do
Ramazan but don’t do more it was an area with not that much religion it came a
bit later when we were maybe 17 18 years old some of my friends as well started
to go to the Masjid to pray in a mosque and to practice Islam and red questioned
myself because I always believed in God I never had the doubt about God but I
didn’t know like I would take the Bible but I never I didn’t believe that Jesus
was the son of God I didn’t believe that you can pray to Mary I didn’t believe
all these sorts of things I really believed in one God but I didn’t know
that was really Islam before and I found out with some of my friends later when
they started praying namaz and telling me about it and I started questioning
myself maybe from the year 2008 2009 maybe they were grateful for what they
were asking something from the magic and like I got can express this because
$22.00 the thing really the well what I found
strange in the Christian Catholic religion especially is that you see is
really too statue of Maryam Matalan ha they would go and they would like pray
make do out of the statue see Oh Mary Mother of God forgive forgive our sins
stuff Allah they’ll say these kind of things and I always found that strange I
didn’t find that normal they’ll go if one day a statue of Mary Mariam
radiyallahu anh I would cry they would go in like cry to the statue ask things
to the statue say it’s like a miracle because the statue cried and really a long little unlock Oh Hanina bin Laden in Arikara imagine in
katakana hiragana star Minister on staff a monsieur on linen on da moon

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  1. Alhamdulillah. May Allah keep you firm & steadfast on this deen.
    But I disagree the interview asked unnecessary question. We do not really investigate every detail of his life. Astaghfirullah so annoying. Hope to improve that in future. Tq

  2. LOL You chose islam due to you lacking backbone,brains,thinking capacity and wanting to believe childishly inane stories,bullshit,lies ,nonsense the hoax of islam shackles and controls weak minds with, and you have NO PROBLEMS with the obscenities,cruelty of islam

  3. John 12:
    44Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in Me does not believe in Me alone, but in the One who sent Me.
    45And whoever sees Me sees the One who sent Me.
    46I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in Me should remain in darkness.…
    Matthew 10:33
    But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in heaven.
    The Blood Of Jesus Tested In Laboratory

  4. Joe at the time of Jesus it was every human duty to follow Jesus because Jesus was the way to God it was the same with other prophets at their time

  5. The interviewer brother asks very annoying and irrelevant questions.. like what was the name of your school, what was the name of your church?

    Please brother non of us are perfect but if you are Interviewing to find out about How they become Muslim please stay to the point. Watch other Dawa videos plz.

    Sorry to say these things but we love your channel and what you do


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