Why Christians Need to Accept Scientific Realities

Posted By on September 12, 2019

In 1543, Copernicus realized that
the planets revolved around the sun, and not the other
way around. And several decades after that,
the Catholic Church deemed heliocentrism heretical. They even imprisoned Galileo
for promoting those ideas. But now, even the Church accepts this scientific truth.
I mean, they can’t deny it. The evidence is overwhelming. For religious people who once thought that
the Earth was the center of the universe, their faith had to adapt
to include this new reality. Today, heliocentrism is no longer controversial.
You know, no one stays up at night thinking about whether it’s true. Pastors aren’t railing against it
on Sunday mornings. I wish I could tell you
religion was weakened by this, but we all know religion
is as powerful as ever today. Still maybe you could argue that
religion gets a little watered-down every time it has to cede
ground to scientific truths. And that makes me wonder: what will happen
with evolution? Because for a lot of religious people,
evangelical Christians especially, they see evolution as
diametrically opposite to their beliefs. It’s something that
is an obstacle to their faith. And you know what? I kind of agree. I think if you take
evolution to its logical conclusion, God evaporates from the picture. But not everyone
agrees with me on that. But let me jump a couple
hundred years into the future. Evolution’s not going anywhere. Eventually, it really
will be accepted by just about everyone, whether they like it or not. Parts of the theory
may very well be modified, but the general concept
isn’t about to be overturned. There’s just too much evidence
in favor of it. It’s just like we’re not going back anytime soon
to believing that the Sun revolves around the Earth. And you know what Christians
will probably do? The same thing
they’ve always done. They’ll find a way to incorporate
the scientific truths into their
Bible-based worldview. It’s not a question of if they’ll do it.
It’s a question of when they’ll do it. Science and religion have been battling it out
for centuries. And science is undefeated. And it will always be undefeated, because
it’s the best method we’ve ever found to uncover how nature works. I completely understand why creationists
and other science-deniers fear reality. Their faith is inflexible. Eventually, science will just
steamroll over their beliefs. I mean, it’s inevitable. It just feels like it’s taking a really
long time for that to happen. If evangelical leaders
were smarter, though, they’d figure out a way to incorporate scientific
advances into their faith — now rather than later. Don’t get me wrong;
some Christian leaders have. And I believe they’re intellectually
dishonest in a lot of ways, but too many pastors and Christian
apologists have this mindset that if all the evidence
points away from their faith, they have to pretend
it’s not really there. They have to
discredit it somehow. And they’ve done it
with Intelligent Design and irreducible complexity,
and “teaching the controversy.” It’s a losing proposition. And the longer they remain opponents of science,
the quicker their faith will stop being taken seriously. In fact, being anti-science is one of the reasons
a lot of young people are leaving the churches now. I’ll admit it. I’m a little surprised church leaders
haven’t figured this out yet. They have so much money and so many people with big megaphones.
You know, pastors and authors and speakers. If they wanted to adapt,
they could do it, starting right now. It wouldn’t be easy, but it’s just one of those necessary things
they have to do for their own survival. But instead, so many of them, millions of them,
Christian leaders everywhere, are acting like evolution
and climate change are some sort of
anti-Christian conspiracies. They still haven’t learned the lesson the
Catholic Church figured out hundreds of years ago. My name is Hemant Mehta and I write
at FriendlyAtheist.com What do you want to see
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  1. Hey are you a stupid ,most of the scientists in the nineteenth century are Christians who are known as the generation that changed the world
    And you are saying us to accept science
    We love science ,we love god
    If you think evolution as a scientific fact then explain Cambrian explosion of fossil layer organisms
    How can dna ,a code ,came up through chemical reactions?
    Get educated buddy☺

  2. Scientific evidence doesn't point away from faith. Your and many others' interpretations of the Bible are incorrect. Likewise, science is limited and it proves nothing. Proof is relative to each individual. Science reaffirms the physical, while the Bible reaffirms the spiritual. How can you use the physical to eradicate the spiritual?

    You say science is victorious and undefeated, and that it will steam roll faith. If you're trying to use science to destroy the Bible, you never will. You've got it backwards. Its not the spiritual which is subordinate to the physical rather its is the physical which is subordinate to the spiritual.

    You are the inflexible one, for you limit everything to the physical while denying the spiritual. Yet, just as surely as physical patterns can be observed in our world, so can spiritual patterns. Current scientists avoid the spiritual not because they say it doesn't exist. They avoid it because their scientific method is too primitive to handle it. So they write it off as pseudoscience, instead of adapting to its unique properties.

    The spiritual is much more important than the physical. Scientist may make a physical discovery of nuclear energy. Yet, its the spirit behind the scientist which determines if the energy is to be used for productive or destructive means. So, physical discoveries without spiritual discoveries leads to a major threat to humanity. This is the same with government, laws, education, economics, society, etc. Physical awareness without spiritual awareness is like giving a kid a loaded gun to play with.

    In the future, science will not destroy spirituality as you wish. Rather science will unite with spirituality and those generations will be incredibly blessed.

  3. Evolution doesn't disprove God. That's like seeing a car and not knowing how it works, but once you figure out how, saying, Look, God doesn't exist!" They don't prove or disprove each other.

  4. This video may have been from 2 years ago, but i couldn't even go on with this video because of the arrogance. For all of the people who say christianity is not real have obviously never experienced it before. Man kind just wants answers right then and now, and we will go beyond measures to get that. Christianity relies on faith. The holy spirit is so so so so powerful. It can cure addiction, bring family together, cure the blinded, cure the paralyzed, cure the mind, etc. I f you would just give God a chance you will never regret it. and i feel bad for this man, he has made god so unhappy. He has led astray so many people. Ill pray for all of you guys.

  5. It really looks like atheism isn't the answer everyone was looking for. I'm still an atheist, but I'm not at all sure that the rest of the world has it in them to 'wake up' into a materialist-rational way of looking at the world. You'll notice that the remaining horseman of the atheist apocalypse have mostly shut up about god and belief, and I think it's because it's become apparent that atheism by itself isn't enough to prevent people from believing nonsense. The SJW regressive left is composed largely of atheistic/secular humanists, yet they have totally abrogated epistemological and scientific rigor. Sadly, my guess is that they are the kind of people that normally would have been on the roster of church membership lists were it not the significant cultural shift toward atheism we evangelical atheists accomplished since 2001 (I count myself among the people that stumped for atheism). Yet today the world is just as confused and fraught with despair and Trump is in office. Something very bad is upon us, and it feels like a new dark age. I have zero 'faith' that atheism can come to the rescue.

  6. I think it's hilarious when Christians comment about the big bang theory, saying you can't get something from nothing. But how do you explain the existence of God? To religious people, God literally came from nothing. He is the Alpha and Omega.

    "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."

  7. Unfortunately science will also accept the falls with some evidences but Sciences so flexible it can adopt the truth how nature works

  8. I'm a 100% bible believing Christian and I'm far from being anti-science I just look at science from a different perspective and I believe that perspective because it coincides what the bible says to what we have as evidence.

  9. Religious people need to stop being religious and read their books in a logical way in genesis it says that the heavens and earth were created before god moved upon the face of the waters created space and then the earth was void without form the universe still had no light that sound Big Bang ish the first moment of the Big Bang was expansion light wasn't possible yet void then light the universe was expanded enough to where light could be emmited in that period before 10-32power seconds the particles in the universe were less than the planck length away from each other so our knowledge of physics doesn't work past that point but if the heavens and the earth were created infinitely in the past when our universe was singularity (where we get into grand unified theories) all of the forces that govern our universe were one force one law that fragmented out to the emf and other fields in physics/quantum were one field the information for the energy within was iniform everything contained all the information of what it was going to do for its whole infinite forward and backward lifetime taking away all possibility of free will and keep open the possibility of a god who is all knowing and no personality started this expanding universe with all the information of it composed and time is just something we are expiriencig forward for some reason it works the same forward and backwards in theory the beginning should be the same as the end and if people actually read the Bible correctly it says very specifically we don't have free will read proverbs and tell me what you think lol gods will is gods will there is no escaping that and if we were made of gods image but are not god we would have a sense of free will I like debating so please do 😂😂

  10. Earth is a plane. Outer space is only in imagination. The moon is intangible and has never been nor ever will be walked on. Gravity isn't a real force. The big bang always has been and always will be a theory. Evolution is a theory and will never be proven.

  11. All truth is of God. Science is the study of God's handy work. It is God we worship not man's understanding of God. Some Christians have a hard time understanding that. Some non Christians are just as biased as the Christians they despise, and find ways to discount truth, especially if it comes from someone they don't want to hear. Believing in God means you have to look at yourself and change. That is a hard reality to accept, but it is worth it. It's like going into the fire, on a fire line, to the safe, already burned, side. It's scary and sometimes painful, but it is worth it. Just as a small rudder controls the direction of a large ship, 3-10 minutes of reading scriptures and praying every day is all it takes to change course and allow God to show you, little by little, the truth of all things.

  12. This scientist explains science and the nature of the universe in a way I never heard before. If you are really interested in learning truth from a scientific perspective, you may find this hits the nail on the head:


  13. todays science is not true honest science, but heavily influenced by corruption, & PAGAN philosophies, your no scientist fool.

  14. The bible never states that the Earth is the center of the universe. I don't know where this concept came from, but it wasn't the bible. Perhaps the same phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." which cannot be found in the bible. Or perhaps it is all in a sense of perceptions. I am certain that the TV will say that "sunrise will be at such-and-such time tomorrow morning." They will not say that "we will see the sun at such-and-such time due to the Earth spinning on it's axis."


    "The idea that Earth is the center of the universe is called Geocentrism and it is an old concept. The idea stems from ancient Greek philosophy and astronomy. In 4 B.C. the ideas of Pythagoras that the earth was a sphere and of Anaximander that the earth is at the center of the universe and stationary had been combined and most educated Greeks believed that the earth was a sphere at the center of the universe."


    Gateway Anabaptist Church does preach that the Earth is the center of the universe.


  15. Science is GOOD and necessary. Science has brought u healthy food and water, MEDICINE, cars, computers, a place to live..etc..etc. God didn't just drop bottles of opiate drugs out of the sky. PEOPLE worked hard making them, and we take for granted. How the fuck can u not appreciate science? Idiots.

  16. God is real you when Jesus returns you will bow down to the king of kings the bible said there's going to be Sunday laws and guess what Sunday laws happen in Texas and in Portland the reason you don't want to Amit that there is a God is because it's part of satans plane and you atheist are falling for it I pray for you to see the truth

  17. No you need accept reality most people are religious and most people America are christians and there are evidence you freakin moron

  18. and it will always be undefeated because………. insert this and your video is alright: Because science attempts as much as possible to prove that they are wrong before pretending that they may be right. State the rules of science instead of just opposing your belief and reinforcing their ignorance.

    Bad vid as is. Sadly.

  19. I accept every science that is not derived from the kabbalah. And guess what? Everything you have been taught in school is just kabbalism with a cloak of science. It's called scientism, and it's sad to see half of the population falling for it.

  20. Dude, Christianity is a completely moral based religion, evolution is not a certified fact, and lastly there is no proof that it isn’t real.

  21. Also, for being “friendly” you certainly hate the same religion that brang mercy as a virtue, and made us as moral as we are today.

  22. you need to accept the fact that you couldn't draw your next breath without God's permission, get on your knees, and ask His forgiveness for your blasphemy.

  23. I am a Christian and I accept science! I don't view passages on Creation and the Great Flood literally. How do I take create literal when there are two stories of creation? Not to mention all the holes that are in either story. I don't believe that there was a flood that covered the entire Earth and a boat with a pair of every land animal. So God sent two platypus from Australia to board the boat?

  24. Than choose Islam instead of disbelieving the existence of God. Every science that has been proven today was already told in the Holy Quran. Such as what you said dear , Earth is rotating in a solar system (Quran 21:33 & 36:40), The Earth is protected by the Atmosphere (Quran 21:32), All living things contains/created from water (Quran 21:30), Water cycle (Quran 39:21), About Botany (Quran 20:53 & 13:3), Physiology about the digestive system and explanation about the process of milk (Quran 16:66), Embryology/Fertilization (Quran 76:2 , 32:8), Embryo forming process (Quran 23:14, 22:5, 32:9), Explanation of Mediterranean sea water as it enters the Atlantic over the Gibraltar sill (Quran 55:19-20), Salt water meets Freshwater such as the Gulf of Alaska (Quran 25:53), About the benefits of Honey, Bees who produce honeys (Quran 16:68-69), and many other scientific proofs that was already written about 1400 centuries ago and proven in 20-21st century that you could discover by reading the Holy Quran.

    This Guide Book (The Holy Quran) doesn't only contains scientific explanation, but also Economical, Social, Health, Environment, etc.. and of course the way of life guidance.

    Nevertheless, Every choice in your life is your decision, So once again is up to you/us to choose to believe or not.

    Because Life is like A, B, C, D
    B is Born and D is Death.
    Between B & D there is C which is Choice. But, above them all there is A which is Allah (The Almighty God).

    #Peace #Fun #Cheer

  25. My dear dear Catholic friend is actually a scientist, and so is her dad. They are working on biology and how to improve the water in Mexico. Which is good, they gave us filtered water when we visited them. And I took a water bottle with me. And they told us what not to eat.

  26. You raise a good point, but the issue with it is that the Bible never claimed the Earth was the center of the solar system

  27. Can anyone give me a Bible verse which states the sun revolves around the earth? The Catholic church killed millions of Christians and scientists, but bad Christians don't represent all Christians.

  28. Science is undefeated? Let's just check out that claim:

    1. Christian philosopher Augustine of Hippo anticipated the Big Bang in the 5th century (a universe of finite age emerging suddenly from no pre-existing state). Scientists and their forebearers "natural philosophers" rejected the idea in favor of an infinitely old, unchanging universe until the 1960s, when the emperical evidence forced them to.


    2. Science has long maintained that consciousness was the product of brain chemisry with no causal effect on material reality. Christians maintained that consciousness is fundamental and not material in nature, and that it can have causal effects on material reality. Many quantum phyiscists now concur:


    3. The young Earth creationist anti-Dawinist view is based on a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. Darwinism does not conflict with the view that Genesis, whih speaks of a "Tree of Knowledge" and a "Tree of Life" is symbolic in meaning. Furthmore, the symbolic intepretation of Genesis was not a reaction to Darwin — it appears at least as far back as Irenaeus of Lyons, in his work Against Heresies published in the middle of the 2nd century A.D.

    4. Geocentrism, the idea that the Earth was the center of the universe, was pioneered not by the Catholic church but by ancient Greco-Roman mathemetician Ptolemy. Gaileo, by contrast, was a Christian. The Catholic church used the following verse to justify tacking on Ptolemic geocentrism to Christianity:

    Isaiah 40:22 "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth,
    and its people are like grasshoppers.
    He stretches out the heavens like a canopy,
    and spreads them out like a tent to live in."

    If that sounds poetic, there is a reason why — the Bible is a work of literature, not a scientific textbook..

    5. Christians have been asserting that the univere is no accident for thousands of years. The fine-tuning of the physical constants of the universe (the cosmological constant, for example) is so profound that scientists are not proposing an infinite multiverse to account for it without having to resort to God. Imagine that — an infinite number of unobservable universes is somehow more plausible than a singe infinite unobservable God. If you're desperate, that is. Check out 6:15, from one of the world's most eminent physicists.

    6. Near Death experience where an unconscious patient with a stopped heart and closed eyes can report in great detail events that occurred while they were cliically "dead". The following is one of many examples:


    Science may be undefeated, but its victories provide strong corroboration for Judeo-Christian theology.

  29. For every atheist who thinks that there is no God and Evolution is the very cause of our existence. Just challenge your views by reading "I Don't have enough faith to be an aethist" by Norman geisler. And yes Science is the basic explanation behind every point explained in book.

  30. Discovering how nature works doesn't disprove the existence of God.

    All discovering how nature works does is it just reveals how God put nature together so that it does work.

    No matter how hard you try you will never be able to remove God from the picture because God is the source.

  31. These are the mistakes that both sides make daily.

    1. Atheism equals logic only.
    2. Spiritual Faith believers equals imagination only.
    Let's get started:
    This is the reason why it is a wonder about demons and angels and is it from God and all of these different things the first and foremost thing you must understand is the concept of a deity a separate powerful force that you must worship or pray to for your needs and thinking that you were weak and this power source that you look up to like a person is supposed to give you all the strength you need to make it through that is a lie you are a part of the all-powerful consciousness and that Consciousness is in you and you are in it your pineal gland is your access to the higher spiritual functioning that you were made from what you must understand is the higher Consciousness known as God created the entire existence using two tools which is the only way to truly know him understand him and be free to understand all that you have been lied and deceived away from understanding and knowing and here it is logic and Imagination these two things are also engraved in our brain the left and the right of the brain is for logic and Imagination now science and the creation of everything was based on logic and Imagination so that you fully understand logic is science facts broken down to the atom to make everything in the elements work together to create what we see around us the imagination part was the higher consciousness constructing the beauty that you see it took imagination to create what you see as beautiful and wonderful but it took logic to scientifically put it together to make it possible so as you can see the Creator is of logic and Imagination to manifest you cannot just blindly believe that would be imagination alone you cannot blindly just see logic that would be robotic and no consciousness you must combine the two in order to have manifestation of all so you cannot truly connect with the higher consciousness or even your higher self until you combine logic and Imagination Christianity and all of the belief systems of the world are all based on the imagination alone there is no logic which would be proven science to back any of it so therefore both tools are not together which means it is deception the true understanding is called mysticism because that has scientific facts and spiritual facts which come together and manifest Your Existence the truth has always been in you just like the kingdom of God is within you stop being deceived by Christianity and all of these other religions that are based on a belief alone system you have been lied to you have been manipulated you have been deceived

  32. When you say "Too much evidence…" you mean what? So, you have observable examples of life coming from non life and species changing into another species altogether?

  33. I'd really like to see you do a video discussion about the origin of logic and thought….for example a discussion on how you can't prove logic without appealing to it. Quite a conundrum!

  34. Evolution is pretty much a religion. It requires faith because no one seen a thing.

    Science change with every college books. It's way more inconsistent than any religion.

    But hey when you die you will meet God and then there will be no escaping that reality. Ps. Not a threat

  35. you said that evolution and religion were opposites and most people disagree but its not that they disagree exactly its that saying you must now give up all your faith would be scary and maybe because of that they wont accept it at all so the people that disagree just think that its baby steps

  36. You are a atheist …right ?and you are showing us your perspective but we Christians don't believe in such things like evolution and all we just believe that we all have been created by God rather than being involved from any apes….😡

  37. Jesus Christ was a real person that really existed and there were witnesses of his miracles..and those story have been passed down from generation to generation..do you remember being born and your mom holding you? No, just because you cant remember doesnt mean it doesn't exist

  38. The book of Isaiah mentioned heliocentricity almost 3000 years ago 🤣 so really you are stealing from God's word. Psalms and Proverbs mentioned Hubble law around the same time 😂😂 Genesis mentioned a "big bang" of light kick-starting the universe. Roman Catholicism is a cult 🤣 there is zero evidence of speciation. The Bible also mentioned 3000 years ago how there are no human "races" that we are all one species micro-evolved to different world regions. Darwin said people of color were inferior to white people when thousands of years ago the bible said they were all equal. The Bible said there were absolute standards of mathematics, science, logic, and reason thousands of years before Pythagoras, or Socrates. So when are the self proclaimed "athiests" athiests actually don't exist. But when are they going to keep changing their theory to fit with the biblical truth that was already given milleniums ago. Oh wait, they are doing it right now.

  39. The principle to keep in mind about such things is that it is, or ever will be actual. We must approach claims of physical impossibility with caution, for it isn’t phenomena themselves that contradict physical law, but rather our theories about them – and our theories may be mistaken. We can’t rely on only science because that’s what we have discovered so far. For example, the great chemist Lovoisier, argued that stones couldn’t fall from the sky because there were none up there. He said it was logically “impossible”. But when they were discovered it turned out that it wasn’t “logically impossible” because it made sense with the laws of science they had then, just didn’t realize it because of the only knowledge they had. You sir, suffer from myopia. Those with myopia are unable to see beyond the narrow confines of their pet theories. This defect is a potentially serious one, for it can block scientific development. Science advances only by recognizing and dealing with anomalies. Just because a claim hasn’t been conclusively proven doesn’t mean that it’s false.

  40. But there's enough creationist out there presenting fake science that Christians will continue to listen to as long as they keep spouting it. Eventually they will die off but I don't know if I'll see it in my lifetime.

  41. In the Quran it is written
    The moon do,not have it,s own light and it is also written the earth is round
    And it is written 14000 years ago and science have came to know 1000 or 2000 years i dont know
    You can search it on the internet i know what you will say when you will watch those videos
    DhdbdNJdkjdjrkfj it is fake atheists are the king shut up religous peopel djjejekwkdldkffnfnnfnf
    You cant deny the fact that Quran was written 14000 years ago and because Islam started
    In other videos i comment this the atheist have no answer they leave without answering or start to abuse

  42. I think you shouldn't be hating on someone for their beliefs but if they start coming at you for yours, don't hold back from expressing your opinion about them. If they start saying shit and use religion to justify it, debunk whatever it is. BUT, Christians need to stop getting mad when people doesn't agree with them even though when we ask for evidence, they can't give us any. If they could just give me one logic reason I should convert, I would probably consider it. People think we like going around throwing around the word science and hating on Christians when in reality its only because its true. The Christian beliefs have no scientific backup and I'm sorry but I believe science before a book that went through many many many translations(a lot are mistranslations) Humans over the years have created hundred and thousands of gods that we consider myths(examples being the Roman and Greek gods) why is one more god different from those ones?

  43. this is the best video, enough to strengthen atheists world view and starting point for all believers, come on losers, get something into your heads

  44. Evolution haven’t been proven they are theorie but it hasn’t been proven even my science teacher say it, also science make a lot of theories without having a proof also as newton say when people ask him where does gravity come from when he discovers it he said from a smart entity or god 
    So stop trying science say a lot of theory without proving like dinosaur theory as example
    And if ur trying to prove something to me just don’t answer idgaf of all answer that are against my point

  45. hemant , christians dont deny science. why cant science and religion both exist ? your way of thinking about things is wrong. you are too much on the no side. it is not so black or so white. god might or might not exist but u cant deny him totally or totally believe in him. you make me sick like those ultra religious people…

  46. I always watch this guy, he's very smart and I agree with what he believes. He's got a great smile and he's a handsome man and really nice to look at!

  47. Science can not even answer tbe most elementary questions of a child why am i here what's my propose atheist is the dumbest people on earth why because to be a atheist you have to believe everything happen by accident

  48. Science will always win in the end over religion not just because it's the best explanation for nature, but because it's the truth and fact while ALL religion is made up human BS!

  49. The Science that they Don't Want to Report on …. Yet Made Three Different Satelite Probes to try and Prove … what they Really Wanted to Prove … Yet the Data said something Else … that … watch the whole movie if you want to know what they discovered …

  50. in 2019 Atheists still think macroevolution is real. Give me the break. You people don't have facts about what you are saying. Every single scientist in Roman Christian era was catholic or religious.
    Microevolution yes, marco NO!

  51. If no-one in the comment section believes in God… then what in the world are you complaining about??? You don't believe in mermaids.. do you argue about them??? think about that

  52. Religious people take medicine and go to the hospital when they get sick. That itself is testament to their lack of faith

  53. As to my own simple conclusion,95%human nature enjoy believing mythical and fictional stories,like the Bible or any kind of religious book,or other,like beautiful story of Cinderella from very young age, Fairies and Witches,When you get old you're more inclined believing hell of fire that if you get sin,the most scaremongering scenario,and if you do good things that scenario of heaven or paradise, hehehehe,you see religion and belief is just like game of the mind or a kind of mind sport.using too much praying of the unknown.to reach the goal of heaven.All these craft of book that we are reading are all created by human mind,

  54. I’m not Christian or atheists I’m kinda in the middle but how do atheist explain an exorcism or paranormal activity and how “ghosts” react to crosses and all things Christian?

  55. With evolution there is no Eve, without Eve there is no original sin, without original sin there is no need for Jesus, and without Jesus there is no Christianity….

  56. Im christian and I dont fear this,bible is not against science.Bible descirbes about water cycle and the fact there is lava under the earth.Bible is not irrational bible knew alot of scientific facts even before scientist actually discoverd
    Such as water cycle and inner structure of the earth.thank you

  57. As a Christian I accept science, however I reject theories of some scientists having the view that humans are descendants of fish.

  58. The church may have believed that the Earth was the center of our solar system, but nowhere in the Bible does it state anything like that. So your point is what? Are these churches in Europe some sort of ambassador for all Christians?

  59. The idea that the earth was/is the center of everything is not in the Bible. So there is nothing to unlearn or adapt to.


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