Why Are Some Christians Mad Over Avatar?

Posted By on September 30, 2019

catholics are upset because they feel
that the movie is sending the message that people should worship nature rather
than where should com nancy that’s that’s the thing with
catholics think they’ve what may have met until back further because the really
think that there are battling these different things like they think
they’re battling harry potter they gave you that it’s competition lord of the rings as other competition
at all believe in witchcraft in harry potter and uh… those in the towards a more of the rings
are eight in an appellate review respecting nature as competition to religion purposes along with respecting nature if you think that’s your competition at all but i can see that all those does nature is always going to be nature i think i should hope that we’re going
to respect that at some point i mean if you’re battling against fax in
your battling against nature in things as they are that’s a losing battle free in the long
about one-third by the house that way was speaking philosophically over
religious point of view abotu big massive right i don’t think nature is a
competing then why would i update if nature condone a lot of different ways you can
say you know what in nature and there’s a lot of random
randomness or this mutation so there’s a pollution but there’s also order two plus two equals four egos and see square not mc cubed there’s already can fight nature and what the decisions you make off that
or the conclusions you make up that is a different matter right uh… by it i think your clown yourself se aaja major thing let’s go with the harbor to step you’re only hurt yourself right right why are they so worried about movie
spring propaganda there’s been a kind of movies that spec catholic in christian
propaganda this is the way it is does not look at
why are you still like why are you over analyzing every single move just believe in what you want to believe
in hafeez in your own religion jusco not backing screw-up dixiecrats
grandmother i had to be honest i don’t care what your religion and i don’t care
jr’s religion is all i know what my beliefs are and that’s all that matters
to me ok i’m not going to live my life in is paranoid fear okay where i’m
worried about what your beliefs are efficient the aka god bless you for that
ronit okay but having said that i’d know why they’re they’re concerned about and
i think that they’re concerned if so what would you have it actually and i’ll tell you why well your premise of this an optimist of
that in the post wisdom that big catholicism is right uh… but there were about the middle uh… there were about winning hearts
and minds and movies i mean that especially avatar seen by a
one point three billion always bought in one point three billion dollars so far
ok seen by a lot of people across the world that does set the culture now and once the culture is that it’s
hard overcome so i know why they battle against it and i know you right now i
guess may seem silly there’s no question i mean when diego you know go off and
uh… you know a little casting spell you know battle between double door and
and the pope it’s a lose lose for the absolutely and
date but having said that man people are gonna get imposed by
avatar and well wait like they’re gonna watch
out of time to start talking to trees dot also coming up prep i don’t think so but some probably
work up a bit now he’ll file thought is this like the
i hear you and i’ll be in the air force and allied i don’t think right they will be a force in some ways to
that i find positive in this case i think a lot of people with that view
of moving though yeah you know what corporations they do only care about the
money and they don’t care about getting
whatever it is on opinion father-daughter quality terrible where
that was to use in the movie or or you know in the real world et
cetera and something and you know propaganda america corporate america also right it’s like a greatest gift of do
you know god to mankind and there more than a toupee i’m not so
sure that’s true and realities of course is not true at all uh… did ersatz izabel such a corporate
america that’s why it can be influential i’m
hoping to go to it and that’s why the vatican scared

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  1. theres a big fucking difference between catholics and christians! u say christians in title but catholic in video …Fuckyou!

  2. ok, c'mon you know the reason the catholics are so upset is because the premise behind avatar is even stupider than the premise behind the second coming of christ. someday they will realize that they have no monopoly on stupidity.

  3. Catholics ARE christians…More , they are the MORE NUMEROUS part of christian…even if this fact displeases to evangelists and baptists…

  4. It's sad, being born and raised as Catholic. I wonder if my parents would disown me if I decided to become an atheist… my dad already said i'll be a Muslim over his dead body. I'm just gonna be content with everything and be all like: "yup… yeah… I hear ya. yeah. that's… great." towards every fucking religion.

  5. I don't know what annoys me more more the Christians themselves or the fact that these two can't understand why christianity is in such a paraniod panic. This eclectic mix of spiritual and scientific worldviews is a serious threat to their beliefs, which they take seriously as are their liberal individualistic views about religion "all I know is what my beliefs are and that's all that matters to me" the Holy spirit exists in a community of people, not outside of that.

  6. It's mostly American Catholics who do this, Really not trying to be offensive but the pope actually praised harry Potter for teaching good values, as well as Pokémon. Many popes also teach to respect nature so this isn't Catholicism or even a decent thumbnail of it.

  7. Well when you think about it, most christians are republicans as well. And as defenders of the 1% anything seen as anti-corporation suddenly becomes anti-god as well. Can't have good christian children equating evil with profit motive now can we, that's how we ended slavery.

  8. To believe that one creature rules the universe is ridiculous. Respecting the world that we walk on, the air we breath, the food we eat. Seriously, go after stupid movies is just idiodic. Get a life.

  9. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I'm a Christian and I can't force someone to watch or not watch. I know right from wrong. We were born with free will. Hopefully some will go to the right side of free will.

  10. You two turks are annoying especially when you diss other people's viewpoint without giving credence to the point they are arguing – as if its refreshing somehow – its not. Your internet show is based upon discussing other people's viewpoint so try to show some respect, especially when I have to listen to your ridiculous ranting, love.

  11. There is no issue or argument here: Catholics believe God created nature on Earth and have dominion over life on earth. Avatar, by creating Pandora, is providing escapism to viewer by providing a safari though a parallel planet that has a natural system that is not too dissimilar to ours – its just exaggerated for movie purposes in an awesome way.

  12. If anything, it should make Catholics revel in the awe of God that human imagination can create such a visual spectacle based upon His original creation. I cant see the problem here – Catholics have an obligation to care for God's creation i.e nature on earth and the same is true on Pandora for the Nabu (or whatever they are called) for the creation of Lewa (or whatever their Deity is called) – the Nabu believe in an afterlife…

  13. i believe in a jesus and i could never understand why christians hated avatar so much now i know and it still does not make sense to me just because a movie is about fake aliens in a blue world that have their own god it will not change my beliefs and what i know is real the navi people are not real so where is the argument? you would have to be 3 years old to think it was true

  14. Okay okay… wait a second. I'm Catholic, and I LOVE Avatar. Nature shows us God, not all Catholics think Avatar is bad. Avatar, yes is pantheistic – God IS nature… it's obviously not a Catholic movie. I think you guys may have over reacted to SOME Catholics, please try not to generalize. Maybe look at what we believe, and THEN tell us where we're wrong.

  15. dont worry kiddies we all have our time frames of waking up its unstoppable everything around us is changing explenentially just stop take a deep breath and take a good look around you with clear open eyes you will see!!!! an amazing force is under pinning us all we are defo changing to a new consciousness!!!

  16. The reason christians are worried about movies and their propaganda is because these movies have the same lvl of credability as their so called holy book
    The bible is nothing more than a movie script writen down by some random dude a long time ago.
    They are scared because ppl who belive something as dumb as the stuff that is in the bible could also VERY EASLY believe stuff that a movie shows, just like my 1 year old cousin…. only difference is he is a toddler … the christians are grown men and women…. who belive stuff like a 1 year old would

  17. The catholics are probably butt hurt that the aliens aren't catholic. There are actually catholics that want to baptize any aliens when they come over, I think it's probably the reason they stay away.

  18. if you insult christanity you insult 2 billion people,both sides should keep there opinions to themselves and learn to coexist.

  19. all people are created equal,do not condemn religious groups ethnic groups sexual orientations or atheists.i know not all. atheists are the same but the vast majority seem t have a hùge problem with religion,accept our difrences,we have freedom to believe what we believe,we should love thy neighbor,not condemn and discriminate,we are civilsed do to religion,becuase people came toghether and learned to help each other.think of it if there was no religion we would be nomads,you all have the right to believe what you believe.

  20. Why is did your title use the name "Christians" when this bit is about Catholics…. In case you didn't know, Catholics are not Christians and Christians resent you lumping all Pagan Religions into our Freedom Without Religious ties. Which is why we call ourselves Christians. No we are NOT Baptist, Jehovah Witnesses or Pentecostals  etc, those are religions. A Christian is set apart from RELIGION, we follow God's word without any religious lies attaches…

  21. Yes, I don't like the movie "Avatar," and I used to be a Roman Catholic, then became a neopagan/pantheist/atheist. What I don't like about it is that Cameron hogged the name from an original, much more geotheistic film, that ended up being called "The last Airbender." The source material was from the tv show called: Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was full of great stuff and no mention of a silly substance sought such as "unobtainium," (how awkward! how in the world could you even SAY lines like that and not cringe?!) But, yeah. I don't believe all Catholics feel that way. In fact, take a RC and scratch her/him 20 years later, and guess what you find? Heheheh a Buddhist or neopagan.

  22. But if you did believe is God. Christians/Catholics believe in god and Im pretty sure they believe god made the earth and the earth is nature…..

  23. the devil dont like nothing natural the savage was natural and over stood their place wlth  nature like the Dugons,of today. And the late  black Africans,the late native Indians of America and many many more Religion seems to dont like oneness with Nature and Natural life

  24. 3:32 There are already people who do that… I'm not sure Avatar is going to have much of an effect on that… and by the way… If God created the earth then he also created nature…  and if God created nature… then I don't really see what the problem is.

  25. My Mum is a Christian, and she loves Harry Potter and Avatar. She is a smart Christian. Not one that thinks "Harry Potter causes children to want to perform black magic" She understands that it isn't real, and is for entertainment.

  26. Now a days,with the internet,,there is someone that has a problem with something/everything. And they can get their word out over the net. In a way never matched in the past.  Waa waa waa,,,,just look what happens when someone says something outrageous. It can ruin them in a day,,,or make them stars. The power of the internet at work!!

  27. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Neitzsche declared that god is dead. That we killed him, and that once blasphemy against god was the greatest sin, whereas now blasphemy against nature is the greatest sin.  

    I find it funny how christians (in all their ridiculous forms) have the nerve to criticize pantheists (nature worshipers) yet nature and the sun are what actually sustains us! They prefer to worship invisible super heroes and men who's existence cannot be proven, instead of the REAL source of our energy! (the sun) Take a damn biology class… If you're going to worship anything, worship the sun, since you can actually prove it exists and anyone with a brain knows that without it, there is no life. And spare me your "who made the sun then?" comments… Pay attention in science class…

  28. I stopped listening at 1 minute into this. The guy is confused. What he defends as "respecting nature" is what is known as ecology. That is very different than the other meaning of "respecting nature" or more clearly put, "promoting nature as deity" that the Christians are objecting to. If you can't discern the difference, there's no point in going further here.

  29. Avatar was wonderful.  When the people went into the "tree trance" my son grabbed my hand and cried.  I think "some" of us understand the message in the film.   Very moving film and a very nice experience for those of us who understand it.

  30. fun fact – 'un-obtainium' was actually used to describe the material that would polarize light – the material that is now used in 3d cinema glasses.
    So it's actually a massive nerd joke, instead of just a bad name.

  31. " offended Christianity", which Christianity ??? Which one of the hundreds of subdivisions of Christianity got offended ??? Having that many religions is a stupid piece of crap, if only people were to sit together to talk about making one single christian religion instead of sending each other to hell maybe there could be peace

  32. It's like they're kind of admitting that the bible is a work of fiction because they treat other works of fiction as competition.

  33. 1) isn't God nature?
    2) the na'vi resembled the native americans who had a nature based view of values (varying between different tribes)


  34. There's so many arguments over religion in the comments. How about let's stop fighting and trying to prove which is right. We're all going to die anyways, we will then find out what really happens then. In tell then we should move to other topics and not try to bash anyone's beliefs. Can't we all attempt to get along?

  35. Hey, let me get this straight. First, this is just a movie. To entertain, not to take its religions out of it. Secondly, you cannot expect native or aliens to believe in God. Last, a lot of religion fanatics are just being a jerk by criticizing a movie. If you don't like its propaganda or religious material, watch other movie.

  36. Who cares what Cathlics or Christians think about Avatar being about nature and the enviroment. Look at what us as humans have done to this planet. Screwed it up big time. So what they are saying that GOD is not for nature or the enviroment? Sheesh, build Churches cut down trees, destroy grass lands as every single European settler has done to lands that never belonged to them, Destroyed entire races in there greed to rape there lands. All in the name of GOD! Yeh right. All founding fathers, Men of God look at what they did and you all so proud at being Christians. What a joke should be ashamed. Respect nature it is our life line instead of killing and polluting this entire planet.

  37. Okay here's how to make sense of it from an insiders point of view. 
    The Catholic Church takes its responsibility for their 1.2 billion people who look to them for guidance, pretty seriously. 
    So it reviews films etc and gives a review of what they think. It is not mandatory to believe what they say, as it is only a guidance, the Church's point of view so to speak.
    They are saying respect nature sure, look after our planet, but just don't worship nature as it is a creation of God, not God. Lots of people worshiped the sun, the moon, and nature and some still do. So it is just a reminder to its people, that God is God, not his creation. 

    I personally loved Avatar. Great film. Amazing concept. Great special effects. 

    But I also accept that it was very bunny hugger stuff. All save the earth and Mother Nature sort of stuff. New Age waffle.
    It wasn't just a sci -fi – it was full of someone's agenda whatever that was. Save the planet or whatever. So if you can accept that it was full of that, and can sit back and watch it without it influencing you, great. 
    Or if you are a bunny hugger; greenpeace warrior type, and it is your bent, then you can go and see it over and over and be won by it. 

  38. "If you take a copy of the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone. Our bible IS the wind and the rain."~ Unidentified Native American woman.

  39. These are the types of stupid people I want to punch in the face. So butthurt. Btw This is my favourite movie. I have seen it a million times

  40. Yay but I'm Christian and i don't huge movies
    I think the yay Catholics are saying are stupid
    Most Christians watch these kind of movies.

  41. There is nothing wrong with respecting nature. Anyone who worships God should find it easy to respect something that he created.

  42. It's funny, I took a religion course in school and when we looked at the bible it turns when in Genesis God says that humans have dominion over the earth, that was actually a mistake on the translators part and what it really meant was humans must be the caretakers of the earth… And then the catholics say that respecting nature is in competition to God yet God said to do exactly that.

  43. You know you're preaching crap when you start thinking nature, the thing that their god is supposed to have created, is your enemy. How come you can pray in churches and using crosses, etc. but not nature? 

  44. Ultimately, we too are part of nature… nature is god (Generator, Operator, Destroyer)… not concrete jungle or books !!!

  45. I'm not monotheist, but I find it interesting that they would think respecting nature is competition. Didn't your god CREATE nature??? Wouldn't he want you to respect it?
    It doesn't make sense to me.

  46. I clicked on this because I wanted to know why they were mad. The moment they said their mad about worshiping nature I died laughing!
    I don'g even like the movie but it's still funny.

  47. I'm Catholic and none of this rings true. These buffoons are criticizing a religion of hundreds of millions of people based on the opinions of maybe a handful (if any at all). It's ridiculous.

  48. Catholics are upset-bullshit. I'm now atheist but all my family and most friends are still RC and I don't know any Catholic who thinks like this. I know a lot of evangelicals had a prob with Harry Potter for eg but I never heard any Catholics say this. He references the pope but the pope has said nothing re Avatar. Very dishonest from Cenk – no evidence to support anything he says here. And thick Anna is too busy believing every word to actually ask what r we basing this on.m

  49. I'm sorry but I need evidence for this because no catholics I know we're anti avatar, he'll the Pope never even said anything about it. my grandmother very religious, enjoyed the movie.

    I feel that you are being a little unfair by placing all Cristiano under the same banner. I don't know if you guys ment it that way or you were just speaking hyperbolicly, but it sounds like you were.

  50. To be fair, the Navi DO worship their planet/nature. It's an alien culture: a species that evolved physically & socially in a different relationship with their ecology that human beings did.

    I had an unpleasant close encounter with an evangelical Christian who was hotly opposed to Harry Potter, & anything else put out by "Hollyweird" (his term) that didn't "glorify Christ." His expressed fear is that "children aren't going to know that (Harry Potter/sorcerors/magic) is not real", & that they would want to emulate it. They would believe it.

    I was in a laundromat that had a Harry Potter movie playing on the TV. There were no kids (yet), but it was getting late enough in the day that he was able to fear impressionable minds might come in with their parents, & get absorbed by this dangerous fiction that didn't "glorify Christ!"

    I was offended the whole time I listened to him lecture the attendant.

  51. When I saw the movie, my dad and I noticed a similarity between the navi and the Jedi. The navi worship their planet and describe very similarly to how the Jedi describe the force.

  52. …Mary Poppins = clearly a witch

    Disney = talking mouse and duck with no pants = evil

    Weekend At Bernies = He has risen!!!

  53. Some Christians TRULY can't wait for rapture thru climate change and want to kill any influence slowing it. I've seen it stated as such in their recruitment litterature. OF COURSE not all christians are THIS madly dangerous, but the OTHER christians can be fooled into helping them if they don't have proper news journalism reaching them somehow.


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