Who is God?? Should You Become Atheist? [Ancient Wisdom & Revelations]

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yo guys I was just kidding about that last video I didn't mean a word I fuckin said I'm so embarrassing and shading myself that I had to make this other video to say it you know that's why I'm here talking to your life I'm like Micah literally just text me right now I see you Michael we need to go live I'm not right now bro so sorry about the last video you know and you need to cash check that's right Michael send me my paycheck I'm waiting brother I'm waiting I'll be waiting I pick you up and go to the bank soon bro you tell me when and don't don't blame you don't read scam you nothing like that and we need to go currently yeah bro we can go anytime you want just hit me up man now while I'm recording a video how about that so um no I was just kidding I mean everything I said in that last video if I didn't I wouldn't be posting gonna YouTube anyway wobble of a dub dub am i right guys so I actually just have all this passion and energy still and I just wanna make another video called to whom do Bell down right because we all bow down to somebody but we don't all know who we bailed on – right so let's go to some talk real quick this scripture seeks to I'm just gonna read what I wrote I wrote this all on Mother's Day May 12 29 teen in a gay Mother's Day 3:30 a.m. right after I wrote this it started raining the hardest I've ever seen it rain in the city in New Orleans which we call New Egypt or even some call a new Sodom for its sodomy but it just depends of where you stand on the fence and how you look at it right you can look at it upside down you can look at the right setup it doesn't fucking matter to me I mean it does it depends on the weather okay but so it started stormy directly after I made this raining so hard so much lightning clashing Thunder you know to me I took it that the heavens were weeping heavens were weeping why would why would somebody so spiritually do with heaven right this you know because I want everybody to think on a different level and I wanted everybody think I'm different playing and looking out looking on my words summer riding could cause everything to rain you know we have power on the weather we're superheroes guys more than three years with gods and goddesses all of us gods and goddesses just like Egypt is filled with gods and goddesses just like the Mayans are filled with gods and goddesses that's exactly what we are guys gods and goddesses right so and I love this song is playing in the background against shout-out to Avenged Sevenfold albums titled hail to the king or at the acknowledgment of only one and only King and this song is called coming home okay we the king is coming home the king is coming home God is coming home he's upon us and then his wife his sister as many loved ones and children will be coming home and the angels will be finding their place at home because I have them texting me every day you know it can we meet up hey you know when is the glory coming hey you know how do we travel through time and space how do we make wormholes you know how do we how do we just manipulate existence you know well you already know how you know just knowing that you know it's possible you know that it's done because that's what faith is now Michael's text me because he's the one your teachings are complicated he says I see you playing me Michael I know you're not a fool man you you you're ageless you were born before time and space we were there when wisdom was created you're not a fucking idiot dude you're not a fucking idiot you know mush is not complicated you know you know what I know already if not more than what I know you know maybe you know a little less and you don't like to admit it that's why you make all those comments whether you're too complicated bro you're not a fucking for I was watching the video earlier today about how you're a doctor you do Bible studies you're talking about the Book of Enoch you were talking about aliens you're talking about the ridiculousness of aliens or Nephilim giant being 300 feet tall bro I don't mean I'll see you Michael Archangel Microcystis it's fucking ridiculous you know Lucifer stickers read Michael but that's not here they let me read this real quick okay to whom do you bow down this scripture seeks to reach beyond the current understanding of idolatry and so-called false gods who are you to call one God false and another one true okay we're all gods and goddesses who are you to call one more powerful than the other or one less powerful than the other you know so that's that's a riddle for the wise and Mike will be the first attachment okay so or nobody not that Allah Lucifer Yahweh and Jesus Christ and many more unnamed Buddha Mohammed Michael yeah Allah Zenith ace you know do you not know that these are just many faces of the self same specimen of singularity and I hate that oneness doctrine we're not all one we're just all on one flat plane of existence called the earth there's your wormhole Michael we all fall into the frickin earth and we're engaged in a dome you know we've all fallen on this day like falling angels falling stars there you go everybody's out of heaven to having just rolled up like a scroll just like Peter said in the freaking Bible thank God for Peter my freaking Rocky okay so anyway yeah you just witnessed teleportation in two seconds on the screen you're welcome so that's how you make a wormhole Michael do you not know that these are all just many faces of the self same God you know that oneness doctrine is just not cool with one plane of existence but we're all are individual beings we're all our own living temple of our own spirit which should just be one spirit you know what I mean this is one spirit we're not all one everybody wants to get all mingled up in his crazy fucking theology it's just one person with one spirit inside of him and he could talk to other spirits or ghosts as they're welcomed or as they feel like they can assist you know but of course none of us should superimpose our worlds right we should be good at communicating and asking if we're welcome and just being kind and graceful as I try to be with you guys whether it looks like it or not to you at this time okay did you chew chew chew and here we go the lawless one is the singular self same God he follows no laws he's not engaged by any rule to system because his eyes open to the fact that this God is a concept and life and reality is a concept you know and I can explore a lot of that right now but right now I'm sitting next to my current fiance and she's all jittery over there because my teachings affect her like the play because she's very hypersensitive she's like a living crystal and crystals are very sensitive to the energies so she doesn't know how to deal with all this power that radio tower it's a pray for it you know she's got a lot of glow in her she's a true to shooting star that's falling out of heaven and she's gonna shine brighter than the morning star itself brighter than Lucifer you know Lucifer is dead to us we got a better better Lisa for a better than Lilith okay when it's the living crystal shatter it not for it is Jasper Jasper y'all okay so here we go I know I went off and set some standards but I know you guys are eating this up it doesn't matter if I read directly wills on the page and not you know it's all about going on these tangents it's about exploring this rabbit holes because wide the rabbit hole come to exist in the first place and where we gonna go once we get to this end of the rabbit hole to go back to a main plotline right you can just keep reading so don't get tripped up and get on tangents just like I'll trying to get to I'll try not to get tripped out a few goin tangents I mean am I to you well you know but in which case I just stopped watching the video and if you've got sick of listen to me you just stop watching the video by now you were to polish it along as time ago but you still listening you know you're still choosing to listen so can't help either the one the lawless one according to the Bible is pointing script from that you can look it up it's in the Book of Daniel Jesus talks about on all the Gospels not even Jesus because Jesus is real Matthew talked about in his Gospel John probably talked about it Mark Luke and those are the four that agreed to write a gospel about the collectivise the idea of Jesus that's the four corners of the earth okay the four corners of the earth are those four Gospels that created this this tesseract is cubed in the concept of Jesus Christ but that's just one tesseract okay why you think four guys had to agree to write that they get a lot about the whole thing you wouldn't know this because poor people wrote it and then you all choose to eat that shit off from believer you know but if you're gonna believe it look up the law this one is they talk about him in there he has no need for no heavenly laws that restrict them you know I mean obviously you want to have the laws of good will and good motive and that's in line with my Commandments you know I'm not a bad guy I'm not a bad dude again I'll just say what I say to try to get you to think at a heart level okay that's not here there is the one in need of no law is the lawless one and still also has his wife and still also others that follow without stumbling hence the lawless one is due honor respect and even warship and exchange for his graceful enlightenment spirits appreciate me enough to follow me Michael appreciates me enough to keep him there accurately despite the fact that I play him or like we joke around or whatever I call him out but his name on blast and he doesn't want to spotlight but he wants to be overly humble for whatever reason he's probably the leading scammer of the art of the Bible you know Michael is Jesus Christ ladies and gentlemen the Jehovah's Witnesses were correct Michael is Jesus Christ in disguise it was a gimmick he's also Justin he wrote a Rick and Morty and you could find him on the show Rick and Morty so if you want to learn about Michael's great deep knowledge about the time travel and space travel just watch Ricky Moore it's pretty much like an outline for all of us so God God thanks you Michael for Rick and Morty anyway lawless Warren still others fall without stumbling ok hence the lawless one is drew the honor and respect these people still on or something to be falling right respect me enough and I'll respect you with respecting what really will I truly will I might joke with you a lot I might put poker two buttons a lot but I will respect you if you continue to respect me okay and even worship in exchange for his graceful enlightenment and guidance rebellion is only frowned upon if one believes that the path is not already leading to the promised land okay that's just gonna resonate with he was gonna resonate with I know it sounds weird time to wear my ears but somebody needed to hear that may or may not be at the house of Israel not sure yet so of which the promised land is the land of Israel by the way which is the wrestling with God all kinds of things explore there a lot of a ticket but not on the lower the string a little bit here maybe to help the focus Mayo raised my head like this you got trim my jacket this way you could be less distracted community all right I know it looks weird to you but I need to cut off the light a little bit so I can have this this red effect – Adam effect is what I call it cuz Adam means red skin I'm into looking up names you should be too lots of witness you're welcome and yeah so I'm gonna keep reading the statistics to do doo doo doo doo doo doo rebellion is only frowned upon if one believes that the path lost my place rebellion nodes only frowned upon if one believes that the path is not already leading to the promised land okay so you're gonna frown upon my rebellion if you think I'm not going to a better place but if I know I'm going somewhere better I don't care if you think I'm rebelling because I'm going to the promised land whether it's not promised to you it's promised to me by God or by myself if I am my own God or whoever else is God at any given time am i right am i right rebellion is my friend upon bla bla bla bla bla of which are various renditions and levels okay there various levels of the kingdom of heaven of the promised land of the zenith aces zenith that's why it's called Lord of lords as various lords and they all have their own levels and lands and oh no I don't want to say galaxies because we got to run with this Flat Earth thing but there's there's plenty of we're just gonna say levels you know plenty of Hearts plenty of abilities for these hearts okay so for the same reason of understanding atheism should not be frowned upon am i right for it implies pride and confidence and one's own abilities and hence includes the ability of being self-sustaining apart from God and his so-called the resources the promised resources of God which see we still have never seen you know where this where the the benefits I sold everything I got rid of everything just like the Bible said and here we are nothing you know Michael's talk about giving me money but I think he's bluffing just like the Bible else but I think it's all the same thing Michael is Jesus Christ he's stuff bluffer you know I'll give you everything just get rid of everything and I'm like okay got rid of everything and now I have nothing thanks a lot Jesus Mike you know for better for worse you know so we can't frown upon atheism because you know we will go to God that set himself up as God wants us to believe that we should think that he knows best but really if he doesn't know best and somebody else knows best why should we follow the one to set him up as God or the one to set himself up as God if he doesn't prove to know best you know we should follow the one that actually genuinely knows best it's time for a new God that's been called a new God order of the kingdom of heaven a new heaven new earth is well upon us various renditions of level atheism should not be frowned upon it implies pride and wants own abilities and hence includes the ability of being self sustaining apart from God for better or for worse get better or worse it's subjective isn't it good or bad knowledge of good and evil is very subjective isn't it guys isn't it Adam and Eve isn't it Lilith isn't it Michael isn't is he killed and eaten all snakes anybody else in the Angels anybody make a nobody else that's deal drop the L to me that stick together like butter into everybody's butt no comment on that one I'm just gonna mind my own business here for this same reason of understanding atheism model could be nothing lasts alone so atheism rocks rock'n'roll be atheist try it out don't don't you don't believe in God just be a theist guys if I do it works in me you can do it for works for you if you need to god hey I'll be a god if you don't need to God whatever you're near to God you can make angels your cosmic wife you got you can make your piercing your guide you can make your butthole you got you can make your your your your snows your God and your snows your your nose your mustache your weird looking lips you know that doesn't matter you get the idea I'm just babbling for your own entertainment in my own mistake all right so outside of time and space that's really fucking fun this is live video I'm having fun thanks for hanging out with me guys we're gonna move this out the face now uh where were we on this radio show we were on let it be let it be oh hallelujah just let it be can I get an amen amen yeah she said Amen the living crystal the Jasper said Amen thanks baby alright let it be known that atheism is only a state of mind not a permanent condition of the heart okay just go somebody's atheist today doesn't mean they're not gonna turn around and believe in God tomorrow you know I have rough days I've days where I'm all like oh I'm gonna be atheist I'm gonna be alone God you know I can do this and that the the next day I'm like I don't know where to turn where to go and I'm like god I don't want to be these anymore please come back to me and Jesus is merciful God is merciful that's the grace of God that's why kingdom of heaven is just one concept of circular existence but if you can fathom it but let it be known that is this it is a temporary state of mind that always has the option of being flipped to and fro you can be atheist you can be Christian you can be Muslim you can be Buddhist you can be coexisting you can be nothing it's all a fluid concept just like life itself not a permanent condition of the hearts the heart is separate from your religious belief or your belief in God your heart will speak for itself so even if I tell you I'm a theist all of you that can read my heart will know I believe in God because you'll still feel my interconnectedness to the universe to the galaxies to the angels to this things to you that's why I'm talking to you through the Bible because I mentioned it so much and I want to make more videos about it you get what I'm saying so it's constant to the dark side even okay that's another topic for another day it too shall pass as another evolutionary concept in the wind and for a second I thought that word wind was void because I kept alight it capitalizes the double used and it looks like a beast and so I thought it was Vince I was rather void okay so you can void that but we traveled through time and space and that includes the voids alright we could travel through the voids of anything and we can do anything we can bend matter we can bend life we can bend reality we can bend who was around us we can bend who we perceive is around us and so on and so forth so I'm almost done reading here guys bear with me a little longer this is like schools in session but on that on that cool playful teacher that keeps charismatic enough for I'm the charismatic ignant egg nygma a nigger double the charismatic and nig egg Nate enigma that's a weird word to say try to say enigma at five times okay charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy that's that's the wrestler WWE shout out to him he's an alien straight out the pits of hell my man Jeff Hardy the Antichrist himself Jeff Hardy called himself that in his TNA days Nero my brother Nero brother Nero Hardy hallelujah shout out to that that that fool okay charismatic enigma so I want to be charismatic as a teacher to you or as at a spiritual being for anybody that wants a watch or engage with me in my spirit that you can see it life doesn't have to be boring teaching doesn't have to be boring school doesn't have to be boring nothing has to be following we just keeps freaking rocking and fucking roll and I'm right and if you haven't heard Jeff Hardy's band yeah I check it out it's called / øx Wai ghin I could not spell it to save my life he spells it so we're like an alien but just look up Jeff Hardy band and you'll find his music it's good shit it's really good shit check it out very deep to the heart and core very knowledgeable and let me see here I'm almost done guys I'm in a two-shot pass the question stands as who is worthy to be bowed down to alright nobody can tell us her to bow down to we have to collectively figure out who to bow down to right who is worthy to bow down to who is worthy to call himself God for a while that was the guy that wrote the Bible or that the guy that the Bible collectively agreed was God but really is he worthy to be Bell Valentin did he do anything for us or has he made things harder for us has he given us challenges having has given us fearful thoughts and anxiety because he always make us feel it's gonna go to well what kind of God is that he wants us to live in a constant state of fear how is that any better than Nazi Germany please tell me how the Bible and it concept there is any better than what Hitler was doing it's it's crazy apostasy and that's what Hitler was persecuting Jews because he was like man you know these guys are trying to get me to be fearful the time not that Hitler responded any better but you know he did pretty much the same thing that's God just on a smaller scale it's all fucked up it's all fucked up alright so you guys need to figure out who is really worthy who we're gonna take care of in this world who are we gonna set up as God you know but I digress I have a lot of feelings and passions about that and I think the world might employ it if I release them all too soon so we're gonna take it one step at a time for you for your snails in the sea am i right let's see too shall pass blah blah blah blah so the question stands is who is worthy to be bowed down to the answer is simply whoever has humbled you at an active point in time you know if you humbled me I'll have no choice but to bow down to you because if I keep trying to fight I don't know at that point I'll just be forced to kick a dead horse you know and I don't want to be a dead horse that's all Michael humbles me day after day you know day after day Michael humbles me and I have to let him know that you humbled me man like I have no choice it's nothing else I can say you know you can't fight back when you humbled me shot that time it's like I'll acknowledge you as a god and maybe you're my god for half a second you know but then I'm gonna keep trying to one-up you and I'm just gonna keep trying to one-up the world or God of the Bible or whatever because I want to be the very best like no one ever was to catch them all it's my real test to train them is my cause okay I will travel across the land searching far and wide each Pokemon to understand the power that's inside can I get a hallelujah amen hallelujah oh and man gotta catch them all Pokemon okay and that's where the Pikachu fans out there go watch detective Pikachu if you have not yet best movie of 2019 aside from my youtube videos which are the second best movie before night shameless self-promotion the answer is simply whoever had stumbled to an active point and less space strictly advised against bowing down to them okay so sometimes people be like don't bow down to me yo like you don't need to do that you're better than that you know you see in the Book of Revelations that time after time you have to buy down the mere like I respect you more than that you know maybe if you if I'm used to be rebelling me yeah you better fucking bow down to me bitch you better shut the floor problem bow because you've never done that before if I know you're a humble heart you know I'm a humble heart you know we're not gonna be like we don't want to be like Nazi Germany what we want to be heart-to-heart good guys we want to be like don't bow down man or don't make me bow down man like let's just shake hands as bad because they're all like let's be friends you know we're cooler than that but we got to teach those that are slower than us and below us too so it says it's just hierarchy man it's the Nicolaitans system that Jesus says he's hates but people hate Jesus at the same time you know what's even real it's a hierarchy really that bad or is it the only way to keep a sustainable kingdom alive ever okay so ever alive evermore a lot of hallelujah alive forever in thousand years with the moral law forever Zenith age long live Ricky Moore Zenith is live by the way 2019 actually time doesn't exist cuz it's actually the year 2030 right now I think we're entering 32 now time moves so fast you in Jupiter man let's go backwards just now do you have 100 okay so bowing down implies servitude and we don't always need servants sometimes we need friends sometimes we need wives sometimes we need a single husband am i right let's pearlized wise and singular singular eyes husbands and let the feminists flare up and talk among themselves about that one okay and now the dollar you should be a Virgo or a Jezebel just in case you're wondering twelve of a blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bumping fists implies friendship bowing down implies serving tooth bumping fists implies friendship okay or a mutual understanding or a square square square square square alright something like that and making a square in the air okay for the for the geometric masters okay and blah blah blah bumping fists implies read French therefore I will never bow down to another probably except for my wife but I'm questioning that theology these days good my wife or wives or I don't even know if I have any watch at all or just pissing me off so maybe I'll just never Bell down I'll bow down to the universe I'll bet on the Jupiter I'll bow down to Michael on Sunday mornings for two seconds nothing sexual and that will be it okay so therefore I will never bow down to another six my wife but have a pump this now is just a joke infinite don't do not think too much about that freeze you're gonna you're gonna make your brain just implode alright but I will bump fists with any and every angel I will bump fists with you motherfucker yeah brother to brother sister brother brother to sister alien to alien who whatever a make up names for poof raba to suitable lavage chuckles grata with satire super hiya you know what I mean we can all bump face you know dragons included angels are angels demons Saints sinners gods goddesses I can bump this with every one of you because I love you and respect you all and to some degree some of you will piss me off more than others you know some of you I might never talk to you not once in my life but chances are I'll talk to you every every single one of these forms you know what I mean so just remember that for your records and here I'll bunk this but above all about I will pray to whoever is most obedient and productive and graceful with helping at any given moment therefore I won't rely on a single person or source all the time because a source will not be consistent all the time so then I'll turn to a different source that's why we go from Egypt to Gomorrah right or tsaatan to Egypt or you know New York to Washington or California to Miami or Hawaii to Alaska or Venezuela to Puerto Rico Colombia to Canada or Russia or Germany or Asia to China or Japan to North Korea or South Korea to the central Korea or you go you know you get what I'm saying you get the message okay so I love you all peace love and safety keep up the good work well my videos not done yet I will pray to whoever is most obedient and productive and graceful with hope again any given moment therefore I will ask you for help if you prove to me that you can provide help and you're not shady you're not sketchy you're not underhanded any tactics you're not unrighteous you're not wicked you're not backstabbing you're not filled with all kinds of untrustworthy motives you know if I trust you I'll ask you for help I will pray to you I'll pray to the right angels at the right time the right Saints the right wives the right whatever the right demons the right aliens or nothing I'll pray to nothing at the right time so I'll pray to my own cuts okay and that's gut feelings not duds externalized Oh should I choose to external eyes my guts you all will be the first to know here live on Zena pace okay that's my channel name follow it if you haven't already please click the subscribe button down below there's a like button right there there's a disc like this like button but you'll ignore that button we don't use that button around here unless you really want to go down the hill you know what I mean I just kidding I'm not God of the Bible I'm not gonna be like that you could just like this video just tell me why okay and hit me up with a comment especially you angellist I want to get promoted hallelujah well beloved dub dub leave some comments guys but more comments the better I'll respond to every single comment I promise you I'll respond to every single comment on the zenith age page from here on forward so leave comments I encourage it and you will hear back from the live zenith age master master of himself of his own universe and soon enough of your universe earth little earth I'm talking to you earth and your moons and your sons and your skeletons and your skulls and your electricity your thumb their your lightning your wings your avenged sevenfold and i will be avenged sevenfold then i will avenge all things Sevenfold as I see fit bitch so I greater have no other gods before me except for my intuition and a story you know so the whole revelation here was pretty much a pious you know you know in layman's terms that's the end of the story okay even my wife past present and future is not my god you know wives can get divorced from wives can be replaced wise can be multiplied so they're not your God they can't be you know how do they know better than you could they teach any of this shit that I'm saying right now could they say any of this would they even have the guts to get on camera and saying you this so far the proof is no okay so can't have any other gods before me certainly not a woman haha but i prophesy right now that i bet the next president will be a woman after Donald Trump is done in his terms you know I believe not Hillary Clinton of course not Hillary Clinton but I believe there will be a woman in the fucking office okay she will be blonde haired blue-eyed you heard it here first okay so my wife is not my god do I do honor her and glorify her as though she were okay honor her and blow up on her as though she were your god and when I am not feeling atheist I'll even hold her entire regards than God Himself which would be my intuition as I see fit sometimes I have a god sometimes that don't sometimes I trust any other wife were angel or something more than my own intuition and there'll be a god at that time but then sometimes they won't okay so it's almost like this mantle is just it's like five seconds of fame or like the limelight or some shit you know who's gonna sit in that throne for a given time and what was consistent can send that shit all the fucking time and that's why some people earned their place with tattoos or whatever this is the root of Jesse Jesse did this tattoo by the way shout out to Jesse father of David mother of Hell itself and that's all I have to say about that so where were we year this is the manifestation of love okay and the spiritual fullness of marriage God wants to marry his his what wouldn't that marry who wants to marry Jerusalem I think or Oh the Bible's fucking weird now I'm letting go of it slowly but surely but God basically marries his land his people and everything they're all that's God marriage is his creation your marriage creation he combines himself with that he becomes one with it so not everybody is one but just whatever marries God becomes one with them and that they're part of that God's system work for you it's it's it's all other country okay I'll get into another day when you all ready to go down that wormhole they're not radicals anymore they're wormholes ok so somebody asked of what you do is you go down a rabbit hole I'd say why would call it a rabbit hole not a worm hole ha ha ha ok but that was just you know it just aligning itself a detainment yeah anyway as for you whether you have yet achieved the fullness of love or not know who you serve if anybody and know who you may call on in times of trouble of any degrees and I don't know why I just got an accent I don't think I started a video with an accent and by the end of it I've been doing songs you know I do the full full whole shaq-casso course you're cool and then I have an accident you know that's just the Bible warned us about that day too you know people will be praying in tongues now looks like I blew hair but I really don't have like a bandana or something you know you see that it's a time portal it's all the wormhole look you got two of these then you got two of these and you got two pupils here and two galaxies within the temple okay and you can apply this your own face of course look at yourself in the mirror every once in a while and look at all the possibilities of what we can do this is our temple this is our galaxy and we have the workings with it okay we need laborers for the galaxies that's what we need and as for you whether you have yet achieved the fullness of love or not and yes I'm reading at a grand a grand again or the room know whom you serve if anybody they know who your God is in the given point in time long-term or short-term and know who you may call on in times of trouble and that's love is the most reliable spirit whoever's most able to defend your soul body and spirit that should be your job most should be when you call on it and given 25 okay know who you serve we can call them in times of trouble of any degree even if you just have a question even if you just need to help of shoulder to cry I hope you can somebody to lend money to somebody can take money from know who you call on in times of trouble shout out to events set in place because they're playing in the bathroom with it's intense music that's making me tense and that is about good start we will walk alright and know your role and fulfill it gracefully in order to evolve more quickly and more efficiently right know your role know your role in life is a mind game life is a word game you just get the right words and your mind will align according to my words it's not the other way around my words not aligned according to the actions the actions align according to my words okay so I'm getting tired of talking we're 31 minutes into this video I don't even know if it'll post a new – I fucking hope it does pray to God I pray to God I pray to God okay will it will because now you're seeing it on YouTube okay so you're welcome love you all have a great night peace love safety in the bike

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