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Posted By on May 4, 2019

welcome to 2 minute SEO my name is Brian I'm a founder of authority SEO of Phoenix internet marketing company and today we're going to look at one of the number one questions that I get asked all the time is which is where do I put my keywords what if I want to rank for a certain keyword for my website where do I put it so that's what we're going to answer so for our example we're going to show you directly here in Google we're going to work at the word organic products so here the results that come up and we're going to look at the number two listing which is nature's organic market com so the first thing you're see that Google is highlighted is both the word organic and the word products and this is your title so this is the title of your website this is going to be the title of your webpage so the most important place that you can put the keyword that you want to rank for is going to be in the title of your website the next thing down you can see is this paragraph that explains what's on this web page this is called your meta description and you can also see that the keyword organic products is listed in our meta description and this is the description that Google is going to use to determine what's on that web page it's also the description that shows up in search results that help people understand what's on your website so they know what they want to click on it or not another aspect of your meta information is also your meta keywords that's not listed right here on the Google results page but it's right next to wherever in your website you're going to put in your meta information in today's world every content management system every website has some place where you can put in your meta description and meta keywords so as a kind of referral you want to have your your keywords in both your title in your meta description and then into your meta keywords and then secondly then we'll go to the website itself so here's nature's organic market you can see they have a few little banners then you scroll down the first text you see right here you have the word organic you have the word products you can also see that it's highlighted and larger so this is in an h1 tag or an h2 tag so now is this tell that these keywords is the most important on the website for the visitor but it also tells it for the search engine as well both these things that are good for the searches are also good for your visitors and in the last part that you really want to have your keyword and it has to be in the body of the text itself so here's organic here's the word products you can see here's the word organic again here's products to use down here and then it's used and how someone would want to read it you don't want it as keyword stubborn so that all this paragraph says organic products organic products organic products organic products organic products you know Google now has gotten really good so the keyword shows up at how a human would want to read it and how a human would not want to do it so just as a little reminder you we have our title we have our meta description we have our meta keywords we want it to be in the first line of text that you're going to have on your website preferably in an h1 or h2 tag and then also has to be in the body of your text right now if you want any help with any of your search engine optimization you can go to a 30 SEO com one of the things we're offering right now is a free keyword report we'll find all the keywords your website ranks for in the second page of Google this is the work you've already done Google's already indexed them you just happen to be on the second page in the listings 11 to 20 which means you're so close to getting daily traffic a little bit of good SEO you can you move those keywords from the second page of Google to the front page of Google where you get daily traffic and increase your online sales if you want any help we'd be happy to help at authority SEO com

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