What To Do In A Valley | Pastor Jabin Chavez | Elevation Church

Posted By on November 12, 2019

greetings from Las Vegas anyone been to
Vegas can I see your hands Wow couple more hands than I was expecting
okay well if you’re ever in Vegas come say hi to us at City Light Church and if
you uh if you had a really good night on Saturday night bring a little offering
with you amen praise the Lord if you had a really bad night we’ll lay
hands on you and cast the devil out of you and send you back home
holy and healthy and delivered but we were very grateful to be here and my
wife sends her love as she’s holding it down for us today back home and I want
to go straight to God’s Word this is a Ezekiel 37 I’m going to read out of the
message translation so you may just want to follow along in the screen I’m gonna
read about 10 verses to you and then we’re just gonna I’m a preach quick and
we’re gonna sing that song again amen and then I’m gonna eat fried chicken cause
I’m in the south and that’s the true story that’s really gonna happen Ezekiel
37 verse 1 God grabbed me and God’s Spirit took me up and he sat me down in
the middle of an open plain covered in bones he led me around and among them a
lot of bones there were bones all over the plain dry bones bleached by the Sun
and he said to me son of man can these bones live I said master God only you
know that and he said prophesy over the bones speak to the bones dry bones
listen to the message of God God the master told the dry bones watch this I’m
bringing the breath of life to you you’ll come to life I’ll attach sinews
to you I’ll put meat on your bones I’ll cover you with skin I’ll breathe life
into you you’ll come alive and you’ll realize that I’m God so I prophesied
just as I’d been commanded and as I prophesied there was a sound oh a
wrestling the bones moved together and boned a bone I kept watching sinews form
and then muscles on the bones and then skin stretched over them but they had no
breath in them so he said prophesy to the breath
prophesy Son of Man tell the breath God the master says come from
the four winds come breath breathe on these slain bodies breathe life so I
prophesied as he commanded me and the breath entered them they came alive and
they stood up on their feet they huge army I want to preach this for a couple of
moments this morning from the subject what to do in a valley what to do in a
valley father thank you for your word thank you for this moment and I do thank
you for your word it is living it’s active it’s supernatural it holds the
power of life and death and I thank you Lord that one word from God can change
our entire life so we’re praying today that you would speak to us we’re
listening we’re expecting I’m praying for a tailor-made work today the right
word for every person in every season in the room go beyond my voice be the wheel
within the wheel and say what you need to say to every one of us so that we
could all leave Church today saying I heard from God and I’ll never be the
same this is our prayer in Jesus name and everyone said amen and if you are
believing God for a word let’s clap our hands some more time let’s let the Lord
know we’re ready I’m ready what to do in a valley I guess I need to start by
telling you I wish I could preach how to have a valley free life
yo that would be bomb I hear seven steps do these things
no more valleys wouldn’t that be great no more valleys what a great book I’m a
write a book no more valleys wouldn’t that be great
going through a valley hey man you seen how more faith you see and believe God
don’t have to go through that but I’ve come to learn that he is the God of the
mountain but he is the God of the valley I’ve learned that valleys are necessary
and I’ve learned that God does a great work in me that he can only do in the
valley I want to remind someone today that there is no fruit on the
mountaintop there’s only fruit in the valley I’ve learned that God wants to do
something great through me so he must first do something very deep in me and
he can only do that in the valley the valley is the stretching place the
valley is the place that when you’re in it you think it’s warfare if you’re
Pentecostal like me you plead the blood you speak in tongues you cast out devils
you anoint with oil you get your intercessors to lay hands on you you
start sending offering the TV preachers come on somebody because you think I’m
under attack only to find out on the other side of it it was not a demonic
spirit but the Holy Spirit that led you into the wilderness let you into the
desert led you into the valley to do something in you that could not happen
outside of the valley so I’ve learned to love the valley the valley is the gym of
the Holy Spirit now I’ve never been to a gym but I heard chunks told me Pastor Steven
told me the gyms good for me I heard it’s good for me I’m gonna try it out
one day I’m 36 it ain’t looking too good but it’s it’s that place that it
hurts when you’re in it but it’s actually good for you and when you come
out of it you go thank you Jesus for the valley I want to remind someone you’re
not gonna die in the valley cause though you go through the valley of the shadow of
death you don’t have to fear any evil because his rod and his staff they do
come for you goodness and mercy are following you you’re coming out of the
valley and you’re gonna come out with everything God has for you in the valley
but I haven’t learned that there’s some things you have to do when you’re in it
so that it actually does make you better and bigger and stronger and doesn’t
destroy you and I think there’s some things from the text today that we can
find that will help you and they’ve helped me and I believe that that God’s
really gonna speak to you today so let me just give you a few things today if
you’re taking notes write these down if you’re not taking notes write these down I’m embarrassed that I did that but I’m
a dad and a senior pastor so that was like a bad senior pastor dad joke but
I’m okay with it like I’m I’m doing me okay number one number one never forget
this God is with you in the valley God is with you in the valley
Ezekiel starts the text by saying God grabbed me in the valley now I do
appreciate and love the the poetic King James that says that the hand of the
Lord was upon me but I kind of like that gritty rated-r version the message that
said God grabbed me and I think if you serve God long enough you know there
are just times where God has to grab you yeah yeah am I preaching to anybody there’s
times where you let go of God but thank you Jesus he didn’t let go of me theirs
there’s times I’ve run from God but he’s run after me theirs times I’ve tried to
hide from God but he is awesome at hide and seek he just has a way of finding me
I want to tell someone today you feel like
in a valley you feel like you’re all alone you feel like there are bones
everywhere you feel like there dry bones bleached by the Sun but I want to remind
you God’s with you the hand of the Lord is upon you and he is not letting go and
God is doing something in you in the valley don’t let the valley lie to you
and tell you you’re alone don’t let circumstances intimidate you and tell
you it’s over I will take a Valley with Jesus over a mountaintop without him
because as long as I have Jesus I have possibilities I have a future I have a
promise give me Jesus in any situation I’ll take that God’s with you in the
valley and you may not feel it you may not be able to clap for that yeah you
may you may be saying amen but in your heart you’re going I don’t feel it
that’s okay we don’t live by feelings and when I cannot trace his hand I can
trust his heart God’s doing something in me right now I don’t see it all yet but
I do know I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living I do know
God is doing something great right now and I I can’t really sense it I can’t
really see it I can’t really feel it quite frankly it took every ounce of
faith just to get here this morning but I do believe that God is still doing a
work in my life and maybe you feel today like Jabin and I just feel like all of
hell is against me I just feel like I am coming up literally against the gates of
hell that’s actually good because Jesus said the gates of hell
won’t prevail against the church and and you is the church and that means that if
you’re coming up against hell that is the devil’s last defense to try to stop
you before you inherit everything God has for you so you might as well just
clap your hands and shout and thank God in advance that you are about to cross
over into something good come on God has good days for you God has good things
for you and while he’s doing a good work in me I will not quit God’s with you in
the valley number two number two look look look look for the possibility look
for the possibility hey Ezekiel okay I get it I get it I get it bones
everywhere yeah first one verse two bones everywhere tribe bones bleached by
the Sun bones bones bones bones it’s for all my 90’s children right there bones I
get it but Ezekiel can can they live I’m remembering pastor’s message from two
weeks ago I caught a thought cause cause eight jokers walked into that promise
land and said there’s Giants and the lands gonna eat us up
and two other guys Caleb and Joshua said we’re well able same circumstance same
enemy same bones same valley same situation same promise eight guys
couldn’t believe it two guys could believe it I’m not making light of your
situation I’m just telling you God is greater than your situation I’m not
making light of your giants I’m just telling you God’s bigger than your
giants I’m not making light of your valley and the bones that are
surrounding you I’m just telling you I’m begging you today to look for the
possibility I’m begging you today to forget about all the stuff that’s going
wrong and for one moment gaze your eyes on Jesus look at him focus on him look
at this from his perspective Ezekiel said I was standing in a valley but then
God set me down and he said look at it from my perspective there’s something
about seeing it from where God sees it there’s something about God’s
perspective there’s there’s something about saying I’m not in denial of my
situation but I choose to see this through the lens of faith and not the
lens of doubt I refuse to just keep talking about it and I’m going to see
this from God’s possibility look for the possibility and y’all we all have this
this natural bent towards doubt don’t we all right no one said amen at Ballantyne
but I know y’all shout me down in the other campuses I know it you’re driving
down the road tire blows out you’re like man the devil’s after my tires I just
know know you’re cheap you were supposed to
change retire six months ago and you then hold it out air conditioner breaks
in your house I’ll be in the devils after AC no no I don’t think so I think
you’re good I think life is life it’s amazing when it’s raining outside you’re
like oh my gosh my arthritis I just know it’s gonna be but when it’s sunny
outside you’re like oh man were in a drought God’s judging
America you know it’s always something it’s like don’t don’t choose to see
everything through through a negative lens just to see the possibility today
choose to say man I’m going through a lot but at least I made it to church at
least I got to praise God with some brothers and sisters at least I’m still
hearing the word of the Lord I think God still has a future for me I refuse to
die in my doubt I’m gonna believe God look look for the possibility to Ezekiel
it was hopeless but to God the situation was perfect for a miracle look for the
possibility in Nehemiah 13:2 Nehemiah said our God can turn a curse into a
blessing can I just tell you God can turn it around can I tell you life can
get better but while you’re waiting on life to get better you can get better
yeah and while you’re waiting on things to turn around in your life things you
can turn around in your heart and you don’t have to be a victim to
circumstance look for the possibility number three I have to admit this is my
favorite point take a step into the unknown touch your neighbor tell them
take a step take a step that neighbor was so stuck-up touch
somebody else they could tell them take a step take a step take a step take a
step take a step they were rude to you did you feel that they were rude there’s
still little hungover from last night they’re like what what take a step
um hey Ezekiel can these bones live Lord uh you know that was a really kind and
sweet and really southern way of saying I don’t know your God why you asking me God
is never asking us questions because he doesn’t know the answer he knows he’s
God he’s trying to give us a revelation he’s trying to level up our faith he’s
trying to build us up and he’s not asking a question because he doesn’t
know the answer he’s asking us a question because he wants to reveal
something to us Ezekiel can these bones live and Ezekiel says Lord you know
yeah yeah God will take a yes with a question mark yeah and the higher
pitcher voices the less faith you have can these bones live y’all ever squeaked
thank God for this loud music huh cause sometimes all you can get out is a God’s
okay with a squeak God’s okay I think he appreciates the yes with a exclamation
mark I think those come I think they’re awesome but I think a lot of life is in
the yeah I love that Ezekiel did not say of course they can live I know who my
God is and I’m persuaded by the promises of God hallelujah
I honestly I’m glad he didn’t do that cause if he would have done that I would of
just get the 38 and been like I don’t get you Ezekiel cause cause a lot of life is
in the Lord maybe I think and I think that depending upon where you’re at in
your season there something’s God will ask you and it’s like yes can I bless
your business yes 2020 God be good yes already got 20/20 vision yeah yes can
I help your marriage Lord do you know the woman you gave me
in the garden do you know her husband’s look straight ahead don’t you dare touch
your wife right now in Jesus name I’m trying to save your marriage somebody stood in
the 9:30 I said sir please sit down security security okay trying to protect
you it’s called security on his wife amen
cause she wasn’t laughing I think you actually have to get comfortable giving
God a yes with a question mark I want to say it like this you have to get
comfortable giving God you’re not enough yeah you you have to get okay with
giving God less than you want to give him but giving him all you got because
I think a lot of you’re waiting to do something for God when you have great
faith but you don’t get great faith till you give God small faith you don’t have
awesome faith until you give God broken faith until you give God whatever faith
you do have and I know you want to feed 5,000 with 5,000 pieces of bread and
fish but sometimes all you got is a couple of loaves in a couple of fish and
you actually have to learn how to give God you’re not enough you have to learn
how to give him whatever you do have because God can use your not enough he
can bless it he can break it he can multiply it and he can turn it into more
than enough and a lot of y’all are waiting on more than enough but God says
I don’t just start with more than enough I start with not enough oh can I get
some faith in here and a lot of you are not gonna do anything for God until you
get comfortable giving him your not enough but God can do a lot with a
little and God forbid by the way by the way
God forbid you ever feel like you’re enough like if you feel like you’re
ready your pride is too high and your vision
is too small I always want to be shaking in my boots I always want to be a little
like I woke up this morning scared y’all scared don’t let this smile fool you I’m crying
on the inside amen pastors like can you preach I’m like I used to know how to
preach I think I forgot I don’t know I’m not ready I don’t think I’m the guy for
you I like that I like I like feeling a little unqualified ooh that’s a good
book title I’m a write me a book called unqualified watch it I like that because
it means I have to rely on Jesus I have to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit
I I need grace in my weakness and a lot of you are waiting to be ready before
you do something but you actually have to learn how to take a step on a Lord
you know faith is risky faith is gutsy faith is grown people talk faith faith
requires a backbone not a wishbone faith faith puts you in scary situations
by the way by the way you’re in a faith church I don’t know if you know that
your your pastors gift is he has the gift of faith the biblical gift of faith
it’s in the Bible he has it and and so anytime you get around pastor you want
to believe more but never forget this your flesh your earth suit your carnal
mind your dirt suit it hates faith that’s why it wants to comfort clothes
and a comfortable chair and a comfortable bed comfort food because we
want our flesh wants comfort but our spirit is begging for adventure our
flesh wants to stay in the boat but our spirit saying call me out on the water
and you actually have to learn how to give your spirit first place cause
your flesh will always go to the comfort zone and God can’t do anything great in
the comfort zone I’ve heard it said by preachers that faith and fear cannot
coexist and I thought I think they’re married I think they’re sleeping in the
same bed the very fact that I need faith is because I’m afraid the very fact that
I’m believing God is because this is too big for me the very the very fact
that I’m believing for a miracle is because I need a miracle the very fact
that I that I that I’m stepping out in faith is because I I have I have fear in
my life a lot of you have mistaken faith in facts faith is not always factual but
it’s always truth huh and you have to learn how to break past the circumstance
in the facts and break into the faith zone where God is and where your destiny
is am I helping anybody right now come on say amen clap your hands one time I’m
gonna keep preaching but you have to learn how to take a step into the
unknown did God call you to start that business I think he did in January but now it’s
October Jabin did God call you to plant that church in Vegas well some Sundays for
sure other Sunday nights I will kind of want to sell cars like God call you to
move to Charlotte I thought so I think I was a lot more confident a few months
ago yeah you actually have to get okay their faith is a total assurance in who
God is but the life is changing y’all and you have to get okay with that I’ve
learned that faith is like a pit in my stomach
yeah yeah you know you know the pit in your stomach the thing that you call the
lack of peace yeah you know I didn’t just don’t and
you know you’re charismatic if you touched your stomach you know it doesn’t
have a piece about I was praying about it I know you guys need people to serve
but like right now like the Lord has me resting it’s funny cause it’s true and and and
and we’re running from the pit in our stomach but I actually think it’s where
faith really is a peace by the way it’s not a feeling in your stomach can I help
you feed the peace not that peace is a person is named as Jesus and peace will
be right in the middle of a storm on the waves and he will call you to come peace
will lead you into some crazy situations that are way bigger than you but there
under his feet that’s where peace is peace will lead
you into some unpeaceful places to build you up that’s peace I’ve honestly for
last 20 months we planted our church 20 months ago I’ve had a pit in my stomach for 20
months like I used to live in Newport Beach California no one could even cheer
cause y’all just mad about it right because this is Newport it’s beautiful
Newport is like um have like the Garden of Eden before the fall
y’all know what I’m saying like it’s good we used to wake up the same way
every morning our alarm would go off wake up ah birds start chirping what
like birds don’t chirp in Vegas it’s a hundred and fifteen degrees they can’t
open their mouth or they will die they’ll explode you know they don’t chirp
we don’t I don’t even see a bird I know they’re there somewhere and haven’t seen
one birds would be chirping you wake up look at your wife hey babe what do you want
to do today want to go to the ocean and pray yeah then let’s go to Disneyland and
witness to Mickey and like it’s Orange County
let’s float there yeah let’s just float and then we move to Vegas we’re trying
to pastor this church trying to help people it’s scary like I don’t need
an alarm clock anymore I wake up the same way every day 5 a.m.
same way every day just like this in a pool of sweat my wife will roll over you
okay yeah yeah just thinking about Sunday I got to preach another message
got to write another one another one this another one okay we’ll wake up some
mornings and my wife will go hey babe you were screaming again in your sleep haha was I
just thinking about that new building I like that thing you know what that pit does
it keeps me right on my knees that pit keeps me on my face that that pit keeps
me in the word that that pit in my stomach keeps me humble that pit in my
stomach keeps me praising God clapping shouting cheering saying thank you Jesus
that pit in my stomach keeps me praying in English and tongues have that that
pit in my stomach keeps me hungry for God and keeps me in community and a lot
of y’all are running from that pit but actually what God has for you is right
there because by the way God is not gonna give you a life where he is
unnecessary and y’all trying to follow God from the
comfort zone you got to learn how to take a step into the unknown believing
God taking a risk taking a step trying it out moving on a maybe 1 Samuel 14:6
Jonathan goes to his friend and he goes hey there’s an enemy around the ridge
let’s go pick a fight maybe Jonathan was hood rat y’all know what I’m saying let’s go
pick a fight like got nothing else to do today let’s go pick a fight maybe the
Lord will give us the victory maybe not have been on a forty day fast angel Lord
talk to me we have the victory in Jesus name no no maybe and on a maybe
Jonathan’s assistances says turn down for what let’s go on a maybe on a maybe you
actually have to get comfortable with a maybe I call it a Holy Ghost maybe I
call it a Holy Spirit hunch I call it a book of Acts the Apostles pray and they
go it seems good to us and the Holy Spirit that word seems is feels like
you feels good like we don’t really have a yes or a no it just seems good and a
lot of life is right there it’s like I think I got a word from God my pastors
are cool with it me and my spouse are in agreement but it’s still scary let’s
take a step of faith let’s take a maybe let’s believe God let’s try and
even when you do it at first your flesh and your faith are still fighting so
much but it’s like you know what I’m a forgive that person I’m gonna take
a step you know what we’re gonna go to counseling we’re gonna try to make this
work we’re going we’re gonna go we’re gonna try were gonna give it a shot we’re
gonna do all we can do you know what I’m gonna start giving in the offering y’all
ever remember when you first started giving in the offering how scary that
was okay no one’s talking to me y’all
remember how scary that was when you first started giving you finally must
okay end-of-the-year giving I’m gonna do it babe we’re gonna do it all right we
gonna stretch okay we going to believe big okay let’s go write
that check you don’t even have checks but you ain’t gotta check trying to be
official get that check bucket passes by you put it in you feeling good but then
you look down and it starts leaving your life and all the sudden that check goes hey
bye and it starts waving to you and you go baby baby baby come back baby baby
baby I’m sorry baby baby I didn’t mean to do that and then it goes oh you don’t love
me no more and it leaves and then you get mad and you start staring at Pastor
Steven he’s preaching good but you don’t care you can’t even hear it you’re like
they manipulated me he got me all worked up Chris started singing those high
notes the lights hit my eyes I added a zero they I want my money back y’all ever given online and you
finally get the faith give back back back back and you actually have to learn how to obey God scare don’t wait
till you’re ready to give you’re not ready to do anything God’s called you to
do y’all ready to get married no y’all ready to have that baby no you just gotta do
it and there’s grace on the other side of your step of faith y’all don’t feel I
don’t know if my parents can remember that all the parents in here before you
have the baby you’re like I don’t know how we’re gonna do this until they’re in
your arms and you go we can do this it’s like on the other side of it there’s the
grace to do what God’s called you to do so you have to learn how to move on a
maybe number four prophesy prophesy to your situation and now the room split I
can feel it cause half y’all don’t come from this background and you go
prophecy what prophecy but you’ll prophet when we let’s say at the Lord what we’re
predicting the future and then half of y’all are charismaniacs like me and you’re
like yes I feel this right now so I’m gonna try to bring some balance amen to both of y’all cause some of y’all got too scared to some of y’all are too
excited some I’m a bring it to the middle God said Ezekiel verse 1 and 2 you’ve been
talking about the bones a lot yeah yeah yeah yeah stop talking about them watch
me talk to them Jesus did not say talk about the mountain and he did not say
deny the mountain he said talk to the mountain and there comes a point in your
life Ezekiel where you have to become a prophet in your family and you have to
speak the word of the Lord over your destiny so when I say prophesy I’m not
talking about predicting the future I’m not talking about a King James utterance
during this service I’m talking about here’s prophecy 101
every New Testament believer in the house hears prophecy 101 you get a word
from the word amen everybody say amen you get a word from the word and you say it
and you say it and you say it till you believe it and then you say it until you
see it you say it until Psalm 1:19 it gets hidden in your heart you say it
till like Joshua chapter one it becomes the meditation of your mind and comes
out of your mouth constantly you say it and you say it and you say it and it’s
not that you’re denying your circumstance you’re just you’re just
choosing a promise from God over the problem and you’re saying this is more
real to me than this because the earth is gonna fade away but your word is
gonna last forever so I’m gonna stick with your word and I’m just gonna keep
saying it and saying it and saying it until I eventually see it you get a
promise from God over your life this is the prophetic for us we believe
God and we keep declaring and we keep trusting and we choose God’s word over
everything else and it feels a little crazy and it feels a little
uncomfortable but you’re choosing in that moment to say I’m not just going to
talk about it anymore I’m gonna talk to it I’m not gonna keep posting about it
I love that God did not say Ezekiel grab your phone get on your Instagram
story right now post a video with superzoom bones come on
somebody he said talk to it he see get a word and speak that word and that word
becomes powerful in your mouth God’s word in your mouth becomes a double-edged sword
it becomes Hebrews chapter 4 it out of out of one side it comes out of God’s
mouth and out of the other side it comes out of your mouth and when you start
saying what God has already said God starts moving and heaven meets earth and
earth meets heaven and all of the sudden something supernatural can
begin to happen because it’s no longer just a book that’s collecting dust but
it now becomes the Living Word the Rhema word out of your mouth and God begins to
move at his word not your word his word in your mouth so we don’t believe that
we just get whatever we say and we can just you know confess it and possess it
blab it and grab it that’s not what I’m talking about but I am saying but I am
saying that this word becomes a compass it becomes my true north and over time
my life begins to go in the direction of the word y’all with me over time this
becomes my guiding North Star God said speak to it not just about it
we can have the team come up I’m almost done I I remember as a child all of us
kids I’m one of five we all went crazy we all all the parents of teenagers
started laughing just now but wasn’t like a funny laugh is like we all went
crazy we all did things we regret and put our parents through a lot but can I
tell you my parents they just never left the word it was weird it’s like any time
we woke up in the morning they were in the word and we the Chavez Home we called
it a quiet time they were always in the word they always knew a word they always
had a word and and it got a little annoying to us kids but really it was
agitating something deep in our soul I remember I remember waking up one night
in the middle of the night and I felt liquid hitting my head now again every
pentecostal is with me every baptists online right now it’s
like what is he talking about and I remember waking up thinking there must
be a leak in the roof and it must be there must be water hitting my forehead
and all the sudden I finally come to and there’s my mama five foot nothing with a
bottle of olive oil come on somebody and the promise of God in her mouth
devil take your hands off of my child as for me and my whole household we shall
serve the Lord me and my whole household shall be saved
I plead the blood of Jesus over this baby right now and I tell the death
angel to leave this house in Jesus name I command angels to surround this room
every spirit that’s not the Holy Spirit get out in the name of Jesus I wake up
start freaking out mama it looked like an NBA championship with champagne but
it was oil and my parents never left the word can I tell you today we are all in
God’s house we’re all in love with Jesus all of our children are in God’s house
friend I’m not here to tell you that by this time tomorrow everything’s gonna be
perfect but here’s what I’m telling you that if you will get the word of God in
your heart and you will get the word of God in your mouth your life will start
to come into alignment because as Ezekiel spoke the word bones came
together flesh came together muscle came together skin begin to form sinews begin
to form God started doing something when you speak God’s word things begin to
happen hallelujah lastly though lastly um praise the Lord go ahead and clap if
you want to I feel this right now don’t let her praise alone you don’t
know what she’s going through but maybe a miracles in motion right now why don’t
you praise with them right now hallelujah this this last point is why
elevation is so special this last point I want to tell you about is is why you
love this house it’s beyond just the natural gifting hard work and talent of
your pastor it’s beyond just the beautiful production and lighting and
music I want to lastly tell you about the wind
invite the wind speak to the wind I want to remind you today that we believe in
the power the presence and the person of the Holy Spirit the Godhead is not
Father Son and Holy Scripture we believe in the Holy Spirit we believe in the
wind of God the breath of God the life of God we believe that the wind can blow
in your life we believe that grace can begin to breathe upon your life again we
love the structure we love the form and we love the muscle oh but when we’ve
done all we can do I need the wind to blow this is not by might nor by power but by
my spirit saith the Lord of Hosts there is something about leaving just your
natural grit and hustle and grime and say the Holy Spirit I need you to
breathe upon my life and Lord I don’t just need you I want you I want the move
of the Holy Spirit I want the breath of God in my life Lord would you speak to
me would you leave me would you guide me would you convicted me would you correct
me would you comfort me would you empower me God we don’t want to do this
without you and like Moses said God we ain’t going to the promised land without
you if you don’t go we don’t go because we want you more
than we want anything else and God’s said Ezekiel why don’t you invite the wind
to begin to blow why don’t you invite the breath of God to begin to breathe
upon your life thank you for watching the Elevation Church YouTube channel
don’t stop here join the EFM our online extended family and join us live every
Sunday subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a single video or live stream
and share this with a friend you can also support the ministry by clicking
the give Now button to help us continue to reach people around the world for
Jesus Christ thank you again for watching god bless you

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  1. Listennnnn….. I’m tuned in everyyyyy week, their Sermons are on point every Sunday, but something about this sermon touched me to my core. What a message❤️❤️❤️❤️ I could feel the Holy Ghost through my TV🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. Am not gonna die in the valley. Was an honor to have you minister to us Pastor Jabin Chavez at Arise church New Zealand. This was and still is the message in season God is fulfilling His promise.

  3. Tell the children of God…Donald Trump is between you and them a tool of God.

    The Amalekites are before us revealed in our government, having a form of Godliness and power that is a lie. They hate the children of God and will take power and use it to destroy who they hate. The spirit of evil is upon them for it is the times but they are first Amalekites do not be deceived.

    This time is about more than a spirit upon democrats and some republicans that embraces lying and violence and so much more. God has said from generation to generation he will fight against the Amalekites. And this is who they are. They have been revealed so that the people of God can see who they are. They loving power and corruption have floated to the top of government and bring their corruption with them . Exodus 17 v 15-16 They attacked the children of Israel when they came out of Egypt they are the children of Esau who god hates and Haman was of the Agagites the children of Amalek.

    Do not take part in their corruption or their reward. God has sworn he will fight against them in Each generation, do not fight against God. Greedy, Lovers of self, haters, revilers, liars, violent, loving power over others… Being nice is not an option. They will treat you as a victim. Do not expect them to think or feel like you do. … They are the children of Esau whom god hates because of the evil they would do in the earth. Do not receive their reward by supporting them… Pray for your enemies as the Lord Said, to be corrected and saved if possible. So God Fight against their evil that they would do to the children…

    Do not think that being nice to them is anything but a mistake. They hate the children of God. Receive this. Donald Trump is not meant to be nice to them and become their victim. God has put Trump between you and them…

  4. I live in the valley. It's where God speaks to me. God doesn't meet me on a mountain top. The devil hates the valley. He wants me on the mountain top because people think that's where they want to be. Do you ever hear anyone say Lord please take me from this mountain top? No thank you. I will stay in the valley.

  5. This was so needed. I'm at a place in my faith where I'm forcing myself to watch a sermon each week. I graduated from college believing God had called me to do something big, immediately got sick, and have been bedridden for three years. Where my bible was once falling apart I've thrown it in the trashcan. At the very least I'm going to get some index cards, write some scriptures, and try to start speaking the Word.

  6. this is a worddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ive listened a few times but right now its hitting hard as I'm on my job reminding myself that I don't live by feelings!!!!

  7. I almost did not listen to this sermon because God brought me through a valley BUT, this message spoke volumes to me. The reason I came through that valley is because of my faith in Jesus. This message let me know that I am doing the right thing and I need to keep living in faith. Faith is the reason I get out of bed every morning and can function in this world. Thank you do much for such a powerful message.

  8. Ezekiel 37 is a visual representation of God restoring the nation of Israel from there spiritually and physically dead condition due to sin. If he would have read verse 11 it actually says that. He was talking about the promise of the messiah who would come and save his people from there sins and give them new life through the Holy Spirit and bring life to their dead bones. This is pointing toward the salvation of Jesus Christ, like everything in the Bible is. Ephesians 2:5 “Even though we were dead in our sins, he gave us life when he raised Christ from the dead. It is only by Gods grace you have been saved.”
    Elevation church is lathered in the prosperity gospel, and I use to love and listen to them daily until the Lord revealed the falseness of their gospel and how it seems to be all about us now. Wake up brothers and sisters, this is not preaching. This is motivational speaking! There is no exegesis of the Bible in the “sermon.” No explanation of the text he read! It’s a feel good message that is leading millions astray. Jesus is put on the back burner while preachers talk about “you”, “us”, “we” and crack jokes the whole time instead of spending that precious time reaching a life who is drowning is hopelessness and sin. It’s not about us!! “I am not ashamed of the good news of Christ, it is the power of God to bring to bring salvation to whoever will believe! First for the Jew then for the Greek.” Romans 1:16. “Faith come by hearing, that is hearing the good news of Christ!” Romans 10:16.

  9. Praise God Forever More! Mighty and Awesome is our Father, the One that forgives all our sins, heals our diseases and satisfies our lives with good things!!!!

  10. I watched Sunday for 3 services. My husbands dad was taken to the ER and they didn't expect him to make it. He was in the ICU and we had communion and listened to this sermon . Now he is in a regular room and is expected to make it. This sermon was a great encouragement!

  11. I would love to know the name of the song that was sung right before the message. I loved it and would like to listen to it again!

  12. This message has blessed me beyond I could explain it, God bless you man of God, God bless elevation church. “ say the word of God until you believe it, then say it until you see it”

  13. How come this isn’t the same message that we saw live in city lights church? I was so excited to see that message again…this is a different version?

  14. Am beginning a new life with Christ, praying for all the things i have gone through from 2018 August and recently its been a tough year and this year i promised my self and God i will abide in him… Prophecy to my situation and INVITE THE WIND

  15. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. PEACE!!!!PEACE!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. I enjoyed his preaching. I must chose a promise from God over my life situations and say it and say it and say it until it happens. I serve a God that does the impossible. Get in the word
    Life is in it.❤❤❤🌹💐😋

  18. My God…I've watched this sermon 6 times today. This is the very place God will meet you at. Oh Holy Spirit have your way on this feed bless everyone. I pray such an anointing to fall upon their household that the holy spirit will arrest them and they will give God all the Glory!!! Surrender it all unto God and speak to those dry bones. My God. Amen 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  19. So, according to John 15:1-5 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. 2 Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit. 3 Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you. 4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. 5 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

    What you are saying is that even if I abide in Christ, I am unable to bear fruit in my mountain top experiences with Him?

    Because God promises that if I am abiding in Him I Will bear Much fruit— it Doesn’t matter where He puts me.

    My circumstances in life does not gauge how much fruit I will bear. It’s all indicated by my abiding in Him. He says if I abide in Him, and He in me, I will bear MUCH fruit. It does NOT say however, “there is no fruit on the mountaintop, there is only fruit in the valley.”

  20. SERMON NOTES: Ezekiel 37;1

    1) God is with you in the valley
    *Don't let your circumstance make you fear
    *Better a valley with God than a mountain top without Him

    2) Look for the possibility
    *God is GREATER than your circumstance
    *Seeing it from God's eyes
    *Lens of faith over lens of doubt

    3)Take a step into the unknown
    *Give God your 'not enoughs', your broken hallelujas, he wants it all
    *Unqualified, just means you choose to rely on God's strength
    Faith is risky, and requires a backbone, not a wishbone
    *Take the step, get outta your comfort zone

    4)Prophecy to your situation
    * Stop talking about your circumstance, speak to it
    *Speaking the word unto your destiny. Get a word from the word (Bible)
    5) Invite the Wind (HOLY SPIRIT)
    *Ask him to invade your life
    *acknowledge your weakness, and allow His strength to build you up

  21. Glory to God! Speak to the mountain, NOT about the mountain… Really blessed for carefully administering the Word of God. May God will continue to bless this church…

  22. We all are sick with sin.. the only medicine is the “Word of God” .. when we fail to take our medicine daily we get real weak and really sick with sin… it’s a daily walk with Jesus

  23. I hate my current circumstances, but there’s an opportunity before me that is filled with uncertainty and seems far beyond my current abilities. It could destroy me if things don’t go well. The thing is, I feel just as unqualified to stay in my current miserable circumstance as I do to take a step into this unknown. Stay or go require equal amounts of faith. I might have to step out on a maybe and pray that God closes the door if it is not what is best.

  24. Makes me cry,,, i just can't find a way to find possibilities in my situation,,
    Whenever i try, i'm full of doubts, confusions, anger….

  25. The dry bones of my marriage and family will be restored and renewed in Gods perfect timing Hallelujah and amen please pray for me and my 4 sons

  26. Any supporters? I'm still new at my youtube channel and it'd be kind of cool if I got to share my videos with some more people! I'm not doing it for likes er anything I just wanna share the gospel and help people. Btw beautiful song ❤ God is so good ain't he?

  27. The very fact that I need faith because of my fear. Thats the message in this message for me.
    God created an Army from a “bag of bones” For He is made strong in our weakness.
    Prophesy using our words & actions using The Word of God. Rama Word!
    This message was a big old Nod for this girl from God.
    I love that He has been reinforcing exactly what He wants me to sow into my life.
    Faith over these fear ridden bones! Amen! Beauty from the ashes! The valley so low is actually green and blooming and yet in life my valley is seemingly like Death Valley, dry, arid, parched, bleached, broken. But He is with me there. Willing and able to take me to His heavenly places so together I can see the streets of gold, the city so bright, where I sit in moments of repose just my God and I. He is Merciful! He is I AM!

  28. When all I could see was bones and death surrounding me, that's when I cried out to the Lord, my God, and He came and breathed life back into me.

  29. It's been so long since I went to church, since I walked with Jesus. My husband went alone the week before this sermon. He went alone. On the day of this sermon, I woke up and just felt like going. There wasn't any reason why. At least that is what I assumed. I just went. I went empty-handed. Then I heard this sermon. I was in awe because I realized why I had to go. It was perfect timing. I finally heard him. He finally answered. I couldn't believe it and I cried with both fear of the Lord and joy. I left from the house of the Lord in love with him again. God is Love and love is all I feel inside of me.

    I planned on not going. I was sure I wouldn't allow Jesus to enter my heart again. I was scared to. I needed to hear this. God knew that and somehow I went even when I didn't plan to. I wasn't going to turn to Christ again but somehow I just felt like going. And I went without expecting a thing. I had no thought of any kind, no feeling of any kind before I heard this message. God is good even while we're in the valley of the Shadow of Death. He never left me. I chose to ignore him. I never stopped believing in him. I chose to ignore him and so did my husband until he decided to enter the house of the Lord the week before I went. And just like me, God spoke to him. That too was perfect timing…

  30. "You get a word from the word" i remember being in a holding cell finding the biggest peace of my life when i declared over my situation a verse from Romans "Who can accuse the one God has called" you have to speak a word to your situation!

  31. "Our flesh wants comfort, but our spirit is begging for adventure. Our flesh wants to stay in the boat, but our spirit is saying, call me out on the water. You actually have to learn how to give your spirit first place. " 🥩🥩🙌🏿🙌🏿


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