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Posted By on June 13, 2019

now the journey of the holidays this is 3 or 2 week 3 week experience it's a journey from America to Saudi Arabia but there's another journey that has to take place inside us inside ourselves to make the journey from me me me to to what God wants and for me me me to us yeah not that journey you don't have to go anywhere for I think the world right now especially in America we're very confused about Islam and Muslims and I want to be a part of breaking some of those stereotypes if you don't even want to read you know if you own it now I don't know about that it's like dude I'm not telling you to become a Muslim that's between you and your God we're a really smart person you can get there I did a documentary called wayward son' just a short documentary on on me and some of my experiences as a new convert to Islam in the process I guess you all were scouting for someone for the belief sheer using the funny thing is that my mom used to be an avid watcher of Oprah's shows you know because my mom passed away a few years prior to getting the email my first thought when I wouldn't all register it was like oh man my mom would like she would trip on this but my initial was like yeah let's this is awesome I'm ready but then there was a few internal conflicts the way that I hold the Kaaba and Mecca and a whole area in my heart is is very sanctified and I was concerned that okay how am I gonna reconcile my intention behind this I mean is my intention going to be for God so amongst the conflict I was obviously praying oh god if this is right you know put it in my heart for me to do it if it's not right then take me away from it and make me content with that I have a very close friend of mine who's a Islamic scholar he was the first one I want you to ask him s you know what do you think is this this is good should I do it he came back to me told me you should do this this is important we already in a deficit as Muslims in this country and there's there's a gross misconception about Islam and what was some stand for so there's a need for that for having a different side a different story told I had never been on the pilgrimage to Mecca before this was my first time I think now I'm becoming more more aware of the scope one of the challenges actually being in Makkah alone is it's really the you know the type of patience you have to have you know imagine a few million people arriving in one place you have to be very patient along the whole way there was all these like reminders from God you see a lot of poverty along the way you're reminded of how blessed you are to have what you have and at the end of it all is like what are you ungrateful for it was very real thinking about my past thinking about what's transpired over the past thirty something years I felt the ecstasy I felt the peace of heart I felt an immense sense of peace and clarity there so when I got home my main concern was is how am I going to hold on to whatever benefit I've attained over on this Hajj because it's said that when we go Hajj if your Hajj is accepted if God accepts it you ever turn back as if you're the first day you were born as a newly born baby today I feel very thankful I feel the wonder of my Creator I don't know honestly if my Hajj was accepted or not I I don't want to make a claim like that not gonna lie I feel also sad about a few things a lot of people they look for that answer outside that that saddens me our answers are not out there and we have to find a God by going inside ourselves it's lat this is my son is smile anything you want to say I have great hopes by this whole series I think that it's a long time coming but something like this happens I'm hopeful it's going to give us all a lot more understanding of each other that I'm very hopeful for hi youtubers I'm excited to give you an update about our own YouTube channel now you can find new videos every day they're the kind of videos it will make you look at life differently they may even make you laugh a little bit who doesn't need a daily dose of that so here's just a taste of some of what you'll see subscribe to the old channel today and we'll see you on YouTube

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  1. Allah guides those who seek guidance and have great purpose in life.
    You know it when peace fills your heart and you are alone with GOD or with group like in HAJJ and prayers in the mosque.

    God blesses you BROTHER and hope the best for you in this life and the day after.

  2. Masya-allah. Alhamdulillah. May Almighty Allah swt bless you, brother Jordan, your family and all the ummah. Amiin.

  3. first time I went to Mecca as a 13 yo, first sight of Kaaba
    and the clearest head and vision Ive ever experienced. Cant be explained in words.

  4. MasahAllah.
    Asalamu alaikum brother & to your family. may ALLAH-SWT reward you & your family in both worlds – ameen . Love the video. Made me emotional & brought back memories of the Holly place. The peace, the tranquillity the unity, appreciating & being thankful to The ALLMIGHTY CREATOR.
    Love all brothers and sisters of the ummah no matter what their colour or social status.
    Always love seeing the Holly place. May ALLAH-SWT keep you & the ummah strong in Eman – ameen.

  5. your mom sees you Jordan, and she's very proud of you! so are all of us, you are legend no matter who your god is… stay strong and skate on…..whatever it takes to live oneself…2019' the year of empathy, push the vampire aside…

  6. mashaAllah..so happy for you may Allah keep you firm on the right path..may Allah guide our beloved Operah to the truth

  7. Brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes… what a strong faith in his religion!! He is a skateboarding, white dad who is a muslim. Can't get cooler than that.

  8. Mashallah brother. Welcome.
    I'm no one to say, but believe me, brother, your prayer is answered by Allah.
    That's the reason you could perform a haj pilgrimage. Otherwise, people spending long age, or whole life doesn't get a chance to be there.

  9. From the individual to the collective . This guy abdicates his responsibility to think and seeks to be told what he thinks . Goes there , has group like psychosis, come backs and seeks to " hang on to it " . What a waste of human brain cells .

  10. Ya Allah please bless brother Jordan Richter Al Haj in good health and wealth both physically and spiritually always with his loved ones.


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