What Keywords Should I Use for Facebook Ads?| Marketing Q & A Ep. 5

Posted By on May 11, 2019

what's up guys this is gabe from TRW and today we have a facebook question today's question comes from Jeff he wants to know what the best way is to configure your keywords for Facebook advertising and I'm gonna say it's honestly less about the keywords used and more about behaviors and interests and here's what I mean let's say your busiest time of year is when baseball season is in full swing pun intended you can pull from Facebook's fast information data based on what it's tracked with people's behaviors and some of their interests and their hobbies and you can utilize that when you're creating an app if you live in Newark New Jersey you've got your Mets Yankees and Phillies fans everywhere so you can create an ad that goes along with some of those fans if you're targeting a met fan you can have your like an image of a kid swinging a bat knocking out a homerun doing whatever he's doing you can do a really captivating stock image to the effect that you got for free a picture that's taken of maybe your kid playing baseball whatever the case you can have it so that it's that it targets them directly and they could say represent your future Yankees World Series champion or there's something along those lines and then when you're creating the audience in Facebook you can have it so that it's targeting 29 to 45 year old parents you can set certain locations you can say that they are a Yankee fan like you can get Facebook has become so powerful over the years it's no longer just a social media to you and me it's the strongest advertising platform available so I don't anymore on behaviors then I would on specific keywords if you have a website Facebook also has an option for you to install what's called a pixel on your website and what that does is it's a line of code that you can insert into your website and it tracks if people who use Facebook and have been on your site now you have access to build in even more granular custom audience and we market your product we market your website we market your brand to them you could set up these different events okay I want to send this ad to people who have been on my website within the last seven days I want to target this ad for people who have been on my website in the last 30 days and I want to target this ad for people who have not visited my site in over a year so in summation it's less about the keyword it's more about the behavior and setting up the tools and thinking through what your target audience is really interested in it takes work it's no longer just about making one ad and kind of posting it on a billboard now you're critically thinking about the specific ways that your audience looks now you're thinking about specific traits specific behaviors that your audience has and then you're using that to create customized content and what I would do if you have an ad budget of $500 for the month I wouldn't take all of those 500 dollars and put it towards one hat what I would do is I would make a number of different ads with a number of different wordings and then put like a daily budget of ten dollars in each one of those and take a look at which one's more successful than the other and then that way I know okay this one's only gotten like two clicks and ten thousand people have seen it maybe that's not my best route but then if you've got a higher impression it's called an impression if you got higher impressions or if more people have seen this ad and clicked on this ad you know that that one is gonna be more effective so you can put more of your ad dollars towards that kind of messaging and once you figure out this whole Facebook thing once you figure out this whole advertising thing keep in mind that you can't just set it and forget it it's not that simple people change people are fickle literally one day over the next something a trend can fall off and a new trend can take its place and you need to be so in tune with your market so in tune with what's happening in the world that you can go along with those flows and create content that's more specific and more relevant to today I hope this video was helpful to you if you have any other questions be sure to ask them in the comments below we also have something set up in our hat that you can ask questions on there I have an image going on somewhere in this video take what you've learned in this video and make something happen I'll see you guys later

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  1. Terrific video Gabe, especially the subliminal messages about the Yankees. I appreciate your marketing videos because this is such an under utilized area for those of us in business. So I find myself utilizing what you put in these videos every single time you do one. So again thank you for doing them, thanks for taking the time. Jerri D.

  2. Hi Gabe! How I make a business FB account? I tried but it looks like I have to do it through my personal account. Do I need to pay to have a business account? Thanks love all your video they are very helpful!


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