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alright guys I got a great one for you today we're going to go over a little bit of PPC again just because I wanted to delve a little bit into it and kind of show you a tip and a trick that I use and if you pay attention to the end I'm gonna give you another bonus tip that's huge that I just you know kind of figured out myself that you can use to target your competitors with things in a great way that will be really really cheap for you so let's get into it really fast you know PBC's huge it's going to help you rank for certain keywords obviously paid wise but over time it's going to help you organically rank for those keywords too and it could be the difference between you know kind of just hovering over that that line that makes you profit and actually being profitable you know to be the difference between 10 and 50 sales so to speak to be honest with you so it's something that you're going to need to optimize and you're going to need to identify your competitors listings and what keywords that they're targeting and keywords at their ranking for two so you can potentially steal those keywords and rank for them yourself and steal their sales before I get involved in anything one of the things that I've been taking recently is Kevin David's Amazon ninja course and and I didn't take a whole course and one of the things I love about this is you can take the full course if you're new to FBA or you just want more knowledge or you can buy individual modules and one of the things that I've bought even though I've been an FBA seller for you know almost three years now and I've been selling on Amazon for you know I think 10 to 12 years something like that over a decade but there's some things in this course that are phenomenal that I haven't even thought of that are literally blowing my mind so I'll link that for you guys below I went to PPC for you below just in that module and I'll link the course for you there are other modules if you want to check them out but I just want to get that off my chest because it's phenomenal I can't say you know I can't speak highly enough of this one of the another tools that I use that you don't have to and I'm going to show you a way to circumvent this if you're not willing to spend money totally understandable I was there myself but this is 1999 keyword inspector well worth $19.99 and you can cancel it after the first month but if you're not like I said looking at some money stay tuned because I got I got a you know a way to circumvent it for free this is huge it's crucial it'll cut time and give you the exact keywords a debtor's is ranking for one of the great things about keyword inspector is the reverse Asin tool which will allow you to take your competitors asi n plug it into the tool and it will tell you every single keyword that they're ranking for and where they're ranking so that you can target those keywords yourself and you know steal those sales so I'll have keyword inspector like the blanks linked in the description box below for you guys just you know in case you want to check that out but if you don't want to spend money on keyword inspector totally understandable you can do all the work yourself it's going to take a little bit of time but I'll show you how I'm gonna give you a brief you know tutorial rundown and how to do it so let's just pretend here that this wineglasses who you're containing with you have a similar wineglass maybe you went through jungle scout you have identified this product as something that's selling you know X amount of making X amount of sales generating X amount of revenue but doesn't have that much competition whether it's you know similar wine glasses or other things in this niche so you've just wanted a wine glass similar to it or relatively recently but you're not getting the sales that this guy's getting and you know that because you've been tracking for a while and you know that he's getting the sales so one of the things we're going to pretend here that I have that this is a obviously a legitimate campaign I just generated this to show you guys rose ass will pretend that we have all the wine you know keywords that you would normally have down here and if you don't understand you know how to target certain keywords you can watch some my other videos I have videos on how to identify certain keywords and you know how to rank rank for certain back-end search terms organically so you can check those out if you want they're on my channel but let's just pretend here that we have all the keywords going down and what you're going to do is one of the things that the automatic keyword tools like you know whatever keyword tool you're using in this case I was talking about keyword inspector one of the things that they're going to do is they're literally gonna run your competitors listings through all the potential keywords that they feel that you could be ranking that they could be ranking for anything possible really really fast and then they're going to identify where they are on in Amazon search results and tell you those and give you those insights but you can do that manually if you want to just going to take some time so I'll give you a little bit of rundown on how to do that what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to look through their listings on and find certain crucial keywords that they're you know that might be emphasizing the listing that you're not ranking for and one of the ways to do that is literally put yourself in the customers shoes and think hey what would i search in Amazon search results to get me through this wineglass you know to something like this and be water you know keywords in their listing whether it's the description box or their bullet points that I don't have emphasized in either my back-end search results or my PPC or anything of this sort so this will give you a good idea you can kind of scan through these and just kind of pick words that look legitimate and can search them in the amazon yourself so let's take quality glassware and that's pretty broad but I doubt the ranking for that but obviously they're making a lot of sales if they have foreigner and picking on customer reviews so literally I want to do is quality glassware see if there anything for that and this is what is a national edging good day bad day wineglass okay so they're not ranking that on the first page will go back in really fast and we'll pick another one you do product description if you want I like to kind of search their title obviously this is a little bit of a smaller title but so I'm going to let's try don't even ask wine glass maybe yours yours doesn't even say don't even ask but if this is your competitors so you have something similar you're going to want to try to rank for their competitors keywords too just in case and you can literally put them in your your keywords in your provide them in your keywords here and then real it's relatively low on them you know maybe it's like 20 cents or 30 cents depending on what's recommended a little bit lower than that just to kind of rank for that that will help your ranking organically too even if you don't hit on those keywords and if you do then that will help you as well so let's go back into Amazon search that don't even ask wine glass I bet you they probably rank for that national they do so there's second in search results for a good day for don't even ask one glass and like I said even if you don't this isn't what your says you're still going to try to target that and just not bid high on it so we're going to go back and we're going to search more what's another one lead-free maybe or dishwasher-safe are things that you can that you can target I'm going to try lead-free and obviously it's different if you type lead-free into the search results and lead-free wine glass or lead-free wine let's see if they let's see if they rank for lead free wine doesn't appear that they do let's try wet free wine glass and doesn't look like they ring for that either okay so they don't rank for lead-free wine glass and you can literally just take all the words in their listing that you feel like might be you know certain keywords and obviously you're not gonna be able to see their back-end keywords but this is something that you can do manually just to kind of help you out with your PVC we'll try another one hand edge let's try let's try ashed that's just a good one and even if yours is an etch like I said you can still sort of sort of target this keyword let's try edge wine glass that's my high school glass H okay so here they're on the first page for etch wine glass – so you also know that they're ranking for that so we're going to throw that into our keywords hatched wine glass and then you're going to obviously when you go down and you can do as many as you'd like this isn't a good example of listing because it's not very filled out but usually there'll be a lot more keywords involved in here and you kind of go through it and identify certain ones that you might not have targeted yourself and then just type them into them about search bar see if they rank for them and then you can target them with your PPC so extra wine glass we're just gonna pretend that we have like 10 to 20 here we're going to add them and you'll see that okay they don't even have any current data for this and people aren't even attempting to rank for these that much yet that Amazon doesn't have that much data on them so I'm going to put a bid low of like 21 cents on these and you can kind of use your imagination I don't want to afford you guys with this you can you I'm sure you get the idea but I'm going to give you another tip relatively fast it's crucial for that so one thing that not many people do and I really haven't just came to this came to fruition the other day and I tested it on so I'm working great for me so I wanted to give you guys this this tip – if national matching wine glass is your competitor a lot of things that people going to do or try to rank for their competitors listing senators names keyword so let's try this I'll show you what I mean national matching we'll type that in national fetching because that's your competitor and you'll see that only two people are bidding on this one of them is him so when people type in national itching for the most part whether it's national watching I'm wineglass anybody that types into the search bar are looking for their product because they're already established not many people are bidding on over here so you can take advantage of that because hey you can bid on it and be even get it for really really cheap and then that will give your product more exposure and have you have the potential of stealing any of their customers that search for any of these so what you're going to want to do is you're going to wanna go to national itching and type that into your national chain type that into your keywords and add it and you'll see that's won't have any data either and I would go a little bit over two cents let's go like twelve cents but that's just another idea for you guys you can test it out use it it works great work great for me I hope it work great for you

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