"WHAT IS HELL"  Theology Poem | Catholicism's view of Hell

can you explain more about why you don't believe hell is tortured in hell he's talking about Dante he describes Satan frozen that's what hell is Satan is frozen so that's what I'm saying here the numbness it's not a hot pain but this type of depression is the worst torture hell is ease and it's freedom but is it really you can you explain more about why you don't believe hell is tortured okay so I recommend that you watch episode 10 of Bishop Aaron's Catholicism series episode 10 it's called world without end of Bishop Aaron's Catholicism series it's on the word on fire app you can do a week free trial if you need to or you can find someone who has a subscription and borrow their iPad I actually wrote a poem on what hell is when I was in depression that was actually like Catholic theology okay how about I read you guys my help home it's super dark like I was in severe depression I know what hell is because I've been there far too many times it's an era a fog that covers you slowly gently leading you into a comfort and ease fatigue brilliant dreams a confusion you want to stop trying so hard fading away thoughts thrown around until you're slowed down all the way down into this place lacking nothing stumbling up grasping light but you're weak just let go into this comfort of isolation rest from striving and surviving void of breaking wanting loving encapsulated by freedom from intensity and rejection you surrender stop fighting against fog that surrounds all thoughts that numbs your soul fog that seals a heart from pleasure and poison your mind dizzying and turning just stop fighting you scream and run remembering flickers of light of Sun s o n you cry and cry until your strength is it enough to remember you break from muddled thoughts into restless sleep of vivid dreams that leaves you exhausted but wanting more of a loss of a world of dreams start breathing in the comfort as you're falling deeper into nothingness you awake breathing hard everything blurred you drift away content with numbing that pours into you a comfort from all of this so I did the poems gonna keep going but Bishop Baron he quotes he's talking about Dante in his in his series he describes Satan frozen that's what hell is Satan is frozen so that's what I'm saying here the numbness it's not a hot pain but this type of depression is the worst torture you drift away content with numbing that pours into you a comfort from all of them so you're comforted by being isolated from other people and you whisper to the others above that this is the answer but you're caught up with these other minds that live between dark and light that can't focus that no it's okay to be free from clarity you forget how to feel and make this your home and you stay because you can't fight and you want to fall deeper and deeper into this void where no one lacks or needs were fulfilled in ending striving we're fixed forgiven and loved through forgotten lives the struggle is over everything it's over and we've won in this unfeeling constant ease but sometimes there are bursts of light and life and terror and hope and I feel shame and regret and joy and peace I don't want to run towards it so and that's God's light so God's light feels like terror because you're in such darkness and void and numbness and so anything light is so freakin painful but that's God is painful because you've gotten to a point where God is painful okay so talking about the light talking about God I don't want to run torch it so I stay avoiding the pain and shame and change change is so painful that's what purgatory is I stay where were shielded from the light free and safe and unashamed and I hope you guys are getting from the poem it's fascinating that everything that hell is promising is also what heaven is promising but you have to it's in a completely different way does that make sense so like I'll finish reading the poem in a second and then explain more but in how you're not you don't have shame because you don't have to share anything so you don't have shame in heaven you don't have shame because you're forgiven and you had to like be completely naked in front of God and that's so painful that's purgatory but then when you get to heaven you don't have shame and it's the same thing we're like hell is ease and it's freedom but is it really like heaven is ease even though it's so much work getting there and it's completely vulnerable okay so I stay in Hell where we're shielded from the light shielded from God free and safe and unashamed no one cries no one fears or no one breaks no changes of our souls that tear into us so it's painful change it changes of our souls that tear into your very being that's what it's like on earth die to yourself take up your cost this life is not your own it's so freaking painful God's the most demanding person in the world it's insane how demanding God is because he wants the absolute best of us he wants us to flourish the most and it's so painful so he'll is not tearing into your very being so it's comfortable I don't cry or feel no pain until I see glimpses bursts of pastor reawakening so what is so painful and depression to see other people who are happy and close to God that was the most painful thing in depression cuz I felt nothing and I would be at church next to people who are like worshiping and happy and singing these joyous times and I'm there and I'm so disconnected from the world and I want to just scream and cry and tell people that I'm literally like not alive and like experiencing my brain shutting down like being buried alive and no one believes me or understands why I'm saying that and so it's so painful in that state to be around people who are Christians that's the most painful thing I don't cry or feel no pain until I see glimpses of bursts of past joy reawakening reminded of a different life it's clarity that hurts the light is far too bright I don't remember but I feel and I miss I miss something of that warmth so in depression you don't make me cry again Lizzie so um in depression you have so much memory loss you literally forget who you are and so it's like in hell you have like these hints of essences I felt the light before I don't remember when I crash back down back home a way for myself away from choices and faults so this is the thing too like with purgatory why it's so painful and also I recommend reading the Great Divorce listen to the Great Divorce audiobook by CS Lewis it's about purgatory good night lovelies your poetry is amazing Lizzie I wish you all the best um yeah yeah so like it's so easy it's like slip into hell and once you're there it's so painful and hard and like you have to run up to get past that and get to God so you crash back down a home away from myself away from choices and faults there are this is the craziest thing about how there are others here laying down and falling floating I'm fine without asking knowing what they feel and thinkin watts you literally don't care about other people you're by yourself and like in the Great Divorce he's describing hell which is purgatory and there are like millions of miles between everyone because everyone gets in fights with each other and they'll have a neighborhood and then they'll all fight so they'll be only one person living in the neighborhood and they like live like without anyone else because you're all fighting and they don't care about each other that's what a hell is so there are others laying down falling floating but I'm fine without asking or knowing what they feel and think and what were together but disconnected and I noticed glimpses of other Souls but we don't but we don't need the others we don't need ourselves and at once I remember that light I was that light I loved the light it was a part of me it lived in me apart from me I've known a name a struggle blood and thorns shame but powered the others we made ourselves feel known so it's like remembering okay so this part isn't really how parallel this is like do depression I guess this would be like if someone was a Christian and they left Christianity and then were reminded of it fog falling surrounding it turns me away I don't have strength so I don't think it's actually this bad I don't think Satan is like physically like I don't think it's like actively trying to pull this away from God maybe it is I don't understand how spiritual warfare works I don't think anyone does fully but this is like in depression it's like physically pulling you back into depression you have no free will but um the bursa of light would be like what I was manic so I would like for a day like be fully alive and like crash back down fog falling surrounding it turns me away I don't have strength falling into no cares not thinking and I lay back down I don't need to remember I don't mind to forget because I'm an akai not scary but just to be to be reading something I wrote like two summers ago that I haven't looked at that was just like depression poetry I would not be like this up open with this and so chill with reading it if I wasn't manic Lizzie your description of Hell is better than Dante's oh my gosh um cuz I have experienced it and I think that's what is so cool about at my parish should we only take breath oh you only take the bread okay it's like you like like you like breathing you like how baby animals like the pig wouldn't like to up the food and like put it in the babies like the priest isn't green okay so then this part of the poem sucks but I'll read it that hell haunts the happiness I feel now but the light it makes me forget I try to remember but it's fading away into the light getting brighter everything is getting brighter and more vibrant severe depression is hell on earth lifelessness void lacking nothing because you have no passion no love no feelings of joy no longings or challenges no regrets no loss no strength no hate no desires and so I owe it keeps going you're the light at the end of my tunnel is he oh so happy I hope I can give you guys hope that like this is how I felt two years ago and it was like so real in my entire life and now I can read this and I was like oh like that's a phase of my life that's gone that I will never be in again because there's medication and I choose to go on medication and so I lay here this is bad this is bad writing so content so free so safe kept alive eternally in the dark horrible writing was okay to be clear like this part that I'm like bad writing is not part of the poem it's like stuff below it then I was like didn't make the poem um it's dead this drug okay this struggle is over but everything is not over the light from before it's still here we're all still here oh this is so dark we're all still here where we want to be so everyone wants to be at help people so that's why it's difficult comparing Helder depression because like in depression like I didn't want to be in my brain was like bipolar depression episode BAM but this is like the same mindset of depression is what hell is like and people actually choose that amount of isolation they choose to be numbed just by going on Instagram and watching Netflix and like not actually having engaging conversations and depth relationships where there's so much vulnerability and we're scary and you're like family like with everyone in your life people are scared to get close to people they're scared to open up they're scared to be passionate and chase their dreams and be fully alive and so this type of depression mindset of isolation is literally how people live like there are many people I've met who I've gone through horrible things in their lives and they don't want to deal with it they don't want to talk about it they don't want to heal from it people even with physical things I meet people who are like scared to go to the doctor because they just don't like like needles or medicine or like they don't want to talk about it like and so there's literally people who choose to be broken who choose to stay sick and so it happens on a spiritual level too where people literally don't want to get healed people just want to like ruminate in their hurt and not deal with it and if you have any questions about how purgatory God torture that's all answered in that hour-long episode by a bishop okay and then I say at the end of the poem complete negative freedom so this is a political science thing that like changed my life political philosophy classes changed my life in America we have a negative freedom society everyone is like don't tell me what to do I want to do whatever I want as long as I'm not harming anyone I can do whatever I want if you're addicted to heroin like I'm so free I'm doing heroin no you're not you're addicted to heroin you don't have any free will because you're addicted to that and so just because we have we can choose what we have does not mean we're free and so Christianity is saying yes you follow all these rules that your Creator gives you of how to flourish and by following those rules you're gonna be the most free person in the world you're gonna be the most peaceful chill relaxed person ever if you follow these rules that's positive freedom