What in the world is Faith and Beliefs??

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Hey guys, David here from Saints
Unscripted. If you look closely you’ll notice that we’re missing the other
hosts today. You’ll be happy to know they were translated. Obviously I’m kidding
and I apologize to all the people who have no idea what being translated means,
we’ll get to that later. Okay so one of the purposes of Saints Unscripted is to
answer questions that people have about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. We give it our best shot and, as the title reveals, it is extremely
unscripted. We spout off a lot of personal opinions, make plenty of
mistakes and have a great time in the process. But what you’re watching right
now is a new segment of the show we’re going to simply call Faith and Beliefs.
In it I’m gonna go over basic Latter-day Saint beliefs in a way that’s hopefully
going to be much faster more in-depth and a bit more organized than our
traditional episodes. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn a little more about our
faith in a little less time. But, and whenever somebody points this out in the
comments section, I’m gonna refer them back to this very line- the episodes for
this segment are pretty much totally scripted. Please know we’re not trying to
deceive you and if it makes you feel better, I’m writing the scripts, these are
still my words, there’s not some old guy in a suit typing this stuff up for me
somewhere, I script the Faith and Belief segment but the main event, Saints
Unscripted, remains sometimes painfully true to the name. So going into this new
segment, here’s what you should know. First, I’m not trying to convert you to
my religion. All I’m here to do is teach you about what we believe. Whether or not
you believe it is between you and God. As for me, loving my neighbor isn’t
conditional on whether or not you have the same beliefs as me. If you’re a
Catholic and want to stay Catholic but are also curious about what Latter-day
Saints believe, sweet! Welcome! These videos should be helpful. Also, these
videos are not meant to criticize the beliefs of different religions. If you
scroll through virtually any of the comments sections of Saints Unscripted,
you’ll see how often our beliefs are attacked. I don’t like it and I don’t
want anyone watching to feel like I’m making fun of them. That said, in order to
understand some Latter-day Saint beliefs, it will be important to address why we
don’t believe some of the common doctrines of other faiths, so expect that
but don’t expect any videos about exposing
or proof that evangelicals are wrong. Those videos are just the worst. Also
these videos are going to be brief.I’ll try to cover the most relevant stuff as
comprehensively as possible but understand that for some of these videos-
some of these topics- there are literally semester long college courses so if I
don’t cover everything, get on our website, send us an email with your
questions and we’ll totally get back to you. That’s encouraged. Speaking of our
website, if you want a little more information about the topics addressed
in these videos, go on our website Saints Unscripted.com, there’s a link in the
description below and there will be a written article associated with each of
these videos that will probably cover more there than what I cover here so
without further ado, subscribe to the channel so you know when we post new
videos and check us out on social media. The first several videos are gonna cover
the latter-day Saint Articles of Faith. Instead of starting with number one
though, we’re gonna jump straight to number 11 so keep an eye out for that in
the next week or so and we’ll see you then.

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  1. SUCH a good idea! Way to create a safe place for people of all faiths to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  2. Interestingly this gentlemen commented on how often LDS beliefs are 'attacked,' as he put it.
    The Latter Day Saints founder Joseph Smith laid the foundations of that faith by attacking ALL Christian churches and ministers of his day.
    He taught his followers that ALL other churches were corrupt and also believed corrupted doctrines, and that they were basically 'of the devil'.
    He also accused early Christians of corrupting the Holy Bible, so that the true gospel and 'many plain and precious truths' were lost.
    Another accusation was that Christians no longer had any authority, ( having allegedly lost all priesthood authority soon after the death of Christ).
    Joseph Smith claimed that God had appeared to him personally and had revealed truths lost from the Bible, (and even given Joseph additional scriptures) as well as restoring to him personally 'Apostolic authority' through a visitation of Biblical characters.
    The LDS church claims that only they can go to be WITH God and BECOME Gods themselves.
    As you may imagine this can only be achieved by a lifetime commitment of doing EVERYTHING that Joseph Smith taught ,and what the church leaders teach.
    LDS leaders,especially the earlier ones were virulently anti Christian.
    To this day the LDS attacks Christianity's rule of faith, the Holy Bible itself, calling it 'not translated correctly', incredibly this is their 8th 'Article of faith'.
    On the other hand they trust Joseph Smith's book of Mormon as ' the most correct book on earth'.
    They have a profound faith in 'the prophet', and their leaders.
    This then is the roots of the LDS faith, i.e. Joseph Smith's rejection of the teachings of Christian churches, and his undermining of their rule of faith, and the truth and simplicity of the everlasting gospel found only In the Bible.
    Perhaps most importantly he rejected the Bible's gospel message, introducing another gospel.
    Followers of Joseph Smith become Mormons, (and perhaps superficially nicer people), but they don't become Bible believing Christians.
    Kind regards to all, especially LDS folk.

  3. This is such a great idea! I look forward to reading more about every topic on the website. Thanks for putting the time into this. It will be a great resource! As requested, some video suggestions…
    -The book of Abraham
    -The fallacy of prophets and scripture
    -Scriptures in the Bible that support our beliefs
    -Our beliefs on exaltation
    -History of how the canon we have today came about
    -The importance of relying on the spirit, and not just “facts”
    -Grace vs good works
    -Isaiah verses on “only one God”
    -Freemasonry and the temple
    -The direction President Nelson is taking the church and why
    -The milennium
    -The apostasy and prophesies that it would happen
    -The preexistence
    -The resurrection
    If I think of anymore, I’ll let you know. 😉

  4. I am very excited about this new segment. Ready to learn. Yes, yes, I am Orthodox but I really want to better understand where my beloved LDS brothers and sisters are coming from.

  5. Kind of random question, and I wasn’t sure where to drop it. I’ve heard the two occasions members of the church receive their temple garments are when they’ve gone on a mission work when they’re married. What about people who join the church later in life, or already married? Are there other circumstances when one would receive their temple garments?


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