What Are Most & Least Religious Countries?

when Yelp international with a new poll out ask people how religious they are in different countries so let's find out who the most religious countries and then we'll find out who the least religious are okay number one in the world I'm I can't believe this Thailand is the most religious country in the world I'm super shocked by that I'm serious I didn't see that coming ninety-four percent uh say they are religious in Thailand is a massive study by the way sixty-three thousand people as almost sixty four thousand so Thailand summer what are many as number two ninety three percent was only two percent atheists obviously differences people who are neither they're undecided they're not really sure Bangladesh uh coming in tied with our mini at ninety three percent but they have the distinct honor of having zero percent atheists George is number four Morocco's number five Fiji's number six when diverse list look at this Muslim Christian Buddhist uh and and uh and honestly some places unknown to me at least as South Africa ninety-one percent and mixed obviously as well uh they could be of different religions but they are religious right Algeria ninety percent religious also zero percent atheist Kenny 89 percent Macedonia eighty eight percent so those your top ten countries all different religions but they agree that they are very very religious and they believe in the sky god am i putting a little bit of spin on that okay what why people offended by the word sky got he's a guy he's up in the sky right if you believe in them we should like yet it's awesome that's my sky got okay anyways now let's go to least religious countries uh these are more uh to my liking coming in at number ten in essence cuz they did poll 65 countries and number 56 in least religious was Germany 34 percent religious that's very small god bless their hearts 17% atheist declared atheists saying no I am I'm not confused there is no God I'm an atheist okay so while Vietnam at 57 okay god bless Israel that's ironic we're proud of Israel at only 30 percent religious eight percent atheist which is significant uh religion a bit problem in the Middle East and in Israel they of course some are very religious and uh unfortunately extremist cause problems there but I'm hard to see that overall it's religious country UK coming in in the top ten least religious as well then Hong Kong and Netherlands Czech Republic Sweden Japan and China so a lot of northern European countries but at the end there you saw China number one and look at this tiny number only 7% are religious in China they got a lot of folks there so as a person who's agnostic who is a devoutly against religion right I don't claim to have the answers okay I dunno what's wrong I know the two plus two does not equal 5 and I know in my estimation there is no sky god that said ok you dude walk on water but I'm gonna confuse everybody else in the center but over there in a and a impose and a for over there and I'm gonna get you guys all messed up and I'm gonna give you all these laws that apply for 2000 years ago that none exist so when I see China the most populous country in the world only 7% religious I think it's an awesome number and 61% atheist in China yet by my estimation wonderful so how did the u.s. do uh 56 percent of religious six percent atheists um we get there we get there about twenty percent of the country is saying that they don't believe in religion but you know some are easy some agnostic some are spiritual just not religious they don't believe in the dogma so so we're in the middle not bad we got some room to uh to grow in my opinion to become less uh you know tied to the mythology of the past now here comes bad news overall when you look at the numbers globally an average of two thirds of people still consider themselves religious so if you are in the rational world and you don't believe in virgin births and uh and talking bushes and a lot talking to you on a mountaintop uh well you're in the minority okay the people who do believe those myths are still two thirds of the world and uh and then one final one that's even a little bit more depressing I'll explain why as is the case in a second they say overall those on a thirty four tend to be more religious than other age groups as do those without a formal education but in general religious people or majority in all educational levels now we know their majority overall just told you that but why the young right it's because some countries like Iran for example have an enormous percentage of population under the age of 25 now a lot of those countries that have very religious backgrounds unfortunately don't have great education Iran is not the best example of that the education system in for example in Afghanistan is horrific much much worse in Iran and in the less educated they are the more likely they are to be religious and a lot of those countries have higher percentage of young so Japan doesn't have a lot of young people comparatively whereas Afghanistan Iran it said those countries have more young people and they're more religious that's what leads to more of the young people across the country on average being more religious but I'm not yeah that's a bad number right but I'm not worried about that because part the problem is they don't have access to information I believe that information is the answer knowledge is the answer now of course religious people believe especially Christians the exact opposite now why do I say specially Christians because in the Bible and you can say it's fair to say that this also since is in the Old Testament also applies to Jews and obviously by extension because the Muslims say they believe it as well to Muslims as well but it it's it's in the first chapter Genesis do not eat the poisonous fruit of the tree of knowledge the one thing religion hates the most is knowledge that's why Boko Haram means in their native language a Western education is evil a reality they're not in favor of any education they think all education is evil because they think knowledge leads away from religion of course it does of course it does because when you get any bit of knowledge you realize that the stars in the sky are not little pinholes that God poked into the sky to create a vision of heaven that was what the really original religious people believe there's a seven headed dragon in the New Testament and the Old Testament okay is all sorts of insane mythology and when you have the Internet when you have information when you have knowledge and education we will win in the end these all myths will be wiped out I know it seems really hard to believe but look we've got the most populous country on our side and the more information people have in all these countries the less of a toehold religion we'll have have right now we're the minority but work up