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Posted By on May 5, 2019

hello guys and welcome to another episode of subset video blog today we are talking about lsit ors what they are and where to get them when I'm talking about LSI keywords you have to keep in mind that they don't have as much to do with language learning or linguistics as the heavily with search engine marketing Alice I stands for latent semantic indexing and the word index in here indicates that it has something to do with organic rankings simply put if the same set of pages rank for keyword a and that same set of pages ranks for keyword be the keywords a and B are LSI keywords for example we have 10 pages which rank for the keyword bicycle and we have another 10 pages ranking for the keyword wipe and from these 10 pages and these same pages we have 8 pages in common so we have 80% chance of keywords biking bicycle could be LSI keywords and if you analyze more than 10 pages you get more precise data and that is what we do a subset so let me tell you how to find LSI keywords with subsets we've done the job for you so finding LSI keywords the short data is as easy as clicking one button first we have to type in a keyword you want to research and expand the killacycle keywords then they gave us your research on the left menu and find the related keywords section this is where you'll find the list of keywords for each the pages that rank for your initial keyword also rank for we have a metric connection string that shows you how many pages actually rank for these keywords it also rank for your initial keyword so you can make sure that this keyword is actually related to your initial search start to get these weeks of viewers who analyzed herbs for tens of millions of viewers we analyze top 100 results for every keyword and when we solve some intersections where the same pages of brantford keyword a also rank for keyword B we save these data to create this list for you so go ahead and give it a go and here any keyword in the search the search bar navigate the SEO research and related keywords section you will get a list of keywords to optimize your pages with you will find some of them quite surprising so not hesitate give subsets ago and expand your semantics that's it for now have a great day guys and I will see you next time right I like that so much altitude

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  1. The video is slightly misleading as it requires not only a paid account, but a plan B account, currently at $70 per month.


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