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Posted By on May 4, 2019

so what are keywords they get talked about a lot businesses rely on them websites rely on them keywords are the search terms that we type into Google or other search engines they basically describe what we're looking for and the important thing to remember at keywords is they're not just single words although the word itself keyword sounds like they should be they are actually usually two three four or five words combined together and sometimes they're called longtail keywords or keyword phrases keywords have lots of functions they are really important to business and they help businesses identify what their customers are looking for and Google uses them to direct us towards those websites if we type say social media management as you can see here into Google that is a keyword and their websites that use this keyword or keyword phrase as a way of pulling in the right traffic and supplying something that satisfies this description it's really important for Google to use and have keywords sitting in the right place if the keywords don't work then we're not satisfied with what Google is providing and then Google has failed so it's in Google's interests to make sure that whatever appears for the keywords that we type in or the search as we type into Google that we get the right results so to summarize keywords can be more than just one word they're generally a phrase they're things that businesses use in their websites and within their social media it's a judge of a website's identity or a campaigns identity maybe in social media and it's a way for us to find the right content online guys if you've got any more questions about keywords and put them in down below if you found this useful click the thumbs up guys thanks again

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