What Are Keywords And How Do You Use Them With Free Tools

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what are key words in how do you use them hey guys Chris and Walker superstar SEO and legit here coming back to you with another video in the SEO 101 section I know it's been a couple weeks and I do apologize for that but at least I've been keeping a steady stream of content on there in the meantime but in today's video we're gonna talk about the next step and that is understanding what a keyword is how you use them and how to pick the right ones now again this is for beginners so if you're one of those people that gets offended by basic content hit the back button right now although I think you should keep watching because you never know if you're gonna pick up something or not so that's pretty much it let's not done it spend a lot of time talking about what we're gonna talk about and let's get right into it okay so we're here in my computer and first I'm gonna walk you through a few important points that you need to understand before we get into some examples and how we can use those to continue the site that we've been working on so what is a keyword I guess the first thing I need to do is define it when we're talking about SEO a keyword is a word or a phrase that describes the contents of a property such as a web page on the Internet now there are other uses in English and probably other languages that for a keyword as well but for our purposes this is what it means there's some important notes just because it's just because it's called a keyword doesn't mean it has to be a single word maybe it's just me but when I first started that was confusing to me I thought it had to be a single word but a keyword can be one word or a phrase so computers is a key word how to use a computer is also a key word hopefully that clears that up generally a key word is no more than five words but that's not necessarily always true it can be as few or as many words as you need it to be so how to find the best diet for men over 40 in America or something like that give me a key word but then again you know it can be something simple like dieting so it just depends on what you're trying to use it for and things like that and we'll get into that a bit keywords are how search engines understand the contents of various properties on the internet and I said various properties meaning it not just limited to web pages and websites but videos social media things like that so the reason I mentioned this is because often I get people asking me to look at their site and figure out why it isn't ranking and they and when I look at it they've given the search engine almost no information that it's about that particular keyword and that's almost not almost always but very often in the case so that's why I included that here even though it's a bit beyond what we're talking about keywords can identify almost anything you could be talking about where to find the best tropical fruit smoothie near you or you can be talking about where to buy a Dodge Ram Pickup I think they still make those I don't know I don't know I'm not a car guy but basically there's no limit to what it can be and then not all keywords are created equal once we give into the computer or into a search engine a little further I'm gonna show you what I mean by that but basically some keyboards have much much more value than others and that's kind of where the skill comes in but that's getting a bit beyond us let's dive over to a web browser and get some examples going ok so we're here in Google and I'm gonna give you an example of a keyword or a few examples of keywords and then we're gonna build out a little bit of a list for the site we've been building and I'm gonna talk about some teeth and key things that associate with keywords so let's put in just anything let's start with a one-word keyword and let's go eat now you'll see here and I'm to do this I'm using a browser extension called keywords everywhere and I'll go ahead and leave a link to that in the comments for you but or in the description for you but you can see here it tells us the volume the cost per click remember how we talked about cost per click in the bads video the SEO versus ads video and that gives a competition score the volume is the average number of searches per month that yes so you can see this one gets 450,000 searches a month are on average 450,000 searches a month and it costs 78 cents on average to get a click so that tells us that there's a lot of people looking for that term and the cost to advertise for it is pretty low although there's probably going to be a lot of people advertising for it the next thing we can do is kind of expand that out and let's go with keto or vegans which is kind of the site that we've been building out so you can see this one gets a tenth as much traffic and cost roughly the same so this one gets four hundred and fifty forty thousand five hundred searches and gets a cost-per-click of sixty-five cents now why is that important well first of all when you're trying to use search engine optimization to get traffic to your website or whatever let's just say website so I don't have to keep adding that caveat you obviously want terms that are gonna have some volume now as we hit a little more into this later on I'm gonna explain why that's not always a hard number that you need to look for but or a hard rule you need to follow but it is important that there be some search volume there because let's just type in something random yeah that didn't work let's see very best in its recipes see there's zero volume for that so then that's because it's unlikely that somebody's going to type that exact phrase in and this therefore it wouldn't be something you would necessarily target and added a lot of extra words to this just to make sure that I got something that didn't have any volume so that's why you want to make sure that you have something that has a little bit of search volume when you start thinking about building out your website for whatever purpose you're building it out for so let's look at a business type term let's say Boyer and Boston so this one is that's actually probably not right to be honest 69 searches a month doesn't seem right to me that's another is actually an important lesson I'm glad that happen you can't you can't use just a tool you have to use your brain a little bit too and that me I'm sorry if that sounds offensive but it's true I think tools will only give you a piece of the information and help you research it so Boston lawyers gets a thousand searches a month so obviously this can apply is it anything that you want to search and you see that one has an extremely high cost per click which is $11 well I wouldn't call it extremely high but a much higher cost per click eleven dollars and fourteen cents and what that means is there's no advertisements on that page let's try it okay well it means that no one is that advertising for it at the moment or at least it's not triggering ads but essentially what that means is if there were an ad here let's just pretend this was an ad and I were to click on it it would cost that person eleven dollars and fourteen cents but that's more of a PPC thing but I just want you to understand what it is also as for this competition score just ignore it I don't find those to be very reliable and by the way there are lots of other tools that can get you data like this just quickly okay one more example and then we're gonna start working on building out a keyword list for our site let's look at let's go with Miami massage therapist and see this one's a little different as a volume of 40 and it's cost-per-click of $3.22 the main things you want to consider some people will tell you to consider when you're doing SEO finding things with a low cost per click I don't really see the logic in that myself so that's just me your mileage may vary and then you obviously want something with at least a little bit of volume and like I said in a later video we're gonna talk about how volume doesn't necessarily mean there's nobody searching for it but for now just assume that you want something with a little bit about them so I just wanted to show you kind of a wide variety because I could say keywords are not created equal now let's go back to our Quito for vegans okay so this is gonna be what I call a our seed keyword so we're gonna start making a list and checking it twice my favorite tool to do these is literally staring us in the face and that is Google's suggestions so if we come down here we see more thing that we see related searches and what these are are things that people that have searched for quito vegan snacks have also searched for so they've also seen that search for quito vegan snack recipes there's zero search volume on that however that doesn't mean no one's searching for it obviously Google didn't just pull these out of thin air these are terms that some people have looked for it's just less than 10 per month but we're gonna grab that one put that in our keyword list let's see this one has a circle of 590 but it's not Quito specific so that's not necessarily what we want best vegan Tito cookbook now don't you think that that's something that someone that Aikido vegan would like if I can copy and paste it let's just do this and then you can click on it and drill down to get even more now there are more advanced ways to do keyword research than this but this is a great way to educating started Vita vegan keto lunch recipes that one has 210 searches a month so that's something we might want to target and I probably should have been recording how many searches per month these have 320 and this was a 40 40 thousand so you guys can see it so let's see what else we have you can do the other version of a – vegan ketose snacks this is what we're doing right now is we're building out a list of terms that we want to put on our site it says that ya find one more good one I think we're gonna take that one too even though it doesn't have much search volume and then we're gonna fund one more with some search volume so we can kind of flesh out our site let's see what it recommends it over here so this was a sample vegetarian Peter diet but why couldn't it be vegan so that didn't work the way I hope and this is see this is but this is how you find out what what your Sneed to use to build out their site vegan keto before and after see I wouldn't have thought of that one that has 880 searches per month so I think this is a good one so we're gonna keep that that's eighty we're gonna get a one more level down and see if there's anything the in Quito weight loss results so now we're picking up a trend of it being something that people do to lose weight which I guess makes sense now that I think God so 260 all right I think that's good enough I think you get the idea keywords are these are longtail keywords for our main term so let me explain why why I've done this okay so the reason that we have a bunch of them instead of just one is obviously there are more ways to get traffic that way the more things that you rank for the more traffic and can get but also it's because you want to make as much relevant as many relevant keywords as possible so if we start here at the top and we assume this is our homepage then from there we want to have some supporting keywords so we're gonna have Quito for vegan snacks we want to have what else did we get we would have a keto vegan diet and then under that we would have even more so we had before and after we had what else weight loss results and so on wait sir then what we're doing is we're giving this site as much overall keyword relevance for the term Quito for Egan's and what that's gonna do long term and I'll show that more once we get to building out the site a little bit more is it's gonna help increase the keyword relevance of the whole site and give it a better chance for ranking for the big dog up here which is the 40k keyword so one more thing before we wrap this up let's just check your look at our site right so this homepage is gonna be about specifically for the keyword Quito for vegans and we're gonna build out a pit a category for keto snacks a category for keto diet or keto vegan diet and all these other things and then from underneath those categories we're gonna build out those particular topics so there's one to you to visually see the site as well and I still need to get a better image for there since strawberries are definitely not Quito so I think it's probably gone a little deeper in this video than I intended to and I'm sorry about that but I really wanted you to get an idea of just I didn't want to just give you a definition I wanted to give you something to look at and tell you what keywords are about so if you have any questions feel free to ask them so let's do a quick recap what is a keyword a keyword is basically anything that describes what a web page is about it doesn't mean it has to be a single word it's generally no more than five words but obviously it can be more it's how search engines understand the content of a web page and they can identify most anything but they're not all created equal we went through an example using using the the tool keywords everywhere and just the stuff that Google gives us to find out and build out a nice set of keywords and to be honest we'll probably keep going with this this won't be all the ones we use on the site I just wanted to use an example we've got some that we're low volume some that were medium volume and then one that we're targeting for really high volume and then we talked about how weird our relevance with for our entire site so as you can continue to see the site get fleshed out this will make more sense but that's pretty much it for now I'm gonna jump back on camera and wrap this up all right guys there you have it now like I said I think I went a little deeper on this topic than I intended to but it's really important it's probably the most important video in the series so far because this is kind of the foundation of everything else you're going to do with SEO is determining what kind of keywords you want to go after and creating a bunch of them to get some search volume and some traffic to your site so if that was – if I went a little too deep or a little too fast or anything like that for anybody just ask your questions in the comments and I'll personally respond to them so I think that's pretty much it I think we're gonna do another video and another day or two on continuing this series we'll start building out the site a little bit more adding some content to it and things like that and then we'll go from there so thanks for watching follow us join us on facebook at superstar SEO guru that's the superstar SEO Facebook group you check me out on Facebook as well at Chris and Walker dot social and then you can follow me on instagram at superstar SEO and most importantly do me a favor click the subscribe button in the notification belt underneath this video so you can get alerted every every single day when new videos drop out if you want more training like this check out superstar SEO Academy at superstar SEO comm slash Academy thanks for watching it means the world to me I hope you found it helpful and I'll see you in the next one

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