We’re Not Atheists Because You’re Bad Christians

Posted By on September 16, 2019

There’s this idea in some Christian circles
that the reason a lot of us are atheists is because a lot of Christians
aren’t christianizing right. They’re hypocrites or they’re not generous enough, or they don’t talk
about their faith as much as they should. They think that whole “love the sinner,
hate the sin” thing makes sense. Like if they were actually
nice to gay people, we would just forget that a lot of them
actively oppose LGBT rights. Sure. The late Christian author Brennan Manning,
famously said: the greatest single cause of atheism
in the world today is Christians who acknowledge
Jesus with their lips, but walk out the door
and deny him with their lifestyle. He could not have been
more wrong. The problem isn’t the messenger, the problem is the message. If Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard and
all those other televangelists weren’t around, it might be a little harder
to laugh at Christianity, But if they weren’t around it’s not like all of us
would start praising Jesus all of a sudden. It’s easy to point out the hypocrisy
because it shows that Christianity isn’t even good at the one thing
it’s supposed to be good at doing: making you a better person. You know, Christianity,
you had one job and you failed. But we’re not atheist because a lot of Christians
are unable to live up to some ridiculously high standard. To paraphrase my friend Neil Carter: no atheists have ever argued that
we would believe in the divinity of Jesus, if only Christians
lived more biblically. We’re atheists because Christian doctrine
just doesn’t make sense. And neither does the doctrine
of any other religion for that matter. We’re atheist because all the evidence
points away from faith. Because snakes don’t talk. Because humans aren’t inherently bad just because
a woman had the nerve to acquire some knowledge. Because the world
wasn’t created for our benefit. No, we’re lucky to be here. Because the world
wasn’t created in 6 days, no matter how long
you think those days actually were. Because living your life
according to a single book is a horrible idea. Because if the stories
from the Bible happened today, if someone said
they rose from the dead, or a virgin said
she just gave birth, we would dismiss it
in a heartbeat, or we would look
for the loopholes. Just because something
took place “a long time ago”, doesn’t mean it actually happened. Because no one else
can die for your sins and take responsibility
for your actions. That’s on you. Because prayer is a placebo
and no one is listening. Because we have free will and God doesn’t know
what our future holds. Because the Christian God’s
unconditional love has a hell
of a lot of conditions. So, stop with the lie that Christians
who behave badly are giving the faith
a bad name. No, it’s your beliefs
that are giving your faith a bad name. You just aren’t helping. Sometimes the problem
isn’t the users. The problem is the product. If you want us
to take you more seriously, then just stop
believing silly things. It’s as simple as that. But you being nice isn’t going to make us stop
thinking critically. My name is Hemant Mehta
and I write a FriendlyAtheist.com What do you want to see
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  1. Lol hahahahah. You think God wants people to believe in him. Lol

    All you did was prove your ignorance regarding the matter. Getting an understanding, have faith and try to be obedient, is not synonymous with belief. Also, how can you say that all you'll do is find a loop home regardless of the explanation. You just admitted to a confirmation bias witch makes any point regarding the subject mute and void. People believe what ever they want to believe. The reason is people don't want to get an understanding, have faith, or try to be obedient, even though the only result of failing is admitting it and trying to change. You talk about aspects of the bible and how it's credibility is compromised because it was so long ago. So is allot of aspects of scientific research. With recent scientific discoveries and biblical prophetic fulfilment, the evidence is as convincing or ridiculous as you choose for it to be.

    Everything is subjective and the only control you have is what you studied to understand, chose to have faith in, and the rules you choose to follow. Why would you as a human being with only one life to live on this planet attempt to learn the hard way, subscribe to popular societal conduct despite the fact that no doing such gives certain advantages, study science and nature rather than yourself and never see a dime from it, and mindlessly follow who/what ever intimidates you? What reason exists to embrace any belief. God said he spoke the universe into existence and to study the Gods word. That means study everything once you have chosen to accept the faith that God is offering in the bible.

    With knowledge and understanding being the most powerful thing that our species has utilized subdue nature nearly to the brink of endangering all life on earth, we are divided more than ever because of people choosing to have beliefs. Beliefs have merit in being impartial in order to gain a understanding, just as logic allows hind sight to be 20/20. But… If you use belief to reach a conclusion you'll never expand upon your faith. Without faith, you are a growing collection of ensecurities seeking a distraction to manipulate you into believing what makes you comfortable. As this video proves, it's not working. Atheist is now another sensationalized title to self proclaim in order to further divide society. The scary part is that there has never existed a civilization of atheist in recorded human history. Athiest beliefs have no long-standing results of any significance, yet want to use that knowledge and expound upon information.

    The only argument against Christianity is to kill them according to scripture. And by virtue, Atheist as well as anyone who believes anything without a heart filled with the love of Jesus. Atheist have always succumbed to the beliefs of their oppressors or faded into obscurity since the dawn of time. You people act like the ads on the Internet when you are the web. And just like 90% of adds, I'm not interested in what your selling.

  2. You probably can examine in a future video a fact that I just realized about atheists. It might be little presumptuous but it seems to be true. You can find religioius people within the well educated and the uneducated people. But atheist are only found within the educated people. Why?

  3. This is for all of the Christians out there. This is an athiest video. Go on Christian. net or something. This is why I'm atheist. Christian pick on other religions, athiests, and so much more. Leave us alone. You say satan is controlling us… Hpmh Stop and think about that. You Christians wonder why we are so angry at you.

  4. 10000000***** for your videos.i pass your videos to many believers and now they are like you.TKS GOD FOR MAKING PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

  5. Actually Bad Christians are what got the ball rolling for me. I got so sick of being asked if I had found Jesus only to find out those same people were the worst human beings on the planet. Then one day I listened to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. After listening to more and more episodes, I started to realize atheism just made more sense. I really like the idea that there is no heaven or hell. When I die I just want to be dead.

  6. I remember you saying that you are an ex Jannist sorry if I misspelled that I heard that they would cover the glass with cloth so when they would drink it would not include an insect that flew into the glass avoiding the karma problem . What would they do with mosquitoes fleas ticks I noticed they reserve the right to defend themselves I don't know any one else of that religion and you seem a good honest guy to ask

  7. Fuck you!! There is a god. All hail the flying spaggheti monster (parmasen be upon you) all planets are coincidentaly shaped like meatballs. That is proof of his existance. While you christian fags read your 2000 year old book im gonna read a spaggheti cook book. I love you flying spaggheti mosnter (parmasen be upon you).

  8. Hey I'm Christian and I believe in respect, and I truly respect you. But just let me ask one question so I can under stand more, and I'm not hating on you or any thing this is friendly don't make it seem like I want you to be embarrassed. But why do you make all ur videos about disproving God and complaining on Christians? And why aren't you saying this about any other religion? It seems like ur just hating on god but ur atheist so how can you hate something you don't believe in? Please everyone respond in a nice way I don't want to start any thing I don't want to offend anyone I'm just asking a question.

  9. You do not get the point : people are not christians because of you have said but because it is a ideal way for them to deal with what is right and wrong so do not say that religion is nonesense, it is the seek of truth actually, so you are just missing it all. It does not matter what is your type or religious believes but only if you are capable of being a good person.

  10. I don't believe that we have free will, because the concept is intrinsically incoherent. If the causal chain behind an action is deterministic, the choice is not flexible enough to be called free.
    If it is not deterministic, what could qualitatively seperate it from chance?

  11. You say your a friendly Atheist,but you always point out to the Christians,that there God dousnt exist,if you don't believe in God,then just leave them alone,stop crying about it saying"oh he dousnt exist,your doing the wrong thing",listen pal,it's called freedom of believing,don't rub your nose to much into it.

  12. "No one else can die for your sins and take responsibility for your actions. That's on you."
    That's a wonderful comment, and all adults should take heed. For young children, however, we can sometimes find the source of their actions in their parents.

  13. +Cole turner

    Why did you delete my comment? Are you that scared of the truth? You seem to be a coward. Will you delete this one, too? Just to be safe, I'll also post it where you cannot delete it. You can look for it at the top, under newest comments.

    "It's funny how your arguing with a Colonial,and you don't know how smart I am?"

    A "Colonial," hmm? Yeah, you're real smart, aintcha, Spanky?

    "jeez get a life it's a religionGET IT OVER WITH!"

    Each comment you post shows more and more how smart you are. Poor persecuted Christians… 🙁

    "Or are you one of them stupid Atheists who only complain about Christianity,for one there are other religions out there stupid,go complain to them."

    Stop crying. You're eight years old. It's time to grow up.

  14. Your logic is flawed about the virgin birth because unless you look at the whole and not the part, then you prove the point below that you do not use logic. If you saw Jesus banish all disease in Palestine; would you then believe in the possibility. If the Universe was created and it was since time is one function, which means it has a beginning (created) and an end just as you do physically, then how hard would it be for the creator, the one who gives life to all that have life, to put a child into a virgin? Not difficult.
    If you look at probabilities, the probability that Jesus could fulfill what was spoken of before his coming is ZERO, yet he did and the possibility that anyone in the future could fulfill the same is ZERO (all Jewish record were destroyed in AD 70, therefore no Jew knows what tribe they came from. What is the probability that Israel should even exist? ZERO. Many other nations. much more powerful and great in scale have come and gone and it looked like Israel was gone, but the word of God said they would be a nation again and in 1948 it happened. All you do is prove you are not able to use logic and reason, but in the end you will know the truth, bit if it is after your physical death, then too late.
    If I am right and I am and you are wrong; you have everything to loose and more, but if I'm wrong; I've lost nothing. I am 100% certain I am right for I have done the work. In your world your life has no purpose, you came from dirt and end in dirt, so all that is in between is dirt…who will care about your existence in 50, 100, 200 years from now; it will be as though you never existed…sad. However, salvation is so difficult that only God can accomplish it; the Christian is only to proclaim the good news predicated upon the bad news, but God gives the increase. People do not convert anyone; God does and uses the foolishness of the message to do it.

  15. By the way, with the technology we have; any virgin of age can give birth…so again how difficult would be for one who can create an entire universe by a word put a child into the womb of anyone? DO not strain your brain. We, the true Christian, the few among who make the claim, also know you could not begin to plumb the depths or breath of that "one book", much less understand it because it is supernatural, not natural as you are.

  16. Did u witness ppl praying to a rock as a god n realised how ungodly this rock is as it was fashioned by MAN! N can not do anything to protect itself if MAN was to smash it.

  17. You don't know what your talking about really tell you one thing is that you can never actually know till you try it because in our Christian Faith there is so much that happens to us and so much we receive that we don't speak of and things you talk about aren't exactly what follower of Christ are doing really

  18. 1:55 "…because the world was not created for our benefit"

    This is a misrepresentation of Christian doctrine. The world was definitely NOT created solely for humans. It was created for the glory of God and to display and express his majesty.

    Yes, humans are a very significant part of God's plan, but the earth and everything else in the universe exists for his purposes and not our's.

    it's a very common misconception unfortunately.

  19. Anyone know the video of the false christian? About a guy who gets saved, baptized, yada yada, then walks by someone in need of help? I wish I could find it.

  20. becoming a christian is a choice.
    2.their job is to make followers.
    3.when some1 doesnt want. they should leave him/her alone. thats in the bible.
    4. the message is ,believe &you get eternal life.
    5.no1 said repent from all sin
    6.if you believe a miracle will happen to you. thats in the bible.
    7. many already received it. thats why they want to share their experience & love

  21. I love the fact that you came right at the points rather than talking around them. Love your Directness. Awesome!

  22. I think it's true that these "bad Christians" do affect people's decisions. They may be one of the reasons why people start questioning the religion. Well, that applies to bad experiences with religion in general. But yeah, you are right that it's the message of the religion that atheists are against. But maybe without those bad experiences people wouldn't question the religion that easily. Of course it's not like people would start believing in God if Christians were more accepting of others. But maybe if religions caused less harm, people wouldn't be so anti-religion.

    When I was more religious, I knew of bad Christians, but they didn't really affect my beliefs. I just thought they weren't "true Christians". My experiences with Christianity have always been positive but that didn't stop me from questioning my beliefs. As I became older, it just started making less and less sense to me so I became less and less religious. (Well, I never even was that deeply religious but I did have a pretty strong belief in God. I kind of took it for granted – it was like "of course God exists".)

  23. The type of Christian you are talking about is not a Christian. That's a religious person. There is a difference between those two. Never confuse us with them since Christians are the good generous people who are full of understanding. (and yes we do exist.)

  24. Hmmm, you spent the video bashing some poor interpretation of Christianity and its belief from your viewpoint without knowing what it is that is the heart of that belief.
    If a miracle was laboratory testable, then it would be repeatable and common and no longer a miracle.
    The OT is not the center of Christianity. It is a theocracy meant only for the Jews and as an example of how perfection is unattainable. That is a very important foundation if you are ever going to understand what you chose not to, despite the evidence.
    The Message, in the western culture, is messed up. It is weak and incomplete and costs nothing to believe or disbelieve.

  25. The reason these nuts oppose LGBT rights is the ramifications of mass media propaganda that will attach all sorts of agendas that actually do cause problems by targeting the youth with the deranged virtue of accept everything the adults oppose.

    Christianity quite simply designed a rather despicable god that simply isn't worth believing in. Invent a new religion with a better god and yeah, I'll still know it's bullshit but I might join due to the strength of being part of community, the networking, the developed opportunities and so on.
    A lot of religious people are frauds and for those mentioned reasons, they join.

  26. At the core of an Atheist, behind the arguments, is a desire not to believe in God because then they are accountable for their thoughts, desires, and deeds. They want to believe that they are in charge and ultimately not responsible to God.

  27. Yo you lost in the sea.Your conclusions are not as they are.What you see is transitional but what you can't see even though you eyes is ETERNAL.Divine enigmatic entity is what rules and controls this universe!.And it's sad that your so Superficial and yet to seem to have so much brains.!😈👿👹😡😵😭WHY YOU SO ANGRY??????????

  28. I find it odd that considering the three major religions, Christianity Judaism and Muslims all worship the same God, yet are willing to condemn, fight, and kill one another over the messenger, and not the message.

  29. Christians have a problem.

    They have this book, a book that they're doctrinally obliged to believe is the transcendently wise and beautiful work of an all-loving , all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe. And they have this community, this church that is supposed to be a living example of the truth of their god's teachings. And yet despite the obvious perfection of their book and the rightness of their church, across the world there are billions of people who don't believe them. How can this be possible?

    The trouble is that the correct answer – that their book is a pack of lies, half-truths, exaggerations and myths – is unacceptable to them. So that leaves them only a couple of options. They can blame the disbelievers for being evil – which plenty of them do, don't get me wrong – or they can do what their religion has primed them to do, and blame themselves. It's impossible that their message could be anything less than perfect, therefore it MUST be their own fault that so many people don't buy into their hogwash. that's my interpretation, anyway.

    BTW, do you think you could do a video on what secular humanism is all about? I saw the earlier one you did on the subject where you identified as a humanist, but it didn't really explain what humanists believe, and why it's a better option. You do such a good job of explaining things clearly, it'd be great to have as a reference.

  30. where are the anti islam videos? are you scared ? In fact, I challenge all atheist. debunk Islam ! you have the right to not accept Jesus, but the lopsided inconsistency against Christianity actually make your side look bad,weak even. so have at it, turn your intellectual daggers against Islam. #pleasebeconsistent

  31. Based upon your arguments, you sound much more like you are anti-bible and anti-Christian-doctrine than anti-Creator of the universe. When your arguments express unbelief in a book and in religious doctrines, shouldn't it be called something besides atheism? When talking about not believing in the Creator of the universe, why would talking snakes even enter into the conversation except as a straw man?

  32. And guess what, your also a sinner! We arent bad! We are sinners! What is bad about wanting to spend eternity with God forever!

  33. The fool hath said in his heart,There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there isnone that doeth good.

  34. Why are u a atheist, U know god is looking at your soul change to Cristian and god will do miracles in your life, trust me

  35. You title makes absolutely no since so your telling me your not a atheist but talk about God not being real? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. The reason you are a atheist because you have no faith and don't believe john 14:21 Jesus said: he who keep my commandments loveth me and he who love the me is loved by the father and I will manifest myself to them

  37. Not all Christians believe in Adam and Eve or the Bible stories, they just have to believe in a form of God to be considered Christian

  38. I'm fine with gay people and I don't talk about it cause people bash on me for it people see us as bad people cause we are not perfect and it never said we were suppose to be perfect

  39. If you don't believe in a God that could love you unconditionally. Then why do try so hard to dismiss that there is a God? He acknowledged sin in this video saying that it's our fault. So how can he acknowledge sin but deny there is a God???

  40. sadly, the one truth they said here that I do agree with, is the idea of miracles and power.  Who is anybody kidding?  If our God DID miracles LIKE HE USED TO in "his" book of Acts, as in The Gospels and New Testament…(by the way, the Scriptures SAID that some of these miracles were done so that people would believe…!)..if God did miracles nowadays I GOT TO BELIEVE that most Atheists WOULD believe in Christ.  I ALSO DON'T BELIEVE that Atheists would reject Christ and the bible if they saw A LOT more Christians loving each other and others.  But they don't.

  41. I will be honest.  For years, I have defended Christianity on Youtube and other pages.  But I am starting to seriously doubt my Faith…but not because of the reasons Christianity says I do.  But whom do I talk to?  Who understands.  Funny, the MORE I study theology and the bible and church history and the MORE I study Earthly History and past events and the lack of power and miracles by our God as compared to the 1st century and 2nd century and the lack of power of "PRAYER"….I am seriously wondering how beautifull and how powerful to God.  If I am wrong with my beliefs, I have A LOT of apologies to make to people I have talked to on Youtube in years past.  But most Atheists do not encourage Christians to drop their Faith.  Most atheists just keep on hating and mocking Christians….and as a result…I want more and more my Faith to be real.

  42. my family went to a service yesterday and i said i didn't think they were coming back and people thought it was something they did. no, it's not their thing

  43. Good video, but I feel like you were speaking for all atheists and I don't like that you assume all atheists fall in line with your all of your views. Atheists are not all the same.

  44. Every good counterfeit strives to look like the genuine article. I'm afraid you've been had. Go back and study harder the genuine article so that you may recognize the counterfeit. People far smarter than you or me have figured out the truth about God but it was never because they were smart. I'll give you a hint: I assume you have a brain in your head. But I cannot testify to this as fact because I have not seen your brain and I have no personally derived scientific proof it really exists. To assuage my doubts and since I don't have the resources or skills to examine your brain or that of anyone else, I must study the historical record of medical research only to conclude most humans have something we call a brain. Even so, my studies do not give me empirical evidence that you have a brain. Furthermore my research doesn't prove you don't have a brain as it's more likely you do. But that…I'll have to accept on faith.

  45. I understand about all of the religions and doctrines being confusing and just Crazy! Lol… But so is the big bang theory, evolution, etc….. All I can attest to is what God has done for me! I am a Christian and very proud of it! I have chosen not to base my relationship with God on how other saved people act.

    I agree that as a Christian I have made very bad decisions but that was before I had a relationship with God. I strive everyday to live the way I should. I have no problem with Atheists. However, I do have a problem with them when they try to infringe on my freedom of religion. When they try to take Christianity programs off of tv, etc….
    I believe that the ones who do that are the ones who feel God has let them down in someway. The Atheists that do not feel threatened are the ones that are steadfast in what they believe. They have no problem with how Christians believe.

    Have you noticed that Christianity is the only Religion that is persecuted.
    I feel its the only real TRUTH!
    I say believe what you want but give us the same respect.

  46. I am n atheist not bcoz i hate any religion… but i seriously think people are taking these books way to seriously…. if lord of the ring or harry porter was written on those days then they would have prayed them too.. 😂


  48. John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)

    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  49. Christians: exists
    Atheist: hate them for no reason and keep telling them to kill themselves while they snort cocaine while browsing Tumblr and dealing meth on 4chan because they lost their job at the sponge factory after their wife/husband and kids them

  50. To be honest, I was always an atheist. Nothing about Christianity ever made sense to me, even if it was "explained". It sounds like the Bible was written by Christian Weston Chandler.

  51. You know there is a God who created everything because it sounds ridiculous to think everything came from nothing. Nothing comes from nothing. You don't get order from chaos.

  52. "Non religion" is actually one of the top religions out there.. you just preached your beliefs just like everyone else does. We all believe in something. You just happen to believe In yourself.

  53. you need jesus crist more that , ido need hin too , we al sinners , no matter what you thing , you can ignore the wind but , he still there even if you deny it , hi knows your heart better then your self , and in the very botton i know you need him


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