Weebly SEO Tutorial 2017 – What is a Keyword?

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hi everybody and welcome back my name is Tristan from utah SEO dong ninja i apologize for a little bit of a mess behind me I'm still moving into my new office and I haven't quite gotten to those few boxes that I have left so what we're gonna be doing today is we're going to be talking about the next section of our Weebly tutorials and this first little part is gonna be kind of just general you know what is search engine optimization what are keywords how does all this stuff work because there's a lot of information and is easy to get lost I'm gonna try and break it down into little pieces that make it just easy because this can be tricky so in this video we're gonna be talking about keywords what is a keyword has a keyword work how do we use keywords and then how do we find keywords so if I may be so bold as to go ahead and say that keywords are probably the most important part of the search engine optimization process and the reason why is because the keywords that we choose are going to directly reflect the results that we get from the finished process or from the finished work so if we have a good keyword that brings in lots of traffic lots of targeted traffic then we're gonna see more benefit from that we're going to see more sales we're gonna see more traffic more engagement knowing what if we just had some random keyword that doesn't bring in anything okay so that's why this part is really really important so the first thing that we should probably clarify is what exactly keyword is a keyword is a search phrase okay it can be a single word it can be a hundred words it could be whatever it is that you put into Google to do a search is your keyword so tomato is a keyword tomato sauce is a keyword homemade spaghetti sauce made out of tomato sauce that's a keyword now those longer keywords do have their own specific name those are called longtail keywords and typically it's a little bit easy to rank for those I'll get to that in just a second so to understand what how a keyword works then it's important for us to understand what Google's goal is whenever you put something into a Google search is because you want to find something to be an answer to a question it could be a cat video it can be whatever and so Google's job is to find that whatever and give it to you okay now the problem is that there are a lot of whatever's on the wit the internet in fact there are a lot of websites on the internet and Google has to go through and scan each and every one of those websites and try and figure out which ones are the best whatever for whatever it is that you're searching for okay just to give you an idea the term tomato sauce actually has almost 37 million results that pop up that's a lot so how does Google know which of all those websites has the best information happen which of all those websites has whatever it is that you're looking for you can kind of think of like a can of food right so I have an indiscriminate can of food right here and I'm not gonna tell you what's inside of it quite yet all right all we need to know what this is a can of food and let's say that I am Google all right and I'm getting billions of requests every day for information for that whatever so I was like you know what I'm just gonna go ahead and put together like some sort of math thing or I'm gonna hire a robot and it's gonna be in charge of finding these different things for my different users so say you come to me and you say hallo Tristan Google robot I would like a can of tomato sauce we're talking about tomato sauce a lot say it was because I happen to have a cute tomato sauce so my job as a robot then is to go into my pantry and look at all the different products that I have there and try and find tomato sauce no problem now the same thing happens with the website you request something from Google it has to go look through its entire list of websites and trying to find whatever it is that you're looking for now we ask for tomato sauce no big deal have you ever been to a store I assume you have and have you ever seen how many different brands and kinds of tomato sauce there are or even just to me in this video you have diced tomato stewed tomato Haute tomato so you have tomato sauce tomato paste tomato puree tomato soup ketchup it's all tomato okay it's all tomatoes in a can so what we need then is we need some way to identify what's gonna be the best result for your search so I'm gonna come over here I'm gonna grab my can it says tomato sauce on the front and that's pretty good I've got pictures pictures of tomato sauce I wonder what's inside if we go back and look at the ingredients and this is always really fuzzy we could try this again hey it's got tomato in it yeah must be what we're looking for there anything else in here it's tomato ish we got pictures of Tomatoes okay so we're pretty good we can look at this and say huh this has a lot of tomato related stuff on it this must be what my person's looking for same thing happens with a website Google comes in it looks at your URL it looks at the title of the page looks at the page name it'll look at your ingredients would be things like your tags or the keywords that you actually specify to Google as you're setting up the page the other thing that we'll do is it'll actually track users on your website so like I hand you this candid tomato sauce you open the tomato sauce you look inside like that's tomato sauce you make your spaghetti sauce with it you're happy and Google sitting there watching like huh they really like that tomato sauce it must be good stuff whereas conversely if I hand you a canned tomato sauce and you're looking like this is pineapple and you throw it out the window goes we like probably not very good tomato sauce okay and so the same thing will happen with the website if somebody does a search for tomato sauce and they go to your website and they open it up and inside it's all about motors or pineapples they're gonna leave because that's not what they're looking for and Google keeps track of that so if they can see it somebody goes into your website and they're on there for like five seconds and then they leave and then they go back to their search and I say huh that must not have been a very good can of tomato sauce and they're gonna move your website down I think I put somebody else's website in its place so we're gonna talk about that a little bit more in a future video when we talk about how to rank for these kind of every keyword the fact that's gonna be the next video but just to give you guys an idea so how do we apply that to a website make sure that your page names and your titles reflect whether if is that talking about make sure that your tags or your keywords are good because Google still does kind of look at those things and of course make sure your content is actually related to what it is you're talking about so if you're gonna be talking about tomato sauce make sure that you write a blog post or an article or whatever about tomato sauce and a little trick if you upload pictures and everybody loves pictures you can add you can name the pictures you can also add an alt text and alternative text and that helps to make sure to use your words there so that's it so yeah that's how the key word part works so then the next question is how do we pick good keywords to focus on for our websites and a couple things to keep in mind so the first thing we talked about was the search traffic and we'll make sure there are actually people looking for the keyword that we're using the next thing we want to look at as we will not get competition going back to our soup or to our sauce 37 million results okay that's a lot of competition so probably not gonna be a good keyword to go after you can go for a longer tail keyword that's gonna be a little bit easier that's gonna be a good thing but it's another really important thing that we want to keep in mind we can have a keyword that has a billion searches a month but if it's gonna be impossible for you to rank for it like if you want to try and rank for YouTube or if you want to try and write for Google good luck if you want to try and rank for something that's gonna be a little bit easier even though it has fewer results you might actually get more traffic from it and the other thing we want to keep in mind we're looking at these keywords is something that's called buyer intent okay buyer intent is well let's put it this way when you want to buy something then you'll usually use different kinds of keywords okay so if I'm looking for tomato sauce I'm gonna say buy tomato sauce Utah or buy tomato sauce online or something like that as compared to just tomato sauce alright that makes my keyword a little bit longer and now of a sudden I have buyer intent I have somebody who is looking to spend money on my tomato sauce tell something else to keep in mind now to do this I use a tool it's called kW finder and I absolutely love it it's about thirty dollars a month or you can use it for free and I think you could do like three searches for free per day but it's super helpful and so I'm going to show you that real quick now first we can see how many searches there are per month for my keyword I can also see if there are any seasonal trends so like for Halloween or Halloween related keywords we're going to see a spike in traffic in September and October but it's gonna completely disappear in December so this will also give us an idea of how difficult it be to rank for a keyword based on the searches that they get per month so maybe tomato sauce gets more searches but we can also look at something like you know how to make homemade spaghetti sauce with tomato sauce again it's gonna have fewer searches but it's gonna be easier to rank for now the ideal keyword is one it's gonna have high traffic location and show a buyer intent but sometimes it's important to also keep in mind how much of a return on investment you can get so if you have a keyword you know very specific keyword for a very specific kind of client that's gonna make you $10,000 per client that's gonna be pretty good and you only need a few of those per year maybe two you know at least pay your bills now say that you have another keyword that's more general and it gets more searches but you only make ten dollars per cell you're gonna need a lot more customers in order to balance that out so sometimes it's easier or better or more effective to go after keywords going to bring you a higher yield as far as income or profit as compared to just more views but that's basically how it works and Iroh said this can be a little bit intimidating for some people I honestly love this part like I will sit down and just look at keywords for hours on end I do this for all my clients I do this for my youtube channel I love it I really do enjoy it I realize it sounds kind of weird but looking through the numbers looking through the analytics and all these different kinds of reports and information they tell stories okay it's a method of communication and so it's neat for me to sit down and to look at how events in people's lives or in the world actually affect search traffic and things like that and so really this is something that I enjoy doing and so if you're looking at all the scene you're thinking oh my gosh these are gonna be shortened look at all the cure to my numbers I have to keep track of and I had to look at like fire intent and what about all these other keywords and then I had to pay for this and it to be for that it could be a little much and I understand that and there's nothing wrong with that and if that is your case then please note I actually do offer this as a service I can go and pull the viewports for these keywords I'll pull up some related keywords and I'll even give you some advice of what you can do and give you some steps you can take to rank for some of these more difficult keywords so if that is something you're interested in if you just want to done-for-you service and I do have a link in the description below it you guys are more than welcome to check out and then what I'll do like I said is I had different plans so I have like first single keyword I have four five keywords on the hand four ten keywords so whatever is that you need you can pick one of the different packages and then what I'll do is I will pull up the report for that particular keyword I'll also give you five related keywords and then like I said the advice and everything else and then I usually can get that back to you in about 24 hours now in our next video I'm gonna talk a little bit more about how we're going to actually rank for these keywords which is a very important part as well because otherwise all this work that we've done so far is useless so so make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already so you can see in that new video comes out unless you're watching this video after I've already released it in that case you should go to my channel and find it because it should already be there subscribe anyways yeah but my name is Tristan I'm from Utah I co-taught ninja have ourselves an excellent day and I will see you all promptly

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