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There was one saint in the state, that saint
knews everything, when this news reached to kING about, that saint, that he is not an ordinary
person, how he knows everything? How? King goes to that saint, and said, whatever you have, give all to me, and in return take my kingdom. Your connection with the
God and in that connection my life’s something will decide, and saint asked are you really
want to meet God? Really you want? And king said yes! And then saint said ok leave everything and come to me everything leaves come to me and then I will help you to meet
that God. King leave his kingdom and went to that saint. The time he reached to saint
and saint said you bring everything with yourself. you bring everything with yourself. King did not understand, what he brought with himself, I left my kingdom, then saint said at the right time I will help you to meet with
that God. Saint said to the king he has to move bricks
from one place to another in a basket which he has to keep his on his head, while going
on his way he collide with a person, king saw that person angrily, and the other person
said I am sorry, I did not saw you, and king replied really? before 15 days you could
see everything, then saint comes to know about this and he said still he did not left. Again king goes to that saint and saint said go again with the basket and that accident happens
again and at that time king says nothing but he saw with his angrily eyes and then saint
says the king is not empty. Again after a week he goes and again he collides and that luggage fell down and he collects everything and goes away and saint said, king now you
are empty, now you can meet with that God, Now you can achieve Divinity. So you are that king, those who reads vaastu
on youtube, in books please forget it, do it empty. Then you will able to understand
this topic, what is vaastu? what is vaastu? Whenever you choose anything, Whenever you choose anything, that my bedroom should be here, my sitting place should be here, The home I am constructing and I need toilet here, who chooses this? Who does this? You do it by yourself? So vaastu construct from here. Vaastu does not construct
at that time when four walls start getting constructs. Vaastu construct at that time when you approve a map. When you approve a map that this would be my building, my home, I will live in this
kind of home, kitchen will be here, toilet will be here, bathroom will be here, so vaastu constructs at the same time, at the same time, vaastu flourish here. Vaas and tu means your vaas(where you
lives). And universe , whole universe you perceive by your 5 senses. Whole Universe Universe is insides you. Whole universe is inside you. Whatever you see with any point of view, that person or situation for you becomes like that. How is your view point? That constructs your vaastu. Who knows Arunima Sinha? Have you heard? about Arunima Sinha She is that lady, whose chain had snatched by the people in the moving train and pushed her from the train, her legs had broken, with broken legs she decides, whole night she stayed on the railway track and 49 trains were crossing
in that night, even after that she decided that if God saved me then there could be a reason. At that time she decides, I will climb Mount Eversest and she climb and done this. This is that vaastu when you constructs your own assumptions, then there is no difference, that you have legs or not, you have hands or not but your inner mind, How much your manasputra is strong? How much it is strong? Handicapped are those who do not do anything even they have everything and kings are those what ever the situation is never goes back . Don’t you believe on yourself? You donot know that you are from million sperms, who won that war on the first day, when you fight for existence then you are winner already and you thinks that you are looser. My situations are like that, I cannot do this, I belong to small place, I have this problem in my family, while saying this you make your vaastu bad and you people, who are present here, after today, whenever you provide consultancy, don’t distribute fear, never distribute fear whenever a person comes to you with his problem, at that time he is Arjuna and you are his Saarthi. at that time he is Arjuna and you are his Saarthi. Vaastu means how better you can do your progress. How your progress will happen? How vaastu contributes its role in that? Because the directions have property, if you use that properties and you can get change
in your life, because vaastu is that art which works in your 5 koshas 1. Annamaya kosha, 2. Pranamaya kosha,
3. Manomaya kosha 4. Vijñānmāyā kosha,
5. Anandamaya kosha Vaastu works on the 4th layer, tantra also
works here, astrology works here as well, The day we correct the 4th layer means your
vaastu is correct, your astrology is correct, shani stays anywhere, rahu stays anywhere. No one gives effects. Understand this method, I am requesting with my joint hands to astrologers this holly science, now you are saarthi, Always whenever anyone comes to you and he should feel, he is complete today. he should feel, he is complete today.

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  1. Sirji namaskar maine mere south west main entrence ke upper rahu yantra south ki wall ko ghar ki taraf moo lagaya hai is it right


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