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so this is really weird but today it's the last day of the success months the 25 days yeah and I feel great well yesterday I felt great too and I was running stuff so it made sense today I didn't go for a run you know but I feel really good I'm not sure if things kind of jumbled but this is the issue now now I'm having major second thoughts about moving back home in my quest to get a car this might sound so dumb to all of you so I I'm sorry my life has not been normal that's what happens we moved to New York City to young so I've been wanting for a long time to you know just start driving regularly and get a car and this past year I started taking driving lessons and my instructors like they're great and I just need to drive all the time and like okay I need to get a car but with my current rent and with what I make as an editor of a newspaper it's not enough right now to have an apartment in a car so I was thinking oh no maybe I can move back home with my mom for a little while and and and get a car that way and help her out one thing that came up when he said not to get involved with her story and I kind of did she the quarter or the massive and I guess now been feeling better at all of the stomach flu and all that so I'm thinking a little more clearly now it's like the quickest way you accomplished my goal would be to move home and do it because I don't have job yet where I could be patient and be happy where I am because I did want this apartment for a while I did want my own place for a long time in my budget that had all these things and it's across from Whole Foods Jesus Christ like Ana has a washer and dryer inside of it that's like so yeah well it could be patient and hope other things come together so that I can get a car because that's my goal for this year I really want to get a car so I don't have to ever to go hiking it's done you know I just feel like I feel limited without one I don't want a fancy one I just want like something that's gonna get me from point A to point B you know a jumper I don't care as long as it works that's fine but are you are you actually limited because you're still getting to the places you want to go there's the thing I there are job opportunities outside of Philadelphia and you know most of them but you need to have a car Billy's not like New York where it's just this probably food even 50% of the Philadelphia experience about having a car you know and I've been here for four years without one and I'm content by and I mean it so let me just get the straight so you've been there for four years and you figure that in those four years you've missed about 50% of the experiences you could have that why are you there yeah so you haven't really had great experiences their experiences okay but also just being wounded in terms of life for a musician right I couldn't be this wedding band I wanted to be in the pipe couldn't drive to practice okay since out it's like a 45-minute drive just to be able to get to places like I can't take an uber 45 minutes a few days a week you know okay so it just limits my opportunities and like you know that was an issue before because I was trying you know I was happy I was like whoo I have them at your job that's fine right it's like it kind of bothered me so just it because listen to what you just said it wasn't an issue before because I was happy so when you were happy there was no issue now you're not so happy in their issues yeah I'm not happy in my job now okay it's a mess and I've been looking actively and that's editor-in-chief Jemma we need more stories about Eagles fans eating horse I've got a lot of great clicks okay he's serious yeah are different you think I don't we don't need your fancy arts reviews or we don't care about the ballet screw that that's not gonna get us clicks okay how find some like shippers to read about he's totally serious okay like let's see more boobs in your section like nobody's completely serious and I don't want my name on that one and it's like I've maxed set with Philadelphia does not have to everyone else I have like the best job you could have in Philly as the arts entertainment editor at a major newspaper they don't know what it's like on the inside and how anyway it's ER so if I want to continue blowing in my career I have to look outside of Philadelphia an LA will be the next would be another place for me to go I mean even Colorado is something I was thinking about but all those places what you know you need a car okay so there's and I'm not saying you don't need to go and you shouldn't go and get a car but you've got this belief that that car is essential to your growth into your opportunities oh that yeah you hit the nail on the head right there okay yeah you got that one so the only thing that is essential to your birth and opportunities is the belief that you can grow and have opportunities okay once you get into that frame of mind then everything starts to show up for you okay and the things I could show up for you are a car but as long as you believe that you need that car before you can get those opportunities opportunities that available are available to you now will not show up because you don't have that car so the belief that a car is essential to the opportunities you really desire are you willing to destroy that because the opportunity came in I would figure it out yep so so are you willing to let any opportunity show up for you no matter where it is and no matter what you got available so what's happening right now is you're you're in this place where you need to grow where you need to expand and get to a better you know physically a better place because the place your it is is crushing you essentially but in that are focusing on how much that job sucks you want to get into how great the next job is going to be and how I wonderful move that movement that you're you're creating now that upward movement that outward and expansive movement feels right and when you spend more and more time in that energy of what you're creating and what you're what you're looking for as opposed to you how crappy things are right now then things will start to shift right and at the same time you don't want to put it out in often the future saying this is what I'd love to have in the future you've got to get into energy this is what I have now this is like I have the wonderful place now and I'm very creative and I'm experienced enough to get amazing opportunities and this this feels like light and it feels fun and it feels like I'm in this time of my life where this could be huge expansion and I don't have to depend on anyone or anything to create what I want to create I can do it on my own I will accept help whenever it shows up so it's not that it's just got to be me doing it but things are growing and things are happening faster and things are getting better and I love where I am and I love what I'm doing and I I love what I'm capable of doing is that I'm not currently doing and just get all that going get in that energy right be be an appreciation of everything that's going right for you right now and the more you're in that the more you get it's a place that you know that change is coming you know those opportunities are coming the more things are going to start to show up in bigger and Chloe's really on a street south street there's a bunch of like cool shops and like I'm trying to pull up some home trying to like walk around in between every two hours so I wake up the bay and I walked in to the shop and this is a Christmas shop and she said the exact same thing about her she's like it sounds like you just need to appreciate where you are and then I was like I feel like a fish like on a lime drop in like battle rod and by speaking out and she's like you just need to drop back into the ocean I like to change the visual on your head so you're right that I think that's what I gotta do I gotta expand you appreciate where I am and expand and look where you throw this where you're saying how great you feel and how wonderful things are going yeah that's the energy you just want to stay in there you just stay there and let her keep and let her keep expanding it'll be great yeah okay hey this is Russ thanks for watching this video if you liked it please remember to like and subscribe to our Channel and you can check out upcoming events at WWE energetic magic calm and remember be well be aware and be magical

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