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Posted By on October 11, 2019

Hi, I’m David Bell Welcome to episode 10 of 10 about using your
kiwiconnexion.nz ePortfolio. Today’s a very, very brief wrap up of what you can
achieve in order to climb that social media mountain. First and foremost, the kiwi connexion puts
Christian content creators and consumers in contact with one another. It’s a unique community with participants
from Australia and New Zealand. We create resources for one another to use
in a variety of worship and other contexts. We are academics, artists, authors, bloggers,
crafts folk, movie makers, musicians, photographers, puzzle makers, etc. Putting your work into your ePortfolio does
require some skill, but once there it gets promoted. And who knows who will use it. It might be viewed or printed anywhere in
the world, which is why we put an emphasis on helping you to create quality pages. Naturally, not everyone does want to create
content. If you just like to see what’s happening and maybe make the occasional forum comment that’s fine too. Our monthly newsletter gives links
to important new resourcing. Pays to keep up with it. You can always add images, blog feeds and
videos to your own dashboard. No one else sees your dashboard page. If you want for example to follow a particular page just add it to your watch-list. It will show up on the dashboard. Any updates would be auto-notified. So you’ve also got the recent activities block
enabled, You can turn delete if you want. But I think it’s preferable to leave it there. along with your email or messaging as it is
in the ePortfolio I’ve recent tidied up the dashboard of demo
student 2 It’s clean, strong, good looking. You can embed from many different sources
on the web into your ePortfolio. It’s that which gives the pizazz and wow to
your page. So that’s it. Our series has finished. Over the next few months I will be posting videos on a variety of practical
theology topics every Wednesday as usual – and Thursday. Click the purple-yellow button below right
to subscribe. Our focus at present is on the kiwiconnexion
itself re-purposing our videos for podcasts for convenience and zines for social media sharing. See you same time, same practical theology
channel, next Wednesday scheduled for 22:00 NZST Remember any comments, suggestions or queries
on the ePortfolio, do let me know via comments below. Thanks for watching.

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