[Tutorial] How to Find Exact Match Keywords in Google Adwords

Posted By on May 5, 2019

Hey Bharani again and i'm doing this video to show you how to do an exact abroad search on the Google Keyword planner tool and the reason I bring those videos because so I did this tutorial on how to use the Google Keyword planner tool and I had a question from Soren I think is the pronunciation back when there was keyword tool I could search exact match type when searching for keywords from a website do you know how I can do that now so yes so rain I hope I'm getting that right so I've what I've done is I've opened up the keyword planner let me just suggest that and I've put in just get more customers righteous is a generic sort of keyword just to do a search on and I'm going all only locations English Google but all that stuff as normally it's pretty much the same as I have in my video so to basically what we want to get to are the exact or what is what is it that you ask the the exact match right or broad match so this is actually pretty simple but Google's actually changed things a little bit and you are well and you are correct in that in saying that so let's say for example we want to use all of these keywords right or let's say we've selected a few and I'll go ahead and so I don't use ed group ideas I use keyword ideas and then you go ahead and select the ones that you want so obviously we're looking for good keyword ideas and maybe we want to search and sort this by average monthly searches so it can it tells us that you know average monthly searches for get more customers 170 across the world which is fairly low people are looking for marketing advertising marketing strategy online marketing internet marketing etc etc so perhaps we want to use these 215 that Google is showing us right now obviously if you're gonna do an end on Adwords then you follow this process and you would add all these keywords put them in your plan and then you know you would add this plan over to a specific account to you to your AdWords account and you'd run an ad against this search but we don't want to do that we only want the exact match and over here next to ad groups right you'll see ed groups one then you'll see set match type and then we can change that to exact match right great next time you say a few words we edit it exact match should we make that match type read yes please all right so now you can see Google AdWords has basically changed things here to show you keywords and it's basically just showing me the one right get more customers right here we go it's showing the one here and then we've got the 215 and you can see the brackets which is exact match means it's exact match so that's so that's great so we can close that or what we could do is we could download this group alright and if we download this group we can download it to an excel spread and AdWords editor which you know generally we don't even use save it to Google Drive if you use Google Drive or you could just copy this whole lot right over to a document somewhere Evernote you know some way when you do your planning for your keywords and you're pretty much done so that's how you do that now obviously we don't want us we don't necessarily want to use this for an ad so what I generally do is before I close down my AdWords I go delete this plan and then this beside is empty so obviously we're not gonna get any more keywords over there but if I add all of these 215 over to my plan again all the keywords are here once more so with that being said thank you very much for asking the question it's my pleasure to do these videos for you all and do please subscribe to my channel you can search me on boron Patel subscribe or you know like the video comment on the video ask me questions it's it's all good thank you very much and we'll see you on the next video thank you serene for asking a question goodbye

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  1. Thanks immensely for this vital information. It is the key to success in affiliate marketing. You just solved a problem that has been bogging thousands, if not millions, of people like me. Thanks once again. This is very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks very help useful no doubt i m going to subscribe your channel..look forward to learn more valueable lessons from you…! once again i appreciate your work

  3. Hey Burhaan, do you provide PPC services. I would like to find a combination of exact match, phrase match and broad match and I need help.

  4. Thanks so much for this video and for saving us from a terrible frustration. Google has done a great job in hiding this option from us. I am deeply convinced that there is an entire team of people in Google thinking how to make our lives miserable…hahaha. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks Burhaan' I search for that older template for hours and thought to google search the "exact" keyword and your results appears, thanks again.


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