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[Applause] hey guys and welcome back to my channel Alyson Lindstrom here of Allison Lindstrom comm and logging business club comm today's video is a highly highly highly highly highly times a billion requested I am going to be showing you how to use Google's keyword planner to find the right keywords to put in your blog posts or in your YouTube descriptions and things like that this is requested basically every other email and it is actually this tutorial is a sneak peek into my blogging to win course so if you're not sure what that is I have a blogging course that really shows you how to lay the framework to build a profitable blogging business I only accept new students four times a year but once you get in you can access the course for a lifetime and you can watch it and go through it anytime that you want we've got three different packages that you can choose so we've got the beginners package which is just like kind of getting your feet wet and letting you decide whether or not you actually want to be a blogging business owner and then we have the intermediate and advanced packages and those are the packages that have the technical tutorials like the one that you will see today so if you want to make your life easier as you build your blog and you really want someone not just to tell you what to do but how exactly you can do it you're definitely going to want to look into the intermediate or advanced packages so be sure to join why you can the doors are open right now and they will close in a couple of weeks so check the link in the description box below and head on over there and join but without further ado let's get into this tutorial so that you can get this Sonique peek into the blogging to win intermediate and advanced packages to see what the technical tutorials look like and to learn exactly how to use Google's keyword planner hey guys welcome back in this tutorial I'm gonna be showing you how to use Google's keyword planner now you should probably already know the importance of keywords but if you don't really briefly um you should be using certain keywords or certain phrases within your blog posts within the descriptions of your YouTube videos or things like that to really ensure that you're doing everything you can to make it as easy as possible for people to find your website or your content so that when they go to google.com and they search for you know a particular keyword or a particular tutorial if you're using those proper keywords within your content they are more likely to find you so it's exceptionally important I don't write a single solitary blog posts I don't write a single YouTube description without doing Google keyword research first that is my first step so let's go ahead and just dive right in here I will leave a link down below to the page that you should go to but you could also alternatively just search for Google Keyword planner and we are going to pull up Google keyword research and strategy with keyword planner right here now the first thing you'll see is you obviously have to either start now or sign in what I recommend doing is making sure you have a gmail account okay so we're going to click sign in oh and quick note here if you have tried to do this before and you had issues with it so maybe it kept trying to make you create an ad or pay for you know some sort of promotion or marketing or something like that you can use the keyword planner without having to create an ad I've never paid for a Google ad before so if you've if you've done that before and you kept running into that issue my suggestion is to use Chrome and then to click the three dots on the side on the right-hand side here and what I'm in is what they call an incognito window and this just kind of you know forgets my history and it just kind of imagines or pretends that I am a new user and that I don't have any history I've never tried to create this before but use the incognito window and then do what I'm gonna do here we're going to click sign-in and we're going to go ahead and just sign in with our gmail account if however you do not have an account set up quite yet you can click start now we're going to go back we'll click start now so you can see this this is the tricky part this is the part that is so important and will help you kind of get past having to create an ad you're gonna click skip the guided setup do not put in your email address don't put in your website don't click continue that's not what you want click skip the guided setup and then you're just gonna go ahead and create your Google AdWords account without actually having to pay for ads so I'm going to type in my information here and then you'll click Save and continue and then you'll just go ahead and sign in with that account dun dun dun da here we go it's gonna load okay so this is what we're gonna do we're going to click this little wrench here it's gonna pull up all these different things you can do what we want is the keyword planner under the planning area or the planning section and it's gonna pull this up and this is where you're gonna go ahead and type in you know whatever words or phrases you think you're gonna be going ahead and writing about so let's think of an example here I'm gonna think of whole 30 if I wanted to write a whole 30 post but I wasn't quite sure what exact keywords I should use to really boost my chances of being found in search engines I will just start with hole 30 and then we'll go from there so it'll pull up a suggestion yes this is the keyword I want and then click get started okay so here are all the results pulled together and as you can see here if I scroll down we've got a lot of information to go through so there are a couple of tips that I use for myself once I get to this point to really help narrow things down I don't want to have to weed through a lot of stuff I want to just narrow down to exactly the type of keywords that I'm looking for so the first thing that I like to do is kind of sort everything by relevance so I don't want it to kind of stray too far off of the topic the exact whole xxx topic that I'm looking for so I will go ahead and just you can click on keyword by relevance and it'll sort it that way or if you wanted to change it by average monthly searches which is just the number of times each month that that particular keyword is used on Google then you could you know click on it and you can see it went ahead and sorted it that way but I'm gonna go ahead and keep it by keyword that's the first thing I do now the default as far as their filters are concerned or right here you can see it excludes a adult ideas my blog is family-friendly so this is obviously a must for me can't imagine anything bad with hole 30 but anyway moving on now the next thing I like to do is go ahead and add a couple of filters myself so this is the filter icon that you're gonna click right here on the right now you can do a couple of different things here you can add keywords that you want to make sure are included along with whole 30 and this could be whole 30 meal plan whole 30 recipes whole 30 diet things like that you could also go ahead and narrow it down by average monthly searches but what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to add a competition filter now I'll go ahead and click out of that so you can see here here is the competition rank right here low obviously means that there's a lower amount of bloggers and websites that use that particular keyword then there's medium and then there's high which means it's very competitive which to be honest means that you're less likely to show up even if you use that keyword I can't think of a time that I ever used a medium or high keyword to be quite frank with you I always use a low so I'm going to go ahead and click the filter icon over here on the right I'm gonna click competition and I'm gonna click low because that's what I like to stick with if I can if I have to use medium I will I will never use high because my chances are just you know second to none so why even bother and then I will go ahead and take a peek here we see that I have quite a few options and that's fantastic but I would also like to go ahead and narrow things down by perhaps doing a meal plan so I'll click that icon again I'll click keyword text and you can say I want keywords that contain or do not contain a certain thing so I will go ahead and click contains I'll type in meal plan and then I'll click apply ooh fabulous okay there's quite a few here alrighty so here's the next thing I'm going to go ahead and do I will go ahead and click average monthly searches because at this point I'm pulling up keywords that have whole 30 my blog posts in particular will be a meal plan so I'm pulling up keywords that have both meal plan and whole 30 I also have the low competition filter on so at this point I just want to see what the most popular keywords amongst this list of keywords here I want to see the most popular ones what are people searching for the most so as you saw there I went ahead and clicked on average monthly searches oops it's showing me the lowest up to the highest so let's go ahead and click this again so it'll show the highest at the top you can see that whole 30 meal plan that keyword right there or I hate to say weird keywords there's this multiple words however you want to look at it it gets ten thousand to a hundred thousand monthly searches on Google and it has low competition why are people not using this more hello let's use it so that would be the first keyword that I would make sure I would use the second thing you'll see here is a lot of people aren't sure if it's a whole thirty is all one word or whole 30s together so you'll see that this is another popular keyword and people typically have or google typically has a thousand to ten thousand monthly searches so you know even though I believe the whole thirty company themselves I think it's all one word and typically you know the general normal citizen out there they're not going to know that so it might be important to try to integrate the whole thirty as two separate you know it's separated within your blog post so you can say something like is it whole thirty one word or is it whole and then thirty and that way you can kind of integrate both just in case people are searching for whole thirty but not all one word right does that make sense more popular keywords we'll see here is a meal plan magic that doesn't really apply I would just ditch that I don't even know what that is that doesn't sound like it works for me another one I see here is easy whole thirty meal plan that's great that might apply but it only gets about a hundred to a thousand keywords or monthly searches per month Lee searches on Google I'm not crazy about that that's not something I jump for I usually like to have at least a thousand to ten thousand unless I'm really just scraping the bottom of the barrel here I never ever do ten to 100 that's just not enough for me so what I could do in this case is I would grab this one grab this one whole thirty diet meal plan I might use that one as well easy whole thirty meal plan I'll probably use that as well and then I would come up here and I would say well if I wanted to kind of take one of these filters off what you do is you just click this area and it pulls up the different the three different filters that you have on obviously I want to continue to exclude adult ideas I do want to keep the competition low that's not something I'm willing to compromise on but I am actually willing to give up just hol thirty and meal plans let's go ahead and take that off and you just click the X and now it's going to show you all of these different keywords and look at that that's fabulous so now you have whole thirty just whole and thirty that keyword alone gets a hundred thousand do a million monthly searches and the competition is low bingo that's something you should be using and then you can just keep going down you know maybe you could in this meal plan talk about hole thirty rules and then you can include that you can talk about the whole thirty snacks that you have in this meal plan see that's ten thousand to a hundred thousand monthly searches the competition is low that's much better than some of the whole thirty meal plan keywords that we were seeing without you know on that other filter that only had you know a ten to a hundred monthly searches that's just not high enough so that is exactly how I use it I try to keep this updated and I know I'm filming this in 2018 so this is as updated as it gets right now and I don't write a single blog post without doing this first I don't film or post a single YouTube video without doing some research first because it is imperative that you use the proper keywords to really boost your chances as best you can to show up in search engines so that is gonna wrap it up for this tutorial thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time thanks so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into be blogging to win course be sure to check the link in the description box if your interests and joining before I closed the doors you don't want to miss your chance and like I mentioned in the beginning of this video technical tutorials like this are only available in the intermediate and the advanced packages so just keep that in mind and as always I'm Alison Lindstrom and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. Hello. I can't see the whole phrase on the left when i type in a keyword. Do you know how to fix this so the results are fully visible? Thank you!

  2. I don't understand why tutorials about this topic tend to be overly complicated. This one is simple and straight to the point. Thank you!

  3. 90 seconds into the video, you told me to subscribe before providing value relating to your channel, you told me about the prices of the courses you are selling before providing value relating to those courses. What would John Galt think?

  4. In keyword planner , where is the option to select Broad , phrase or exact match type. I am newbie , when I try to do research I didn't find those options there.

  5. Nice video, but…

    search volume traffic is misleading due to seasonality and Google's keyword algo.
    Long-tail keywords with small search results works.
    Ignore the competition filter. Instead, study the top three websites. (Is it authority, blog post length and usefulness)
    Use the alphabet soup method on Google for long-term tail keywords.
    Also, use Keyword Tools.

  6. Hey there, awesome video. Thanks for the information.

    What is your main website url?

    I've always had a good interest in all forms of marketing.

    Michael Harrington


    Have a look at my Facebook Marketing Video at my link above.

    Much appreciated

  7. You can still skip into the main tool screen without creating an ad. There is a small text link with words like "I'm not new to adwords" or similar, and then a similar set-up on the following screen, "I want to continue without creating ads" as a small text link.

  8. For the ones who couldn't pass through despite incognito mode: I clicked the text "already familiar with google ads?" then another window opens up – there must be another blue link sentence like "create an account without creating an ad" or something! Good luck!

  9. This video is out of date people, Google no longer shows Volume unless you create an Ad and run it, then you can place it on hold. This is the only way for now.

  10. Not sure if this a geological issue but here in Germany I was asked to create an account anyways. I did that with my regular business gmail account
    and now I have two gmail accounts with the same email address! Ugh! But you where right, I was constantly prompted to do an Adverb when
    I tried using Google Adwords originally. At least I landed on the same page that shows in your tutorial.

  11. To access the dashboard as in the video, just paste this link into your searchbar: https://adwords.google.com/um/Welcome/Home?hl=en&sourceid=awo&subid=us-en-et-g-aw-a-tools-awhp%21o2&sf=or&clickid=sn-3r-or-us-03202018#oa

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  12. I read my Bible a lot and come across words I need to look up, is this the app that I use or will you direct me in the right direction


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