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Posted By on September 19, 2019

But first, I have to talk about Saturday night’s
devastating attack, and not as a host of a show,
but as a human being. In Orlando, Florida,
we saw what had happened, and I couldn’t be more sad
and sickened by the events. And neither could
President Obama, who spoke yesterday to the
nation from the White House’s James S. Brady
Press Briefing Room because that’s how much gun violence is a part
of American life. Even the room the president
talks about gun violence from is named for a victim
of gun violence. And so, it was yet another one of the president’s
post mass-shooting addresses. Today marks the most deadly
shooting in American history. The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun
and a powerful assault rifle. This massacre is therefore
a further reminder of how easy it is for someone
to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people
in a school, or in a house of worship,
or a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country
we want to be. I wonder if President Obama
ever thought to himself that mass shooting speeches would be such a big part
of his job. Because you know at this point,
he’s hosted 12 state dinners, but he’s had to give
16 mass shooting addresses. So right now, the White House
is using more Kleenex than it is good napkins. And the president–
he made a powerful point. America has to decide if this is the kind of country
that it wants to be. And the saddest part is,
every time this happens, it feels like
America has already decided. This isexactlythe kind
of country it wants to be. Because we know
how this always plays out. We’re shocked, we mourn, we change our profile pics,
and then, we move on. It’s become normal,
but I’m sorry. Maybe because I’m new, but it’s not normal,
and it shouldn’t be normal. We shouldn’tallowthis
to be normal. It’s not a normal thing. It’s like milk from almonds,
or sushi from Walgreens. -It’s not normal, people.
-(laughter) What’s also not normal is having
the same thing happen to us over and over and over again
and doing nothing to change it. That’s not normal. You know when I was a kid, I never used to tie my shoelaces
’cause I was an idiot. -All right?
-(laughter) And now, obviously,
I’m an adult. -I’m still an idiot,
but I’m an adult. -(laughter) And so I only wear Velcro, but
what I would do is a child is, I would run around,
I’d trip on my shoelaces, I’d fall down, I’d cry,
I’d be like, “Aah, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,
Mommy!” And my mom would come over,
and she’d say to me, “Get up, Trevor. Get up.
Get up. What happened?” And I’d say, “I fell down.
I fell down.” And she’d be like, “Why did you
fall? Why did you fall?” “I fell because I tripped.” And she’s like, “Why did you
trip?” (indistinct mumbling) She goes, “Your shoelaces.” Now I see it’s my shoelaces. And we’d realize
I fell because of the shoelaces. Now tie them
and then move on. I knew I had to move on, but I
had to tie the shoelaces first. I had to change something. I mean, I could have said
to my mom, “Mom, why are you
bringing shoelaces -into the conversation?”
-(laughter) “Why are you blaming
the shoelaces for something
the sidewalk did to my knees?” -(laughter) “Who even says
there’s a connection “between untied shoelaces
and falling anyway? You’re violating my right
to keep my shoelaces untied.” I didn’t say that.
I didn’t say that. You know why? Because I realized, after
falling, after falling a lot, there was a connection between
my shoelaces being untied and getting hurt. That’s why
I didn’t say that to my mom. And that, I also didn’t say that
because I realized there was a connection
between talking back to my mom and being unable
to sit comfortably for a day. -(laughter)
-But that’s besides the point. The point is, look, this is… this is a clearly
complicated incident. There’s elements of terrorism,
homophobia, mental health, but it is glaringly obvious. America needs
to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn’t
have guns to get guns. And to many of us,
it seems crystal clear. But there are still people
who think we’re wrong for even trying
to bring that up. This is not a gun control issue. MAN: It is not about the guns
or the means that ISIS uses. We can have gun debates later. This is terrorism. Terrorism needs to be destroyed. It is Islamic terror. We’ve got to stop getting
in the wrong argument, bring this back to the evil
that is radical Islam. And to, once again, make this
an issue about gun control. Look, if you go back to 9/11,
they used box cutters. You know what?
This is not something I’ve ever said before, but
I’m glad you brought up 9/11, because yes, terrorists
didn’t use guns on 9/11. They used planes
to kill thousands of people. And as soon as we realized that they could use planes
as weapons, we worked together as a society. We worked our damnedest to make it harder
for them to ever do that again. We locked cabin doors,
we expanded the no-fly list. We even make everyone pose
for X-ray nudes now. (laughter) What we didn’t do was say, “Oh, this has nothing
to do with airplanes. It has everything
to do with radical Islam.” No, what we did instead
was regulate air travel to make it harder for
the terrorists to do the damage. Even when fighting ISIS itself,
we fight the ideology, yes. We fight to reduce their
resources, but most importantly, we attack their weapon stores. Why do we do that? Because removing their weapons dramatically decreases
their ability to hurt us. Because everybody knows ISIS without guns
is just basically a blog. -(laughter)
-So… Like… the irony… (applause and cheering) The irony of the situation is that these people say
there’s no connection between America’s gun laws
and terrorism. They say there’s no connection
between gun laws and terrorism. But what’s crazy is, you know
who does see a connection? Terrorists. And just listen
to this al-Qaeda spokesman identifying the easy access
to guns in America. In the West, you’ve got a lot
at your disposal.Let’s take America
as an example.
America is absolutely awashwith easily-obtainable
fire arms.
You can go down to a gun show
at the local convention center,
and come away with a
fully-automatic assault rifle
without a background check,
and most likely,
without having
to show an identification card.
So what are you waiting for? Sweet Lord. This guy is selling terrorism
like used cars. “So what are you waiting for?” This is what we’re saying. So when people say
“This is not about guns, it’s about terrorism,” no, it’s about terrorism,
it’s about guns. Because you realize there were
two other gun incidents this weekend
that didn’t involve terrorism. Just two days
before this mass shooting, a 23-year-old singer
named Christina Grimmie was also gunned down in Orlando. And the day after
the nightclub shooting, some other guy
got caught driving to an L.A. gay pride parade with a (bleep) of guns
in his car. This was not related
to terrorism. We don’t know why
he had all of those guns. I mean, maybe he was just mad that everyone kept asking him
if he was Elijah Wood. -(laughter)
-We don’t know what it was. The point is…
the point is, just because
there’s a problem with terrorism doesn’t mean there isn’t also
a problem with access to guns. And I understand
that Americans love guns. But this love comes at a cost. So far this year alone,
this year alone, 23 people in America have been
shot by toddlers. By toddlers. You realize we haven’t even
reached the summer. Right? You realize,
23 people thus far. Thus far, 23 people have been
shot by toddlers. We haven’t even reached
the summer. Summer toddlers are the worst. -Summer toddlers don’t give
a (bleep). -(laughter) It’s hot, preschool’s out–
you know (bleep) gonna go down. (laughter) And the truth is, I know where
this argument always ends up. It’s always gonna be
the same thing. The Second Amendment.
The Second Amendment. “The right of the people
to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” But as much as the NRA want you
to believe it’s an absolute, it’s not, and it never has been. Because America
regulate guns. For example,
the Orlando shooter, he couldn’t get a machine gun. And it’s not because he hadn’t
unlocked it yet on Call of Duty. It’s because America
banned those in the 1980s, because it was obvious
that they made it too easy for one person to kill
multiple human beings. And time after time we’ve seen
that assault… assault weapons have the same fatal capability. I think… America,
it’s clear here. America needs
to ask itself the question: Do you want to be a country
that takes reasonable measures to protect its citizens, or…
should we tell the president

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  1. Very intelligent reasoning by Noah Trevor, very well spoken, I hope the NRA and the second amendment loving people saw this.

  2. Honestly, to the rest of the world that are perfectly fine with not have guns in our closets or our local shops, you guys just seem crazy as fuck. I mean, sure, we see it all the time in the movies, but it's moments like these when the world goes '… Huh.'

  3. The Second Amendment…if you went back in time to Independence Hall and put an AR-15 on the table, the Founders would have went "Holy shit! We can't let those idiots have this!"

  4. "Its not the radical ideology that did this. No. It's obviously the guns fault. Keep letting them in" – Fucking retarded Trevor Noah.

  5. Trevor Hey, I'm a Muslim but not isis? Isis has no religion, they'r just confused and do not know what the truth … if you say isis a Muslim … Muslims more than Christian you should know that … if you say Muslims are isis, why not all Muslims to attack this world, Yes, if it was Muslim only need 3 days to take your country (I'm sorry sir, your speech so pretty)

  6. As I much as I admire, love and support guns… I hate to admit he is right….. I think we can come to the common agreement that every firearm available for sale should be regulated and licensed after a background and psychological test… I personally think this is a better option for both the supporters and non – supporters… " The worthy shall have it "….

  7. Just to clarify, back in the day when the second amendment was made. They didn't have guns that could fire millions of bullets in a split second.

  8. I LOVE trevor noah…totally….but when presenting a news story filled with brevity like this one he just fails compared to the likes of Jon Stewart

  9. He probably has no experience with firearms whatsoever, that seems common among anti-gun activists, or maybe comedians, if you want to call him a comedian.

  10. A radical MUSLIM committed the crime in Orlando. Read it again slowly… a radical Muslim. At the gay pride parade following the massacre a bunch of queers held a huge banner that said, "Republican Hate Kills." Then, ACLU lawyers came out and said the Christian right is to blame for the attack. What the hell is wrong with Liberals? They either lack basic fundamentals of understanding or they have absolutley no problem lying to all of America for political purposes. The Left creates hate. They thrive on it.

  11. In light of what's going on in Europe..what about stronger knife and vehicle control since the jihadis have used whatever means necessary!! Trump is trying to do something to change this, but the left and media hate him so much, they will even stop a 3 month travel ban for vetting!! THAT'S ABNORMAL! Especially when they agreed with it when Obama did it for less nations. Not one mention of jihadis from Noah…such a good left wing nutjob.

  12. Hoax, inside job.. isreali sellout. How can you workout shit by funding isis and faking shootings and bombings dumb idiots.

  13. I am doing a Rhetorical Analysis on this video for my Critical Thinking course and I think I've watched this video a total of at least 25 times. Just a fact I though I'd share.

  14. As an American, you may not believe how the homophobia, xenophobia and lack of access to mental heath care disqualifies you from being a first world country. Regressive, tribal, reactionary rethoric with no political drive for social programs and generally plain idiotic behaviour makes your country look really unappealing from the outside.

    Basically your Disneyland of America just had multiple murder sprees next to a roller coaster being dismantled by rats.

    This is basically what Hasan Minhaj said at the RTCA 2016 in the last two minutes:

    Congress has blocked the CDC from studying gun related violence, so we can't speak with real numbers and facts. Since 1998, the NRA officially gave 3.7 million dollars to congress for pro gun legislation, not including outside lobbying. Officially, 295 Congresspeople have accepted contributions from the NRA.

    So America really needs to ask itself two questions:

    1) Is the counterproposal from Hasan to raise 4 million dollars via Kickstarter cynical or is this the only way to shock the people in charge who are obviously not swayed by morality or empathy (or the purpose of their jobs)?

    2) Do you actually know WHEN the reputation of your country hits rock bottom? Because it's a long way down but by now, you've made it to the half point, if not further. Final stage Capitalism is wainting

  15. Stuff like our official, backwards gun control stance, our current tangerine in chief, amongst other ridiculous backwards things, make me embarrassed to be a U.S. citizen. Sorry, rest of the world.

  16. We have to just question the second amendment right there. Did America's founding fathers think it was OK for people to be running around with muskets or something,like,there,okay there were flintlocks,but nobody really used them,because muskets were the popular choice among gun enthusiasts at the time. So the second amendment makes little sense.
    Edit:For its time.

  17. I think @travor you need to make an all in one gun shooting video… since then you been preaching the same thing and nothing changes…

  18. Isn't just prohibiting semi-automatic rifles already a good measure without compromising bolt-action rifles and handguns for hunting/home-defense/sense of security?

  19. Today was Texas. How damn difficult is it for you Americans to understand that Congress and NRA have sold you out. Why do you hold 2nd Amendment dearer than the Right to somebody's life? One reform, just one and it can save 1000's of lives..

  20. Shove it Trevor you and your New World Order cronies can take a flying leap off a tall building. Glad that criminal is out the White House

  21. The troll is such a homophobe— watch his set in Zambia… gay men would like be sent to prison because they locked up with men.

  22. Why why why in America. The so called land of dreams. Why don’t the politicians realize that it’s not just Americans at danger. Why can’t they see the other side of the crowd the minorities the foreigners. How can you trade a commodity for a life. A life of a person who has come to fulfill his dreams a life which hasn’t even begun. Why not enforce the laws.

  23. The fact that the audience level of appause is the lowest when he makes the jokes about his mom punishing him when sits down says it all about majority “white america” .. but they clap about the blogs joke lol i give up

  24. Weird how they always forget the first part of the second amendment: A well-regulated militia.
    I'd say that laws are pretty good at regulating things.

  25. you know that is why the rest of the world think the US is BS, your country is broken and you don't want to change but still complain

  26. The connection between shoelaces being untied and falling is you forget to tie them. Just like you it’s not the guns fault a crazy person uses it for bad things.

  27. Its 2019, and nothing has changed. I almost lost multiple family members in the last year due to the fact really mentally ill people can have guns…why do we have to live like this.?

  28. Over 4000 people died from guns, over 83000 died from medical negligence so far in 2019. An average of 3200 people die everyday in car accidents worldwide. After walking by signs warning about ice ahead you slip on ice and got hurt. Would you blame the ice for your injury?

  29. I personally think that anyone that has ever been on some kind of psychotropic medication should never be allowed to own a gun. I don't think those drugs ever leave your system.

  30. His shoelaces analogy doesn't quite fit all the way, because while the shoelaces are the root cause of tripping, the root cause of those shootings is the evil within the shooter's heart, not access to legal guns.


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