Trance Meditation Prayer – From the Couch with Sharon Ramel

Posted By on December 2, 2019

Meditation time, Sharon Ramel with you
from the couch. This is a very quick gentle trance like meditation that will
be featured in my fairy shamanism course, or fairy magic course whatever you wish
to call it. Receive a breath from the universe, and let it go
feeling your left breathe flowing in and out, receiving and letting go in that
natural wonderful cycle of life. Close your eyes, or as I call them in this
course your ancient eyes; look down into your heart. Here we go: for here we all
are in the great questioning and not knowing, for here we all are in the great
pause between two worlds, for here we all are as our eyes sting and our hearts
clench for all that we love for here we all are. We are standing arm in arm, together we are bound in gratitude for what becomes
possible, when the light of life breaks through the darkness to illuminate our
true selves and we step forward together united as one in service to the one who
birthed us all. A very powerful meditative prayer for you to take with you into
your day.

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