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salam alaykom everyone, peace be upon y’all
I hope you’re doing very well, if you’ve ever been to the west, or to any non-Muslim country,
you’ve probably met someone who has misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims as well, so today,
with all humbleness I present you Top 5 misconceptions about Islam, although there’re many misconceptions,
and I mean many! there’s a lot, but according to my perception, and my opinion, these are
the top 5 without further ado, I don’t like long introductions, let’s start off by misconception
number one! all Muslims are Arabs, and they’re like a bunch of tribes chilling in the desert
with their camels, let us go to the desert i don’t like this place, i’ve missed my camel,
wrong, wrong, this is wrong I swear to God, according to statistics, the Arab Muslims
are only 15% of the whole 1,7 B Muslim population, however, 75% of Arabs are Muslims, so don’t
confuse both of these you know misconception no 2 women have no rights they’re not allowed
to drive, they have to cover all their body from head to toe, and their face no no no
that is wrong, just because some muslim countries, have some strict rules, like women are not
allowed to drive, I’m not gonna mention any countries’ names you know, I don’t wanna die,
but just because they have strict rules, doesn’t mean that is the Islamic law trust me some
Muslim countries break the Islamic rules 100%, like crazy man! it’s crazy I swear you see,
there’s no proof in Islam, that women aren’t allowed to drive and 1400 years ago Islam
gave rights to women when they had no rights, when the daughters were buried alive, and
it was shameful to have daughters actually, see if you’re a muslim woman, you wanna seek
knowledge, go ahead, you wanna get married, your dad is not allowed to force you to marry
someone that he wants, unless you accept, so if you don’t accept, he cannot force you,
daughter, you have to marry him, he has PHD, he has money, he is an Engineer, the other
guy what he has no money! no no no no, go to your room! however, the United States of
America, the country of freedom, women were given right to vote in 1920, that’s nearly
100 years ago, hot stuff is coming, misconception no 3 Muslims hate Jesus and don’t believe
in him you see, Jesus PBUH was one of the greatest messengers of Allah, I’ll not be
considered Muslim, if I don’t believe in him, you know why? Because our God said, “they
all believed in Allah, and his angels, and his books and his messengers, “we make no
distinction between any of his messengers” So we have to believe in all of them, to be
considered Muslim, misconception No 4, Alla is the moond God, of whoever those people
are, you know what I’m saying, they worship the moon, LOL, I’m Arab, my native language
is Arabic, and I had christian friends, who speak Arabic, they referred to their God,
“Allah” and Arab Jews, refer to their God, “Allah,” so that means, all the Arabs are
worshiping the moon, we say Allah in English as well, because the power of this word, cannot
be translated easily, so it’s not gonna feel the same, if we say God, you know, God can
be Gods, can be Goddess, but Allah, is just One, misconception number 5 this is the biggest
misconception nowadays, unfortunately, especially in the news, Muslims are terrorists, and they
justify it by saying, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,
ah come on give me a break man, seriously, seriously, whenever someone has a beard, and
calls himself Muslim, and goes and commits a crime, then he’s a terrorist, but when those
angels got killed in North Carolina, Chapel Hill, it wasn’t considered terrorism, the
guy who killed them, oh no, he has mental disabilities, and why would we call him terrorist?
he is not Moslem, so I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you gained something, learned
something, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my channel, so you can be up
to date, with new videos inshallah, and comment below, let me know your opinion, let me know
if there’s other misconceptions, you know, that’ll help, maybe non-muslims will read
the comments, and gain something, so thanks for watching, I’ll see you, in the next video
inshallah, salam alaykom

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  1. You know honestly I think the misconception about all Muslims are terrorists is probably the worst one….lol but really if u take a closer look,Islam does not allow u to act treacherously at all…like for example: Before going into war,prophet Muhammad would tell his companions and army in general "do not kill women,do not kill children,do not kill the elderly,do not kill livestock,do not burn down or break down any trees,and do not kill those dedicated to worship (monk,priest,or whatever holy religious leader)" now what do we see nowadays in wars? Look at Syria,look at Iraq,look at Egypt,look at the events of the holocaust,Hiroshima,WWI WWII…theses events have one thing in common….everyone dies. Doesn't who u are,ur gonna die…and at the end of the day they be like "omg look at Muslims! They're raping women! Omg" Lmao duuuuddee America has the highest rape incidents in the world

  2. I don't want to die 😂😂😂
    And just BTW our prophets wife rode a camel in the same place where women are not allowed to drive.

  3. i like your videos Mashallah they're very good, keep them casual like this video i think it gets the point through quite well 🙂

  4. everything going on and your number 1 is irrelevant. number 2 contradicts itself since you acknowledge some places have strict rules. Making it still a rule your version is simply more lax on. number 5 is an absolute joke. I understand though, if you picked actual issues like how gay's are should be killed to be forgiven then you wouldn't have much to go on

  5. There have been like 500 terrorist attacks in the past 6 months, lol…mostly in the middle east, but it leaks out everywhere.
    Your religion is no good.

  6. Wat u r saying is partly haram or wrong if u Dont mind. Satan will deceive u in both ways 1 is saying against islam 1 will be saying in favour of Muslims or islam which many Muslim will support but only way out is ur iman n knowledge to analyze n understand between right or wrong. Otherwise u all b decieved

  7. Muslim women used to ride camels at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). “The best women who ride camels are the women of Quraysh.” Muslim (2527)


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