Tim McGraw Met His Daughter's First Date Covered in Blood

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-Look at you guys here on the
cover of "Billboard" here. Legend of Live, right there.
That´s — [ Cheers and applause ]
You´ve got this award that they´ve given out only to given
out only to Elton John and Lionel Richie. This is a giant honor
from "Billboard." -It was nice. Thank you,
"Billboard." Thank you. -Yeah, I mean, how many
live shows — how many — you´ve been on tour for —
-My whole life. [ Laughter ]
-Is that what you really — Is that — do you remember —
-It feels like my whole life. I´ve been on tour for — gosh.
-Is that where you guys met? -I started 19, 20 years old,
you know, with a Ford van and a U-Haul trailer, you know,
traveling all over the place and playing music.
-Yeah, and now doing stadiums. -And some of those guys are
still with me. -Is that right?
-Yeah. Some of those guys are still with me.
-Did you guys — did you meet on tour? No?
-We did. We met on tour. -No, no.
-Well, actually we — -Let´s back up.
-Not the first — Okay. -Back up.
-♫ Back up, back up ♫ -We met in 1994. The first time
we met was in 1994 at a CRS, which is Country Radio Seminar.
-Look at you, by the way. -I know, it´s like, we got this.
-Like, "it was exactly 3:45 P.M."
[ Laughter ] -I remember —
-Everything. -Very vividly.
-Really? -It was a New Faces show.
We were backstage and we all took a picture.
A lot of new artists. Clay Walker was in there.
A few other artists. And yeah, and that was
the first time I met Faith, and I had a mullet.
[ Laughter ] -That was so sexy.
I mean, like yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Why did it ever go away? Why did it ever go away?
-And the ugliest red jacket you´ve ever seen in your life
I had on. -Both of us — yeah.
-And I looked at her and was smitten right away. Yeah.
-And do you remember falling in love with him, too?
Do you remember falling in love? -No, she didn´t fall in love
with me right away. [ Laughter ]
-It took some time. You had to put some work in.
-Took a lot of time, are you kidding me?
-Yeah, exactly. -It wasn´t that bad.
-Yeah, yeah. Really? -It wasn´t that long.
-But look, now you have three beautiful daughters.
-Yeah. -You were telling me
the funny story about your eldest daughter, Gracie?
-Gracie, yeah. -When she went on
her first date. -Yeah, her first — I was
on the road working. And they give me a call and they
said, you know, "Gracie´s going out on a date.
Do you mind if she goes before you meet the guy?"
They said, "I met him. "He´s a really nice guy.
Everybody — we´ve done all the research. Everybody´s
a really nice guy." [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, you gotta do that. -Oh, heck, yeah.
-We put our Secret Service guys on it. They checked him out.
Everything´s good. And I said, "okay, but he´s
gotta come –" -Oh, my gosh.
-They can go out tonight, but I´ll be home tomorrow."
So around noon, I want him to come by the house,
just so I can say hi to him and look him in the eye
and shake his hand. -Oh, man, I can just imagine.
-So I get home at like 2 in the morning. And I get up
the next morning, and we´re doing a barbecue.
So I´m in the kitchen, and I forget that he´s coming.
So I have a white apron on and a knife and I´m trimming
meat up, so I´ve got, like, chunks of
meat all over this white apron. -Blood everywhere.
-Blood everywhere. And the door rings —
the doorbell rings. And I go and answer the door
and there´s this kid who was dating Gracie,
standing there. I´ve got a knife in my hand
and a bloody apron on. And it worked out really well.
[ Laughter and applause ] -You don´t mess. Don´t mess!
-Right. That´s right. -The Soul2Soul tour starts again
this summer. -Mm-hmm.
-You wrapped the first leg of the tour. This is your first
tour, Faith, in 10 years? -10 years. Since 2006, 2007 was
the last time I was on the road. Yeah, I´ve just been
hanging out. -Yeah, exactly. Yeah, right.
Yeah, no. Please. But I mean, you´ve probably
obviously worked on this, but is it odd to get back
on the road and go, "oh, I remember this routine."
-It was — it was frightening at first because I had
the pleasure of performing with one of
the greatest performers in the business of music,
period. Honest to God. He is. [ Cheers and applause ] Um, I was nervous at first.
It had been a while. 10 years. But then once I got up there,
after a few shows, I´m like, "bam."
-You got it back. -I love it. I love it!
-I mean, you´re great at it. Obviously you know
what you´re doing. -Aw!
-What made you do an album together, finally?
-Well, gosh. Tim? -Well, we wanted to do a —
we´ve wanted to do a record a long time together.
We´ve been married 21 years. -You´ve done songs together,
yeah. -And we´ve done —
[ Cheers and applause ] -Good for you guys.
-And we´ve done a handful of — not quite as many songs as
people would think we´ve done together. We´ve done
a handful of songs together. And so this time around, when we
decided we were going to do a tour together, we thought,
"we´re going to have to do an album together."
We want to an album — maybe the only album we ever get
to do together. We both turned 50 this year,
which was a cool year for us. -Gosh, you look fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I love you guys.

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  1. They look so gorgeous! Both are hotter than when they first came out, before they both became country music super stars!

  2. I saw them at arrow head at
    KCMO and the George Strait festival in May of 1998. Awesome them !! Would love to get to see them again!!


  4. They do not look 50 years old to me they look like they are still maybe 30 or something I'm not sure but they don't look that old.

  5. He stole my name! I thought I read they got a divorce. Of course I only read the headlines about celebrities so that was probably some teaser headline that had no relationship with facts.

  6. I had a crush on Faith Hill and I still do. But I'm happy for her and Tim for being happily married. Wish them all the best

  7. Do you people realize that death changes the way people look Tim McGraw sung the song live like your dying for his father famous baseball player tug McGraw who passed away years ago also they have lost loved ones and friends and they still stand strong together as husband and wife with three daughters

  8. No thats 11 or 12 years since she's been on tour. People are terrible with the amount of years that go by!!!!

  9. What a wonderful couple. Faith is so beautiful and elegant. Such a sweetheart and Tim
    is kind and sweet. Love you both! ♥

  10. God, I'm so in love with Tim, but I honestly don't know which of them is more beautiful. Faith never ages. She's breathtakingly gorgeous. They really are relationship goals.

  11. I wish I could of gotten that billboard magazine but no matter where I looked even in the Nashville barnes and noble they didn't have it. No grocery store had it. They are one of my all time favorite couples whether in the country genre or in show business in general. Even Blake and Miranda are still one of.my favorite couples even though they divorced. Shitfanie has got to find somebody else because Blake is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too good for shitfani


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