Thursday – By Faith, Abraham – Pt. II

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good morning class hi I'm Keith Moore and this is faith school faith school is the place where my spirit is fed my faith grows stronger and I learn how to be an overcomer it's available for all of God's people to be victorious ones more than conquerors over comers through the natural things of life through every spiritual assault or temptation or trial or test God has made us winners not losers and the Bible said this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith faith needs to be fed and so we have faith school so get your Bible get something take notes in come in join us and let's release faith only the Lord knows what everybody everywhere needs today I certainly don't I certainly couldn't begin to address that but he can do it the Holy Spirit is amazing how he can minister to a million people simultaneously in all these different and exact specific ways so let's plea for that right now father in Jesus name all of us agree together as touching this asking you for the anointing asking you for grace asking you for uh pterence asking you for ears to hear and hearts to understand show us Lord the things that are not evident to the world you you said that the world can't see the Holy Spirit but he is with us and he is in us and you do enlighten the eyes of our heart and understanding and cause us to see and to know and the truth makes us free we ask for that we thank you for that in Jesus name amen thank you Lord would you go please in the textbook to Hebrews 10 again let's continue looking at the spirit of faith revealed in chapter 11 of Hebrews were calling the study by faith Hebrews 11 38 says excuse me 10:38 1038 now the just shall live by faith but if any man draw back my soul shall have no pleasure in him if the thought ever crosses your mind how are we gonna live you already got the answer right here right how are we gonna make it come on help me out class by faith how am I gonna how are we going to get the money to pay our bills how are we going to make it through this physical problem how are we going to make it through these kids acting up how are we going to make it through my spouse acting up you can panic you can yield to fear you can yield to confusion and it'll get worse and it'll get worse quick or you can respond you can look up through tears through emotions through all kind of feelings even through pain and discomfort and you can say I don't know everything but I know the one who does and he's my father and he'll help me and I'm coming through this by faith in a faithful God we have faith in Him because he's faithful we trust him because he is trustworthy verse 1 of chapter 11 he says now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen like we said you could say it's confidence of what's expected it's conviction of what is not confirmed by the senses what is not seen by it by faith the elders obtained a good report God testified to his people's faith repeatedly commended them for their faith and we see in first Peter that our faith once it is proven in this life will also be praised and found unto glory and honor at the coming of the Lord this should be important to us we should think about this on a regular basis he said by faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice by faith Enoch he walked with God and he was translated by faith Noah verse 7 was warned of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his house and verse 8 by faith Abraham all this week we've continued to look at Abraham's amazing faith how many would agree amazing faith and yet we're told we are by faith in Jesus the very seed of Abraham also and the faith that he had we have that same kind of faith now you have to develop it walk in it year after year decade after decade like he did to get to where he God but we have the same opportunity and we have the same kind of faith that he had as he walked on the earth same spirit of faith go ahead said out loud I have the same kind of faith as Abraham I have the same spirit of faith as all these in Hebrews 11 you don't have some watered-down substitute you got the real thing Oh does that does that bless you does that stir you up I've got in me the same kind of faith same faith now again maybe not develop to the same measure but it's faith whether it's this manager of this measure it's the same faith and this faith is potent powerful stuff jesus said if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed how much of this does it take to get a big change in your life you know sometimes people swell I'm not sure I have enough faith how much you think you need you know mustard seed faith he said would move mountains so the thing is many times people haven't used their faith at all you know there are times that Jesus told people you know why are you so full of fear how is it that you have no faith they weren't operating in a little bit of faith that no faith at all so again and again just a little faith is enough to fix your situation keep reading by faith verse 8 Abraham when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance obeyed and he went out not knowing where he went Abraham's faith was revealed in his unquestioning obedience in his obeying without delaying I mean you you read and if you're serious stood on a faith class I'll give you a homework assignment there are about 10 main chapters there's a little more than that but that deal with Abraham's walk of faith there's a little more than that 12 13 but starting in about chapter 12 in Genesis and read for the next dozen chapters you see what he's describing just in a couple of verses in Hebrews 11 but you will see Abraham who had no Bible who had no church to go to none of his relatives worship the one true God when God told him to do something Fred it happened I mean even if it was something nobody had ever heard of he'd do it that day or he'd get up the very next morning and get to it he would do what God told him to do and this is evidence of strong faith why would you obey something you don't understand something nobody you know understands because you trust completely the one who told you to do it amen and Abram trusted God he would just get up and do it and not have a clue what he was doing or why was it he would pack up him and his wife and all his all of his people and all of his cattle and how many understand when you've got thousands of head of cattle you kind of need to know where you're going is that right you're gonna need pasture you need feed you need water and so people would say you're you're crazy you're foolish you're naive April without a definite plan and yet he wasn't naive he was trusting God he had heard from God now if you don't shout into something like that and you hadn't heard from God you are foolish and it's not gonna end well but if you've heard from God faith comes by hearing Amen and and he acted on that faith and he was willing to travel around in what would be his descendants land he didn't own it personally there was no record of it but he camped on it and he can't you know during all that time he was putting his feet on it wasn't he and you know later on the Lord told Joshua everywhere the sole of your foot will tread on will be yours well that goes all the way back to Abram had done it he had camped here a while you need Kemp there while they need camp here and you know that one point the Lord took Abraham out and he said look North look south look east look West when it looked like lot had just taken the best of the land and left him the dry nuts the nice part the Lord said I'm given all of it to you I'm giving all of this to you well he didn't have a physical confirmation of that for all those years he didn't have any titles he didn't have any sales that proved that it was his for the most part and yet he kept walking on it he kept looking for what God had made hallelujah and you and I are to live exactly the same way he said verse 10 he looked for a city which has foundations whose builder and maker is God and we see as Abraham continued to walk with God that the commands became more serious and the Lord asked more and asked more and in verse 17 years later after he left home said by faith Abraham when he was tried he offered up Isaac and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son God didn't make him do it Abraham did what offered up another way of saying that is he gave he freely gave to God what he asked for God doesn't make us do things he will ask you for some big things in fact Jesus talked about if you're if you're not willing to leave mother father sister brother your own life and plans you can't be my disciple you got to be willing to leave anything to give anything to sacrifice anything to get his highest and best to go all the way with him and if you're smart you won't hesitate you'll be like Abraham if he asked for it you'll you'll get it out of your hands you'll get it to him straightway go back to Genesis and let's remind ourselves Genesis 22 of how this happened Genesis 22 first one it came to pass after these things that God did the King James says tempt Abraham I think a better word here would be tests tests or proof you could even say try but in the sense of proving something so that it is approved like we said we saw in James I'll just read it again James 1 12 through 14 13 says let no man say when he's tempted I'm tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil neither tempteth in that an amazing thing nobody nothing can tempt God to do wrong he is untenable to do evil I like the sound of that it makes me feel secure how about you well one definition of first Corinthians I believe it's chapter 10 talks about there's no temptation taken you but such as is common to man one translation says that there is no temptation that is irresistible now we can be tempted but never let the enemy convince you this is a temptation I can't resist there is no such thing there's no such thing as a temptation you can't resist there's no such thing as a test you can't pass no such thing as a trial you can't win and overcome and God's idea and plan that we pass every test so that he can approve us and promote us hallelujah he's got to have though that reason are elsewise it wouldn't be fair to do all these amazing things for you that are not done for everybody else I wouldn't be fair he's got to have a reason why to use you like that to add to you like that to eat to put that kind of resources in your hand there's a reason why he didn't just do that blanket for everybody and the thing is god is good he's no respecter of persons he'd do the same thing for anybody anybody on the planet that he did fray bruh ham if that go as far with God can you see that as Abraham and win and the truth is meaning most people won't a lot of people won't even start with him they they won't give him you know their faith in the new birth they won't even get started a lot of folks won't give him a few hours a week to go to church one time a week a lot of folks won't give him any time to read a chapter in the Bible or to pray a little prayer and so they never find out the rest of what God would do for them if they're too followed him fully all the way if you hold on to your life and you just live for yourself it'll be shallow it'll be disappointing it will be unfulfilled unsatisfied I don't care if you're a billionaire I don't care if you pictures own half the magazines you still when you go home after the show you'll be so let down you'll be so alone and so disappointed no but the Bible said inside some and said deep cries unto deep what you and your heart cries out for more something beyond the physical something beyond the natural something beyond the material it's because there's more other people look at music mother just seems like there's more that because there is there is a lot more but the way you find it and experience it and get to it is by taking steps of faith you don't just jump from here to gods highest and best you take a step just like Abraham he didn't start out with Abraham asking him for Isaac there was no Isaac to ask for it took decades of faith to get in Isaac right you understand if Abraham and Sarah hadn't left home would they have ever been Isaac now if they hadn't had enough faith to leave home they sure wouldn't had enough faith to conceive and have a child when they're a hundred and ninety you see our faith is progressive and every time you have enough faith to take a step and to not walk my site to not clean to the familiar and the known but to step out by faith and obey Him it breaks off a limitation it enlarges your insides to think bigger and to embrace and receive bigger and and you come into a another place a broader place the next thing you know the Lord will ask you for something else it'll take more faith than it did last time but if you're smart come on help me out class what we what will you do you you'll turn loose of that and and you'll step into this and oh my it'll be even bigger and greater and broader and when does it stop I'd say never yeah I'd say God never changes and this is going to continue throughout eternity until one day I don't know if it's a hundred thousand years from now or a million years from now you'll be looking at a cosmos and God will say speak to that planet and you'll go home well God do what but it started way back on earth when you answered an altar call hmm when you had enough faith it took all the faith you had to turn loose of your little grip on your little life and say Lord I'm gonna quit trying to be my own Lord and guide my own life I'm gonna give it to you and I'm gonna submit to your lordship if you haven't done that now's the time it now is the time how many in class think now is the time if you haven't done that I want us to act on it right now pray this prayer with me you're either affirming your faith or yuria firming your faith said out loud father God I believe in you I trust in you and I believe that you sent Jesus your son the most precious to you and he died on the cross and paid for all my sins and that she raised him from the dead and he's alive king of kings and Lord of lords and I submit myself to you O God and to your son to the lordship of Jesus Lord Jesus I receive you as Lord of my life I turn loose of controlling my own life and I cast aside my own plans and I say not my will but your will be done I am yours and as you help me I will follow you all my days and pass this life hallelujah praise God praise God praise God that's how you get from the beginning to eventually some things that's even beyond our mind to comprehend that first step of faith turning loose of the control and submitting to his lordship and control Abraham did that there was a period in life when his faith was here and then he took another step and then here and he took another step come on can you see this and here was the big one after decades God has got him to the place where he can literally ask him for anything and he'll do it but there's only one way to really know that an opportunity to demonstrate it to prove it can you say prove it prove it to prove it listen to 1st Thessalonians 5:21 it says prove all things and hold fast that which is good you'll see through a number of the parables that Jesus gave that's a process that's going on right now the wheat the tares the net with the good fish and the bad fish that's what's happening right now is that this life is an opportunity to prove whether you love God whether you don't whether you believe any weather you don't whether you'll obey whether you don't and those who do will be in a different category from those who don't even the Bible says concerning deacons in the church it says in 1st Timothy 3:10 let these also first be proved we're not supposed to put untested unproven novices into places of spiritual responsibility and authority the the way the Lord operates is he'll give you a small thing and if you're faithful in that he'll give you something bigger because Jesus said he that's faithful in that which is least is faithful in much he'll give you a broom right he'll say you know take care of that floor well if you sweep a third of it and sit down and quit and you leave it you know dirty and you don't take care of it well there's no needing the Lord giving you anything else can you see that because a lot of people though they say all no no if I had something big now had something important then you'd see my gifts had come out and saying AHA according to Jesus whatever you do with the little thing you'd do the same thing with the big thing and so the Lord is smart he doesn't give the big important stuff to people he couldn't trust with a broom so if you're faithful with that then he'll give you more then he'll give you more and so Deacon's he said let them first be proved well if that's true with Deacons it sure be true with those who have places to rule and reign with God in his eternal Kingdom they must first be proven you know we the Lord's blessed the ministry with airplanes and we have whatever plane we can travel even internationally and before we got to the specific one that we've got I'm a pilot too and I wanted to know when I was crossing an ocean for eight hours at a time that I had some stuff that was proven you know with technology you've got cutting-edge and then you've got bleeding edge you know what bleeding edge technology that's the stuff that just came out of the lab that nobody's used yet I don't want that on my plane when it's night time and I'm over the ocean I want something that has been tried in every kind of stitch I want somebody to fly that thing up in the Arctic right whether it's 30 below zero I want them to fly it out in the desert when it's a hundred and thirty degrees anybody with me I want them to load it to the gills and see what it'll do I want them to run those engines wide open night and day because if it's going to break I want it to break their right well the same thing with God we have this opportunity in this earth life to demonstrate some things and some things if we come short there it's not the biggest issue we can get it corrected early in this life so God can have us to handle things bigger things later on and if you learn the lesson on a smaller thing then you don't make the mistake on the big thing if you're faithful in the little thing then you're in better condition to be faithful in the big things can you save me praise God well say it out loud father God I want to be faithful show me how to be faithful in the smallest thing and to be obedient in the small detail that you might add to me more in Jesus name glory to God that's it for today we'll see you next time in faith school

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