“Those who say all religions are the same are hypocrites” ~ Dr Zakir Naik [Urdu/Hindi]

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First Of All, I Like To Thank Mr Naik You Are Answering The Questions
Of All People In The Open Stage. Satisfying Non-Muslims By
Answering Their Questions. My Question Is …. Kishanganj I Was Born In Jain (Family) Dharma (Religion) Most People Follows Their Parents’ Religion. But I Follow The Religion Of Humanity. And I Read The Books Of All Religions. I Respect All Good Saying In These Books But Today I Want To Know One Thing. What I See Today You Are
Talking About Only Islam. Finally, You Are Trying To Get People
To Accept All The Matters Of Islam. And Saying Islam Is The Only True Religion. I Will Also Agree If You … My Query Now, There Are Many Religions Like
Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism…. And What Is Religion? I Follow The Religion Like The Religion Of Water Is Cold,
The Sun And The Moon Gives Light That Is Their Religion. Wind Is Blow Is That Also Religion, This Community, What Is This? What Should It Follow? Here, That People Are Following Is Good But We Don’T Follow It And What Would
Be The Problem For Us In This Regard? All Matters Should Be Considered By Following
Which Religion Will Bring Goodness To The Humanity. Brother, You Asked A Very Good Question. He Said He Follow The Religion Of Humanity
And He Reads The Scriptures Of All Religions. But Here Zakir Is Saying That Islam
Is The Final By Giving References. What You Said. Islam Is Final, Brother I Am Not Saying It It Is Written In Veda But… But Kalki Avatar Is The Final Avatar
Written In Veda, So I Can’T Change It. I Didn’T Write It. Likewise It Is Also Written In The Bible, You Talked About Bible, Veda… In Bible, If You Read Gospel Of
John Ch.16 V.12-14 Jesus (As) Says Jesus (As) Says 12 “I Have Much More To Say To You, More
Than You Can Now Bear. 13 But When He, The Spirit Of Truth, Comes, He Will Guide You Into All The Truth. He Will
Not Speak On His Own; He Will Speak Only What He Hears, It Gives The Prophecies Of The Final
Prophet Muhammad (Saw)’S Coming. I Didn’T Write Bible? I Just Gave Speech On It, If I Made
A Mistake In This Regard Tell Me.. Dr Zakir Naik, What You Are Saying
About Bible Is Not In The Bible. If You Haven’T Heard It Ever, You
Feel Strange When You Hear It. Many People Feel Strange As Well. Some People Are Accepting But
Some Are Afraid Of Accepting It. This Is The Difference?
[No] Please Listen.. You Should Have Told Me, Zakir Vai, Gospel
Of John Chapter 12-14 Is Not In The Bible. It Is Written In The Bible, Please Read This Kalki Avatar, Isn’T
It In The Veda??? That Is Written In Your Religious
Book And I Can’T Hide It. I Say Take All Religious Books
And Follow What Is The Common Matter. What Is Not Common, Leave It. It Was Written In All Well-Known Religions Like
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism And Islam. If You Read The Book Of Hindu, Veda, Bible, Old Testament, New
Testament, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, In These Four Main Religions God Is One Written, He Has No Partner And The
Final Prophet Is Prophet Muhammad (Saw). So Can I Hide It? Even Muslims Become Surprised There Is No Similarity Between Islam And
Hinduism, Many Muslims Are Against Me For This… When Allah Says “O People Of The Book! Come
To Common Terms As Between Us And You:(3;64) Me, Brother I Can Give A Speech Much Longer On Dereferences Between
Islam And Hinduism Than Similarity Between Them On Differences But My Job Is For Similarity Not Differences I Am A Student Of Different Religions. If I Give A Speech On What Are
Differences Between Islam And Hinduism I Can Give Much Longer Speech Than This One. But Job Is To Bring Together
People Not Divide Them. At Time Of Bring Together When It
Comes To Know That It Is True.. But Religious Scholars Of Other Religions
Are Not Telling Their People That In Their Book Written God Is One, None
Should Be Worshipped Besides Allah The Final Prophet Is Prophet Muhammad (Saw).
It Is Their Fault Not Mine. I Am Saying It In The Open Stage. And I Also Say That Bring Your Religious Scholar
And We Will Discuss If There Is Any Mistake. The Way I Did With Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, In Hindustan He Is The
Most Learned Person Of Hindu Scriptures. I Debated With Him In The Open Stage, Openly By This Way When The Truth Comes
Out, People Are Accepting The Truth. What Is In It? You Bring The Thing Which I Don’T Accept But That Is
Written In The Quran And Veda, I Will Follow Immediately. Brother, Do You Understand What I Am Saying?
This Is Called Humanity. What Is The Humanity Saying By Only Mouth? It Is Like A Politician Job, I Accept Everything….. Act Upon If You Accept All… The Person Whom Doesn’T Act Upon But Only
Saying By Mouth What He / She Believes, Please Forgive Me, From My
View He / She Is A Hypocrite Those Who Come To Platform And Say All
Religions Are The Same Are Hypocrites. They Didn’T Read Their Religious Scriptures What Would I Discuss
With These Hypocrites? I Am Talking About What Is True. You Show Me One Thing Which Is Written In The Veda And
The Quran, I Will Accept It Immediately. I Challenge It This Is Called Courage. I Am Younger To You. Alhamduillah, I Am Courageous. In The Full Stage, Not Only Here, Say It Going In Different
Countries As Well. For That Reason, Hypocrites Are Afraid Of Me. If He Comes, Our Everything Will Be Exposed
And Our Business Will Be Closed Down. I Know I Am Talking About The Truth. Like You Said In The Morning,
People Will Oppose.. To Whom Will I Be Scared
As I Speak Of The Truth? Saying In The Open Stage, Freedom
Prevails In This County. I Am Ready To Have A Dialogue With A
Person Who Has Knowledge In Religions If He Wants.. Whether In Hinduism Or Christianity, A Person Who Can Bring
10000 Followers In His Speech In Anywhere Of The World Here, Mashaallah, How Many People Are There? 0.5 M To 1million People, Correct. Only 10,000 If He Can Bring In His Speech, I Am Ready To
Debate With Him If He Wants. Not With An Ordinary Person. Because I Am Talking About The Truth. Only Saying What Is All Religions? Really I Want To Bring People Together On What Is Written In The Quran, Veda And The Bible.

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  1. Common guys….
    Why you are confusing…..Zakir is just try to pretending a new Muhammad like before 1400 years back and nothing…..

    He is nothing but try to showing himself as knew everything….

    Why he was run away from India….
    Why he did not make any of discussions with any of Indian Sanatan Dharms scholars/philosophers……..

    For his clarity about the originality I had already suggested the place to discuss about their views…

    Again referring the place to discuss….as…
    And I challenge him if he should be got victory then I will be joined Islam.

  2. Jesus Christ is the only truth the way and the life we all have to know that we are all sinners and fallen short of glory of God Jesus Christ is the only God of the whole humen race he is the God of gentiles and one who believe in Jesus mighty name will not perish but have an ever lasting life

  3. मै जाकिर आपसे सहमत नहीं हूं…
    मुझे releions के बारे में नहीं मालूम… but इतना मालूम है कि इस्लाम धर्म तलवार के बल पे खडा किया गया है…
    और आप अमन की बात करते हैं… और हाँ आतंकवादी तो मुस्लिम ही अधिक होते हैं क्या… ये आप नहीं जानते..

  4. Absolutely after reading kuran I got to know no religion is same .islam is truly religion of peace.it has done so much peace like isis,alquiada,bokoharam,

  5. Allah is allmaite . Allah is only one power . Islam is true . Islam is pice . Allhamdolilla ,I am moslim .

  6. ALLAH pak ap ki hifazat farmay our ziada deen ka kam krne ki tofeeq de AAAMMMEEENNNNN

  7. That is so ture. All religions are different but still they lie. There are only a few similarities between some religions.


  9. Ha ha ha ha.. What a tremendous answer… The person who questioned become silent and feeling helpless after hearing. Because no one can go against logic except fools.

  10. हमारे यहा पर मंदिर मै नज्म बजती थी रोज क्यों आके रो रहा मोहम्मद के शहर m

  11. Religion only devide people .follow humility. All human are same they need respect and dignity to live .

  12. What ever you speaking that all are your thought and we make thought by our thought.
    Lord #Buddha says with our thought we make the world..

  13. Zakir bhai mera yah swal hai
    Ki aap jo bolts ke murti puja glt hai
    To aap log bhi to vahi kar rhe ho
    Jab murti puja glt hai to fir aap drgah mat jao ghar baethe hi dua mang lo fir dargah q ja rhe ho

  14. जाकिर हुसैन साहब आप एक एम बी बी एस डाक्टर हैं आप धर्म के बारे में कुछ नहीं जानते बस केवल लोगो को भरमा रहे हैं

  15. Those who cannot contradict with proof they resort personal explicits. Lekin jis ko salvation lena hai wo apna raasta khud select karte hain bhid se alag sach ka raasta. Jis tarah ek patient doctor tak pahonch jaata hai usi tarah ishwar ki prapti ke liye wo satya ko talaash kar leta hai apne efforts aur available information jo holy books mein likha hai.

  16. Work is worship if we do good deeds we wont be scared of any religious judge on judgement day.we are accountable to ourselves and be humans.why to run after them when every religion teaches us to become good .we can do it on our own.

  17. God is inside us then why do we need to gather ten thousand people around.we can sit in isolation and pray to the almighty .he is omnipresent.

  18. Sir, जीसस ने ओर भी बहुत कुछ कहा है, वो भी तो मानो, जीसस ने कहा है,जितने मुझसे पहले आए; वे सब चोर और डाकू हैं मतलब ये है sir, कि पहला भी वो ही है ओर आखिरी भी वो ही खुदा है। 

    17 पिता इसलिए मुझसे प्रेम रखता है, कि मैं अपना प्राण देता हूँ, कि उसे फिर ले लूँ।


    18 कोई उसे मुझसे छीनता नहीं*, वरन् मैं उसे आप ही देता हूँ। मुझे उसके देने का अधिकार है, और उसे फिर लेने का भी अधिकार है। मतलब ये है sir, मृत्यू ओर जीवन जीसस के हाथ मे है, तो फिर असली खुदा वही हुआ।

  19. If country has total muslims
    It means there should be no crime according to Zahir jee.
    But this is not possible.
    Then how muslims are superior than others.

  20. Bible me mohhmad ka naam kaha lkha hai gandu aur rahi baat bhagwat geeta ke usme bhi kaha mohammad ka naam mention hai

  21. Debates arguments are endless. I think, Dharma's translation as religion is not correct because our Dharma is our habits. How many religious gurus have stooped too low in inhuman activities all the world over of all religions? Dalai Lama has beautifully said that while living in our own religious life, we should respect all religions as we respect our own religion and Mahatma Gandhi has said that if one religion is true then all religions are true. I think, when read others religious books we should read them with open mind what has been said about the humans' goodness and how we should awaken to change ourselves as good human beings AND AVOID COMPLETELY TO FIND FAULTS SINCE THE SCHOLARS WOULD LABOUR HARD TO FIND FAULTS IN OTHER RELIGIONS. If you have beautiful mind-set you would change yourself beautifully otherwise EVEN GOD CANNOT CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, because there are three chapters of our life of which the first and the last, I. e. birth and death is not in our power, but we have been given full FREEDOM to write the second chapter, i.e. our life journey on this wonderful planet. Choice is ours!

  22. रामपाल महाराज से भी आपका डिबेट हुआ था उसका भी जिगर किया करिए आप श्री श्री रविशंकर का तो जिक्र करते हैं लेकिन रामपाल का नहीं करते हैं

  23. Vedas me yeh nhi likha ki kalki avtar ko Muhammad ke naam se pukara jayega.yeh toh Zakir ka apna hi koi logic hai.


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