Things Not To Say To Sikh People

Posted By on September 1, 2019

“You all look the same.”
“Let me guess, your name is Singh?” “I like you hat.”
Er, if you don’t mind, it’s a turban. “Oi, go back home.”
What to South East London mate? Um, yeah? “I like your hat.”
“Rag-head or like egg head.” “Have you had an accident? It looks like
you have a bandage on.” It’s a turban, and it comes in different
styles, it comes in different colours. “What’s under you turban?”
Thinking that it’s something magical under there, like I’ve got an extra brain or something.
If you see someone with a turban you instantly know he’s a Sikh, like there’s no denying
it. Well you can’t buy one of these, for starters.
It’s practice. People just think you get it and just put
it on your head. And there’s an actual…there’s a finesse,
there’s a process, there’s an art. There’s an art to tying the turban.
It’s basically like a piece of cloth that’s on this table, and it’s a bit longer, it
wraps around my head three times. I have many different types of turban underneath
this. It’s like Russian Dolls, when you take one out there’s another one, you take
one out there is another one. It’s a symbol, it’s my crown, it’s my
identity. Repping.
Repping the paag anyway. Repping my tradition.
I look good in it anyway. Exactly.
Don’t worry about it. “Can you sing, Singh?”
Yeah, ama-Singh-ly. The middle name Singh was given by the 10th
Guru to all the guys. I’m a female Sikh, so I’m a Kaur.
Because I’ve not got Kaur in my name, they’re like, “But you’re not really Sikh then.”
Every white guy has an Indian friend and they get really excited when they meet you, be
like, “Oh I know an Indian guy. His name is so and so, you must know him.”
“Do you know Jagpal? Do you know Jagpal?” Yeah we go back in like Africa. No we don’t.
No we don’t. You’d always wait for your name on the register
and you’d just wait for that teacher to pronounce it wrong.
They’ll be like, “John?” Yeah, “James?” Yeah, “Patrick?” Yeah. And then Am…
You can see them struggling, they’re like, “Karamvir” , genuinely trying to, they’re
really trying as well. It’s the commitment to get it out.
I was like, oh I signed my name, you know Poonam. And she was like, by the end of walking
me around, she was like, “It was really great to meet you Susan.”
And I was thinking, “Who the fuck is Susan?” “Are you Muslim?”
I get this a lot. “Are you though? Are you Muslim?”
No. They don’t understand that there are different
types of brown people. Yeah.
When you do tell them, “I’m Muslim, I’m not Sikh.” They’re like, “Oh ok,”
Like they get sort of relieved, like “Oh thank God you’re not a Muslim.” That is,
I find that really offensive. Because there are similarities in both religions,
but obviously there is a big difference in how we live our lives to a certain extent.
Everything post, you know, all those events, we’ve also taken that on, because people
presume we’re Muslim, we get that abuse as well as Muslim people.
But then I think when it comes to that point, is when people start saying, “Are you Muslim?”
I say no. They say, “Are you sure?” And I’m a bit like, “Erm… I don’t
know last time I checked.” At home, my Mum told me this morning, “You’re Sikh, have
a good day.” “You all look the same.”
Well clearly not, because, because you know… We don’t.
I’ve had other Sikhs telling me we all look the same.
And it’s when people use it as a way of you know like, apologising as a get out. So
if they’ve said, “Oh I thought you were Muslim. Oh no sorry, it’s just because you
all look the same.” People always say to me, “Oh you really
look like that girl from ‘Goodness Gracious Me’.”
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you want to be like you, you don’t
want to be like, your cousin, your brother, or like someone else that wears a turban and
a beard, it’s like no. Not every Sikh looks like that, you get girls
obviously that have long hair, short hair. The whole idea of having a turban and a beard
and having this kind of identity was to look different was to stand out the crowd.
I think that’s my favourite thing about Sikhism, it doesn’t matter what gender you
are, or what kind of background you’re from, everyone is equal.
So My family has never differentiated me, if i ever get into a fight, they’re not
like, “Don’t you’re a girl.” My grandad was like, “Did you smack him in the face
or not?” and I was like, “Yes I did.” Good on you. “You smell like curry.”
Yeah and what? And what? I eat that.
You eat it don’t you? You don’t always smell like curry. Obviously
you’re going to smell like what you cook in your house.
You know what, it’s really funny, growing up, you were always aware, When your Mum is
making a dish at home and there’s a strong smell and you had to go out. And you’re
like spraying everything on you, because you don’t want to be a stink.
And you know when you smell it on the train and you think, “Oh that’s me! Is that
me? No that’s not me.” I smell like Gucci Guilty or something, it’s the person over
there. And actually curry is great.
Yeah, it’s like Britain’s number one dish for take away.
Yeah. I think curry smells like.
I mean I like a good curry, I don’t go to a curry house or whatever.
No you can’t beat traditional cooked Indian food.
I think if you walk passed a chippy it smells great, or whatever food it is.
Yeah. But it’s definitely the smell of our culture
and of our heritage. And we’re proud of it! But I was born here, so this is my country.
I don’t know how many other ways we can say this, I’m from Birmingham, born and
raised, this is my county. You take it for granted, they do mean, “Go
back to India.” It;s just like… I don’t want to.
Yeah I want to stay here. I don’t want to, I’m alright here thanks.
I love this country. So people will come up to me and they’ll
say, “Oh where are you from?” And I’ll say, “Oh, from the midlands.”
“Yeah, but where are you actually from? Where are you really from?”
“No, no, no, no, where are you from?” Birmingham, England.
And it’s such a beautiful culture, the food, the clothes, you know, there’s so much to
be proud of to be Asian in Britain today. Also another thing that I love is our history.
It’s so deep and it’s so rich and it’s beautiful.
And as a woman, it is so empowering to know, that even 200-250 years back, they were preaching
men and women being completely equal. You know, it’s just another thing I love
about that, being proud to rep that. Rep that. I love that word in the end. Rep
that! Rep that!

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  1. That UNNECESSARY piece of WEAR on the head – nothing to do with morals and values. Example of human invention like ANY "MUST" type of archaic closing with no disrespect to any individuals.

  2. This would have been an excellent video had one of the interviewees refrained from using highly inappropriate language trying to be smart

  3. One of my bro in laws is Punjabi but he doesn't normally wear a turban. For the wedding it took him 45 minutes and two uncles' assistance to get it on right.

  4. I would really like to see a video about Sikhism that isn’t like 5 minuets long I want to know more I live in Yuba City California and it’s the largest city in America with Sikhs a lot of my neighbors are Sikh and I want to know more of your culture because I’m very interested in the religious aspect and the people in general and honestly I absolutely love the food and my neighbor Daljit is my best friend and I want him to feel as welcome in my life as he has made me feel in his life

  5. Sikh Community have BIG alcoholism problem. 27% of Sikhs in BBC survey say they have a family member with alcohol addiction problems. Thats one in every 3 sikhs or 1 per family unit!!

  6. I respect the Sikhs. Just watched 21 Sarfarosh, all 65 episodes and it was awesome. All hail to the Ultimate teacher!

  7. If any white person wants to get on the good side of a Sikh and earn his/her respect the correct greeting is ' Teri Maa di bund'……this will earn u instant kudos so do it next time u meet a Sikh.

  8. Yea who's coat is that over there boyo,fancy a curry? Aaii butt,korma n chips bra that's the UK Sikh accent today

  9. I’m Sikh and people think I’m half cast or Muslim also, this girl at school said “I don’t want to come to your house because it will smell weird and you make curry and stuff” I was just likeeee just because I’m Indian and Sikh don’t mean I like curry like wtffff

  10. i cant believe this nonsense. these people are masquerading. the sikh were the only ones resisting islamic oppression back in the day in india, now everyone licks islams taint quite vigorously at every turn, while ignoring its historical evils. this video was about embracing islam via subversion. all the things they could have talked about and the supposed mass bigotry and confusion of Sikhs for muslims is what they bring up. if anything is clear, it's that the law still runs the bbc in the queens empire. long live the group think! drink your tea and watch your tele.

  11. I have several sikh friends, and one thing common in all of them, at least from my point of view is
    – they love punjab, they will mention that "we are punjabi, so we do it like this" or "it's because we are punjabi", or anything, they will never forget to mention punjab in their conversations,
    – even though i don't speak punjabi, they will start talking to each other in punjabi and i'm like completely lost in the conversation,
    – They all love to joke around, drink, eat, they especially love chicken and curry, they love to dance out on punjabi music, do bhangra, and love to smoke a joint, at least the ones i hang out with lol.
    – One last thing, they are also very friendly people, they will help you if you need help, they are fun to hang out with, they rarely talk about negative things, they are always optimistic, good people to have as friends.

  12. Any Sikhs out there like me, just sitting down, and just listening to the same questions you hear everyday? 😂

  13. Could swomeoe please tell me who the girl is at 3:24, regarding her comment with other people saying that "she looks like that girl from GGM…Thanks, apprec this!!…And…Very informative video also!!

  14. If someone calls you muslims make up some bad story conscerning "evil" muslims (involving violence and trickery -the more of both the better) that supposely happent to you or some friend or aquaitance or family member of yours. It is the only way to save yourself if you are a brown person.

  15. Oh to be perpetually offended. Sad. Get over it. If you don’t like the discrimination then perhaps you should assimilate into the local culture that you migrated to? Eh? Oh that makes too much sense.

  16. A great people. Humble hard working and caring an insperation to others, I am proud to have served with Sikhs and to call them my friends, I would die for my family, my friends, etc etc, a Sikh will lay down his life for anyone even a complete stranger. I am humble in their presence, if the world learnt more about Sikhism the world might be a better place. I always wished for a Sikh prime minister before I die so my grand children might stand a better chance in life. God bless you all and to all who served along side me, till we muster for the last time brothers 🇬🇧

  17. You can say. I’m Sikh and tired of being called Muslim. Lol. A friend mine was saying that I said don’t worry I’m Muslim I’ll take the blame.

  18. If I were to go into combat, I want by my side an American Soldier, an Israeli soldier (or Gal Gadot), and a Sikh warrior.

  19. I would love to have Sikh friends. Met some awesome Sikhs in the past. The people in this video were funny. Great senses of humour 😎

  20. I get that all the time too in Japan… Where are you from?… Where are you actually from? Stereotyping isn't bad but can get a bit offensive at times

  21. No. 1 thing I'm not Indian I'm punjabi and theres no mandate for ladies to wear turbans, they are princesses not princes

  22. Go back to your country.
    I already took that flight (input age here) years ago to a place called (input country you were born in) in a hospital called (input hospital name).

  23. KESARI – This is a great movie, based on an incredible true story of the Battle of Saragarhi in which an army of 21 Sikhs fought against 10,000 Afghans in 1897. They fought to the last man, asking and giving no quarter. This is filmed in a beautiful land. The battle was fought at Saragarhi, a small village at border district of Kohat, situated on the Samna Range, in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (previously Northwest Frontier Provience) present-day Pakistan. It is filmed in Hindi, and I did not understand but a few words that were spoken in English, but knowing the story of the battle it was easy to enjoy this great movie. It has great videography, special effects, and acting. In my opinion this would be worthy of several Academy Awards. The lead actor was phenomenal These are my opinions…..feel free to make them your own.

  24. Sikh is not a religion, but a spiritual journey a lifestyle that enlightens the soul. We have been so manipulated and misunderstood, categorized by society that we are nothing, but an offshoot of Hinduism. Learn and educate yourself on the true path of the Gurus, for they have given us and human kind a treasure of knowledge and wealth. Our identity is unique, the Turban represents our presence of royalty and inherently demonstrates our willingness and humility to serving other.

  25. Their is onlu one race the human race the only thing that divides us is religion and belief that helps us be diverse and unique i think islamicphobia isnt to with the religion at all i think they target these people becuase they are racist they see a certain group of people doing something bad who are black broen etc they are just like oh their Muslims this means Muslims are all bad but their not urg

  26. I do not mean this comment to be for the sake of some kind of compliment to Sikhs, especially since this may be a stereotype, but when I am in public and there are sikhs around I feel safer because I think if some bad guy tries to attack someone Sikh (hopefully) will try to protect people.

  27. Also be aware, that some of us ignorant white scum, do know that "brown" people can originate from different countries and are capable of adhering to different religions. Sweeping generalisations really are deplorable, I hope you agree!

  28. Muslims also wear turbans (sufi) and the bigger the turban the higher spirtualy the person is I think Sikhism have a similar philosophy. Also the turban is the crown

  29. This is great. Got me curious about your religion, so beautiful. Brought the link Blessings!

  30. I think it's funny how it's about Sikhs and then Islam comes up and how its offensive to be worried if someone's Muslim when every terrorist attack in Europe seems to always be Muslims how the hell is that offensive it's called being careful the BBC paedo ring putting crap on the internet again for all the idiots out there Islam is not a race it's our religion which anybody can be a Muslim it's an bad idea like the BBC which is obsessed on defending Islam but is all for gay rights they might as well punch himself in the face

  31. Not only Sikhs wear turbans my uncle wears turbans so does my grandad and my cousins in Pakistan (who are Muslim) btw I have 1 Sikh friend


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