Theology Slam

Posted By on November 12, 2019

Welcome to St John’s Hoxton for the
live final of Theology Slam 2019. And we are your hosts for this the culmination
of a six-month search for the most exciting engaging voices in theology. I
think the whole concept of the Theology Slam has spawned a whole load of people who have written their thoughts down and submitted entries that maybe we didn’t
see here tonight but have been evidence of some really great thinking going on in the sector. If we look up at God instead of down to our mobile phones we will fear less the sense of being no one. I thought it was an excellent
opportunity to hear about issues that we face as a world irrelevant of whether
we’re Christians. What the Church can learn from #metoo is being noisy, being
uncomfortable and expecting change when we demand it. Yeah I think it’s maybe
reflective of the fact that the ideas I was talking about may have been new to
people and bringing something new to the table. We intimately belong to the rest
of creation. This is the world in which the image bearers of God reside, this is
the world that God himself enters, this is the world that God himself died for.
This is the world in which God Himself was resurrected. Eye-opening, thought-provoking, sobering but ultimately hard- lifting as we’re kind of lifted towards

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