Theology In The Hood: Bringing Theology to the Streets By: Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

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out of tonight theoretically is taken from bill Jones and cottagey Woodson bill Jones if you would just do a little pyramid in your programs and when you have this big all the way across Brown section do a section smaller like stair steps going up draw three steps the first step the base of the pyramid is Theology the second step is anthropology and the third step is sociology and William Augustus Joan teaches in his lime and beaches series lectures that theology that simply you can talk about theology in the hood that's the theme how I see God how I define God how I understand God and a person's theology a country's theology a cultures theology determines anthropology how I see humans if I see God as white and male then I see humans as having white males hierarchically at the top and next to white males white females and next to white females brown males then next to brown males brown females and then red males females me all the way down the bottom is the black anthropologically I look at other humans based on how I see God and then that is the third step in the triangle how I see humans anthropologically is how I order my society sociology my theology determines my anthropology and my anthropology determines my sociology what do those big words mean those big words mean if I see God as a God who loves white people and hates black people then I can sociologically have a country where I worship God in the church on Sunday morning wearing a black robe and put it on a white robe at night and Lynch a nigga don't make no difference because God the blessed is there I can put together a constitution that defines you as non-human beings I can sleep with your women make babies buy your women but say you all don't have sense enough to go to school somebody say Thomas Jefferson yeah that's also called pedophilia you all laughed at Michael you laughed at Michael Jackson because he was sleeping accused of sleeping with somebody underage Thomas Jefferson was sleeping with Sally Hemings she was 15 he's really the father of the country I call him not-not-not founding fathers I call him fondling fathers how they see God determines how they see humans and how they see humans determines how they order their society now that's the problem last night you were laughing anybody go back to where we were last night when I was talking last time about the mission school when what happened after slavery after slavery was in dead thousands of schools were set up in the south it was a massive refugee problem refugee problem why because as I mentioned last night Africans were not allowed to be taught to read or to write so you had over 4 million freedmen they call them who could not read or could not write they could not do anything but farm so sharecropping became the second slavery and convict lease system became the second slavery to address that problem missionaries went into the south from the Anglican Church st. Paul College in Virginia from the Presbyterian Church Johnson C smith University in North Carolina from the Baptist Church Morehouse Spellman Virginia Union from the Methodist Church Alan Buttershaw got down there from the AME Zion Church Livingston and hood all of those schools were set up right after slavery look at the founding dates from 1865 to 1878 all of those schools were set up by missionaries missionaries went did a wonderful job they would they went down there our denomination the Congregational Church of New and set up over 500 schools to teach Africans and the schools were self-contained just like they are today on campuses with water running through the campus so you didn't have to go off you can grow your plants there you can wash your clothes egg and water for cooking there in fact the teachers missionaries were not welcomed off the campus they were looked at as carpetbaggers the students went on campus at the at the end of the planting season and then come off to harvest season the schools were on an agricultural cycle of those 500 schools my denomination is set up today we have eight that are still in existence you know them by the name of Howard University Fisk University Dillard University Talladega Tougaloo missus in Mississippi lemoyne-owen in Memphis Tennessee and huston-tillotson in Austin Texas those schools were taught by missionaries and the missionaries did what I showed you last night the missionaries taught you how to sing your songs their way as concert sized and timidly arranged beautifully acceptable spirituals acceptable to the dominant culture and when they went south they taught their culture their culture remembers superior to yours because we see God as creating us superior to us called white supremacy you have no culture you have no literature you have no music you have no authors we got Shakespeare we have Tennyson we have Wordsworth they are Longfellow who do you have we have Tchaikovsky or Sikorsky Beethoven France let's heighten who do you have they thought that they were superior and they taught us that they were superior and that if we wanted to be educated we had to learn how to be superior as they were they taught us that your culture your African culture all that stuff y'all doing all in drums and beating and moving that's ignorant that's pagan you want to show emotions use your elbows prior to the end of slavery nobody could read right so if you couldn't read what you gonna do with the bulletin in fact y'all got an order of worship 7:00 p.m. devotional period 1055 prelude 11 o'clock processional when you couldn't read what y'all do you sing a little bit mold a little bit testify a little bit shout look would live to offer another offering sing a little bit more preach you just have Church why because Europeans operate on two words in your Bible for time KR write that down KR o ni s Cronos that's the Greek word for Kronos from chronological Europeans operate on chronological time Africans operate on Kairos ka i ro s Kairos time that's when it's right that's what it happens South Africa they had the Kairos document when it happens Chronos time all you women to have babies when you went to your doctor where was your last minces January 22nd chronologically the baby will be here September 22nd that's Chronos time guess when the baby comes when you get ready might be August might be September 1st might be October right now right now he's talking about I heard him announce passcode announced we're having a prayer breakfast on Saturday morning what time is the prayer breakfast 8 o'clock but Friday night when service is over we haven't we'll have a party revive all the revival community will have a party to celebrate this revival what time is the party pastor Odin the party's at nine o'clock past Odin assist Odin will be the only one there at nine o'clock but y'all don't go to parties like that y'all go live 11:30 and when you're having a party nobody asks for what time is the party over it's over when it's over same thing with church anybody start at 10:55 prelude you start when you're starting is over with is over now here's another problem you got you got not only the other bulletin you all been singing these songs like last night y'all saying some of y'all answered me just comment me the song on me the song short me the song y'all just be singing on and on and on and when you finish singing you don't know how to stop the song you just keep moaning No here we now have a hymnal you need no Hitler before slavery is over you couldn't read now we have a hymnal and in this hymnal please don't do like chip marries people down it listen chip marry me they start singing a song and then somebody sister Watson pick up a verse she heard her grandmama sing and down in Tuscaloosa Alabama you pick up a song verse ain't nobody up here heard no no no there are four verses to this him we will sing four verses and that's the end of the song we kept us all off and if you notice the last word in the song just like you heard pastor Bryant good AMSA is I'm in I'm in not a man ain't mad no Amen and that's the end I stuff and stop talking back to the preacher when he's trying to preach sit quietly and learn how to use Amen eyes and who y'all be waving it we don't do that

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