Theology and Discipleship Class :: Topic: Complacency in Christians

Posted By on October 4, 2019

Hey guys. I just want to talk to you guys about what it means to live a complacent life and living life
allowing sin to creep on in and to pretty much take away the things that God has
for your life and I just wanna talk to you guys about that because I feel like so many Christians these days live a life basically living as if they’re in the
world and yet calling themselves a Christian and
they’re complacent. They’re happy with that. I’m OK. I could sleep around with my
girlfriend or boyfriend. I’m a Christian It’s alright. It’s no big deal. Or I’m a Christian but I go to parties and drink and get drunk every once in
a while. And so a lot of Christians live a life that is
contrary to what God has called them to Yet, they’re okay with that.
They’re complacent with that. and I feel this is what everyone
else is doing. This is how it is, guys. This is how things are. To be honest with you, I
kinda hate that mentality I really do. I hate the mentality of how
people have to say well this is how it is guys is
out so is going to be and you know if if you if you see that
you know instead of agreeing with it. and saying ‘Hey! Okay,
alright.’ do something about a change it change
your circumstances so many people are too accepting of the
circumstances around them that they choose not to change it and so
that’s kinda what I want to talk about in a nutshell but I let’s let’s start
out with a prayer guys and I just want
to get back be right into the so… Father, I thank you
so much for the fact that you are or alive in a sky
and the fact that you have your spirit lives in a sky in you
continually teaches what it means to live our lives for You. You show us what ti means to be
vessels of righteousness and of justice and of love. God, I
pray that you will help us to give a whole hearts you up asserts a
live a life that isn’t that is are a light to the world around
us instead of allowing the darkness to come
in and creep in and take over the affair that we will we will stand as a light rather than
compromising ourselves guy and I pray father that that your light
will live in us in the will never ever ever exchanged zeolite
for anything else for in the name of Jesus payment are so well want it. as first about though is
one of my favorite will not not permit so they’ll test mister is one
of their stores I we said also on my favorite stories I
love all her button one of the ones that I really
like a lot is is actually in phnom for Samuel and as funny as I I we talk to offer
cellular earlier today by I wanna talked a little earlier in
for Samuel it’s gonna be in for Samuel to actually and wanna talk to you guys about a man named
Eli and he was one of the he was the premise
that the main priests at during the time of Samuel and he he lived a really long life he lived up
to ninety eight years old but and during his time period dark the
covenant was with them an and he was promised one who took care
of the arc and he had two sons there were extremely bad kids I there are like two hours kids your like
literally um if it talks about it it talks about a
right here and and first for Samuel to for 16 vs have it a if you want to read it gave go ahead
actually um use if I wanna go actually go go back to 12 first and then go to go
from twelve to eighteen which chapters a I’m oh no it was okay the but was good though I like their own whose
number we did you hear that anyway outgoing are on on so I mean let me continue without so the sins of these young men was very serious in the Lord site for they
treated the Lord’s offering with contempt so if you can you
see right there they were they were contents and and treating the
lawyers offering they basically where complacent and they they Theriault
I’m just gonna do whatever I want an continually and I’ll take what I want
from the offering and take advantage %uh that and so it
sucks a lot more about it such a Eli son sleeping with the the the the servant girls talks about them doing
all kinds of stuff that that was completely against God
they were taking well was holding what was something that
got considered extremely on extremely on an honorable
position and that’s okay as as a joke you know
they took a like whatever guys let’s get drunk they got drunk they ate
the food that they wanted even though the offer was was without the me was
supposed to be burned up and yet they’re like oh I want to meet
that’s Rawal I want to meet that’s that’s a that’s not all week ok because that
they’re like oh that’s why that’s the way I like it you know way it was supposed to be burnt up and
all the way in the house was burnt up before they took it out so it’s really just saying but a guy
actually a warrant you lie and he said because if
you’re wicked science because a because the fact that you are
complacent in in there and and not disciplining them I’m going
to John going to judge you and do something against your house so arm says it actually let’s see it says in
verse 22 on now Eli was very old and he was
aware up what his sons were doing to the
people of Israel he knew for instance that his sons were seducing the young
women who assisted at the and at the entrance
to the temple so he like it tells all I heard you guys
word seducing women and their sons were like
all you know no we just do occasionally seduce women are too
never know them um size like all those squid okay stop
seducing girls alright instead of disciplining properly he’s
just you can give them a slap on the wrist and just basically let them do whatever
they want to do and that really i mean that really
angered God I got guys did not like the fact that
you lie was allowing his sons do that so if you
go on it talks about it arm when Samuel comes
in and samuel was a young boy and gone actually spoke to Sam you and
God actually a got actually sold Samuel what
he was gonna do suits that you’ll I sent Eli and
and if you go to chapter 3 church verse 11 are and I’ll just read a few yes so says then the Lord said to Samuel I’m about
to do a shocking thing in israel I’m going to carry out all my threats
against the Linus family from the beginning to the end I’ve
warned him that judgment is coming up on his family for at for ever because his son’s are blasting got and he hasn’t this and
yes and discipline them so I have about that their sin thus ends
at the light and his sons will never be forgiven by
sacrifices or offerings that’s a big deal I mean I mean I because what they were
doing and see these were the leaders at the church these were the people who were to
the whole nation looked up to and yet they were there was corruption
in them and he lies family so got Sol that he’s like I’m not having a
I’m gonna take not like that and so and not only that but he made a
judgment on that was a incredibly harshness shows goes to
show if you’re in the church don’t don’t take
I you know have the fear God and you because God’s
judgment is not a joke when God says I’m gonna do something you
better get on your knees are apparent for fears sent for the sense that you
can too many because because that means that God is really really I mean if he
said that and yeah that’s a big deal so anyway sent
come %uh samuelson Eli goes to Samuel is like are what did what did the lawyer said
you tell me everything and may God strike you even kill you if you hide anything for me so Samuel
told he like everything and he didn’t hold anything back and
basically it’s the law so he told him up everything he said
this is what God said and you lie any lie you know incentive
in this is an interesting thing to me ice is really ice IC design has set a bomb you know getting upset or or getting on
disease and praying repenting he just says is the Lord’s will you I
replied let him do what he thinks is best like really I think I just said he’s
gonna judge your your your he’s gonna like destroy your
family and judge in judge your entire for a year
your whole entire family line is going to be cursed
by God for literally forever ahead and you said you know and then he said nothing you
can do will forgive will be for it you’ll be forgiven up and you know and I
understand like you as I go home and I guess I can’t
really ask forgiveness than but in the alley I think I was expecting
you know God I was expecting Eli Setzer it to repent guy was expecting
Eli to do something and yet United nothing
he accepted it and he was compete was complacent and
he’s like well he was like alright well i guess im just gonna you know except except for God’s
judgment is and an everyone the Bible if use if you look
over in the entire alt s man you know and assessment when when sown
repents got actually sees a and got acknowledges
that arm if oh no i i don’t think there’s any
where the by were where someone was genuinely repentant a
guy generally coming on on their knees repenting to God and God
said all on sorry but I can’t accept your your are I can accept your repentance
because I’m too angry no guns not too angry that he won’t
accepts repentance guys not to does not that a guys arises
judge but but he always accepts repentance he always excess
arkansans so as Christians don’t everything that
you you’ve sent too much to repent that you’ve committed so much send that
onto gone too bad are too far gone for got don’t ever think that because God will
always change that around gonna always except you into his life except you back
into into the Kingdom of Heaven when you come back to got and there’s so
many I’d say there’s a lot of passes out there and preachers that that have done
horrible sends you know have she down their wives and done things
like that and they got kicked out the church and so many things like that and yet and
yet got there like i cant I can accept that you
know they don’t wanna added day the the I’m I remember recently they
they did talk about a a passer that did recently onto a suicide because
he he was too caught up in the gill up the and how
that’s a horrible that’s such a horrible thing to hear and
I i knife and in my heart are cries out for people that for that
day feel like they there they’re not good enough for god’s
God’s grace they’re not good enough for god’s repentance and yet got says I’m here eg I’m here to
accept you back into my arms just come in please come opening
upcoming repents and say I’m sorry but yet but yet we in our in our in our own I think sometimes in our own on tried and oftentimes in our own Gill that we’d we we feel like we’re we we or
so of the week we’re soul caught up in their gillen caught up in
the things that we’ve done that we can accept God’s grace in kinda cannot accept God’s mercy so with a I
just wanna continuing go onto the actual judgment which is an arm for Samuel you go onto let’s see if you go to verse 14 alright yeah first 14 a chapter 4 and see what happens is the a army if access the see the Phils
scenes I once again the Phil scenes decided
that they’re gonna attacked attack Israel and what they do is they
go out and they they basically I go on the
armies and Anna on in israel goes out with the to the
two sons appeal I go out to and they take the arc in the coming with
them cuz and that time period every time they were out to battle the took the arc
with them and and it’s interesting because after
this event they never did that again because what
happened was and their mind they’re like oh yeah the with as long as we have gone with us
will never lose a battle and as long as as long as we have the im
and became as long as we have the arc the company with us will never lose that the dow so in their
mind they’re like thinking the arc the covenant was was a 0 well like a get out of jail free
card they’re like yeah on man who can lose a bizarre the
company that’s God’s glory guys gonna good when the battle for us
because we carry innocent about well guess what happened guys they all
got slaughtered yeah the hidden the the entire Israel
the of entire army guy solder and not only that but the arc becoming gots got captured and taken by by the Phils
scenes so what happens in for 16 area for 16 a messenger comes in he’s
like he came right from the battle and he’s
probably one the only survivors three runs over there he goes the Eli
and and you guys like what’s the know it was
so there’s no is about and messenger rushes over the line and
in you I was a 98 years old and line at the time he said he liked I
have just come from from the battlefield I was there ever I
was there this very day and then the light goes what happened my
son israel has been defeated by the Phils scenes the and this week and the messenger
plight the people have the people have been
slaughtered and your two sons Hosni and and Finney s were also killed and
archive got has been captured when the messenger kam mention what
happens to the arc got Eli fell backward from his see behind behind the gate he broke his neck
and died for he was old and overweight he had
been Israel’s judge for forty years and then 00 also allies daughter-in-law
the way for Phidias was pregnant and near the time of
delivery when she heard that the archive God had had been
captured and that her father in law and husband were both dead she went back she went into labor and
gave birth she died in childbirth for but before she passed away the
midwives try to encourage her don’t be afraid they said you have a
baby boy but she did not answer pay attention to them she name the child idk about which means where is the globe where is the glory
for she said israel’s gloria is gone she named him because the arc the company had I’ve got had been captured him
because her father in law and has been read it then she said the glory of the Lord has
departed from Israel for the Octagon for the archive got has been captured so and leaves like a pretty bad Mike like wow those I was
like a huge as really bad you know there’s
like well man God got this so it’s said that any
did exactly what he said say and and got actually get you know God allowed his own are which
is supposed to be you know was created sir to be the manifestation of the glory
of God he allowed to be captured two and I mean that’s a dozen other side
story that we could talk about and how and what happened when the Philistines
at the arc the company and how they decided to give backs
Israel because it was cursing them hes like you can have it we don’t want
it anymore so we could talk about that but i wanna
continue on an arm and talk about how as Christians we have
this the mentality of love well I’m just not allow this my
life under sell out that my life and we we get to the point were were
allowing so much in our lives that that we we leave no room for for the
right just a surfer for just a surfer offer on for for
guiding our lives basically we become completely complacent become 1 when the world looks at us they don’t
see they don’t see gun anymore they only see them and they and they in
knew Jesus Himself said it you know if you you know the world one
except you because you won’t look like them anymore you’re gonna look like me and because he
in because you are my children the world is gonna hate you so as
Christians we can’t think that about the whole well I wanna
be you know we’re like home I really wish that everyone accepts me and
everyone loves me because in reality this I can be the
case all the time people are not gonna like you but the thing is though people are gonna
come see you and gonna say hey on I need help with this are hey odds
you know about that and even even the people who curse you
will even come to you later on in the future me like you know I just want to ask you this
question I ask you that question or or what it what does that mean about got so and reality even though you think
that people don’t like your that people hate you it’s not really true because in reality
its thats on the seine nets in them the hates the
hates the the crisis in you and so so they they hated because they don’t want to
accept that they there their living life and sense of BC
they’re not going to accept that that the it to accept the guy I’m
that is the God of the universe and who’s living
literally living in you so a lot of their a lot of times
though I think as Christians we want to be
accepted by other people and we also want to be accepted by the
world so we allow ourselves to become like the world we allow ourselves to look like them to
act like them and a lot of times like oh no I I have a a friend in mind when I was working at
Holy Land he was on he was actually a pastor a twirl passer this EU passo this one
church and Tom I was I always make fun of him
because he always looks like you know those hipster guys %uh year si
nos like they have the skinny jeans and I
like weird clothing that cup probably is from like the sixties are some like that you know anyway set
up so I mean that’s his style I guess but I
always a finer than ever you know Mike man you wanna be sick set
this so much that you’re willing to wear genes that are like three sizes too
sheesh too small I V come on you know you can wear jeans
that fit your right please you know that’s just not good but on but the thing is though I think as as people
especially you know living going to school gonna
high school you gonna be is surrounded by people who who all everyone wants to accept that
you know everyone you know expecially girls a wearing the clothes you wear you wear
because a lot size you want to be accepted you know you want people so to accept UN said treat you as one of
them but the thing is though sometimes you know that make on a
conflict with your convictions when it comes sits back closer closer
reveal that smile anyway but other than that arm or you know and
when it comes to cursing to I remember in my life I was on I was
actually fifth-grade going on six great and I
actually was in this weeklong trip Anna for like a it’s like a boy scout retreat
when I was in Boy Scouts and I just joined the Boy Scouts I was
just like hey at this is really cool want right now because I liked going
camping in like two nice up so I went out with them and I went up
this this trip and I was probably one wanted the like the old the one of
the youngest kids in the group but also probably one of the only kids
that never curse and Mike they were all getting on my
case because I didn’t want her because I didn’t curse and they’re like Olo say there say that
an ally go on she said yes we’re on she say that and they would curse me out and and make
fun to me and our you know all this car stuff and i was
just getting so annoyed with them and you know I was just me so angry at
them I remember one at one day we’re I i think we’re
standing in the line at the lunch at the like them like to
lunch room or whatever and there are like joking about me im in
making fun to me and I’ll stand in line and I just like
turned around it said like every curse word in the book I was like why she should therefore
before you know like other stuff and Mike they they just like there is
just started laughing at me and i was just like I was just like well
I just stripped down to their level and his realize that I B I became
exactly what they want me to be and I became the the person that they
wanted me to be so I realize that and after that I was like you know what I’m not gonna I’m not gonna lower my
standards at all and I have been ripped curse and I you
like be allowed to contest by that I don’t curse and that’s for a good reason is because
I feel like you lower your standards when you curse you become just like the
rest the world and it is a worldly traits to speak with
profanity and I think that is something that that
and a lot of people you know you can argue about unite Wilson these words are
that that but I do like you know what if those
business what those words represent is what’s bad and a you know the word itself you know
you can say well the word itself means this not and won’t be honest with you it’s what
the condition if your heart is and with the word represents in your car
you’re saying this %uh to pay and all those words represent a I am abuse a you know anger resentment
jealousy all those words do not represent anything that is from God and so when
you speak those words you not speaking from God’s love now speaking for outrageousness urge are
are are are just as you’re speaking out of hate and so arm II you know a lot of times I
use such stewart’s you so I tried not to hi you know arm so and a lot of people I
called again in my case but you know i i try not to do that either but I’d say that as Christians we have to I
have to watch the words you say it’s not even just curse words to on people like 10 curse but the thing is
though you say things that a curse is over people’s life you know a lot size we like what occurs
but yet you you speak you speak a down to people and you speak and you speak are new Lord
you do you you on you make people feel like there a
ferrier times and like people like wow what you mean
by that well I have actually had passers that talk like that with me and their you know considered righteous
and just like well you know make I’m like man these guys there there
and definitely not example exact showing the example %uh
love christ and so and so they’re they’re talking to me as
if as if you know like wow like the idea would you talk to anyone
on the street like that really you know like that’s the kind of person
you know if you were talking to anyone else you get slapped you know huh but but I
you know of course some such a humble person the but you know well undermine her but but
as as Christians we have to we have to learn how I learn the words
we speak have power the words you speak up life-and-death in
them and we we can just say things that that just everything that comes our
everything that we feel we have to since ice fields ourselves and and on
you know the Bible says taming the tongue is like the hardest thing in the
world to do and enya is the biggest india is one of
the biggest things analyze this like literally the writer over a life that that directs
our life is our time and and the power literally
life-and-death is in the Tom an arm anyway I think I i wanna talk to guys up
dial I one my favorite churches and the New
Testament and that is the church of Corinth or L if you guys wanna go with me to the
book chretien’s an arm I look I actually really loved
the chapter first Corinthians the and the
entire book is really I mean is just the way the way paul
tsongas’s just awesome like he’s is literally blasting them the
entire book hen in just telling them how bad have how
bad of a church the high hut be at doing in our love like he
really does it out love and he actually does a great job showing them the love God while while
disappointing them and while correcting them in their wrongdoing and
see the church the crib interest was
probably one of the biggest churches on in that time period in poll in the
time here Paul and one of the most well-known church Paul actually says here first
Corinthians for recess is like I always think I for
you and four the gracious gifts He has given
you now that you belong to Christ Jesus through him God has enriched your church
every way with all year eloquent words and Holly in in all your
knowledge this confirms that what this confirms
that what I told told you about crisis true now that now
that you now you have every spiritual gift at
gift you need as you eagerly way for the return of our
Lord Jesus Christ who will keep you strong in the end so that you will be for a
free from blame from all blame ants on the day when the Lord are Jesus
Christ returns God will do this for He is faithful to
do what he says and he has invited you to do into
partnership with his son and so up I’ll talk to guys like you
guys ur you know I’m glad that God has given you all the gifts and i’m glad
that God has given you and he says it has good things because
the I truly believe that those were the good things up the church at Corinth
they were and they were eloquent speech i mean when they had spree Ching when they had
sermons at their church i mean i’m talking like probably the
best feature you here any and they spoke eloquently spoke
profoundly and people were all into the stands going to church in the
hordes to listen to the preacher or the preachers and also they were they were up gifted in the Holy Spirit
they were extremely gifted in all ways for people were people are prophesying people were
speaking in tongues but but then be Paul goes on he sucks about
the issues with other things he talks about how on if you go onto much him bomb chapter 4 verse 20 I actually yeah actually first eighteens SS serve
you have become Eric unthinking I will not the I’ll not
busy and again but I will come and I will come
and soon if the Lord that’s me and I’ll come soon
if the Lord bless me and then I’ll find out whether these arrogant people just
pretend a are just give pretentious speeches
whether the really have got scour for the Keeneland up got is not just up not just a lot of talk it is living by
God’s power which you which you choose which you do
choose should I come should I come with a rod of punishment
out draw to punish you or should I come with love in a gentle
gifts so clipart close saying %uh you guys who
have these are who are such ok with speakers under
a common I wanna see who’s really up who’s really speaking move God’s power and who actually is who who’s just a pretentious who’s just
speaking for pretentious speeches so and he’s like
it’s not he’s like it’s not just about arm all the king and got is not about
talking it’s about living in God’s power and you
saying that and so as Christians we we get so are
caught up in in a in the spiritual puffed up yes of
Christianity an ass the first thing wanna talk about
his is living a a Christian life that is
only on the surface living a a your basically a surface
level Christian and you know your you’re being on the
spiritual things are being on on you know are things that are that are
you know you you want people to see see you know you
want our people to see how spiritually or but then on the inside your your your
lot use your life with God is is non-existent your your walk with God
is non-existent and so basically year you’re only here
basically what they were called the iceberg theory you ever where he is 10 percent
Christian in the ninety percent is something else skull on and that’s probably a big
problem but on but as Christians we can’t be like that
we have to be living our lives completely and heartily a serenity s surrendering
everything to got we can’t think that it’s all about
speaking openly or it’s all about having spiritual gifts its it’s about
walking in the power of God’s love and God’s righteousness in God’s
God’s holiness and so walking in and in him walking on a daily basis it’s not about
it’s not about are showing showing offer or being
spiritual it’s about living a spiritual life and
so the second 1i want to talk about is a stagnant Christian and well wanna
say is I think I see this a lot and in
Christians they get saved and there are fire for
God at first but then they can I like fall into this complacency in this idea where it’s like well you know on
the senate I’m gonna do this one day but I’m not really gonna I don’t really
wanna are you know I’m gonna they always say I’m gonna do this on to do that and I’m
gonna do that this one day the it never happens and so they fall
into this life of complacency and they don’t get anything accomplished
they don’t they don’t for a go further in Christ they’re
staying at that that bottom level with the there there right when they
just got saved and they don’t wanna going where after that they would they
don’t wanna move forward in their walk they don’t want to go out there there
too there it’s so use the milk that they don’t want they don’t want me the hell they’re like
a kid who still who is olmos a full-grown
adults still breastfeeding you know soho so it’s like the InGaAs
like no you know like welcoming us into guys wanna press his butt %uh her Tom you know some I’m showing
that as an example not saying that those that are richer huh on the night the thing is
though the there their living life as a child the
yet there there there an adult and God wants them to be
so but so to what spiritually and Paul
talks about to the Corinthians you know is a I have things for you there are are
so much more but yet you’re not ready for that you
know you guys you guys are still sucking on Mill when you should get when you should be
receiving me we should be receiving greater things and and you guys have
have are are staying at that that one that
stagnant Christian walk that that stagnant like I’m not going to
go anywhere farther oh you have a question all so that’s first Corinthians three one guru for and that’s actually I mean yeah a that’s actually really
good and as Christians we can’t we can stay in a
stagnant form we can stay in a that low-level life and i know i know:
actually personally people that are family members that are
like that day they’re they’re Christians in your they’re they’re still living in a
lifestyle that that that where they they’re not growing they’re not moving
for their they’re still they’re still and that nap that same pit that they were one cent an a lot of
times a lot of times they they the are free
they were free from all these things in life there are free from from on a whole bunch different things
be a they still hold onto they still on the the start it all out
these other things to creep in and sorry to allow these are the things
that to take whole answer to move in and and take over those things so so we can’t allow that we can’t we
can’t allow ourselves to become stagnant we
can’t live in a free and live in the past we can be afraid to move for we have to
say God I wanna move forward I want to receive more view I wanna be delivered from
these things I don’t want to accept the things that are my life that I i
that I’m not that I that I know are some not meant to be
part in my cell an the last 1i want to talk about is the compromising or on accepting Christian and it’s the type a Christian who who
will who is so caught up in the morning to be
set the that day believe the lies in the world and as if
they were true like on especially on the on things like a homosexuality you know there’s a lot
of Christians that that’s that believe that as you know hey that you know this
is ours was look enya there there and I mean there they
believe that it’s okay they septa Anna you know I ice it’s a touchy
subject but i think is a subject that is worth talking about as Christians we are so afraid sets a to
step on things like that because we’re we don’t want to offend anybody but the
thing is though I like actually have a co for you guys I really like that I i
wanna talk to you as well it’s actually I’m I’m I got it from the
internets on orders from and as a matter fact it’s really hard to
find out who actually said this if it’s on the Internet but it says our culture has except its hue two huge lives the first is that if you
disagree with someone’s life style you must fear then obviously you must
fear them or hate them the second is that to love
someone means you agree with everything they believe or do you both are nonsense you don’t
have to compromise conditions to be compassion comped compassionate an I love that I was like wow those those
really good because you know a lot size they say will you
just you just fear us are you just you just hate us or you just don’t
understand and because you you disagree and unlike known I i disagree with you
because I believe I truly believe that is wrong and yet and and yet they’re like all
well all this you know they they try to give
excuses and then other times they’re like %uh as Christians you know I i actually
was like this to a one point in my life where if you if you say will %ah com if you say that I love someone that
means well are there you have to agree with
everything they say is not true at all you don’t the as Christians we we can
love people and yet still disagree with everything they say
you know especially people who are living in San and we can say I disagree if you but I
still love you and we we have to we have to show that as
Christians we have to show that we have convictions we have to show
that we stand for for what’s right we stand for for a for
the justice of God and not for for our own justice and an and people have to realize that you
stand above above the above the the %ah as you know a lot of people they think
the year you’re you’re always think you’re better than other people on of you guys have ever heard that from
people like well you just think you’re better and it’s
not that’s not true at all I’m I’m just as rich as you are be a I found
I found my way I I found crisis my life and he has made
the right choice he has made me a whole he is maybe its
into a brand new creation so at we have to live a life testifying
look rice is done in us and live a life completely and
wholly giving everything to cry everything of
ourselves to got so on with that I guess rule open up in
question so Anna let me close up in prayer were real
quick an hour will will close up father I thank you so
much for for what you doing Elias and I just pray that you will allow our
our hearts it’s a bee completely wholeheartedly four you got
let us be on colors in this world Lord so that the
world could see who a who we are. latest let us not
cover up the light that we have in us that’s not liberalize out with cuddle
with complacency let us not compromise are conditions that are some compromise
the the word of God that you have spoken to a slower
lettuce live our lives wholly and completely on C you got with everything that we
have got in your name, Father. Amen. Alright.

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