Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN) Tutorial

Posted By on September 14, 2019

welcome to the Luther Rice Seminary and
University TREN Dissertations database tutorial to begin from the library home page
click on the TREN dissertations link log into the database by typing the library email address
[email protected] and the password then click next or press enter if you do not know the password, you may obtain it one of three ways by contacting the library staff during
library hours at 770-484-1204 ex 5756 or toll-free at 800-442-1577 ex 5756 the second method is by email and the third one just by clicking on
the galileo and TREN database passwords link on the library home page please note that this method will require that you log into the
library system with your student i_d_ and password when your login is successful to
the TREN database you’ll see the welcome Luther Rice Seminary message this page will display all other
documents previously downloaded by Luther Rice students this list can be sorted a number of ways by clicking on this down arrow could
sort by date added title author or date accessed. you may also
sort in ascending or descending order simply make your selection and then click the refresh button please note also that you can display
the number of documents per page by ten twenty, fifty or all of them select your number and the page will refresh automatically to view the documents now click on the
download button make note of the password that is listed
here for you when you get later to open the document click on download now in the middle of
the screen if you desire to save the file for viewing
offline click on the same file button and then
click okay if you desire to open its now click on open with adobe reader (default) and click okay the adobe window will be displayed as
well as the window to enter the password type it press enter or click ok to start a search click on the search
e-docs link this will provide you several options to
search through the database by thesis and dissertations conference papers or through the newest
items list to run a simple search type the keyword
in the title window this case biblical counseling press enter or click on search the search results matching your
criteria will be displayed in alphabetical order to preview a document click on the preview button as second
window will open displaying a minimal number of pages to download the document simply click on
the add to your TREN subscription and login as before with the library email
address and password to view the newly added document change
the sort of criteria by date added descending and click refresh your documents would then be at the top
of the list to view the newly added document simply click on the download button happy researching

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