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Anyway, this is the belief of Dr. Zakir Naik
that Allah sits on His Throne (‘Arsh). And according to him, Allah (The Exalted) is not only sitting on His
Throne but if He (The Exalted) wished, He could also descend to the earth. They (Ahle Hadith) have also concocted
this Polytheistic (Mushrikana) belief. Now tell me, what is the difference between
their belief and the belief of Non-Muslims ? The Non-Muslims also believe that Ishwar, God… He either sits
on a Flower or on a Snake and when needed, He takes Human Form. They call it “Avatar” (Incarnation). This is also the belief
of Zakir Naik. Here, I’m showing
you a book. This is
“Concept Of God In Major Religions”. “Concept Of God In Major Religions”.
Page number 24. Dr. Zakir Naik says, “God does not become
a human being :” Meaning… Allah cannot
take human form. He puts this heading here. He further writes, “Some people argue that God can do everything…” Dr. Zakir Naik says that some people… they argue that if God has
Qudrat (Divine Power) over everything. He can do everything. “Then, why cannot He take human form ?” So, can He (The Exalted) also
become a Human Being ? Some Hindus argue with Dr. Zakir Naik that…
He says that some Hindus say… He didn’t say Hindu. “Some people…” Some people say that
“God is Qadir. He can do everything”. So, can God also come
in human form ?” Now, Mr. Naik is answering their question. “If God wishes,
He can become a Human Being.” If Allah wishes, He’s Qadir to become
a human being. He’s Qadir. He has Qudrat over it.
He can come in human form. “But, then He no longer remains God because the qualities of God
and human beings in many respects are completely incompatible.” He goes on to say, “If God becomes a human being then
He no longer remains God.” God can take human form but if He becomes
a Human, He no longer remains God… because there’s a huge difference between
the qualities of God and a Human being. We’ll get back to this later. But rightnow, I’m showing you an another
passage of this same book “Concept Of God In Major Religions”. This is the page number 25. Here he said
the same thing in a bit different way. “Moreover, if God takes human form..,” Meaning, if He becomes a Human Bieng…
if He comes in human form… “the same human cannot later become God.” If God becomes a human being,
He cannot later turn [from a human] into God. Just see his jahalat. This book is itself full of Shirk. First he said, “God can take Human Form.
He’s Qadir. But what will happen then ? If He becomes a human being,
He no longer remains God. He ceases to be God. Then he says, “If He becomes a human being,
He cannot later become God.” According to your belief, the God who has the Qudrat to take
human form, why does not He have the Qudrat to later turn into God ? Who’s that Supreme God above this God,
who divest Him of His power [to later turn into God] ? Zakir Naik can’t answer this question till Qiyamah. Furthermore, he also wrote one more
strange thing on page number 25. The same book
“Concept of God In Major Religions”. The page number is 25. Now look, what he says. “God can be unjust if He wants.” He says, “Allah, if He wants, can be unjust.”
He can do injustice. He’s Qadir. “But the moment God does injustice,
He ceases to be God.” However, the moment He (The Exalted) does injustice…
He no longer remains God. Doesn’t he seem crazy ? Now, listen to this carefully. The true aqeedah (Belief) of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’at regarding
Allah (The Exalted) is… that, there are certain things in His Qudrat which comes under [the category of]
“Mumkinaat” (Possibilities) and “Muhalaat” (Absurdities). And, Zakir Naik doesn’t know this [concept]. He doesn’t know this. For Allah (The Exalted), there are some things
that are Muhaal and some are Mumkin. I’ll explain it to you very easily that, what are those Mumkinaat
regarding which we believe that He (The Exalted) CAN do but He DOESN’T.
That’s not His way (Sunnat E Ilahi). For example. Usually, as per His will, women give birth to children.
But if He (The Exalted) wished, He could have men give birth to children. He’s Qadir.
It’s MUMKIN ! He (The Exalted) made trees produce fruits. But if He (The Exalted)
wished, instead of fruits the trees would produce human children. He (The Exalted) sends down rain from the sky. But if He wished,
streams of water would erupt from inside the earth. He has Qudrat over it.
It’s Mumkin. But what are those things that are
Muhaal for Him (The Exalted) ? Doing injustice is Muhaal. It’s against His grandeur. He (The Exalted) doesn’t do injustice. Likewise, He (The Exalted) doesn’t lie.
For Allah (The Exalted), to tell a lie is Muhaal. All ‘Ayoobs (Defects) are Muhaal
for Allah (The Exalted). Similarly, all those things which hurt
the Tawheed (Oneness of Allah) are all Muhaal. For example, He (The Exalted)
cannot create another God. For Him, creating a God like Himself is Muhaal. To have a son is Muhaal. To have a wife is Muhaal. All these are Muhaal for Him (The Exalted). Now, according to the beliefs of Dr. Zakir… And I’m just saying this to explain it to you. Ma’azallah, this is not my Aqeedah (Belief).
Astaghfirullah… thousand times Astaghfirullah. But if someone asked this question to an idiot like Zakir Naik,
he would give the same reply in response. Tomorrow… if a Hindu ask… Because the Hindus, they have this belief
that God often takes animal form. Don’t they !? They consider pig as their God. Monkey as their God. Hanuman – the monkey… he is one of
the avatar of Lord Vishnu. If a Hindu ask Dr. Zakir Naik, “Sir, your Allah has Qudrat
over everything. So can He also take animal form ?” This idiot will reply in the affirmative.
“Yes, He is Qadir.” Because that’s what he believes. Then he will say, “But if He becomes a monkey…
If He becomes an animal, He cannot later become God.” Ma’azallah ! How bad this will
hurt the oneness of Allah !? So, until these two beliefs [Muhaal and Mumkin] are not put into
practice, the Tawheed will face severe critisicm from all quarters.

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