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  1. The trinity was made to solve the problem of Jesus being worshipped as God? The better solution is to just worship the same one God Jesus worshipped, his Father in heaven. This worked for his disciples. They worshiped The Father and revered His son who had His name.

  2. The narrator of this video says: "The doctrine of the trinity can be seen as the solution to a problem; the answer to a dilemma that faced the first followers of Jesus." Really? Where in the NT does it say that Jesus' followers had a problem concerning who God was? Answer: NOWHERE!! Jesus' followers knew exactly who God was and that God was not a trinity. Consider what Jesus' followers said about who God was:

    1. JOHN quoted Jesus at John 17:3, where he prayed to his Father, calling him the "only true God."

    2. PAUL said: "But we know that there is only one God, the Father, who created everything, and we live for him." (1 Cor. 8:6)

    3. PETER said: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!" (1 Pet. 1:3)

    The NT Bible writers confirmed what Jesus said at John 20:17, where he said: "I am ascending to my Father and my God."

    So, clearly, Jesus' Father is also Jesus' God. There is no trinity!

  3. Like son, like father. Virginity as "very (pure) beginning (new creation: new meaning new). Holy Spirit as true "beginner".
    Well, like daughter, like mother (hence the need of immaculate conception.
    Now, historically there was this encounter of Greek and Jewish thought, and Christianity has been engaged in this encounter (that's the simplified account).
    Also, conception ( the Father begetting the Son) is by the Holy Spirit.
    Trinity goes with transcendence and explanation emerges from unexplainable Mistery (that's what I think), so that's why I also think common sense is a good thing, and any far departure from common sense need be reformed.

  4. I'm still trying to find the reasons why these men dreamed up their Trinity doctrine to begin with.

    All I can find is that they think Jesus is God because he was speaking the words of the Father, and forgetting that, then think Jesus was speaking his own words.

    While the background guitar music is pleasant, and while this doctrine was refined and debated, and standardized over hundreds of years, giving us the Trinity doctrine we have today, we must realize that this is a religion of men, and not what Jesus taught, nor the Apostles.

    This was all done after them, and while the Hebrews were captive by the Greeks and then the Romans. These are Romans and Greeks trying to incorporate Christianity into their belief system. That's why the one living God has been turned into a three-headed "one god" group called The Trinity.

    Do we read Jesus saying the words of the Nicene Creed? Read the Nicene Creed aloud, and then try imagining the real Jesus of the scriptures actually saying that… Ridiculous!

    Jesus' creed, and the Creed of Christians, is Deuteronomy 4:39.

    Jesus didn't worship himself. Jesus didn't teach us to worship Jesus. Jesus didn't say he was equal with the Father. Jesus didn't say the Holy Spirit is a third person.

    It's elegant and grand. It's an elegant blasphemy, a grand lie of Satan, which humanity has been deceived by, just as Adam was in the garden.

  5. That one is not bad. There are so many crap on youtube on nicaea and trinity so that it is good too soo something well balanced.

  6. Your presentation on "Modalism" is 100% wrong. If Harnack was the first to use this term, what research or historical evidence did he use, since very little to none of Sabellius'writings exist?

  7. As part of my private study leading up to Trinity Sunday, I have been looking at this doctrine. Your video has been really helpful. Thanks very much.


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