The SDA Church: It’s Past, Present & Future | Episode 52 | Lineage

Posted By on February 24, 2020

There is an oft-repeated quote that says,
‘We have nothing to fear for the future, except we forget the way the Lord has led us
and His teaching in our past history.’ As we look back, we can see God’s hand guiding
through the various chapters of Earth’s history and leading His people from generation to generation. Since the beginning, there has been
a struggle between good and evil and this has played out in the Christian world since its inception,
in particular since the time of Constantine. [music] Constantine was the one who brought many practices
into Christianity that were pagan in origin and thus the battle between truth and error was not just a matter for the Christian world
to look for attacks from outside, but now they had to look internally as well. The Bible speaks about wolves coming into the flock, giving us the imagery of wolves in sheep’s clothing, professing piety, yet clinging to unbiblical practices
and thus corrupting the church. [music] During the 1260 year prophecy from 538 to 1798, God’s church was in the wilderness;
hunted, persecuted, and marginalized. Groups such as the Waldensians in northern Italy
struggled to keep the gospel light burning during the Dark Ages. From the 1300s and the time of John Wycliffe onwards, the light slowly started to pierce through the darkness as the Bible was translated into the English language, a huge and revolutionary advancement for the church. [music] As the Reformation journeyed on,
later reformers such as John Huss and Jerome in Bohemia, Martin Luther in Germany, Zwingli in Switzerland,
John Knox in Scotland, and John Calvin in France, each would be key in standing for truth during their time and once again showing the beauty
of the Bible as light was being unshackled. Each reformer advanced truth, but the problem was that their followers
would often only go as far as they did in their rediscovery of the Bible. [music] In the early 1800s, the Great Advent Movement
looked for the return of Jesus, but He did not come. The tears of this bitter disappointment
would form the stream of Adventism that would grow from these humble beginnings
into the church that it is today. The challenge today is still to present
the beauty of God’s Word and the love of Jesus to a society that is indifferent, ambivalent,
hostile, and ignorant of biblical realities. The battle between truth and error,
good and evil still rages on. [music] Ellen White wrote so eloquently about the great controversy
between Christ and Satan through time, and we still see it today on a daily basis. Today we stand on the precipice of time,
in the very feet and toes of the image of Daniel 2, on the cusp of Earth’s history. As we look back, we can see the amazing experiences
that God has led us through, but the journey is not over. As a people we need to be clear on our prophetic identity
and committed to taking the message around the world. As we look back, our legacy is assured
but there is still work to do. [music] The gospel still needs to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Matthew 24:14 says that when ‘this gospel of the kingdom
shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.’ Whilst there has been much growth in recent years and decades and while many new areas have heard the message, there are still huge swathes of the world
that have yet to hear the good news. [music] The Bible still needs translation and distribution, missionaries are still needed
both in far-off lands and also in the big cities. The best days of the church and mission service still lie ahead. The best sermons have yet to be preached. The best Bible studies have yet to be given. The best health work has yet to be accomplished. The best schools have yet to be built. The character of Christ and His love
still needs a more complete revelation in His people. Don’t be an armchair supporter or a bystander,
but get involved in the work of God that we can finish it together.

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  1. My dear friends you are brilliant in your presentations…however I have a simple question: Who is in charge of this global ministry of S D Adventists…? General Conference and all this Antichrist system who play the role of The Grand Inquisitor ?Don't tell me that you are guided by The Holy Spirit….Where are your spiritual gifts, I mean yours not only E G White's S .O P.? What kind of church is your church, just an intellectual system building up a false kingdom of God? It is the time of Latter Rain my friends, the time of empty words is gone!

  2. there is a lot of work to be done . In my travels i have seen so many people who have never even heard of JESUS CHRIST , when we live in a modern society and have yotube the Internet television newspapers it all seems so simple , but in the hills of thailand , loas , cambodia , P N G etc they dont even have electricity . We have to get the message of THE LORD to these people now .

  3. Bless you all in God's work…. Once ALL the world hears about the Love of Jesus Christ.. His truth and His soon coming…. then HE WILL RETURN!! This entire series is just a GOD SEND. And it helped my atheist husband to see God in a whole new Light! He now believes in Jesus Christ…… Please pray for him to GROW and want to learn more….. God be with you all! <3

  4. I learn so much through these videos and I appreciate the amazing quality of the work. Thank you all for your perseverance in making these. May the Lord continue to guide you!

  5. This is Potent and lnspiring for all who accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior if we don't know our history we don't know where we are going 🙏 please my brothers and sisters let us be the light that lighten the earth in Revelation 18: 1

  6. Just found this video through Amazingfact – 'The Lineage Journey' are amazing to tell the world of "The Truth Gospel" – I love your program, beside watching 'Amazingfact' & 'It Is Written'

  7. One does not need to be a SDA to honour the Shabbat. God's true faithful people are found across all denominations and in house churches. I am the blessed one to get out of Seventh day Adventism by the grace and mercy of my Abba Father. Praise the LORD for being set free from all the teachings of Ellen White and her doctrines in the SDA religious organization. God is good.

  8. The church that Jesus and his disciples the reformers build is not here any more 3ABN is now celebrating Christmas as the pagon do Christmas tree lights What is God church coming to may God help his faithful few prayer .Prayer


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