The Purpose and Importance of Prayer

Posted By on January 7, 2020

The Purpose and Importance of Prayer. Welcome to Great Life Zone Channel. Prayer can be seen as a means of connecting
us humans with the Divine that is the Creator and Controller of all that is. Prayer is one of the most important things
for any person who has faith in God and he may be a Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh
or just about anyone. They are simply in communication with God
or the Higher Powers and the subject matter in that prayer could be anything. The reason or the purpose to pray can be one
or many. For instance: #1. To Tap The Inner Force. We can use prayer as a way to tap into the
creative energy within us and its source is the Universe. Prayer is an opportunity to put our body and
mind to a state of peace and be quiet. This helps us to connect with the Universal
Force better. In simple language, prayer is a way of spending
time with God. The better the quality of connection better
would be our experience to draw upon the resources of Universal Computer for ideas, energy to
transcend our own suffering. In other words, by praying we open ourselves
to experience the power of divine and its bliss. This process of praying, when repeated regularly
let us to access infinite wisdom or receive the creative energy. This experience can show us new alternatives;
lead us to a better path. During tough times, we get a reassuring feeling
through prayer that God is always with us. This feeling and the new path gives us the
strength. #2. To Centre Ourselves. Another important purpose to say prayers is
to centre ourselves. While centring itself is a very broad term,
it can be said that Prayer helps us to accept who we are, and to be more in present and
be aware of our surroundings and environment. #3. To Forgive And Forget. It is well known fact that if we hold grudges,
hatred against someone we spoil our own physical and mental health. Hence to allow healing to be effective, one
has to practice forgiveness. Prayer can be an effective method of forgiveness,
both for the bad things we have done in our lives and for the wrongs we feel others have
committed against us. Once we are rid of negative emotions and feelings
through prayers, we can look forward to a healthier and positive life again. #4. To Acquire The Qualities Of Empathy And Compassion. We have been taught that besides praying for
oneself, a person can also pray effectively for others too. When we pray for others, we think, wish and
pray for their wellness, progress, growth, good health, faster healing, relief from sufferings
etc. This creates our connection for others and
inculcates the qualities of empathy and compassion. Our connection with others gets strengthened
as we come to realize that same spark of God is running in us. #5. To Express Gratitude. When we pray for others or someone prays for
us, we realize that it is being done purely out of love and compassion and not because
of any monitory compensation or any ulterior motive. Naturally it generates a feeling of thankfulness
towards the person who is praying. This feeling makes us thankful for the friends
and family we have who always take care of us. We realize that it is feeling which gives
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